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Bettacare Child and Pet Gate, 75-83 x 104 cm, White
Size: 75cm - 83cm|Colour: White|Change
Price:£34.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 9 October 2015
superb item and would not hesitate to recommend, normal child gate was leapt over, this has held my large Dogue de Bordeaux in place since it was purchased if you need to kept your dog in a particular area this is the gate to get. A 6 star rating
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on 28 January 2017
If you have large dogs, or dogs that have worked out that they can jump over the standard size gates, this is perfect
It's strong and sturdy, we have 2 in our house now and have never had any problems, without having them screwed into the door frames.
We have 2 German Shepard x Rottweillers and 2 Staffy x Shar Pei's and we've never worried about the gates falling down
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on 13 December 2015
Easy to fit, alto easy to remove and refit. The friction fit is ok, but the boxer dog could knock it down when he got to full size. Screw the cups to the door frame (fittings supplied) and that beat him though. Also, he knows he is not getting over so does not try. Also, opens both ways to fit any frame.
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on 9 May 2016
I got this yesterday and need it on the kitchen doorway to stop my spaniels raiding the rubbish bin when we are out. The height and sturdiness of the product is fine, but fitting it is a nightmare. I followed the instructions to a T, apart from the part where it says don't cut the tie holding the gate in place until its fitted, which is clearly really important (with hindsight) but is buried quite a way down in the instructions and not highlighted. So now the tension isn't right and the gate clip barely catches the frame and I cant fix it. The spindle screws don't thread to tighten despite a piece in the instructions talking about tightening them until the arrow in the locking latch (on the gate) lines up with the upright. Mine now is 2cm away from lining up and I cant do a thing about it. The tension forces the head in the spindle into the cup and that's that. I'm really disappointed. I returned it - cost over £16 to return. Amazon pay $4.75 towards P&P so all in all I'm well out of pocket for nothing.
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on 16 March 2016
Fairly easy to install as long as you follow the instructions to the letter
This gate is very durable and heavy duty being made from Steel & Plastic.
It's made well but my only flaw is the locking wheels when installed I found them to be to close to the bottom of the carpet which makes it rather difficult to move them round to fix the gate in the first place.
Id also recommend two people put this gate up as I found it keeps falling over.
All in all its a good product you may have a few issues installing it though.
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on 10 March 2016
Brilliant pet gate - nice and high - even for Whippets and bouncy hounds. Nice and sturdy and never had an issue with the catch - but then you use it carefully like anything! If you slam it around and are rought with the catch it may well break. We have one which we didn't want to use the sticky pads or drill into the door frame to secure it as we occasionally need to move it to another location. However, even when it has been knocked by accident and the gate shifts from the frame the catch doesn;t fall to pieces (I don't quite understand how it could its all one unit - unless faulty from the start!) you just have to push the gate back into position and tighten up the adjuster wheels - the catch then fits back to it's position. Was worried at first when moving it due to some of the comments posted and we used a cable tie to keep it in it's complete position - but it's not really needed if you forget - just needs a bit more effort and adjustment to put it back in place.
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on 23 February 2018
This gate Is good value and works fine for a competitive price as long as you take care with installation! ,definately recommend buying a set of Pressure wall savers with this for about £8 if your wall to wall .otherwise slippage will be an issue as we found.
Mine is now fitted in the outside of an internal door frame frame without the pads and works fine ,because any pressure on it pushes against the
door frame ,rendering it impossible to dislodge from your pets point of view for getting into the room,so check your door frame for suitability if you cant go wall to wall
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on 29 December 2015
This gate is a good height to stop my boxer jumping over BUT was so simple for him to open that by the time I got in the car he was out of the kitchen and looking out of the landing window. All he had to do was pull on the gate and it popped open. Hence, the gate is in place but not in use. Any strong dog could easily get this gate open with a couple of pulls. I'm really disappointed with this product because of this. It's more difficult for me to open with the. Actual opener than it is for my dog to pull open.
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on 15 October 2016
I gave it three stars as the height of the gate is good as I have a German pointer she can't jump over the top like the old one but there is one problem that she can open the gate she jumps up with her paws on the top of the gate slides her claw beneath the latch and it will raise then she will push the gate open and come straight through my granddaughter which is three years old also has learnt to pick that latch up as you do not need to use the button underneath or the on the top one to close it you just need to pick the latch up to open it push it back down to close it no need for buttons very bad design.
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on 5 September 2017
This was to keep our 30kg puppy from roaming into the kitchen at will, it has done the trick so for that reason we are satisfied with it however we feel the catch and fixings are of rather rather cheap plastic which is a bit disappointing given the cost and we aren't sure how long they would last if pup decided to chew them..something he hasn't yet thought of fortunately. Fixing into position is a bit fiddly too. It is serving its purpose.
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