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on 28 February 2010
I have been looking for a device to use as a camera stabiliser for my Canon 5D Mk2 when making videos. There are lots of products ranging from £80 - £300 available on the market. As I didn't want to spend that sort of money (especially when the reviews weren't great!), I decided to try the Hama Walking Stick Monopod. At the price it didn't matter if it was a failure.
To my surprise and delight it worked perfectly!! With 2 hand holds, the walking stick arm providing the additional hold, and the leg resting on my shoulder, I could achieve exactly what I wanted. The end result is a video with no camera shake and no spurious jolts, even when following my subject by walking backward.
For the price and the results, this little device is a gem. Of course, I can also use it as a Monopod which is a bonus for me!!
Don't spend a fortune on expensive stabilisers, get one of these instead - it's brilliant.
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on 22 March 2011
I bought two of these recently - one for my wife (who has a largish "bridge" digicam) and one for me (much smaller Canon Powershot S1), intending to use them mainly as hiking poles, but also to allow steadier landscape shots when we came across them while out. Given that the pricing was less than "ordinary" hiking poles and about the same, (or less), as the "no-brand" Chinese ones on eBay, I really wasn't hoping for much. At this price they're probably "disposable" after a single hiking/walking season.

Some trepidation about these, given the complaints about the compass here, which proved to be true when one of the two had it's compass leaking machine oil - so unusable. Emailed Hama UK looking to buy a replacement, and got a very polite reply and a free replacement compass in the post the following day. 10/10 for customer service Hama-UK! I also am quite impressed with the way that MyMemory dealt with an omission in the order - again, polite and resolved quickly.

The pole itself appears good quality - obviously well sprung, with a hard plastic, but grippy handle that you can hold in a variety of ways - as the mood takes you. Unfortunately, there's no padding on the handle (but there are foam disks on the pole itself), nor "quick release" for the camera, but at this price you really can't complain about that. I probably wouldn't recommend it for a very heavy/expensive DSLR - but if you have one of those then you probably have the £300 equivalents. The camera mount (protected by that compass) is the short vertical projection in the picture - this can be locked (using a threaded collar) in either vertical or horizontal orientation, but the friction on the mechanism is such that a compact camera would probably stay in an intermediate position if desired.

I used mine as a walking pole yesterday for two 1-hour fast urban strolls and the pole performed faultlessly, even on some long, steep hills with distinctly dodgy paving. The springing was noticable, (and welcome), and the light-weight/low-bulk was also nice, and using it on the side where I have a strained shoulder tendon caused no discomfort. Of particular note is the two-part height adjustment - unlike the two other poles we own (normal "value" hiking poles that were £10 each), the Hama doesn't need a lot of force to lock or unlock the height adjustment - good for those with keyboard-afflicted wrists like me. It's also relatively simple and straight-forward to change the heights on the move. The last part of the pole is a wrist strap, which can be tightened onto your wrist but has no other adjustment, and loosens easily if desired.

It's also probably a subjective thing, but I also think that the design - black with understated graphics - add a certain "class". So I'm certainly happy with the purchase - and if Hama did an updated version (e.g. with a padded handle) then I'd probably buy it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 January 2014
This is trying to be a somewhat Jack of all trades but fails to be so. The principle of being a walking stick, mono combo is a great one and when the design is improved will be even better. The grip as a walking stick is very slender and even with wearing a decent set of thick gloves takes some getting used to. The adjustable height would be marvellous IF it did not tend to slide shorter as soon as a bit of pressure is placed upon the stick to give support which is, after all, its primary purpose. I am 6ft 2 " tall. The mono stick usage idea is once again great. If I were 5ft 6" on a flat surface with the stick at full extension, eye and camera would meet. In the absence of a raised ground level, I have to stoop awkwardly. Of course the ability to adjust will work, camera to eye level in the right circumstances but in my case, mostly on a beach or on a country walk senario, thus fairly flat, I need that stoop or higher support in the absence of the other possibility, crawling about on my knees. All in all, fairly decent comparative value.
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on 9 May 2014
This product was delivered very quickly.

After viewing many walking sticks in the market and those with monopods, this product was good value.

Although some walking sticks with monopods have quick release mechanisms to to alter and adjust the length of the walking stick, this has a twist action which is a little more difficult and time consuming, but the extra strength given to the walking stick far outweighs this.

If you buy the Professional Ballhead with Quick Release Plate for Monopod Tripod Camera, order a converter attachment, as the monopod has a 1/4 screw (male) and the Ballhead has a 3/8 (female).
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on 9 May 2017
Used many times now and find it a good walking aid and I like the shock absorber that is built in. Also adjustable and then doubles up as a monopod
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on 3 March 2015
Whoever said that the items frequently bought together with the monopod walking stick such as ie the ballhead to fit a camera onto, the knob to aid grip should also add that you need to buy an adaptor for the ballhead as it has a 3/8 female thread which does NOT fit the monopod walking stick....PLEASE before you buy make sure you get a 1/4 adaptor!! Naughty for not adding that!!
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on 27 May 2016
If you over pull the extenders, just twist the white end until it fits, there is no need to throw it away, it is a good product for the price
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on 3 March 2017
Good value for money , do take care though to never extend it beyond its limits as falls apart- it is though clearly marked
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on 4 March 2017
An outstanding product, especially for rescuing dogs! Read Benedikt Schenk's "Amadeus at Trinity" !!
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on 6 April 2017
A little on the light side, though it was purchased for my wife who is not very tall is having reasonable results.
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