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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 September 2011
I ordered this mouse because I was looking for help resolving issues with RSI/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at home, due to extensive computer use at work and at home.

I work with computers for a living and I am lucky enough that my Employer bought an Evoluent Vertical Optical Mouse 3 (a more expensive alternative to this Accuratus Upright USB mouse). The Evoluent mouse is an exceptionally good mouse which helped to fully resolve my issues at work, but is so expensive that it is hard to justify the cost of it for home use if there is a suitable cheaper alternative.

However, upon receiving this Accuratus Upright USB Mouse I was very disappointed. I quote the following from the Manufacturer's Description on the Amazon web-site:

"This high quality ergonomic mouse fits comfortably in your palm in an upright position and keeps the bones in your arm straight, eliminating the uncomfortable twisted position caused by standard mice."

Sadly, the above did not hold true when I tried to use the mouse. When holding this mouse in a natural way according to its shape, the hand is not in an upright position and the bones of the forearm remain twisted in part (I am a man with medium-sized hands). The angle of the wrist is more like 45 degrees, rather than being closer to 90 degrees which would be more fitting for an "upright" mouse. It should be said that 45 degrees is still better than the bottom of your forearm being flat on the table with the bones twisted more.

That said, I have read the other reviews for this mouse and have the following to offer:

This mouse could bring some relief to most sufferers but I judge it quite unlikely to bring full relief for a high percentage of sufferers. I fear that the more seriously affected sufferers may not gain enough from using this mouse. I make this observation as a person who had to train himself to use a mouse with the wrong hand (which takes a couple of months of concerted effort) because of having such serious RSI/Carpal Tunnel problems in the past, so I know how serious the problem is and that the pain can be.

This mouse does seem to be well constructed.

When I used the mouse wheel to scroll I experienced no problems whatsoever, which is contrary to some other reviews. I could believe it may be the luck of the drawer, but perhaps in many cases it is a mouse configuration issue that can be fixed by visiting Windows Control Panel and adjusting mouse settings.
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on 25 May 2012
I started getting RSI symptons about two years ago so I tried this mouse. It was strange for about a day or two but then it was absolutely natural to use. The RSI symptoms disappeared over night. I cannot praise this mouse enough for how it has helped me with my RSI.

After just over a year it started acting a bit funny i.e I'd press a button and it wouldnt respond. (the scrolly has always been poor to use but I dont really need it so Ive managed to live with it), anyway, so Ive purchased another one and this one was bad from the beginning. I press a button and it acts like Ive double or triple clicked ! Its really frustrating because the ergonomics are second to none but the build quality is absolutely shocking !

There are other ergonomic mice out there but they just dont match up to this. The Evoluent has an annoying button layout so the right mouse button is positioned next to your little finger ! And the hand shoe is just rubbish ! I would happily pay a hundred pounds for this mouse if it was built to the standard that a microsoft mouse is built.

I really hope that they sort out the build quality issues but until then I have not choice to keep perservering with this.
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on 10 February 2012

After suffering from arm/shoulder/carpal pain i borrowed an Evoluent mouse from a colleague who was using one - he let me use it for a few months, then I decided to give him it back and purchase my own vertical mouse (this one) so i can make a direct comparison. I use PCs for maybe 12+ hours per day.

1) Build quality:

As expected, for the money the build quality on the Evoluent mouse is far superior, i would not change anything. The Accuratus however has an unusual mouse-wheel button which feels cheap and takes some getting used to and there are some fairly large gaps in the case which i do not like. However it has not broken yet which is good. The Accuratus is much lighter than the Evo, which personally i like but might not be to the taste of everybody.

2) Effectiveness at helping Carpal tunnel/Arm pain.

I find that both mice are good at this. The Evoluent is at an angle which is closer to vertical when compared to the Accuratus so it is a bit better i think. But both mice are easy to acclimatise to and work well at giving your arm a break

3) Value for money

Accuratus is far better value for money. It feels cheap sure but at these prices who is complaining. Evoluent had a monopoly on this for far too long - and while their build quality is good, not everyone can afford it.

Summing up:

Worth a shot - it helped me out. I also have started using carpal tunnel stretches to help mitigate the problem.
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on 12 May 2012
The charity I work for had already forked out over £60 for a mouse that wouldn't work on our thin client network. Being in their bad books, I didn't dare ask for another one with programmable buttons I'd never be able to use so I stumped for this one.

Despite the negative reviews, I find it's great. It's cheap and won't be any good for anyone doing graphics or detailed work, but as a general day to day mouse I find it works for me. True, it's not a full 'handshake' mouse, but I have rheumatoid arthritis affecting my wrists and shoulder, and since using this mouse, combined with a mini-keyboard (without numerical pad) my pain has improved 90%. I can quite happily use this mouse all day long and even bought one for home.

So far my work mouse has lasted 18 months, so I think I got their money's worth!
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on 2 August 2012
As I suffer with repetitive strain from mouse usage this upright mouse seemed like a good idea to help with the pain. It did and on that front this has been successful. Unfortunately the quality of this mouse is not so good. I have bought three, one for use at home and two others for work locations. Out of the three only 1 still works fully and both failed outside of the 28 day return window.

The scroll wheel on one has stopped working and the left click button has stopped working on the other, all within a couple of months ownership. I wouldn't buy again and am going to contact Accuratus for advice on what to do under warranty.
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on 30 September 2011
I bought this Accuratus upright mouse for use at the office as I was getting some RSI in my lower forearm using the bog-standard flat-on mouse that came supplied with my desktop computer. At home I use an ergonomically-shaped mouse and get on well with it, but that one seems to be no longer available (well, it's getting on for 10 years old now!). So, after searching Amazon (and other sites), I plumped for the Accuratus.

It's fine, but it has one major drawback: It's really only suitable for people with BIG HANDS! I'm not exactly known for having small hands, but I find that, to reach the buttons enough for the clicks to be recognised each time, I have to have my hand raised off the table (elbow and all!). I'm currently using two stacked Imak bean bags under my wrist, but even that isn't quite enough.

So, if you're after an ergo mouse and have large hands (or particularly long fingers), then this mouse is for you. If, on the other hand (excuse the pun!), you have small to normal-sized hands, then I suggest you pass this one by and look for something else. That's my next move!
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on 28 April 2015
More suitable for the medium to large hand size. The rotation of the mouse is very useful for avoiding right wrist, arm and shoulder strain if right handed and using a mouse with the right hand. Very useful for avoiding the development, or aggravation of existing right wrist, arm and shoulder injury. Best used with a reduced width ("mini keyboard" if searching) keyboard. COSAFE LIMITED for further advice
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on 17 December 2010
The mouse is perfectly functional, and does slightly help alleviate my wrist pain.

However the big drawback is that the mousewheel is poor. It doesn't scroll very well - often jumping back upwards when you mean to scroll down.
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on 23 October 2011
Having bought this mouse because I get wrist pains using a normal mouse I was initially very pleased, especially with the price. However within a few months, the scroll button developed a 'hiccup' scrolling back up as you scroll down, I informed the supplier who promptly sent me another mouse - great service!
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on 17 November 2012
Bought an ergonomic mouse as i thought it would be better as i game a lot online, unfortunatly years of holding a mouse in one way means getting used to holding it in a different way is not that easy, and find myself holding the mouse in the traditional way which just makes it uncomfortable as it is not the way the mouse is designed to be used, not the manufacturers fault but is worth noting if you've been using computers for years like me.
However within about 2 weeks the mouse wheel stopped working completely having initially been a little unresponsive, six weeks after i bought it now the mouse wheel doesn't work, at least not when i wan't it to, it does however work while i am in game when it wants to randomly the mouse wheel will move or the middle will click without me touching the mouse. So iI cam to the conclusion either this was a poorly made mouse that i will not be buying again or my mouse needs an exorsism.
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