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VINE VOICEon 9 August 2009
From the first moment this is outstanding - it's beautiful, putting my early 2006 MBP 15" to shame. The unibody case looks fantastic, with the same curved styling that made the Air look so sleek. Opening it up the screen is awesome - the resolution gives such real-estate screen space that I can't ever imagine not using a 17" MBP again and the screen is so much brighter than pre-unibody MPB it's a dream to look at.

It's speedy on everything I set it to - as expected - and the battery performs as promised. I'm happy to have it sealed inside if it's going to last for years (5 should be plenty in reality) - it's at 98% full at this moment and is showing remaining time of 9 hours and 8 minutes!!!! That's crazy!

Downsides? It's hellishly expensive, I don't really use the extra graphics card - but the new OS Snow Leopard may change that, No SD slot (but Express Card slot is still there). No firewire 400 so you may need an adaptor to hook into the FW800 slot for migrating from another Mac

The biggest downside will be that if you buy this you'll never want to go back to a Macbook or even a Macbook Pro with less than a 17" screen and 1920 x 1200 resolution. :-)
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on 8 October 2009
I have been using Windows based laptops for years (IBM, Toshiba, HP...) and was a bit concerned about switching to a Mac.
After a lot of consideration I finally made the jump and am so happy I did.
The startup and shutdown times are so quick compared to any windows based laptop.
The screen is amazing, 1920 x 1200 resolution provides so much screen space to view documents side by side.
The trackpad took some getting used to but I now think it is excellent.
It looks and feels awesome really solid not like some of the plastic based laptops.
I would highly recommend the MacBook Pro.
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on 3 November 2009
This is a work of art - and like lovely artwork, you pay the price!

Once you've recovered from the eye-watering cost of the Macbook, you begin to appreciate where some of your money has gone.

As with most Mac products, real thought has gone into every aspect of the design and user experience - although sometimes you do wonder if form has won over function.

Yes the aluminum anybody is gorgeous, slim, sleek and sexy - but like iPods, iPhones and the old white iBooks, it's about as resilient to scratches as butter and you'll be constantly paranoid about using it to avoid damaging those supermodel looks.

Everything other than the finish feels, on the whole, robust and well built. The thinness of the case gives some cause for concern that the laptop will perhaps bend and warp slightly as time goes by - and it might be my imagination, but the screen lid doesn't seem to sit quite as snugly on the lower part of the case at it once did.

I'm assuming the designers rather than the engineers won the aluminum unibody argument, as in use with the powerpack, the case gets almost too hot to touch in places - I'm assuming due to the whole case inadvertently acting like a heat sink.

And Apple users have come to bear the cross of expensive accessories, such as replacement powerpacks, which often prove hard to find and rarely provided by cheaper third-party manufacturers.

Problems aside, there is a lot to love about the Macbook. Opening it up for the first time and you'll fall in love with the screen. It's huge and as has already been said, once you've had it that big, you'll find it hard to go back.

Naturally the large screen makes the computer less portable, but the slim design makes it feel easier to carry than a lot of smaller screened, chunkier PCs.

Start up and shut down is obviously software/user dependent to a certain extent (run a load of stuff and have a load of start-up items and you will slow it down), but it seems pretty speedy compared to other laptops. I've had some rare but annoying glitches where it's been on screensaver for some time, or in standby mode, when it refuses to restart without a power-button reset.

In use, it is fast, but stretch the processor with some heavy use and you'll see the difference between this and the Apple tower units - don't imagine this will do everything as well as your desktop machine.

Port layout and design is good. As mentioned, shame about the decision on firewire, meaning you'll have to go out and replace cables in some cases. It's also nice to see how much better the monitor out port is compared to the awful port and plug design on the older ibooks.

The trackpad is lovely to use and very intuitive, although sometimes a bit inconsistent when it comes to some gestures - but this might be down to not fine tuning preferences enough.

The keyboard is again, well designed, and nice to see Apple have stepped away from the "gappy" and, in my opinion, almost unusable keyboards seen on previous Macbooks and iBooks. The keyboard backlight is a nice touch, makes use in low light lovely and most importantly, looks extremely cool!

Apple's decision to make the battery non-replaceable caused controversy on launch. Battery life can last eight or nine hours in extreme circumstances - and only if you're using very low impact applications with just about every power saving trick in use. You'll certainly not get anything like this if you're using the keyboard backlight, have the brightness high, or are using processor hungry applications like Photoshop.

If you've made sure it's fully charged, it will probably last for a medium plane or train journey, or for some al fresco work - but it doesn't fill me with enough confidence that I'm not always looking for the next power outlet.

There does seem to be some clever stuff going on with the charging to make sure the battery is not drained and recharged too often, but I've not paid enough attention to this to work out if it causes any potential problems with battery life or ensuring the laptop is always at maximum battery power.

Most people buy Apples for reasons well beyond the practical. If you were assessing this laptop against anything else on pure performance and practical criteria, you'd probably skip it. But throw that special something and attention to detail that Apple delivers into the mix and you suddenly realise why seemingly rational people are prepared to reach into their wallets for beauties like this MacBook Pro.
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on 20 October 2009
Probably just for Mac aficionados and graphic professionals. The unibody is stunning, like a brick - but elegant. The screen is very bright and adjusts itself acc. to ambient light, plus this can be turned off. I love the lack of bezel, just a flat sheet of glass that covers the back of the lid. The keyboard is good, tho you may not like the black keys. It lights up when the light is dim. Great connectivity - all the ports on the left-hand side, and the DVD drive on the right. Top-notch everything else except 3D gaming for Windows - but you probably didn't buy the computer for that.

Not enough superlatives for this machine. Overpriced - but you get what you pay for!

Could not live without my MacBook Pro, but I'm a snob.

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on 10 December 2009
No doubts about it that it is, as I say, the most charming and advanced gadget any one can ever have in this technological world. As such there is nothing much to comment when it comes to Apple and its softwares. I have been using a lot apple products more recently than before and this was latest venture. Buying MacBook Pro with 17'' widescreen was perhaps the best of my decisions to buy any tech product.Starting from the indisputable sound clarity and graphics enhanced by 9600M GT GeForce NVIDIA card, there's always more with Apple. The integrated webcam is just like watching in mirror and the increased RAM and hard disk value is just so amazing. I have never been disappointed with its battery life, of course if adequately charges. I mean around 6.5- 7 hours on a balanced more is something I would love to have on my laptop. Furthermore, the legacy of smooth and consistency in everything is does is also enhanced by its latest feed from the well-known company. There's some tough sides too, a 17'' would certainly bring you some weight. However with the MacBook Pro weighing about 3 kgs itself, I would consider it to carry this as compared to other 17''s in the market. After all its Apple you are carrying. In a nutshell, there is a lot stuffed in this gr8 device, against which my other Sony Viao FW41 E feels really a shame !!! Enjoy the adventure with MacBook Pro !!!
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 7 February 2010
A top of the line Laptop. Incredible speed and graphics plus excellent coordination with SAFARI makes this machine fun and easy to use.Regarding I-Work it takes some experience to transit from Microsoft Office and a guidebook is almost a MUST if new to Apple programs as myself. Have had absolutely no problems with Driver downloads as the machine identifies what is required and Apple refers you to the specific download and PRONTO.
For such an expensive Laptop i expect it to function without problems for a relative long time span. So far it flies and is the best machine i have ever used since 1992. Hopefully its durability will not let me down.
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on 9 April 2010
I've never had a Mac before and this was a venture into the unknown, but many friends and work colleagues had recommended a Mac as the way to go, so eventually I succumbed.

How right they all were. This is a totally wonderful product. The design and simplicity of use are fantatastic. Having been involved with computers since 1969, I can safely say this is the best design I have ever used. Everything is so simple. Connecting items to the computer, the software, even the start up and shut down. My work revolves around computers so I went for this top of the range model as I need a large screen to see what I am doing.........and also for watching films etc when I am on long trips such as the ferry to/from UK. The screen clarity is fantastic. I am really really pleased with this purchase.

Perhaps I should have had one earlier......but actually I am pleased I waited to get this wonderful model.
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