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on 14 June 2012
could have been packaged better with more bubble wrap,but was not damaged.easy fit,6x7m garden bathed in a surprisingly strong blue light,works great,the big test is heavy rain and its first winter,but first impressions are good.well,got it on the 12 june,put it up in brilliant sunshine,works great,then on 14-15,torrential rain,still working!!,i`m very pleased with my p
rchase.update!!,it`s now sept7,all is well with it,still works a treat,will update again during the winter months,after xmas.its mid feb now,and its still going strong,very happy with it.(thats all folks).
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on 28 October 2013

Small but relatively bright, well made product, easy to install and set up with good English instructions. At it's current price very good value. Would happily buy again from this company.

Bookmarked this product towards the end of last winter when I was informed that we needed a light for the garden path leading up to the front door (somebody watching too many scary films...). But as nights were getting lighter I didn't bother ordering it then, glad I didn't as there was a sale on when I did earlier this month :).

Was slightly surprised at the size of the box, well marked as fragile, that turned up in timely fashion (c.20cm x 20cm x 12cm)(think I was expecting some enormous floodlight with a solar panel the size of a sky dish), gave me slight angst that I'd bought some underpowered pen torch that might glow feebly for 30 seconds. Glad to say I was wrong on the brightness front and quite happy with the compact nature of the light as it's situated above the front door where a carbuncle wouldn't be appreciated.

Installation, depending on where you want to put it will involve drilling four small holes (screws and wall plugs supplied), two for the solar panel and two for the light/PIR combo. This is one of the reasons why I call it an improving product as it sounds like they're listening to and responding to feedback; an earlier reviewer said that he had had problems with fitting the light as he had to dismantle it and used three screws just to fix the light, now it's just two and doesn't involve any dismantling of the unit itself. A different reviewer noted that the cable was only around 2m and couldn't be separated to allow passing the cable through a hole; the cable now has a connector to allow this and while I must admit I didn't measure the cable it probably is between 2 and 3m which was adequate for me. Because of this connector it should, in theory be possible to introduce an extension cable though I don't know what the limitations on cable length would be or whether PowerBee might be able to supply one for those north facing wall situations????

Adjustment was easy enough involving three dials, one for sensitivity, one for lights on duration and one to determine what level of ambient light the unit becomes active in. I only wanted about 1 minute of light during darkness with a detection range of about 8 to 10m, all set in a few minutes at ground level prior to mounting.

The LEDs give off a good bright blueish light, not so bright that you're blinded if you're walking towards them but good enough to light 10m or so of garden path so you can see where the slugs are.

All in all very happy with the product, though it's only been up for three weeks now but other reviewers attest to their longevity and the company provide replacement rechargeable batteries should they become necessary in the future, so no worries there either.
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on 6 July 2012
I was looking for a hassle free light to instal at the side of my house due to number of thefts from oil tanks in my area.Saw this and read all the reviews so i got one,and i have to say this is a brilliant product,very easy to install,very well packed and it arrived two days before it should have.Have already recommended one of these to friends at work.
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on 1 February 2012
So far so good, these have worked well beyond our expectations. Three installed in the garden and even with the minimal winter sun that we have, they have worked flawlessly. Fingers crossed it stays that way!
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on 21 April 2012
PowerBee Signaller Solo Security Light 28 Superbright led's Movement Activated

Light is brghter than expected. I am thinking on ordering some more
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on 4 June 2011
Excellent product which works well, and throws out a good light. My only adverse comment concerns the installation. You have to remove the light unit to secure the mounting bracket with 3 screws. The problem arises when you try to refit the light unit to the bracket. The light unit is held in place each side by a screw, 2 washers and a corresponding nut. These items are extremely small, and it is impossible to hold them in place with the fingers in such a small space. Needless to say, the nuts frequently fell out until I used some bluetack to hold them in place with a small knife. The solar panel mounting was straight forward.
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on 26 October 2013
Robust, easy to place and move about, is extremely bright for solar, what's more since the fewer daylight/sunlight hours, it's still as powerful and lasts all night and very effective it makes a beautiful feature at night.
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on 8 May 2012
We purchased this item because my16 year old son, whilst playing Basketball, managed to break our outside electric light, so now we dont have one. Seeing the solar powered one was brilliant as I dont have to hire an electrician. The light is good and bright.
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VINE VOICEon 5 November 2012
OK, it works, so far without a hitch in the awful weather we've had the past couple of weeks, but there are other issues here.

For a start it isn't that robust, being made of cheap thin thermoplastic. The screws that came with it are useless and the head actually twisted off one of them.

Second it's almost impossible to set up.

The 'daylight' setting is completely impossible to find. This is not that important as you're not paying for the power to light the lamp, but it is an irritant.

The solar panel bracket is an accident waiting to happen, as it the mounting shelf for the panel itself.

And mounting the control switch and locating the battery on the solar panel, which has to be fitted high up, is a touch daft as well.

A nice idea cheaply executed and coupled with some of the worst design I've seen.


Having said all that, it has now been up for two winters and still works perfectly, so up to four stars
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I decided to buy this product because I was looking for an inexpensive solar light to illuminate the area outside my back door.

The product is made of a reasonably high quality material that is fit for purpose.

10 mins after taking the product out of the box I had screwed the solar panel and light unit onto my garden fence and did not even need to review the instructions.

The movement detector and solar light head can be moved up and down but not sideways.

The light quality produced is sufficient to illuminate my back yard and door area and the sensor activates the light consistently, even when the cats walk past.

The other 3 lights that I bought at the same time that I paid about £50 each for did not even last 6 months.

I have not had a single problem with it in 2 years and I highly recommend it.

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