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on 2 September 2017
After listening for years to a mediocre picture disc from 2008, and more recently to an Earache CD from 1992 which sounded much better and apparently had a good dynamic range, I believe I have finally found the best pressing yet of 'Blessed Are the Sick'. This 2017 FDR vinyl sounds really good. Cut by Noel Summerville, who cut the previous FDR re-issue of ‘Altars Of Madness’, the treble detail is notably improved over the CD. The guitars have way more bite and texture, as do David Vincents vocals. Pete Sandoval’s entire kit is heard clearly in all facets. Bass drums, snare, toms and cymbals all crisp and punchy, nothing drowned out. Everything sounds really about as balanced as it could I believe. A sticker on the front claims ‘FULL DYNAMIC RANGE PRESSED FROM ORIGINAL TAPES’, it definitely sounds so. 'Faithful' continually comes to mind while listening. My only minor gripe is that, like a lot of new vinyls, this one arrived a bit warped but it is still playable. I’m willing to put up with that as this sounds so good and I got it for only around £14.
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on 25 June 2017
Great album, for me not as much as the debut but still a must have for death metal fans.
Album is heavy and brutal, Vincent's vocals is a type of vocals i like in death metal.
What i don't like is that there are too many tracks and a few fillers, it make it hard to play it in one play.
Maybe if it was a 8-9 tracks album it could be better served, but still it is a classic and fun album.
Any death metal fan should own it on his collection, among the excellent debut 'Altars of Madness'.
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on 17 July 2017
Quality death metal from Morbid Angel
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on 16 August 2013
This has to be a thrash/death metal classic... It has to be. Phenomenal musicianship, uniquely we'll produced for a metal album..
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on 30 March 2015
classic of death metal
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on 22 February 2013
Not as straightforward as the debut but still delivers awesome brutal and technical death metal. The sounds are wonderfully clear compared to the most death metal albums.
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on 16 September 2011
There must be loads of different versions of this album out by now, not least the latest celebratory digipak reissues from Earache to kind of trumpet their latest creation; Illud Divinum Insanus. This version came out in 2009 and is a two double sided CD and DVD set, this is all very lavishingly presented in a nice digipak format -excelling what has always been one of the bands best artwork covers. So whilst there is no extra songs or bonus tracks dug out for this one-off CD/DVD edition or the music specially remastered in this rendition, the emphasis appears to be more on the DVD. "Tales for the sick, a closer look" which should delight the MA fan or the collector with it's wealth of material is on the other side of the studio disc.

There is quite a hefty choice selection encompassing 10 scene choices.] Including a fascinating look into the making of the album, the cover and image of Blessed are the sick, backround of live show, either with us, inspiration, making the video, at war with weakeners, the band merchandising, Tampa scene and finally who is Morbid Angel? Even for the casual death metal fan then it's probably worth picking up but this is definitely seems more aimed towards the hardcore MA fans. It's not very cheap either these days or easy to get hold of with the passing of time. Getting what edition of this album will ultimately be the choice of the fan and what edition caters best for their needs as there plenty already out on the market.
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on 24 August 2006
This album was first given to me back in 1992 i would say and for a young lad who was into guns n roses,skid row and metallica this was something of a shock,never before had i heard such anger,spite and evil and sheer heaviness on a record in my life.But somehow it was what i always wanted to hear,over the following years death metal has become a genre i have walked in and out of but blessed are the sick is an album i will always admire.

It is a slower album than you may think given that it is regarded as a death metal masterpiece and there is a doomy feel to it,but make no mistake this is death metal from a band that had the powers back in 1991 when this was released.David vincents vocals were gutteral but strangely audible,the riffs were relentless and there is a feeling of a death metal band trying something just a little different here.

The great songs on here include brainstorm,thy kingdom come and rebel lands.What works so well for this album is that the songs are shorter than latter day morbid angel so the interest factor is maintained,i have never been keen on 7 or 8 minute death metal songs,the ferocity is such that it should be contained in shorter,leaner songs so there you have it,blessed are the sick is an album that defined a genre and cant be ignored.
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on 6 September 2003
One of the top five death metal albums of all time, this monster towers over most releases of its ilk. There are often arguments over whether this or 'Altars Of Madness' is Morbid Angel's classic album. A parallel can be drawn between these arguments and the 'Reign In Blood' vs. 'South Of Heaven' debate. Like 'South Of Heaven' was a progression for Slayer after the breakneck pace of its predecessor, 'Blessed Are The Sick' was a direct progression for Morbid Angel. There wouldn't have been much point in them putting out another record like 'Altars Of Madness'. That album was famed for its sheer brutality but, for my money, this album is far better because of one thing: variety.
Following the obligatory death metal intro - one and a half minutes of static over which you can just about make out some strangled voices and guitar effects, 'Fall From Grace' kicks in with one of the sickest, most discordant riffs you will ever hear. Just as you are becoming accustomed to this, the main riff kicks in, which is a faster, Slayer-influenced affair. A blastbeat arrives without warning, then gives way again to a doomy, slower riff, before a groove is introduced at around 2:15. Of course, this again doesn't last long and another riff heralds the arrival of a Kerry-King style tremelo solo. More monstrous riffing comes and goes before the song ends... And that's just the first song. Phew!
The rest of the album is equally impressive, with David Vincent's vocals the most evil sounding ever committed to record. His lyrics may not be to everyone's taste (he seems to have an unhealthy disregard for the world's major religions) but to be honest, no-one takes satanism that seriously at the best of times, let alone when its as cartoon as here. Whilst on the subject of lyrics, interestingly, Morbid Angel were one of the first bands to adopt Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and incorporate it into their lyrics. Anyone who has read 'At The Mountains Of Madness' will recognise the significance of the flute that ushers out the title track. If you haven't read it, suffice it to say you'll never look at the flautist in an orchestar in the same way again after hearing this.
A true classic.
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on 7 December 2000
This is the first of Mobid Angel's albums that Trey used his 7-string guitar on. I must say that I found this album hard to get into, but that was due to the non-commercial, and non-catchy riffs. As the usual Morbid Angel style goes, this is a monster of an album. The songs on it are excellent, the guitar riffs are brilliant, and the drumming of Pete 'Commando' Sandoval are second to noe (as always). So, as Morbid Angel are one of the originators of Death Metal, the best thing about them as been the fact that they've always benn the same, but different. The thems that they use are always more involved and thought out, and the lyrics are always excellent. Add to that their imposing live form, and it's easy to see why this band are still making records, and why they were one of the first on a major label.
The title track is one of the highlights of this album, but, anything could be considered excellent, as the whole album rocks. A huge slab of the most technical, fast and pounding Death Metal of it's time.
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