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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 August 2009
I never give 5 star reviews unless an albums a legendary classic but Frankmusiks debut album is quite amazing and i cant believe this hasnt been at no 1 in the album charts or even in the top 5 !!! coz this is a hundred times better than the highly overated La Roux album !! Tracks like In step and Better off as two you will be singing all day but the whole album is really good with only 1 duff track i didnt like. if youlike Goldfrapp,Roisin murphy,Little boots and the god awful La Roux then you'll love this.
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on 5 August 2009
This is a hugely enjoyable collection of songs that offers much variety within it's stuttering, jerky electronic template. Vincent Frank's love of 80s pop translates here into warm melodies ('Confusion Girl', '3 Little Words')and genuinely heartfelt ballads (the epic 'Your Boy'). Standout tracks are the propulsively uplifting 'Better Off As 2' and the oddly moving 'Done Done'. Sound effects that chop up the vocals or layer them on top of one another are used throughout but are used artistically to add impact. Co-producer Stuart Price has smoothed over the some of the rougher edges that were evident in the earlier versions of this otherwise self-written and self-produced debut album - but Vincent's personality remains stamped over every track. It's a great pop album that consistently delivers memorable hooks and a new perspective on what can be achieved by electronic pop.
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Frankmusik (Vincent Frank by name, nee Turner apparently)
is with us at last. Teaser EPs and singles have been whetting
our appetites for some time now. "Better Off As Two" and
"Confusion Girl" both deserved more attention than they received.

It is the way of the world sometimes that the best of
the best have to wait for their moment in the sun.

If it's sunshine you're after then look no further.
This scintillating little piece of electro-pop perfection
has the sun bursting out of every musical pore.

You've probably gathered by now that I like it.
I like it a lot!

Although not without flaws (a bit of judicious pruning might
have said goodbye to the somewhat mediocre 'Wonder Woman',
'Time Will Tell' and the strangulated Stranglers recreation
'When You're Around') Frankmusik is still a very fine album.

Other than those two highly infectious singles 'In Step',
'Gotta Boyfriend', '3 Little Words' and 'Done Done' all romp
along merrily with strong melodies and memorable hooks.

Young Mr Frank has a lovely voice : warm and secure in the middle;
piercingly accurate in the upper reaches of his fearsome falsetto.

Gentler songs such as 'Your Boy' (the album's highlight)
and the curiously affecting 'Run Away From Trouble' bear
witness to his undoubtable song-writing talents.

Writer, performer, producer. All this AND perfect cheekbones!!
He's got the lot really and deserves to succeed.
Toto, Dorothy and all her friends will doubtless love him.

(The second bonus disc on the Deluxe Edition delivers
interesting reinterpretations of the same material for
those who would dare to dance).

A Cracking Debut!

Highly Recommended.
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on 24 July 2009
My girlfriend has been going on about Frankmusik for a while but it wasn't until i heard his acoustic version of the Pet Shop boys "its a sin " on the Dermot Oleary show that I saw how much talent this guy has.
I then caught him live by chance at a Keane gig and I was blown away by his unique voice and the intensity of his performance.
I am into "classic" bands ranging from Radiohead and Kings of Leon to new acts such as Friendly Fires. Recently the new wave of electronic music has excited me but once you scratch beneath the surface there is little substance. However Frankmusik feels real - i have read that he writes and produces everything himself so that is probably why. There is real depth and honesty here.
It feels like finally Britiain has produced a truly eccentric male pop star , the likes of which we haven't seen since David Bowie and Bryan Ferry.
This should be the start of a long career!!
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on 20 September 2009
I tracked down Frankmusik on Myspace having missed him supporting Keane back in January. I liked what I heard and like a lot of his fans have waited and waited for his debut album to come out. Well they do say good things come to those who wait. This album is a collection of upbeat 80s influenced pop gems which leave a good feeling in the heart. All the songs are about relationships and I have never known an artist to make a break up song sound so upbeat and damn right euphoric!

The album is strong from start to finish with a beautifully crafted song at the close of just Vincent and piano which shows a more singer-songwriter side to him. This is obviously a man with a huge talent and I think he will be big, probably by the 2nd album, which is no bad thing.

Stand out tracks, well there are loads, but the main ones being Confusion Girl, Complete Me and the beautiful Your Boy (which sounds like Keane the more I hear it!). So do yourself a favour - if you are fan of get up and go tunes with catchy choruses that you can sing along to then add this to your collection. You won't be disappointed!
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on 5 August 2009
Those who have been patiently waiting for Frank's debut for the past year or so won't be disappointed.

It's definitely rare to see this sort of songwriting talent. Frank may be lost in the midst of the current fad of keyboard-wielding females, but there's no doubt of the strength of these songs.

You get a sense that Vincent Frank is nothing short of a perfectionist, having tweaked and re-produced each track- sure to anger the purists- but if anything, Stuart Price's production has enhanced the songs- making them big pop productions for a much bigger stage.

Stand out tracks include the singles '3 Little Words,' 'Better off as Two,' and the spectacular ballad 'Vacant Heart.'

This is a fully-deserved 5 stars for an excellent debut. Worth picking up to see what the fuss is about.
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This is one of several good electro-pop solo albums from 2009. It's heavily 80s influenced, and strictly song-driven rather than groove-driven- this isn't really dance music, though a few club remixes can easily sort that out.

Stuart Price (ex-Madonna-producer)'s involvement gives things a bit more of a polish without taking away any of the raw energy. Sometimes a heartfelt home demo can be turned into a lacklustre professional production, but here the balance is managed very nicely.

A couple more upbeat tracks wouldn't have gone amiss but it's a warm and genuine-sounding proper singer-songwriter album that manages to avoid most of the pretensions and art-school posturing that some of the new wave of electro-pop acts are very guilty of.
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on 27 September 2009
Yahoo Music's review for Frankmusik's Complete Me (Deluxe Edition) intrigued me so much that I went over to 7 Digital to listen to the previews. The short snippets were enough to purchase the deluxe album! It is just that good!

Frankmusik's music is a poppy throwback to giddy eighties synth electro. Stuart Price apparently did production credits, but as Yahoo music states, "but the soul is all Frank's".

Actually, the review on Yahoo succinctly states what "Complete Me" is all about, so take a read. I couldn't add anything to that. The whole album (on the whole) is four out five stars for me, with some tracks like "Your Boy", "Complete Me" and "Done Done" hitting five stars (and some other tracks like "When You're Gone". "Wonder Woman" and "Run Away From Trouble", unfortunately only rating three out of five stars).

The deluxe version comes with the whole album remixed and re-edited by Frankmusik himself. His vision for the album, if anything, is far superior that Price's production wizardry. "3 Little Words" is by far the best, from ditzy summer pop song to aching mellow ambience. Most songs have been turned from fast to slow or slow to fast. Frankmusik's versions of "Wonder Woman" and "Time Will Tell" are far superior than Price's version (although some songs, like "Done Done", "Complete Me" and "Your Boy" remain far superior in their album versions).

I haven't been as excited about an album since Bjork's Debut.Complete Me (Deluxe Edition) is happy, it is sad, it is soulful and thoughtful, and brings to mind warm summer days in London. Go out and get Complete Me (Deluxe Edition) now!
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on 4 August 2009
I first became aware of Frankmusik when he supported Keane on tour. His was an absolutely fantastic performance, full out inventive and brilliantly catchy music. I'm glad to report that this has translated well onto his début release. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is relentlessly tuneful stuff, and there's literally not a clunker on the whole record.
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on 29 March 2013
I first bought this album when it came out in 2009. It's mid-2013 now and i still find reason to play it. I think Vincent is/was always an independent label artist. Too ahead of the curve for McDonalds pop. A major label saw big talent and thought they'd sign that right up but then weren't quite sure what to do with him. They paired him up with Stuart Price (Madonna, Killers) who has done a good job of making this polished and grand and more accessible to McDonalds chomping teens than if Vincent had done it alone.
But he's an independant label artist. Look, imagine if 'The xx' had been signed by Sony; paired up with a big-name pop producer...imagine what would have happened. Sure it'd sound great, but who would you sell it to? Good job they got onto XL Records who can give them the environment perfect for themselves.
I hope, i pray this guy gets snapped up by the right independant for him. Then he'll make a record that will find the right audience to sell. He sure deserves it - you can't hold back talent.
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