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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£0.01+ £4.04 shipping

on 21 June 2017
Kids loved it at the time - moved onto more up to date fifa games now.
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on 20 June 2017
Amazing game in its day. Fifa easily overtook Pro Evo
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on 11 April 2017
Cheap and cheerful
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on 17 April 2017
It was a great game. Had many hours of entertainment with this videogame!
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on 23 July 2017
I bought this as a gift for my younger brother who was very pleased.
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on 29 April 2012
Great Fifa , small improvements over the older versions. Updated squads and graphics. Installed quickly. You can play it for hours with friends and family as its very addictive.
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on 4 October 2009
Well I thought I would update my review from the my original. I still love this game firstly! But like your first ever anything you look back and think maybe it is not as good as you thought.

Instead of going on and on, thought I would break things down ..

Good Points..

Full Teams and Names
Smooth Silky Soccer is possible
Andy Gray and Co give a good atmosphere, feel's like Sky Footie coverage!
Better physics engine then Fifa 09
Graphics are not too shabby
Atmosphere in matches are pretty spot on.. you can hear football songs in the background
Great Goals...
Tricks and celebrations
If your a football fan it is very addictive!

Bad Points...

Manager mode is full of bugs.
To carry on from that actually it is terrible! I have not had problems with the well documented bugs where your team at the end of a season has players dissapear at the start of the next!
BUT what I have had is stupid board decisions where I am on my second season and been sacked 10 games before the end of the season because I am not winning the league? only problem is I have 2 games in hand and I am second only due to the fact I have done so well in every other competition and not played as many as any other team??
Randon messages from the board in manager mode telling me either why am I trying to spend so much money when I dont have the funds (although I have 30mil in the bank and not trying to buy anyone) or losing your manager rating because you lost in the F.A cup??? BUT you won every other competition??
Player ratings are so up and down, try to rest any player and there rating will drop by 5 or 6 points?
And too expand on that your team morale is always down even though you are winning every game.

BUT the game is still fun, the best football game on the PS3..and you need it in your collection!!
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on 13 October 2009
Everyone is loving this in their reviews and I will admit it is a quality game, but it lacks depth and individuality player-wise but it is a solid, fun pick up and play footy game and excels online (mostly).

I want to list the things that have impressed me, and not;

1) online play is very good and the new search and match-hosting facilities make it better than Fifa 09.
2) you can go online and make your 'game face' using photos and download it to have a proper impressive face for your created player (be a pro)
3) better crossing and Forward reactions
4) GK and player reactions are noticeable
5) more stadiums and this time you can assign non-official ones to teams and re-name them
6) the trophy challenges are massive meaning players will play the game for longer to unlock items
7) re-jigged improved Manager Mode, customisable arena too
8) lots of online content to come in the EA Fifa Shop feature

Few Moans....
1) other than speed and tricks most players are the same except the 'stars'
2) online players keep choosing Real or Barca and quit when losing - hard to get a decent game
3) the crossing, although better is still hit and miss
4) the trophies are too hard i reckon, as are some of the achievements in 'Be a pro' game
5) the fun is missing from Manager Mode
6) using the sticks can lead to many mistakes in passes, moves, skills etc
7) no Champions League and not all official grounds, boots etc
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on 5 October 2009
On the pitch the game is great, the only real problem is that keepers come off their line far too easily leading to multiple lobbings. Double tapping triangle to keep them on the line doesn't work as well as it used to. Players lack individuality but that has always been an issue. As i say though, make no mistake, on the pitch it is a great game.

I don't really play online as people are only ever Man utd, Barca, Inter and this time the Uber team is Real. There is a filter this time which helps but most are still the above and reports of quitting and one tactic football are still rife so i stick to offline.

Many would say how it plays on the pitch is all that matters and usually i would agree but the problems off the pitch are so bad that it takes away from the experiece in a way i cannot ignore. Especially in the manager mode which is the core mode. I will not list them as they are too many but just look at the EA and other forums to see all the MM issues. The MM was advertised as being revamped and it has ended up so unfinished and clearly untested (or tested by idiots) that to accuse EA of lying, false advertisment and betrayal of trust is not ott.

The other unfortunate thing here is that EA have a terrible record of patching game modes. EA do patch gameplay issues when pressured but modes including last years MM are usually left alone no matter what

I will state so noone gets me wrong that the actual game of footy it plays is class, it really is, if there were no problems with with the modes then i would give 5 star for the game and 4 star for fun (4 star as the online community is immature and pathetic) but the game is unacceptably untested and unfinished that it falls short of greatness.

I am also disgusted that none of the main reviews mentioned this stuff which it is their duty too, yet another reason not to trust the critics. It was also hyped far too much, bugs or no bugs but that is another story.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 3 October 2009
Its becoming harder and harder for EA to improve the FIFA series since theirs only so much you can add. And now that they've thankfully stopped adding silly new features which used to sell the product (remember 'Off The Ball Control'?...), they've found the time to make an already great game more realistic through simple improvements - not massive additions.

The most immediate of these is the brand new 360-degree player control which adds a whole new dimension to the game which, I must confess previously, didn't trust the hype. What makes this 360 movement unique for the simulation is that the computer players can now move about in any single direction they like. For over a decade, those mindless CPU players seem to have been stuck on a grid of Left, Right, Up, Down. Its now a thing of the past! Controlling your own players with the 360 movement does indeed take some time to get used to - not for the fact its difficult, but so you can achieve the best out of the new control.

This addition under-pins plenty of others. With 360 control comes a whole host of new animations for Jostling (when being shoulder barged), for controlling the ball, which the FIFA players now seem comfortable to control on any part of their body, whereas in previous games I've noticed players don't like heading balls down or using their thighs. Running animations have been spectacularly improved to a degree were each player as a unique way of striding - also noticeably the way in which players intercept the ball, where they can stretch out and control the ball with the outside of their feet, perfect for wingers. The goalkeepers too benefit new animations from the 360 movement, and look less like robots and more like athletic... Well, men!

With all this though comes the challenge element of gameplay, which has been vastly raised as a benchmark. Stepping into the game on Professional difficulty was surprisingly too much even as an avid player, and I was required to go back to basics with Amateur mode. This isn't a flaw - its an improvement, as the gameplay has so much variety that you will be back on your feet jumping when you do score that winning goal. And with better ball physics and more realistic shot movement, your goals look spectacular, average or plain jammy!

Manager Mode has a cleaner interface with an apparent improved transfers foundation, which may be the case as Wigan no longer offer me £35 million for Wayne Rooney. Tactics remain the same, though their is the option to manage your set-pieces which, although is nice, doesn't offer too much effect unless you really plan it well anyway during gameplay. Finance is a lot more realistic, and you'll be encouraged to spend wiser which was definitely needed.

Theirs a whole host of options carried on from FIFA 09, some of which have been greatly improved, but I'd like to think that just nit-picking at the above is in-definitely enough a reason to buy this game. EA have made the right choice of going to the community and asking for what we want; not telling us what were going to have. For this reason, FIFA 10 feels more dramatic and realistic then any title before it and I advise you to get it... Now!
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