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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£0.01 - £59.99

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on 17 April 2012
This game is not bad, however has alot of errors within the game.

The commentary is very stupid. For example:
I was playing manager mode, first game of the season playing as Arsenal and we beat Astin Villa 7-0. After the game finished, the commentator said it's their best performance of the season. How stupid is that? Graphics is very good, also fun to play with friends. If you're planning to buy this game for online play, don't buy it. EA have signed off Fifa 09 + Fifa 10 online, so you cannot play it. Very annoying

Definaly worth buying since it's so cheap.
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on 30 April 2017
well received
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on 24 October 2009
Fifa 10 Is the best Fifa Ever,
First of all the graphics of the game are spectacular, It feels as if you are watching the game in a stadium. Fifa have really stepped up a game by introducing new commentary which helps but they still need a lot more alternative voice speakers than Martin Tyler and Andy Gray. The best thing about the game is the way the tackles are in-game. The xbox live on the game is great as you can play Be a pro mode which is 11 vs 11 online but if you want a game where you want to control a team then you can just do 1 vs 1 online aswell.
Overall i would say this game is fun and realistic at the same time and i would fully recommend it to a gamer who is competitive at sport games!.
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on 29 March 2011
I have to confess I don't mind online play but it isn't my favourite aspect of FIFA - too many kids who quit when you go two up and leave you hanging. FIFA 10 even has a built in Achievement for those who do it enough times which tells you something.

I like the Manager Mode and FIFA 10 has an improved version of the one I played to death in FIFA 09.

First off you create your own Pro and in Manager mode he will follow you from club to club. I actually found the Premiership a bit too easy so started with Bournemouth in League 2. I'm currently on about season 7 or 8 (Bournemouth sacked me after 12 game........) and it is a good tough challenge.

The let downs for me are the commentary. I do like Martin Tyler but smug Andy Gray sets my teeth on edge - let's hope he won't be back. The trouble is sometimes at the end of a drawn match you will be told 'And that's the third match in a row they have lost'. What?

Also isn't this the same 'banter' we heard in FIFA 2009? And most of the 'new' commentary only concerns the weather effects.

The weather consists of sunny, raining and snow, and the annoying thing about the snow levels is the pitch is TOTALLY white - even in the non leagues they clear the pitch and use an orange ball. If your ball selection for the whole game is white you will struggle to see anything in the 'snow'.

Bugs in the Manager Mode are mainly that newly generated players (replacing retiring) sometimes generate without a name. They have a name on their shirt but nothing on the team sheet nor in the commentary.

Another bug is that you can have an Assistant Manager who picks the team, but even if switched off he will switch your players around - sometimes you only notice as you start to play a match, so you have to ALWAYS check the team.

Those niggles aside this is a good footie game with enough options for anyone - I haven't even bothered going into Ultimate Team yet. You find the part of it you like and play.

Worth the money whilst it is round a tenner but remember the bugs.
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on 2 May 2010
i bought this game seeing as my other Fifa game i had was fifa 07 which i thought was very good. when i first played fifa 10 i was surprised how different the graphics were and how much more realistic it was. however after playing several games i realised that there were some problems:

- it is nearly impossible to score a free kick without having to do a special technique which involves pulling down on the left stick. this was very frustrating seeing as i conceded alot of goals because the AI could easily score and i couldn't.

- secondly the refereeing at times can be extremely unfair such as when i pass, the referee seems to deflect it on to the other teams player meaning that the other team can make a move. the decisions can also be very biased.

- the online play can be very annoying since it sometimes freezes randomly.

- i tried for fun to make a new player that was 99 out of 100 in skill level. but the player although being supposedly the best player in my game still had shots worse than Nickalas Bendtners!

i can understand people complaining about this review being unfair but when you have spent alot of money buying the game then u can understand. i don't hate the game i still think its better than MW2 but it maybe needs a few updates to clear up the problems.

overall i think fifa 07 was one of the best fifa games and i still play it today.
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on 27 September 2009
Before I start with the review, i just need to clear a couple of things up. I have indeed played the full game and this review is not based on a demo, if you have any questions regarding the full game, i will happily answer them for you. If you still don't believe me, wait until you have the game, then check this review, you will see i am telling the truth.

So whats new? Well, not a great deal really, pretty much the same teams as last year with maybe the exception of the Dutch national side, which see's a welcomed return. The first noticeable difference from 09 is the 360 movement, which is a great addition and definitely changes the way the game runs. Players can now make bending runs into space and when taking on defenders with players such as Ashley Young, you get the sense that he can do it easily, as in real life. The biggest difference from 09 and the demo is without doubt the A.I. of the goalkeepers, make no mistake, gone are the days of easy one on one's, the keepers WILL shut you out 9 times out of 10. Although sometimes they do seem god-like and save shots they have no right to, this is not a bad thing as i am sure you will agree that 09 was far too easy to score.

The big thing EA are plugging this year is the new and improved manager mode, and while there is a plethora of new options, not much has changed. In the few hours that i played the game, not once did i have any media interest in my club, usually you are given options on how to address comments, but thus far, i have seen none. When starting a new game now, you have the choice of what stadiums you play your homes games at and have the option to change all the other teams home ground from the main menu. Although, don't expect to change teams that have their proper ground, (i.e. Man Utd) to say, the Nou Camp, as this isn't possible. Also when starting a new game you can change the diffulculty of the clubs board, obviously the higher the level, the less money, time and patience you recieve, making getting results that much more important. The transfer system has been overhauled making it harder to attract players, you now have to take into account your wage structure and transfer budget. I was playing as Real Madrid and tried to attract Franck Ribery, however his wages were way out of my reach, so i would have to lessen my wage bill before going back in for him. Taking into account that he was not interested in signing for my club anyway, which is shown by an interest bar when bidding for players. So in short, don't expect to sign C.Ronaldo for Barnet because it just won't happen. Also, i have noticed that some of the team rosters are not up to date, for example, Richard Dunne is still at Man City and not at Aston Villa, i only noticed this because i support the former. You can however go into the edit mode and change him there, however, its a bit poor from EA not making sure they have implemented the correct changes.

A new mode called Virtual Pro has also been added, which in a nutshell means, you put yourself in the game and can use him in all offline and some online modes to boost his statistics. Also you can download your game-face from EA Sports World AKA Tiger Woods, to make him look like yourself. You have to option to take him on your squad roster when starting new manager mode games. From here you get a basic player, but the more you use him in games, the more attributes you unlock, making him into one of the best players on the game. Don't expect his to be a quick process as there are well over a 100 attributes to unlock and if you play a bad game then your form drops. Its a great idea and adds more longetivity to the game.

The commentary is still spot on, not a lot different from 09 but seems to be more in depth, tracking your resent results and top scrorers. There are also tutorials now, showing newbies and veterans alike how to play the game correctly. I consider myself to be a veteran, but there were loads of aspects that i personally wasn't aware of, so this is worth checking out, all of which is narrated by Martin Tyler which is a nice touch. There is also new custom free-kicks, where you can put together your own set-pieces in order to break down a stubbon defence, i have not played around with this yet so i am unable to comment.

I have scored the game 4 out of 5, mainly due to the fact that there is not a lot of difference from 09, but if you are a fan of football games then be sure to pick it up. There is enough here to warrent another purchase, however, don't expect this to be completely different game, because its not. Thanks for taking the time to read this review, if there is anything you would like answering or anything i have missed, just ask! Thanks.
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on 21 October 2009
There is no doubt that this game looks quite a bit better than the previous incarnation, but unfortunately it does not play anywhere near as well. I am up for a learning curve of course, but this is an excercise in frustration. My team is a Championship team (albeit recently promoted) and playing as them is a joke. The player stats are so low that players cannot perform any of the star moves - surely a professional player of any level should be able to pull off a feint? This makes it a joke to play. Of course I could play as a Premiership team which all seem to have fabulous stats, but why should I have to do that.

It seems that EA have decided that they must make the top leagues realistic, but have just thrown together the lower leagues to try and make people happy.

I would avoid this if you can - rent it first if you must. I am regretting buying this, and I bought it pre-owned the day after release (which should have told me something as GAME had a shelf full of them pre-owned after 24 hours!!).
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on 21 August 2012
Ok, I wanted a football game to play on-line co-op with my friend in England (I am now living in Spain). Having read many reviews we both decided on Fifa 10 as we didnt need 'bang up to date',we just wanted to play a good football game together.
However,when we inserted our newly received discs we stunned to find that we could not go online with it as EA had 'retired'
it from online use (WHAT???) yep,retired!! 2010! WE are only half way through 2012!!
So,it was a complete waste of money for both of us and we were both unaware that this was an issue,Ive had a 360 since they were launched and not one of the 45 games I own has ever been retired from live BUT this is something that EA is now doing as you play through their own servers and it forces you to update to the latest titles (30 titles retired and counting).
Quite simply a disgusting practice.
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on 30 April 2010
I've been a fan of Pro Evo (PES) since I was a teenager. To me, Fifa football games had great graphics but poor gameplay. However, over the years, EA Sports have incorporated Konami's great gameplay into their Fifa games. In Fifa 10, it even has its own great innovation; the 360-degree move amongst others. Now, Fifa 10 not only has beautiful graphics, it has wonderful gameplay as well.

After playing it several times on my friend's console, I just had to buy one for myself and I'm not regretting it. Sure, there are still some aspects of Fifa 10 that I don't quite like such as the less flexible tactics/formation change (you have to save a formation before you can actually use it for example), but overall, I'd recommend it to anyone out there to get this game.
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on 13 March 2010
FIFA 10 is a good game both online and offline. I am only going to talk about offline as I don't think that it would be a fair review if I talk about the well documented issues on the EA servers.

Offline modes like career have not changed too much from 09 you maybe able to edit kit numbers but you do not have any media questions to answer. While in career mode you can automatically choose an elite team and if you have loads of money you can pretty much buy anyone after the second season - provided you have a few titles. After a few seasons of winning everything with a specific club you do not want to move to a different club because by that time the good players are getting old and losing stats and the new players that come through seem to be totally random. I just discovered a Centre Back who is 19 and has a rating of 85! The commentary does not know them and they have a generic look to them which gives a really fake element to the game. I personally feel the only way to earn titles for all the leagues is to create separate saves. Also in manager mode it only keeps track of goals and clean sheets earned in the league which is slightly annoying.

The 360 dribbling system in this game is good improvement but it seems slightly pointless, unless your a fast winger or foward like Messi, C.Ronaldo or Robben. Which takes away the fun of being a 1,2 or 3 star teams as the golf in class often too much. The keepers are still super Human and make some ridiculous saves and unecessary dives. Which does add a comical value to the game but gets annoying after a while. The shooting in FIFA10 has improved you can no longer tap shoot to bend the ball past the keeper, but once you find the angle and power the keeper cannot save it becomes easy. The tackling in the game is easy as always its just a one button press to do a standing tackle that works 9 out of 10. Slide tacking is only used if you want a booking. The commentary in the game is fantastic it is usually spot on.

Exhibition matches against friends are brilliant it shows the true quality of the game. It seems to be more enjoyable and the game plays alot better without the predictable computer to spoil the fun. This is the reason I have given this game 4 stars as I think against another person this game comes into its element. I would defiantly recommend this game as it is probably the best footballing game on the market just don't buy it if you don't have any friends or relatives who like playing football games.
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