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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on 11 June 2014
having all albums of ufo (all remastered) this is by far the best....more melodic and great hooks some progressive work too....diesel in the dust is the best song of ufo,also blinded by a lie ....some people say that are some fillers,wrong -the keys are well put (too well) and the guitar solos are short in notes but perfect in melody.
i prefer schenker in is own band.,the first 5 albums are near perfect.
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on 16 June 2017
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on 17 June 2013
Bought for catalogue completion. Not one of the strongest UFO albums but still worth buying at a low price. Well packaged, excellent sleeve notes with bonus tracks. Can't really go wrong
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on 17 July 2012
Why UFO fans slated this I don't know it's great, really good tunes and solos, Pete and Michael ain't in it so what this is still a class album! Get it you wont be disappointed
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on 8 November 2011
I remember buying this record back in early 1983 having spent my school bus fare on it and walked home, such sacrifices had to be made at the time as a sweet sixteen yr old! I also recall hiding it under the door mat so my mum wouldn't see it, oh such was the fear in them bygone days of youth of 'being caught' with another rock LP!!
I couldn't wait to spin it on the turntable when she wasn't about and sneaked down stairs to retrieve it! Here is a review of the original vinyl cut which is always the litmus test for any future remastering i believe.

From the opening riff of Blinded By A Lie they storm into one of their best songs ever, one thats totally overlooked for the Sckenker Era. A real shame as Paul 'Tonka' Chapman really smokes on this and turns out a blinding solo. PPPPhhheew! Some great interplay also from Neil Carter on keys and double up bass guitar with Tonka. In fact why Pete Way left is really a mystery as there are some bloody heavy songs on here like the follow up Diesel And Dust which starts with a gloriously dirty/heavy bass line before going into another one of Chapman's trademark riffs and it never lets up as Moggy sings

'Ted McKinley's dying at the wheel of his truck, the engine running till it ceased up
And nobody heard a thing, not a sound or gunshot ring. Just a smell of diesel in the dust."

Indeed Phil's lyrics are always intriguing storytelling verses that really take the listener into a movie landscape, he could have easily written a screenplay such is his repertoire. A Fool For Love is another highlight with Mogg telling us the story of a young runaway smitten on her first date and the subsequent heartbreak and disillusion that destroyed her and forced her into a life of prostitution;

"My baby met a man on her first date, he stole her heart and sealed her fate
She thought she found a friend for life. He wanted her, but not to be a wife . .
La la lie, la la lie. A fool for love never wonders why . . La la lie la la lie she hangs on in but its just another goodbye . . .
Now every day is another day, she lets it all drift on away
Every man is like another man
They come and go but she never can . . . . . Its so sad to see at first hand. A teenage beauty to a one night stand".

Neil Carter's keyboards really mid out here with a gorgeous heartfelt solo from Tonka that capture the sentiments as does Phil's timeless and amazing soulfull voice which reached a real zenith on this record. A wonderful little gem of a song, but sadly forgotten in time.

When Its Time To Rock is the jewel in the pack with its breathtaking drum rolls from Andy Parker that precede another gorgeous total rock riff. There is some fantastic interplay here again with Neil and another blinding solo from Mr Chapman. Indeed why the 'Schenker Club' cuss him so bad is beyond me because as a guitarist he more than holds his own against him. I think the problem is, he struggles when trying to replicate MS solos live which is the main bane of his hate mail, and i guess he always tried to do his own thing instead which you have to credit him for(except the 1st solo in Love To Love, which he doesn't even try and thats a shame!).

But elsewhere Tonka really shines especially when he's doing his own thing like on another classic rocker The Way The Wild Wind Blows that in my opinion stands alongside anything in their classic era as do many others here. All Over You is another catchy sleazy rocker with a big chorus, indeed its a shame they don't play these songs live anymore. No Getaway keeps the standards high but its on closer Push Its Love they really try something different, almost a pop song, and it works! I love this album and i hold it up with any of Michael Schenker's or even Michael Bolton space rock era, but UFO have never been about one guitarist. They are greater than the sum of their parts and who ever's hired they produced top draw songs that have stood the test of time.

Buy this album and hear just how good UFO were . This was their last great offering of their classic 74-83 era.
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on 17 July 2009
While it may not be the first album that comes to mind when you think classic UFO albums, Making Contact is not as bad as some would have you believe.
There is some filler material, but tracks like Diesel In The Dust or The Way The Wild Wind Blows can proudly sit beside any UFO song.
UFO never revolved around Schenker, but was always about the sum of the parts. Chapman has amply demonstrated he fit in the band over the course of the four albums he did with them.
This album did spell the end of the first run UFO, the band later returning with a revamped line up and the underrated Misdemeanor album.
This series of remasters sounds great, the remastering actually adds to the original production. Some bonus live tracks round out this interesting package.
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on 4 August 2009
I truly believe this UFO album deserves a lot more credit then it ever got. Unfortunately it is the forgotten UFO album . Sure , it is not Obsession or Lights Out but it is a very good album. If you are a UFO fan and never owned this cd , now is the time to get it .There is some great rock n' roll here . "When it's time to rock" , "Blinded by a lie" , "Diesel in the dust" (one of my all time favorite songs) are just a few . EMI did a great job with the remastering , the sound is outstanding and the packaging is top notch. Buy it , open it , crank it !
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