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on 3 January 2015
i realised from other reviews that this dvd was going to be of poor quality but I still went ahead and bought it, simply because there is no other footage of this tour commercially available (yet???!!!) I agree about the quality but the camera shots etc were fine and it does provide a sense of the concert and tour for a keen Genesis fan who couldn't get a ticket..! Worth it just for the acoustic set..
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on 10 May 2013
Really not pleased with this...
The picture is of home video quality
Excellent music and playing but really let down by the visuals
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on 15 July 2014
This is an absolute disgrace. I love Genesis, I love Ray Wilson, I loved this tour. Do not waste hard earned cash with this purchase. Shocking, worse than a VHS, copy of a copy, of a copy, video quality. Sound quality is flat and keeps dropping out to lower levels. I so much wanted to enjoy this and just couldn't.
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on 8 January 2011
Like the early Peter Gabriel era footage, the short lived Ray Wilson era has proved just as rare and difficult to obtain.

Apart from pretty good to poor quality youtube videos and dire old VHS tapes, this 1998 'Calling All Stations tour' video has been largely unavailable.

Immortal, the company that released a double CD of the same concert have also given us a double DVD set to watch.

Again a minor quibble out the way first, like the CD set, the true opening track 'No Son Of Mine', has been totally left off this DVD. So I'm now thinking that there must have been a good reason for this.

This DVD set features the same style in packaging as the CD, and is very well done. Good photos of the band, accurate sleeve notes, and even an inlay card giving us a brief insight of the band's history.

Now for the actual video footage. The picture quality over the 2 discs is for the most part very good, as is the audio. A few tracks suffer a little bit where the picture becomes a little hazy and the audio goes slightly poorer. But by no means does it go terrible.

Between a few songs the audience cheering jumps slightly, but thankfully this does not happen during the actual performances. I think the jumps occur because some songs are actual youtube clips inserted to fill missing portions of the video. But if they are youtube clips, they look like they've been somewhat cleaned up as best as possible.

I'd say that 80% of the time the overall quality of the 2 DVDs is very good, the other 20% the quality is ok.

Again top marks to Immortal for releasing a worthwhile product (albeit bootleg, obviously) of a very under-rated period in Genesis' history. For me this DVD also shows us just how good Ray Wilson really was with Genesis, as was Nir Zidkyahu the drummer in their sadly short lived time with the group.

I'd just like to conclude with this, I'd previously given the audio CD version 4 stars, but after viewing the DVD I'd say that the CD should really be about 3.5 stars and the DVD 4 stars.
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on 26 July 2010
As someone who saw Genesis on this tour,in Dublin,i was so glad to see a concert come out on dvd.Although the other reviewer is correct in saying that it could have been better i was pleasantly surprised by its quality.Ray Wilson is a fine singer and does a good job with the older songs such as The lamb lies down on broadway,Land of confusion,Carpet crawlers,Mama,Invisible touch,Turn it on again,I cant dance and excerpts from Dancing with the moonlit knight and Suppers ready,he also gives the newer songs ,Calling all stations,Alien afternoon,Shipwrecked,Congo and others,real power and gusto which was apparent from the very good album Calling all stations.So all in all a decent recording from a good band who really should have been given more of a chance.By the way i have been a genesis fan since the mid 70s so i have lived through all their incarnations and although not as good as previous bands and tours its still good and worth a watch.
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on 31 January 2010
This is a good copy of a non-professional copy of a concert film. This is definitely not professionally done as one who speaks Polish, I know what the words Na Zywo mean. They are usually displayed on Polish TV when a live concert is being shown. So not something, one would expect to find on a copy of a live performance on DVD. Note the top right hand corner. I get the impression that someone videoed this concert then sold it on. However, having said all that, the film is not too bad. For the "Must have everything" collector. My copy is European, so there may be a difference.
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on 7 January 2013
Reading some of the other reviews I wonder if I got a different product. There are two sources used, one almost bearable and one utterly unusable. The audio follows the video quality. Two stars only because it exists at all. Why Genesis didn't release a kosher version I can't imagine: through the NTSC fog this looks like it was a great gig.

The 5.1 Dolby surround sound is not a joke, it's a lie: I only get mono from the two front speakers.

Shocking, but valuable for collectors I guess.
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