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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 17 September 2010
Very Well designed and useful product. It attaches easily to the wall with a sticky metal plate provided or a screw. It has a movement sensor and a day/night sensor so that it doesn't come on during the day- though my only criticism is that it sometimes comes on during the day if the weather is quite dull. It can be set to stay on for 10 seconds, 60 seconds or on or off permanently. Good at night as you don't have to try and find light switches and not too dazzlingly bright if you've just got up in the dark.
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on 31 January 2012
Excellent brightness
Simple to affix
Turns off in the day
Could argue it's too sensitive to motion i.e. turns on when i pass the room,
but better that than not sensitive enough.
I'm just about to change the batteries so battery life was pretty good.

However for a simple design change battery could be extended.
Once triggered why can it not turn it off immediatly the ambient light goes up i.e. I turn the room light on.
At the moment once its triggered it stays on until it's timed out.
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on 13 May 2013
It has four options for the light... on. off. 10sec. 60sec.
This is not a dusk till dawn type of light, but it is set to only light up in the dark, so if you put it in your bathroom and set it to 60sec (or 10 depending on your preference!) It stays off all day or when the light is on and then when you go to the bathroom in the night it comes on and goes off soon after you leave. It stays on once it has spotted you and there are no periods of darkness!
There is two options to attach it to the wall etc. Stick it on or screw it on. Perfect. It is bright enough to light bathroom enough to go to the loo, wash hands etc! but not too bright that it would disturb others if the door was open a fraction.
I bought this as I don't want to wake my baby in the next room when using the bathroom in the night and it is PERFECT!
You can also point the light section up and down to where you want it (should this matter).
Might get another one for the stairs!
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on 7 December 2012
I received this light and wanted to put it on some steps which were very dark in the winter months.The led.s are not separately adjustable,rather they are on a central spindle which allows movement up or down.The battery compartment which already had the batteries inserted when I received it is on the rear of the unit and is clipped into place.Behind the plastic battery lid are some magnets.On the outside of the battery lid is a thin metal disk which has a sticky surface covered with a removable brown backing.The thin metal disk has a very small hole in the middle of it to allow a screw to be used to fix it to a surface.There is a recess in the battery cover to allow the head of a small screw to sit ,making the metal disk flush with the back of the unit.This is only possible if fixed to a flat surface.I needed to fix this unit to a rock which had an irregular surface and the metal disk distorted around the screw so the magnets were not able to hold the weight of the unit.I made a bracket to hold the unit in place.There is a switch inside the unit which allows selection of "Off",on for 10 secs,on for 60 secs,or on.This unit works well for my steps and if anything the sensor is a mite too sensitive as it can be triggered from an adjacent path but it lights the steps well.
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VINE VOICEon 5 April 2012
I bought this together with the Philips SpotOn LED Motion Sensor Hands Free Light, White, One-Pack in order to explore the suitabiity for automatic lighting.

The Philips gave a good light but the sensor was too directional it only really came on when you were underneath it so was a better product for static use rather than as a guiding light. This one has a raised sensor and therefore comes on as you approach so it lights where you are going before you reach it.

I had forgotten I had installed it, last night I got in quite late and as I approached it lit up the stairs just as I wanted it to do. This was the first time I had used it as I intended and it did just what I wanted it to do. What else can you ask of something?

Another reviewer wanted longer battery life but it's not too difficult to get these batteries at 50p each, which for 6 months or so of life is probably cheaper than a mains powered solution.
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on 3 February 2014
I purchased several of these for inside the home. We have a very dark hallway and stairs so these seemed ideal.

Aside from the fact they go through batteries quickly and are too sensitive (doesn't have to be very dark to set them off) after only a few months they have all become faulty. For the price this is far from impressive. The fault is they keep coming on themselves without any movement to set them off. They also just turn themselves off and on like flicking a light switch off and on. All gone into the bin.

I would avoid.
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on 1 April 2014
I spent a long time looking for the perfect nightlight for our bathroom. What I was looking for was a simple, efficient nightlight which had a light sensor to stop it coming on during the day, and had a variable timer, so that it would actually illuminate the bathroom for more than 10 seconds at a time when you need to use the toilet during the night and don't want to turn on the main light.

This does everything I need and has been a fantastic purchase. The sensor range if perfect for our needs, it isn't too sensitive so it won't activate if you're passing the bathroom but not entering it, but once in the bathroom it's sensitive enough to pick up the slightest movement.

The amount of light it emits when the batteries are fully charged is just right, not so bright enough as to force your eyes to adjust too quickly, but allowing plenty of light to illuminate the room and let you see what you're doing. The adjustable angle of the light beam is a very handy feature, especially if you have the light placed on a flat horizontal surface.

Most importantly for me, you can change the settings for the length of the timer to either 10 seconds (useful if you just want to use it in hallways as you pass) or 60 seconds which is ideal when you want the light to stay on slightly longer, like when using the bathroom during the night. There are all sorts of reasons why you don't want a light to suddenly go out and plunge you into total darkness in that scenario!

Overall I've been really happy with this purchase. Battery life seems good, although my boys tend to re-appropriate the light as a 'rescue torch' and so I don't have a reliable indication of how long batteries would last under 'normal use' - but I've no reason to suspect that it's anything less than good.

You can mount the device to a surface using supplied double-sided sticky foam, or just screws - but it's worth noting that the back of the device is slightly magnetic as well.

Lastly the overall build quality and finish is fantastic. Often these sort of devices can end up looking cheap and plasticky, but this looks very well designed and would blend nicely into any modern home.

Overall a great product from a reliable manufacturer.
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on 14 December 2012
It works well for the primary use i bought it for which, is for it to light up the closet toilet at night without me having to turn on the main light which is too bright for my eyes at three in the morning. I've set it for 10 seconds as Ive read that the batteries will run down pretty quickly on the only other setting which is 60 seconds. As soon i walk into the room it turns on, so far so good. At 10 seconds, it switches off but requires a few seconds (about 3 secs) before it can sense your motion to come back on again - this aspect is annoying. The timer should have been graduated from 5 seconds to a couple of minutes - would have been far more useful. Who decided that 10 and 60 seconds are appropriate settings for the wide variety of uses that people will put this to? The sticky plate at the back is useless. I stuck it on a tile above the wash basin and it fell off within a minute. Luckily it fell in the basin and not the floor and no harm was done. It cost £2 to buy sticky pads. Contrary to what has been said it does not come on when there is sufficient ambient light.
The sensor has quite a wide field but i don't know its range from the sensor. The LEDs swivel giving you lots of flexibility to focus the strength of the light where you want it, which may be more advantageous than rivals using defused light or static LEDs. Mounting it on the wall and swiveling the LEDs down means no bright light in my face - exactly what i wanted. Would be excellent for pointing it down stairs.
My major gripe is the lag before it can sense motion again after it switches off.
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VINE VOICEon 15 March 2014
I bought this for my small porchway. We have a wide surround that fits round the outside porch door (2 sides + roof - no second door), so the outside light does not reach into this space, consequently I could not see who was at the door if I came through the main porch with the light on; but now I can. It is a brilliant little light that sits high up above the door with the light section tilted downwards towards the floor - the sensor picks up immediately anyone who comes to the door - it even lights up when I open the porch door from the inside to go outside to the dustbin (when it's dark).
The wall we wanted to fix it to is plastic tunged and grooved . So we fix it securely, we removed the metal insert that is magentically held in the back of the light on the outside and screwed it to the wall (sticky side to the wall) using the 2 small holes provided in the plate - then the light just magnetically holds itself up there with no problem, even in a really strong wind that whips round this area.
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on 27 March 2014
Having placed my new printer on a shelf under my desk, I needed a light to load paper into it. Two of these lights have solved the problem. They only come on when needed and stay on for just the right time.

The only problem I foresee is when the batteries need changing and I have to remove them. At the moment they are held by the sticky pads which may need replacing.

UPDATE: The sticky pads are actually metal to which the corresponding magnetic pads on the lights stick. Even though they are mounted underneath a shelf, the lights stay in place. When the batteries need changing, it will be a simple task to remove the lights and replace them. Brilliant idea Osram!
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