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on 1 March 2016
I absolutely love this film and Infact the whole series is my favourite of all time. In this film Bella and Edward get married and Bella ends up falling pregnant. It's full of dramatics After a brief prologue in which the cast receive their wedding invitations the film opens with Edward and Bella’s long-awaited nuptials. These are admittedly well-mounted and the bride’s Pippa Middleton dress is very on-trend. They also give the unsung heroes of the Twilight cast, Billy Burke as Bella’s father Charlie and Anna Kendrick as her friend Jessica, their once-per-film chance to show off: in this case, in an enjoyable after-dinner speech montage that recalls a scene from this summer’s sleeper hit comedy Bridesmaids. The happy couple then jet off on their Brazilian honeymoon, during which the groom’s enthusiastic lovemaking demolishes their four-poster bed – well, after 200-odd years of abstinence, it would
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on 22 September 2013
Having come to the Twilight Saga fairly late and very critical I can say that I enjoyed this movie very much and would have been happy if it had been twice as long.
I am not a book Twihard,have only read the first book which was rather flat and barely competent. I don't rate Meyer as a writer of fiction, I'm afraid. She has no style and the first person "voice" was all wrong for a teenage girl, maybe for a thirties something. But as a creator of story and characters she has a good imagination, albeit a tad derivative. Thankfully screenwriters, directors and cast bring her world to life.
I do love watching Kirsten Stewart, she is so lovely, and she basically carries the movies. Those that say she can't act really need to think hard about what movie acting actually is. She brings this character to life in a believable, natural way. Poor Robert Patinson has a much more difficult job, particularly as the series goes forward - we don't see D'Arcy after their married after all !
Lots of really nice camera on Bella in this one, and a brief bikini shot showing just what a sexy little body is under those baggy t-shirts. Sadly not enough Alice, there never is.
My only complaint is the change in hair colour with Jasper and Carlisle and Rosilee. I don't know why they did that, especially Carlisle whose hair was ridiculously blonde in the first 3 movies, but I was used to it.
And the wolves, they also seemed not to go bare chested as much in this movie. I thought that was their macho thing, and it made sense with the over-heat thing that they all suffered from due to their condition.
Get the feeling that a new voice on set was trying to redesign the movie.
The special effects on gorgeous Bella towards the end were realistic and quite shocking, thankfully she recovers.
I'm looking forward to Part 2, though to be honest I don't want this to end because it is such an enjoyable indulgence and you do grow affectionate towards the characters.
The series is roundly despised by a certain type of movie fan based often on its lack of " artistic merit." Got to be Citizen Kane I suppose or it ain't good enough.
Watch Kirsten Stewart's performances and tell us, could Ingrid Bergman do better, or Lauren Baccal,or Elisabeth Taylor ? Meryl Streep maybe ?
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on 20 September 2012
If you like me thought the first installment of the Twilight saga was the best, it captured the emotions, scenes and characters to perfection then this one is a major let down.

Very very slow to get going and when it does nothing much happens, nowhere near enough emphasis on why Bella is suffering so much and not enough time was spent on her turning moments.

The special effects as expected were great especially the ones when Bella is pregnant but having been a huge fan of the Twilight saga since the first book was released I was left really disappointed with this film, also the vampire characters are not getting better looking but worse looking with every film that is released, seriously look back at all the characters in the first film then look at this one??? What is going on!!! I understand they are aging in reality but come on!

I wouldn't recommend this film but if you like me have bought the others then yeah get it, at least your collection won't look out of place with one missing.
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VINE VOICETOP 50 REVIEWERon 18 November 2011
I've just seen part 1 last night at the midnight showing at my local pictures and it was absolutely brilliant!

The film producers have done the book justice and stuck with the book's telling rather than veering off and adding bits in that were not in the book. They have also put a lot of content from the book in without exactly explaining it all so I would imagine if anyone hasn't read the book that some parts may be missed on them so my advice would be if you haven't read the book to please try and take the time out to read it as it is absolutely fantastic and obviously goes into more detail than the film producers would be able to in the short time of the two films.

The film starts off with the invites to Bella and Edwards wedding going out with Jacob obviously not taking the news well and we see him running out of his house and changing into wolf form to take off upset. The film then progresses onto the wedding and both Bella and Edward look stunning. There is also a little cameo appearance from the author of the books Stephenie Meyer as she appears in the wedding crowd as one of the guests so try and watch out for her if you can. The happy couple then go off on their honeymoon to Isle Esme (an island that Carlisle bought for Esme for her wedding present from him when they were married which the film briefly mentions but doesn't totally explain) and they is a bedroom scene with breaking of the bed involved. I don't want to ruin the film with any spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the book but from this point on the honeymoon takes a bit of a dip and the couple end up having to cut their honeymoon short and return home.

As a massive fan of the book I was really pleased with the film and they way the film producers have kept true to the book. There are also lots of humorous moments in the film with some of the wedding speeches actually making everyone in the pictures laugh last night. The background music was beautiful with quite a few of the previous film's tracks in this one such as Bella's Lullaby. The film also finished on what I would say was a good 'middle' point of the book. I can't wait for part 2 and have just pre-ordered part 1's DVD to go with the rest of them. Brilliant and a definite must watch for all Twilight Fans.

********************************************************************************************************************** Make sure you wait at the end of the film after the trailers as there is an extra scene with the Volturi which a lot of people missed last night as they rushed off to get home (understandable at 2.30am but I feel sorry for them that they missed it).
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on 2 April 2012
I am a a fan of the The Twilight Saga books and movies, I thought parts of Breaking Dawn part 1- the movie were a little disappointing, for starters the wigs on Carlisle and Jasper were really fake looking but that's a minor detail, I thought that the Wolves telepathic diaglogue scene bordered on a little silly and the wolf effects were the most fake looking of the series, I liked all the other aspects. Where this 2 disc DVD is concerned though I was very disappointed - there were much more extras on the first 3 DVD's, but this did not follow suit, I agree with another reviewer that the U.S. version of this DVD had much more extras on them - what happened Summit??? I am still glad that I have a copy of the 2-Disc edition as I have the same in all of the other films. I am looking forward to Part 2 now!!
review imagereview image
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on 21 April 2012
...I love Twilight and I'm a woman of a certain age who should know better! But I read the books, enjoyed them, watched the films and enjoyed them too, and I can't wait for the last instalment.

Not going to say much about the cast, as enough has already been written elsewhere about the acting skills, or lack thereof, of this collection of actors. I like Robert Pattinson as an actor, though, which helps.

It looks beautiful, it has flashes of humour which made me laugh out loud at the cinema and the more graphic scenes in the book are handled well and effectively. SPOILER ALERT: The transformation scene was, I thought, particularly well done and the special effects spot-on.

Was a bit disappointed with the soundtrack, as the first three films have outstanding music; the collection of songs used in part 4 isn't to my taste, but the score is, as ever, evocative and beautiful. Using themes from the first three films, woven into the new melodies, links the four films together extremely well.

All together, a reasonable addition to the collection, and the final scenes whetted my appetite for Breaking Dawn 2.
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on 17 March 2012
I have been a bit of an iffy viewer of the Twilight series contrary to my wife who dribbles and drools over both R.P. and Jacob along with her daughter and son-in-law. (Never sure about him!!)They had all been to see this film at the cinema and grouchy old me declined choosing, instead to stay at home. However, since then as an alternative to having my wife sectioned, or at least prescribed some sort of calming medication, I purchased the DVD and I sat and watched it in full, and have to admit I enjoyed it and found it very entertaining. I find myself looking forward to Part 2 where I will probably go to the cinema with my wife to watch it first and will follow that up with another DVD purchase so that my wife can continue to feed her obsession.
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on 23 April 2012
I can only say that this series of films just gets better and better for me personally. It is a bit like the Harry Potter films, like, the first one was a bit amateur (I know the actors were young), however, as the films went on they just became so much more as the actors got into their role, adding their own spin on it. Breaking Dawn was fabulous from the opening sequence right through to the end and I didnt want the film to stop. I was watching it with some girlfriends and the story moves pretty much as it was in the book, though not in as much detail as the film would be sooooo long otherwise. I can't wait for the second part to come out later this year and will definately be ordering it. I am not a teenager and still love the film, it is for anyone who wants to get away from reality and just chill out watching Robert Pattinson - a dream! lol
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on 13 March 2012
Running Out of Ideas

I thought the first three films in the series were increasingly good at capturing the complexity of first deep love. I guess I'm not the "audience" this film is aimed at but I found it very cheesy and idealised "hollywood" version of a wedding and the early days of marriage. Bella continues to be surly and didn't even smile as she walked down the aisle. I thought the special effects were poorer in this than in the prior films, particularly the eyes of the baby which look painted on.

It doesn't bode well for the last film in the series. Let's hope its more convincing and a fitting close to an otherwise good set of films.

The missing extra's - I got an unsolicited email from amazon confirming that the distributor will send out the missing extra "Filming The Twilight Saga:Braking Dawn Part 1" and saying this was a print error and should not have been included. You should check your email to see if Amazon has also contacted you.
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on 18 April 2016
My wife is a huge fan of these films and I have watched them a lot since they came out. This one for me is not the most interesting or action filled as its more focused on the relationship between Bella and Edward but its a continuation of the story so its a necessary part if you want to watch the whole series.
A necessary part of a good series, but the least enjoyable of them all.
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