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on 12 June 2006
Heart wrenching. Heart warming. Amusing and witty. These were just a few impressions running through me as I read "Highland Wishes" by Leanne Burroughs. Scottish history and many remarkable characters abound in this first novel by the author. The characters that really reach out and grab the attention though are the hero and heroine, two opposing strong-willed people that forge an unsteady alliance on a path to peaceful love.

Victoria Blackstone seeks a way out from the brutal hand of her father. Determined to take no further abuse, she leaves one night only to be taken by Grant Drummond, a Scots laird set on vengeance. Horrified to be taken captive, Victoria is set on holding her own with the imposing and pig headed man. What follows is a battle of English will and Scots stubbornness. Who will win out? Who will hold out the longest? Who will fall in love first? Despite the foul treatment she's received all her life, Victoria is no English rose to wilt at the first sign of trouble. She's a rose with thorns and she's a survivor. Grant must learn to come to terms with his reasons for claiming the formidable lass as well as the ghosts of his past. As he wages his own efforts in the Scottish War for Independence, will he realize all that he holds dear can be found right in his own hall?

A good sign of a well-written book is the emotions it draws out in the reader, if it's capable of doing so. I felt put through the emotional wringer while reading this book. Good, strong characters had me bouncing back and forth from nervous to excited, sad to happy and tearful to joyful. Victoria is a product of abuse that despite all has triumphed. Her character has many admirable traits that readers love to find in their heroines. Grant himself was a man at odds at times--unyielding and stoic, yet capable of great compassion and endless patience for his stubborn captive as her life story unfolds. Good secondary characters add to the hero and heroines dilemma without detracting from them, a hard thing to do in a book this length. Burroughs has created her own niche in the Scottish historical novel with this first installment, bringing to readers a pleasing read to while away the time with. Her style is unique, her voice different and pleasantly nice to read. A great book I could not put down! Look for "Her Highland Rogue", sequel and story of Duncan MacThomas, available from Highland Press.

K. Montgomery

Official Reviewer for The Mystic Castle
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on 22 February 2006
"Highland Wishes" is without a doubt one of the best historical novels I've had the privilege to read in a long while. Ms. Burroughs has taken great care in her research of the time period and location and as a result the reader is in for a fulfilling read that will haunt them long after the final page has been read.
Victoria Blackstone has given up the hope of ever finding someone who will want her and love her for herself. Her father is a cruel man and her only solace comes from her loving grandmother and even she can't stop the plans Victoria's father has set in motion. Tory takes her fate into her own hands...or at least for a brief moment and time she does. Soon she finds herself taken from her father's manor home by Scottish Laird Grant Drummond. Her life is about to change and she's about to be swept into the turbulent time that all Highlanders are about to face. With a war on the horizon with the British King and her own confused feeling for the strong Highlander that has captured her, will Victoria be able to put aside her dreams of finding a love that surpasses time or will these dreams be nothing more than Highland wishes?
Grant and Victoria are characters the reader will likely never forget. Ms. Burroughs has penned a wonderfully epic historical romance that will engage the reader from the first page. This sweeping story will take you back to a long forgotten time where men fought hard and loved hard and where honor and strength truly meant something. Ms. Burroughs is a gifted storyteller and one I highly recommend. Her stories are truly gifts to the lucky reader who picks them up.
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on 3 April 2013
This novel caused sleep deprivation, once started its difficult to put down. It's brilliantly researched. - it's romance/folklore/history all rolled into one. It doesn't "soft soap" any issues, from anger/resentment/ revenge/ murder/ etc all there in abundance. But that was the real life, and that's what makes this story real. The romance between Grant and Tory, was hard fought as both had demons from past lives bringing barricades down over and over again. And I was glad to see the feisty character come through in Tory's character. And Grant basically learn to submit to her bidding. I loved learning all about the customs especially the Christmas Viking ones.
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on 23 June 2006
I really enjoyed reading Leanne Burroughs Highland Wishes. Grant and Victoria's story takes the reader on a wonderful journey through medieval Scotland. I found the ending extremely satisfying and was so glad to have met such great characters.
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on 5 June 2010
With the Scottish War for Independence raging, a young laird heads to the Scottish/English border to avenge his father's brutal murder. After kidnapping his enemy's daughter, he whisks her away to his Highland castle, where they proceed to bore the pants off readers. That this won awards makes you wonder. There are books out there being nominated that are worse than this? WOW
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on 14 October 2006
Highland Wishes is the first book of two, and, I hope many more historical novels set in Scotland by Leanne Burroughs. The hero (Grant Drummond) and heroine (Tory Blackstone) belong together and I couldn't help but root for their HEA right from the very beginning. Grant is the gruff, alpha male but he can't resist the kind-hearted Tory, his match in every way. I loved this book--its heart and soul stayed with me many days after I finished it. I highly recommend Highland Wishes to anyone who loves classic historical romance.
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A 2004 Laurie Winner, October 31, 2004 for Best Historical.

Highland Wishes is a first time Historical Romance by a new writer Leanne Burroughs. As with all first writers, you see the small things she will learn to polish in time. However, what hits the reader immediately is her true love for the romance of the period. As a Scot and someone who has dealt with the history of the country a big chuck of my life, it takes a lot to impress me. Burroughs does. First off she knows who Andrew de Moray is - big points for that, lass! Burroughs has written a wonderful Scottish Medieval full of heart and adventure.

It's set in the period just before the rising of William Wallace. Her tale uses the Scottish struggle for independence against Edward Longshanks, Edward I of England. Grant Drummond vows revenge against the English man who killed his father, and in the quest for vengeance, he kidnaps Victoria Blackstone to use against her father. Little does he know, Victoria has long born the hatred and indifferences of Blackstone.

Victoria is a gentle woman, long hurt by her father's coldness, promised in marriage to a disgusting man. Despite her fear what her father will do, she is determined not to be another of the poor women who have wedded her betrothed, only to die an early death. She has suffered, often harshly under her father's tyrannical control; she is determined this will not be repeated in a husband. As she plots her escape, she little knows that fate is conspiring to play a role in her life.

Grant is a dashing hero, though he definitely is an alpha warrior, willing to do what he must. Naturally, Grant and Victoria get off to a rough beginning, but slowly he breaks through Victoria's reserve. Burroughs, writes in prose that touches the reader, makes them feel as they watch the struggles of this couple. Soon, the Captor turns into protectors, as Grant vows Victoria's father will never harm her again.

Burroughs has done a thorough job researching the book in an effort to tell a story that is strong, memorable. She shows promise of being a very delightful writer of this genre. Her next book The Highlander is in the works, so I am sure everyone will be looking forward to another heartfelt saga from this wonderful writer.

Look for the sequal Her Highland Rogue(2005 RIO Award of Excellence Winner for Best Historical). It's a beautiful sweeping saga that shows Burroughs is a talent to be watched.
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