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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Crysis 2 (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£12.80+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 1 June 2017
The item arrived in a bubble envelope in tact. The game was advertised as used very good but what I received was a disc that was in bad condition it was covered in smears and scratches. Almost like a disc repair gone wrong. I won't send this back as it wouldn't be cost effect as I would loose out. It's really only suitable for the trash which is a shame because it's a good game.
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on 7 September 2017
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on 6 March 2017
Mediocre game with great graphics (considering it's a xbox 360 game).
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on 7 September 2012
I wouldn't consider myself a serious gamer; I play video-games mainly for a few hours of distraction, nothing more. First-person shooters are my favourite genre, and I've played everything from BATTLEFIELD:BAD COMPANY, GHOST RECON:FUTURE SOLDIER, to all the HALO games. The front-cover of CRYSIS 2 has a quote from a reviewer, saying "the best-looking game on console". That might sound like damning with faint praise, but it isn't. While I don't think the game is perfect, I do think it is in a league of its own in terms of sheer visual quality, level design, and storyline. It's certainly one of the most original FPS I've played (no terrorists, no SCALAR weapons!). While playing it, you feel like you're participating in a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster. I don't mean Michael Bay, or Roland Emmerich, more like something from Neill Blomkamp (District 9). The visual detail, the cityscapes, the action sequences (the manifestation of aliens and their technology in the city, for example) are certainly striking and original. However, though each level is different, inevitably in games such as this there is the occasional feeling of repetitiveness. But that doesn't detract too much from the overall experience.

My main criticism is reserved for the enemy AI: it is pretty poor. Not only the aliens, but the humans too. Quite often I found myself laughing out loud at how the human enemy C.E.L.L. soldiers would kill themselves accidentally with their own grenades. It happens so often it's almost predictable. Also, the soldier animation is so poor that often an enemy soldier will get 'stuck' behind an obstacle, and after a few minutes will DIE! It's quite comical: they're walking around, then get trapped behind something, and you'll hear them saying "Ahh!", "Owww!" as though their being shot. Then they promptly DIE without you having to do anything! The alien AI is little better: it's predictable, and often an alien combatant will - quite inexplicably - turn their back on you in mid-combat allowing you to finish them off quite easily.

I've never played the first CRYSIS, but I do know there are many CRYSIS fans who were angry, annoyed, or just disappointed with this console sequel. I'm sure part of it was just pure snobbery against the idea of their precious PC game going anywhere near a console; and part of was that they don't think it has kept true to the original. But whatever the truth, if you want an original story, stunning visuals, and challenging combat (AI problems aside!) you really can't go wrong with CRYSIS 2. The studio and all those involved really do need to be praised, for putting together a game that - despite its faults - truly stands out in a saturated genre. I for one will be looking forward to CRYSIS 3; it's hard to see how they can improve on 2...except maybe the AI!

Visuals 9/10
Story 9/10
Playability 9/10
AI: 5/10
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on 17 October 2011
Man in a suit punches people to space. Best looking game on xbox by a clear mile. Multi player isn't the best, but not bad either. The main game however is one of the best games I've played to date on xbox.
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on 14 January 2012
I loved Crysis on my PC. I built a very powerful PC to run it smoothly and I was skeptical about the Xbox 360 version. However, I got a TX-P42GT30B 3D TV as a Christmas present to myself and read a review saying that Crysis 2 on the Xbox was stunning, especially in 3D, so I took the plunge. What can I say - the game's interface is slick, the graphics in 2D are pin sharp, smooth and glorious. The single player campaign is really enjoyable and challenging. It's so fun to sneak up on the enemy and melee them before they even know you're there. The multiplayer is a pretty big leap forward over my usual favourite, MW3; the nano suit's powers make the game more interesting and tactical...as well as terrifying because your enemies might be cloaked and therefore you can't see them hiding and waiting to blast you into tomorrow.

As for the 3D - it's eye poppingly beautiful and much more immersive. It literally adds a new dimension to the experience. Add a pair of headphones (I have the PX5's, which are great) and you enter the game and feel part of it. It isn't as good as the immersion you get from wearing a virtual reality headset but it's a step closer and until VR becomes a household technology then this is the next best thing. The graphical resolution in 3D mode looks very slightly less than 2D mode and I read an article saying that the technology does indeed currently not allow full HD in 3D but that is a problem they believe they will be able to overcome in future Xbox 360 titles. It's minor and normally I don't notice it.

A brilliant game, which is unexpectedly good on the Xbox and if you have a 3D TV then you're going to be even more impressed. 5 stars.
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on 29 September 2011
There are some gorgeous looking games out on the current generation of consoles and `Crysis 2' is one of the best. The slightly futuristic depiction of New York is immense and clean looking, whilst the enemies look mean. However, looks are not everything in a game as gameplay, story and diversity of play needs to be taken into account, in these areas `Crysis 2' is a little lacking.

There is no denying that the game is a very solid first person shooter, the aiming is great and the weapons feel good. However, when the game itself feels so lifeless these strong elements cannot paper over the cracks. The story continues from the first game in the series, but it is banal and uninteresting that they needn't have bothered. The gameplay is also a little too samey throughout. Enter an area, scout for possibilities and then attack as you see fit - either stealth or power. This works well once or twice, but by the time you get to the 12th burnout city block it all becomes boorish.

Online the multiplayer is amongst the best that the 360 and PS3 has to offer, varied maps and the different ways to use your power armour means there are more tactics than you would think. However, once again the mode may be solid, but is just more of the same FPS action that has dominated the market for 15 years. There are not enough fresh ideas in either the solo or online game to push the game above the average.

Is `Crysis 2' worth playing? Certainly, it is one of the best looking and most solid FPS experiences on the 360/PS3, but be aware that you may become bored sooner than you think.
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on 2 February 2013
Get this game! After getting tired of Halo, I got this game and I have loved every second of it! I had problems at first, but now I have overcome them (by actually looking at who was shooting me). I love the Nanosuit 2.0, and all its upgrades. Augmenting weapons on the fly to use depending on your style is great, it adds depth to the game and allows you to snipe or go in all guns blazing. The AI is more funny than annoying, especially when they die for no apparent reason. The armour abilities are fun to use, decloaking in front of a CELL agent and then shooting them gives me immense satisfaction! The Ceph are good to fight, just watch out for the Pingers who are pretty much trolllers with their EMP pulse that suddenly leaves you vulnerable to their weapons (it's not nice). This is recommended for Halo players who want something a little different or a FPS fan who would like to have another great addition to their collection!
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on 26 March 2013
I've never felt this compelled to write a review for a game before. I can't believe how many people are missing the core fun of this game and EA are to blame for being commercial and covering all bases.
I'd heard that crysis2 was graphics over gameplay, but this just isn't true if you play it the right way. I'm a 30 year old gamer (so very critical and experienced with games) and the 1st thing to say is yes, the graphics are stunning apart from the occasional dodgy popups. Yes, the AI of the enemies isn't the best when they engage you in battle, but why aren't reviewers telling people that what Crysis is brilliant at is giving you the ability to play a 1st person shooter like the "Predator" from the popular movie franchise.

You play as a soldier who's been given a biosuit with different capabilities. The mains of these are 2 weapon modes, cloak and heavy armour. The heavy armour I hardly ever use, as it's only useful when you're being bombarded with gunfire so will probably appeal more to the COD type player. The cloak option makes you practically invisible to enemies from a distance but get too close when running and they will engage you. Combined with the 2 visual modes, tactical and nanovision, the tactical showing you the main areas of the battlefield and the nanovision being an infrared vision capability similar to "Predator" but more refined as cold objects are completely grey and anything that gives off heat, humans, aliens, fire, will show up as a mixture of colours.

It basically means you have the ability to hunt your enemies "Predator" style. I've had so much fun scoping out squads cloaked, hiding to recharge my suit, then engaging cloaked, picking off 1 enemy, running, hiding, recloaking, picking off another enemy. You can't do this throughout the game as there are some levels where it's best to go in guns ablazing and put on heavy armour, but this ability to hunt down your enemies with this state of the art tech puts Crysis in a different stratosphere gameplay wise. What I love about the AI is if you engage the enemy cloaked from 1 position, then move to another cloaked and hidden, they'll hunt you down where you first engaged them.

I think it must be a younger COD generation who want to go in guns a blazing and take every enemy out as quickly as possible (which is the right tactic to use occasionally), but try approaching each battle with patience and you get so much more out of this game.

I can see the EA programmers arguing over which avenue to take the game down because I think a lot of people have missed the point with Crysis 2. This game is about stealth, tactics and taking as little gunfire as possible. Approach it that way and you'll love it. I gave it 4 stars because of the glitches and the enemy AI being a bit simple with battle tactics, but if they sort those 2 areas out, for me, this will become the best FSP franchise I've ever played (maybe body area impact could be refined a bit more). I hope EA push the stealth part more in future crysis games, because so far I'm seeing a masterpiece of gaming unfold
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on 25 March 2014
Crysis 2 is, simply put, an excellent shooter. It isn't deep, and thankfully doesn't require the player to read four books to understand the plot (looking at you halo 4), or even play the prequel. The player takes the role of a injured Marine called Alcatraz, incapable of speech due to excessive tequila drinking at the start of the game, and the fact that he is effectively a human shaped bag of shattered bones and other mush for the rest. He is deployed in New York, Apparently to aid in containment of the Virus which has half the city's population crawling around in the sewers coughing their guts out and slowly dissolving. His squad is promptly killed by something that definitely isn't of human design, and he is rescued by Prophet, the last surviving nano suited soldier from the first game who is being hunted by the PMC brought in to manage the Quarantine efforts. It rapidly becomes clear that the city is crawling with a rather nasty bunch of "aliens" intent on exterminating every last person in the city.
The game paces itself very well, moving gradually from slitting a soldier"s neck in the morning fog to the aliens burning down Manhattan in glorious graphics and sound. It contrasts sharply with the cod model of gameplay, which constantly blows stuff up from start to finish in an attempt to stop the player realising how stupid and tedious it all is. Even the scene where a skyscraper is knocked over actually feels effective, primarily as they aren't falling like dominoes from the very start, and as the graphics are good enough to pull it off really effectively. The story Isn't the most original, but it actually works well, especially the point that reveals the reason for the lack of general public awareness of the aliens and the lack of giant alien motherships blotting out the sun over every landmark. The Hans zimmer sound track is also excellent, and really adds atmosphere.
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