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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 7 October 2010
OK; first things first. I wasn't a big fan of the first game. It was fun for a little while but then I got bored, real quick. I thought the sequel would be the same in all honesty but, as I was bored over the weekend, I downloaded the 'Case Zero' (a sort of 'mini game intro' to this game) demo from Live just to see if my suspcions were correct. I couldn't have been more wrong! I ended up purchasing the full product an hour or so after playing the demo! I then played it to death for about 15 hours minimum over the next couple of days (even after completing it, I kept returning to do the achievements - something I rarely do in any game - but when a game is this much fun...).

I then simply had to purchase the full game to continue fueling my zombie killing addiction; It came today and I have been playing it all afternoon and evening. I simply cannot remember the last time I had this much fun playing a game. It's one of those games where you don't mind dying and realising you haven't saved for two hours because - hey! what the hell! - let's just do it all again, 'cos this time I'll use different weapons/toys. You simply don't mind retreading the same path because you can modify what happens each time. Or decide to do a different sub-mission first.

And here's the important bit: so far (total of about 25 hours playing time and nowhere near the end of the game) IT NEVER GETS BORING! I thought, like the first one, I would get bored killing zombies - no matter how many ways they gave me to do it. As I said earlier: I couldn't be more wrong.

Kudos has to go to the developers as they have obviously spent an awful lot of time with the game engine and mechanics. You can pick up pretty much everything to pummel (or cut, or shoot or bludgen etc.) the zombies. And I do mean pretty much anything! Foam fingers, plates, records (homage to Shaun of the Dead I'm sure :), cash tills, golf clubs, baseball bats, newspapers, wrenches, bins, blocks of wood, construction hats, chairs, frying pans, wooden benches, crowd (zombie!) control metal fences, traffic cones, tyres... the list seems endless.

But here's the clever thing. If it was simply a case of changing the graphic (item) in your characters hand and hitting the attack button and watching the same old animation etc., then this game would be truly awful. But it's not; indeed it's the complete opposite. Everything you pick up behaves and 'feels' exactly how you would expect it to! e.g. the foam fingers are pathetic; they simply tickle the zombies a little bit and will take about 20 hits to kill it. Same with a newspaper; you feel as if you're really swatting flies off his face for him. The baseball bat however - knocks them for six - as does the heavy metal wrench etc. So you can start coming up with tactics by using different things at different times. Either as a way of surviving or simply to show off :) (or both.)

On top of the different and realistic animation for EVERY single thing you can pick up as a weapon there is an equally impressive sound effect to go with it. All adding to the feeling that you are 'truly' using different items each time. The metal baseball has the perfect sound as does the wooden one. Guns sound fantastic as does the twang of a bow and arrow. The bowling ball sounds exactly like a bowling ball as it kocks a ton of zombies down like skittles. The long sword clangs if it hits scenery as you swing it around. The chainsaw buzzs until it cuts out. Again, the list is endless. This of course is where the core of the fun lies: finding new items and trying out what happens when you use it against a poor hapless zombie :)

This is where this game truly excels. Everytime you go past a shop you simply have to dive in to check out what 'weapons' will be there for you. Fancy playing a bit of golf using zombie's heads as practice? No problem. When you aim (left trigger) and fire (right trigger) your character performs a perfect golf swing and the ball ricochets off several zombies heads taking them all down for good. Arrows from your bow stick satisfyingly in the part of the zombie you shot. Shotgun blasts kill numerous zombies at the same time, whilst their bodies flying back make their comrades behind fall to the floor as well (where they then stagger back up - if you let them!). The metal baseball bat also allows you to aim and upon 'firing' your character then throws a ball in the air and swings a perfect hit sending the ball, at lightning speed, into the zombies head (if that's where you aimed!).

How about blasting zombies with a fire extingisher, so they freeze, and then hitting them into pieces Terminator 2 style? No problem. Better yet - freeze a load of them and then hit moving zombies into them so you get extra PP (prestige points) - it's more fun! Or pick up a hand gun and simply move forward performing head shots cool as a cucumber and watch them go down Resident Evil style. Or pick up a fire axe and lop off limbs. Or a broadsword which can literally cut them in half down the middle. Or a sledgehammer which, as we now already expect of the excellent game engine, of course behaves exactly as you would expect. Big heavy devestating swings which take out several groaners at the smae time. Miss with a swing however and you're leaving yourself open for attack as your body lurches after the heavy metal head!

On top of this you can now combine parts together to make "combo weapons". e.g. find a work shop and add a box of nails to a wooden baseball bat (homemade mace!). Or, likewise, add a box of nails to a gas tank to make an IED (perform a heavy attack on a zombie and stick it to his back! You can then wait until he lurches into a group of fellow groaners and let loose one perfect pistol shot :). Stick a newspaper into a glass of whiskey and you know what you've got there! Or stick a chainsaw (which on its own includes a nice kind of leatherface dance heavy attack) onto a canoe paddle...

Just before typing this review I got to the bit where you get a motorbike. I was escorting some survivors to the safe house at the time and was trying to cut a path in front of them by mowing down the zombies on the bike. When I hit the brake to turn around and come back I noticed it the wheel spinning and smoke poured out. Hmm, I thought. I kept the brake pressed down and hit the gas button at the same time and sure enough it does a 360 wheel spin - with the back end of the bike taking out any zombie that makes the mistake of moving into that circle! They seem to have thought of pretty much everything; truly engrossing and enveloping you into their fantasy world.

And we are talking serous amounts of zombies here. At times you are knee deep in body parts and still they are swarming everywhere towards you. No slow down in the frame rate whatsoever. So far it seems the amount of zombies you slaughter is only matched by the amount of ways they give you to despatch them. Techinically very impressive.

I've now been playing the game for over 20 hours and stil having a riot. There are some downsides (the loading times are long and grate sometimes; sometimes you haven't saved for ages and find yourself wondering accidently into a 'plot battle' that you haven't got the weapons or health for which, of course, means dying and having to play again) but these flaws can be forgiven as they are outweighed (for me) by the fun factor. I have restarted this game probably about 8 times now. This, unusually, is a deliberate game design by the creators: the idea being that you can level up and play about and enjoy yourself and ignore some missions, if you so wish, knowing that you can restart the game retaining all the skills you have earned by leveling up before hand (including the money earned etc.) Normally, I would hate doing this in a game - but in DR2 it is very much suited to the style of the game.

As if all the above won't keep you occupied enough for goodness knows how many hours; they have included a fun multiplayer section as well (there is also a co-op where you can play the whole game, jump in and out anytime, with a mate over Live etc.). The multiplayer section is a fun idea where you can play with 3 other players taking part in a gameshow (which features in the main storyline) with zombies. Think ITV Gladiators mixed with Zombies (but no Jet alas!) and you're roughly in the right ball park. These are 3 (random from a collection) rounds including such things as 'dress up the zombies', "put on hats and hit a button to explode their heads" and "shoot the zombies in a shooting gallery" - the idea being in each round to outdo your components (often including ways to block your opponents from scoring points). The last round involves riding around on a motorbike (equipped - of course - with chainsaw blades each side) mowing down as many zombies as possible. The leader from the previous 3 rounds goes first with the remaining contestents having a time penalty based on their standing in the leaderboard (4th place can often go as much as 10 seconds after the leader for example!). It's all wrapped up with crass commentators which is superbly done and all in the same comedic style of the game. Depending on your performance in the game depends how much money you win - which you can then "cash in" to an existing save slot (without affecting the game otherwise) which you can then go back into single (or co-op) with and spend! Fantastic idea; nicely executed.

Of course, no game is everyone's cup of tea but I doubt there will be that many people who don't enjoy this game. Probably the best way to sum it up is to say if you loved and laughed at things such as Shaun of the Dead, and fancy a diverse video game version with similar humour and fun - buy this now. :)

Words cannot do it justice. You will get maximum value for money with this one. Download the demo and see for yourself. Better yet, simply buy the game and enjoy. Worth every penny and more.
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on 14 July 2015
When you decide to buy Dead Rising 2, you'll get exactly what you expect: A lot of possible combo weapons, a good but of course not incredibly good story, and a lot of zombie action. The graphics are for 2010 still very good in my opinion and it is definitely a game worth playing. Despite the regular zombies, you also encounter so called psychopaths, which are certain individuals in the game that are like boss enemies (but usually not part of the story) that are a greater challenge to your abilities than the zombies and a nice alternation. Mainly because of the psychopaths and the story boss enemies, I would recommend to every player to finish the game at least ones just leveling through killing zombies and if possible also psychopaths. This is helpful since you receive attributes such as strength or speed that make it easier to kill opponents if you have more of it. Overall a fun game that you can easily play more than once. As I said - you basically get what you expect, and that is just a great game.
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on 17 January 2013
Dead Rising 2 was something I picked up, as there wasn't much out that took my fancy and a fair few reviews said it was a dumb, but fun game. I didn't have much high expectations. Firstly, the online multiplayer is so much fun. Riding motorbikes around an arena with chainsaws against zombies is really weird, but entertaining. The story is really good. The map is brilliant. You get the main story/time line with the option to do side missions. I think the best part is just the sheer volume of weapons you pick up, create, use and discover. This game has a good long life in it and I highly recommend it.
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on 2 January 2014
This game is a whole load of fun but the only thing i dislike about it is that there are very few savepoints and no autosave feature. If you die right at the end of a level, you'd have to start from your last save point, which could have been many levels behind if you didnt find the other save points. It's so frustrating i just gave up in the end.
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on 23 February 2014
I really like this game I like the graphics, the backstory, the multiplayer, and the weapons. But despite all of this I don't like how much blood there is I play Battlefield, Call of Duty, and things like that but this has a bit too much in my opinion. But besides that it's great!!
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I never really got into the first Dead Rising, I borrowed it for a few weeks then had to give it back. After all the hype, I decided to order it when the price was super low. After 9 months, finally got the game. I have been playing it now for a few weeks and find it to be an interesting game.

You play the game as Chuck, who has been framed for letting the Zombies into the city, and your main quest is to prove your innocence. The area is not too large that you can spend weeks exploring, nor is it too small where after 10 minutes you have seen everything. There are shops to go in, upper and lower levels, underground, roof tops and outside and all are crawling with zombies. To complete your tasks, you have to do them within a certain time limit. This can be seen with a bar that slowly fills up and as it gets closer changes colour to red. If you fail the main tasks, you should re-load and try to get there quicker!

Also along the way there are various side quests such as saving survivors, giving your daughter medicine to stop her becoming a zombie etc. This adds to the game as you can complete them (if you decide to do them) in any order. You must ALWAYS give your daughter the medicine between 7am - 8am every day otherwise its game over so remember to get some so that you can get back to the safe house and administer it.

The brilliant thing is that any items that you pickup can be used as a weapon. Blocks of timber, wrench, tray, plates, machines, benches, knifes, and items that have a wrench by them can be combined in the maintenance room to make new more powerful weapons. The first one you make is the baseball bat with nails to make a spiked bat. Boxing gloves with a bowie knife make knife gloves like wolverine.

You level up by saving survivors and escorting them back to the safe house, killing zombies etc. Use weapons that you have combined if you have the combo card to speed up the process. You are rewarded with either extra health, speed, strength, throwing strength or extra slots to carry things. You need this because as the weapons degrade (start flashing red in the item view bar) they disintegrate, so you need to carry a few. Also you need food to restore some health.

You can buy items from the looters stores, You can find cash registers in the stores to smash and grab, around the casino etc. You can gamble or smash open cash machines. There is a car and motorbike, but you need to buy the keys and these are expensive, so keep collecting money as you go.

To save the game, go to the toilet. An amusing idea.

If like me you run out of time and need to restart the game, you keep all the cash, slots, health and money you have collected, so this gives you a big advantage and helps you in the early stages again.

In co-op mode, a friend can help you do the quests and it makes it easier against the harder psychopaths. You can have plenty of fun deciding on ways to complete the tasks and killing the zombies.

The major drawback is the loading times. It seems ages when going from one part to the other, I cant think of any other game I have played where the loading time is constantly at the front making it very irritating. Even installing it to the hard drive does not speed it up!

Overall I liked the game and would recommend it, but you will have to put up with long loading times when moving from area to area.
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on 7 December 2010
I was not a huge fan of the original `Dead Rising' because of its strange level structure and odd save functionality, but the promise of co-op and a few years to fix these issues meant that I decided to give `Dead Rising 2' a chance. On a positive note some of the elements of the game work well. As a sandbox in which two pals can mess around killing zombies, dressing up in bizarre costumes and eating virtual food - the game is a winner. The story itself is also quite interesting, although the numerous cut scenes do get quite tiresome. Chuck and his daughter are an interesting duo as they create a nice relationship, and also give you someone to look after.

There are many areas in the game which work, but there are also a few that almost break it. The co-op is great when it is running, but on the 360 version my pal was kicked every time I saved. This would not have been too bad had I been able to quickly invite them back in. Unfortunately, the loading times are ludicrous - sometimes you would wait a full minute only for a 30 second cut scene and a further minute of loading - ridiculous and imo broken. The barrier that the saving had in the game ruined any fun, making the final few hours became a chore. Let's hope that with the third entry in the game they finally manage to make the game that the series' concept deserves.
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on 9 February 2011
Okay, so I've been looking forward to this game for quite a while, being an avid fan of Dead Rising 1. I'm quite disappointed as being a sequel, I would have thought a lot of aspects from the first game would have been improved upon, but it is not the case. I've been playing the game now for about a fortnight or so, and I have to say, there are so many things that annoy the hell out of me. I'm going to talk through some of my major annoyances with this game as a guide for people before considering purchasing.

Firstly, the timed missions. As I say, I've been playing for a fortnight now, and even now I still don't feel as though I've had time to really explore the game environments at all. All you seem to do constantly is be racing back and forth, following a guidance arrow, fulfilling this mission and that mission; it never ends! The environment is a lot more vast compared to DR1, so this is a shame really, when your completing the missions, you literally hardly have any spare time to really explore. Why didn't Capcom include the missions, but not time them so you could explore at your own leisure?

The walkie talkie going off every minute. Don't even get me started!! DR1 players will know what I am talking about; yes, it's the same in this game! So annoying, when ever you take a call, you are totally vulnerable and cannot defend yourself. The stupid thing always starts ringing at the most inconvenient time! A better method would have been to incorporate this into the pause status screen; every time the radio rings you can then take a call without having to worry about being attacked. Also when ever you are checking your missions, again you are vulnerable to attack, so you can only do this in a spot where zombies cannot get at you. Again, this should have been incorporated onto the pause screen so you can do it without worrying.

Eating. As with the radio, when ever you eat to replenish health, you are vulnerable for several seconds as Chuck takes forever to perform this action. As you can imagine, your fighting a boss, every second is precious and one wrong move can mean game over; your life is very low and you try to eat, however the boss keeps battering the hell out of you every time you go to eat, halting the replenishing process! Grrr, infuriating!!! So every time this happens you have to try and run to a spot where theres no zombies (good luck with that) so that you can eat safely without getting mobbed. Where this could have really been improved would have been to incorporate a resident evil style inventory menu, where you could select items and food whilst paused, free from any attacks.

Simply too many zombies. Okay so this might seem a strange thing to moan about with a zombie game; but in my opinion, there are simply way too many zombies everywhere constantly!! It get's really irritating because sometimes you will be trying to try on some clothes in a store, play with the gambling machines, check your missions that sorta thing, but you cant because swarms of zombies just keep on coming and coming at you, attacking you constantly. This gets especially annoying when you are trying to talk to survivors - this being another gripe in itself. The survivors just seem to drone on and on and on when you meet them, and whilst this is happening, swarms of zombies come at you from all directions! So you try to defend yourself and you end up hitting and hurting the survivors by mistake because they get in the way! Why the hell didn't they make the game so that you cant hurt the survivors?!

The Gas zombies. I have only just gotten to these, and already I have felt like smashing my head through the television I've gotten so annoyed with them! You encounter these later on in the game, and they are an absolute nightmare. They are super fast, gather in large groups and if they bite you (which they will constantly), you fall on the floor and then you cannot get them off unless you press a certain random button sequence, which sounds easy but if your all worked up then its easier said than done! Unless you get the sequence correct, you cannot get the zombie off and it will literally drain your entire health! Once one bites you, you have pretty much had it, as about twenty more will swarm round you.

The Psychopaths. Simply way too hard to kill. When you first start off and your character level is low, you've got no chance. The psychopaths make a mockery of you. Until you level up, you simply have to avoid them as its almost impossible to kill them. They are so much harder compared to DR1.

So I've slated this game a fair bit, but there are a few improvements. There are more weapons, and you can combine weapons to make new ones; although sometimes finding particular items can prove difficult. There's a co-op mode, so fortunately you can have someone help you through this nightmare. But thats about it really in my eyes.

If you liked the first DR , then you may enjoy it, but as I've mentioned, there are quite a few things about the game that can get highly annoying. I wouldn't bother buyingg a new copy of this, just pick up a cheap second hand version.
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on 31 May 2015
Bought from CEX with a fiver and I am glad it wasn't anything more.

Capcom have a habit of releasing really naff, really limited, carry-on games, especially in the last ten years, the kind of games that should have ended but haven't. The plot drags on unnecessarily to cash in on, what Capcom consider, a win. Dead Rising 2 is no exception. In fact, it's just as a big a disappointment as was the first, but with added weaponry. How can anyone possibly disagree with all the new weapons?! Sadly, a game needs more substance than anything in this game. I did try to give it the benefit of a doubt, by playing it all the way through to Case 3 before submitting to frustration and sheer boredom. Alas! It is poor, poor, poor. Typical from Capcom really, considering majority of games from Resident Evil Survivor onwards have been maybes or misses with very minor hits.

Don't waste your money or time. If you want zombies, stick with Bioware's Left 4 Dead, early Resident Evil, or Dead Island.

Positives about this game: Something to play when you are bored with the rest of your games, or you literally want to kill five minutes. If you have anger issues, its fun to beat the hell out of zombies for about 5 minutes before the poorness - mentioned in a second - takes over and you turn it off for something more worthwhile.

Silly, amateurish, atypical storyline with no substance and poor plot (an advantage the first one has over this as it was a new experience but the controls and silly storyline still let it down).
Archaic, sludgy, confusing controls.
Awkward camera angles.
Unnecessarily long cut scenes.
Basic interaction.
Very redundant free play (you don't get much time to explore because you're always being hassled onto the next mission - unlike the first game which has the advantage here).
Stereotypical and cardboard characters with limited personalities.
Basic environment with plasticine graphics (much like the first).

I was going to turn this back over to CEX and then thought "why bother?", put the disc in the case and chucked it in the bin. Wasn't even worth more energy snapping the cruddy disc.
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on 17 July 2014
Sorry this game does not fit like the other game firstly Chuck is slower than Frank and also get's stuned quite a lot from gunfire.

I had a lot of problems with this when you had to jog to one place to another with zombies in the way and troopes with submachine guns that just stun you I also notice you get a very small amount of ammo in each gun like 30 to be honest 30 is nothing in a clip.

I think it's WAY to early to get some guys with submachine guns in on this game right at the start you don't have a chance because they stun you nothing you can do, unlike Dead Rising 1 they came at the last part so they should make the game more easy for the first time people who's playing the game.

Then you can't even go up against a wall to take cover and shoot.

Yes you still get the same things in DR1 same skills.

The psychopaths are back and still overwhelmingly strong and difficult to defeat ect the twins girls, a bloody nightmare.

Why have them why don't they have super zombies or something not humans.

And you can't bloody sprint in the game until you level up.

Then Chuck becomes stick if drinks beer which makes the game more slow and unplayable what a waste then have something elso not beer, they was never BEER in the first DR.

All I think is they could make the gameplay more better and smoother the game is just to frustration to play for a beginner.
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