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Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
Price:£13.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 12 December 2016
Loads and loads of game play, Note:- This is more of a GT Racing Simulator rather than a game. This will test real driving skills and you will need to take corners and drive correctly to win races and build up your skills for later in the game. The handling of the cars is quite realistic unlike some other popular so called racing games where no real driving skill is required. Prepare for many Late Nights. If you want a realistic racing experience then this is it.
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on 11 April 2015
This game was let down in one major area. The controller.

The PS3 controller has some of the worst triggers ever placed onto a controller. Using them to play this game is agony. Your fingers feel like they are slipping off of them all the time.

Alternatives to using the triggers include the X button.......yeah I know like on the PS1 and 2......and the analogue stick. I mean COME ON! That is just an utter shambles!

The problem is when you are driving powerful cars you need to have good throttle control. If you weld your foot into the floor in a racing car your tires will just spin and you won't go anywhere. This means using X is never going to work. So really the only method you have is to use the analogue stick or get a racing wheel which cost a LOT of money.

Nope overall I couldn't stand the controls any more and stopped playing. It is a great series hamstrung by its own subpar hardware. Lets hope Gran Turismo 7 makes good use of the much better Dual Shock 4.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 October 2011
Whether you like GT5 or not will depend on several factors. There are fans of the various franchises out there (GT, Forza, Need for Speed), who will remain largely loyal to the franchise irrespective of the real qualities.

More importantly, it will also depend on how much time you are prepared to invest in playing. If you are a novice to driving, or do so more casually, GT5 is very likely to frustrate. It takes time to unlock the some of the more interesting content and if you never played a driving sim (not of the arcadey type) before, there is a steep learning curve ahead. The cars will not drive for you and being left dead last until you learn to drive the cars properly will probably turn away the gamers who make their assessment in the first couple of hours. For that reason it is probably also not as 'child friendly' as some of the other franchises.

Some of the early criticisms of the game have been addressed by now and the October 11th release of Spec 2 (free download) - coinciding with Forza Motorsport 4 (Xbox 360) - has addressed a number of the others. Loading speeds are a bit faster now and you can modify some of the car's settings during the loading process, making it a bit less annoying. It still does not load as fast as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Platinum Edition (PS3) but then again there is much more content included. You can save in game during the endurance races now, all cars have the option of an interior view, reviews cann be rewinded / FFd, physics are further improved, better support for steering wheels, etc.

In terms of driving dynamics the game probably remains closest to being a real sim of all the games on PS3 at least. It does not offer as much in terms of driving aids as the others but then again, nor do most real world cars.

In terms of cars, even the non-premium ones now offer an interior view, although that is pretty rudimentary. The graphics have also been bettered by Forza Motorsport 4 (Xbox 360) in the meantime and the car selection, while over 1000 strong, will still leave some player's wishes unfulfilled. Spec 2 brings some new choice in the form of the '11 NASCAR selection, as well as an(other) race GT-R and the October 18th DLC will offer another 15 cars, including an evolution of the Red Bull X car (X2011), and some race modified Japanese and American cars, as well as three new race karts. If the pace of updates continues and new cars get added (or existing ones switched to premium), I guess that the game will at least remain competitive in this aspect.

You will also not be able to customize as freely as in the Forza franchise but most relevant stuff is possible and of course the setup possibilities are extremely varied.

The new DLC will also bring Spa and two new cart tracks (driveable in both directions), with Spa probably being the real seller of the pack. Some tracks are still noticeably absent but the game is hardly a chore with the selection already in there. The hope for new tracks in further DLC packs is of course high.

In terms of race options, the original A and B spec races have been very comprehensively supplemented by Seasonal events, with the rate of addition rising significantly in the meantime, and with most remaining there for good. If you race online, the possibilities in terms of race variety are of course almost unlimited.

Damage is still not the game's strong point, even after all the updates. Again, you are probably more interested in driving rather than crashing and if you do it right, it need not come into it. Tyre wear is modelled adequately and for the most part that should suffice.

In the end, it is a game that has frustrated many players (including GT fans) but I find that it still has a lot going for it. The driving is the closest to real life I have experienced on PS3 so far, and if you take the time to master this aspect, there is loads of satisfaction to be had. Until GT6, there is unlikely to be any driving sim better for PS3.
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VINE VOICEon 12 December 2010
This is my 3rd version of Gran Tourismo and so I have made a list of the good, the bad and the ugly of this version.
First the graphics, they are stunning, in my opinion the best I have so far seen on the PS3 console. They are so good it is almost worth buying the game for this reason alone.
Game play is very similar to the previous versions. One plus point is that in previous incarnations you had to pass the licence tests in order to progress to higher levels.
I found some of the harder licence tests very difficult and repetitive which then denied you access to some areas of the game.
In GT5 you still have the licence tests which reward you when you pass them, but you do not need them to progress up the levels. This is now done by gaining experience points by actual racing, the more races the more points and the next level is achieved. Much better and similar to Need For Speed.
Everything else is almost identical. They have now added B-Spec racing which is where you manage a computer driver instead of driving the car yourself. Rather like a team manager giving instructions to drive faster etc. I can't really see much point to it except that you can earn credits and cars as rewards but I didn't find it much fun to play.
The selection of vehicles available is the biggest ever as is the number of tracks.
Top Gear's circuit is a welcome addition.
One small gripe is that sometimes I like to enjoy the background music whilst playing the longer races. I cannot find an adjustment to the volume which is set so low as to make it rather pointless.
Overall this is a superb and highly enjoyable game, which I thoroughly recommend you buy.
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on 10 January 2012
If you enjoy racing games and continually search for a more realistic experience, then this game is for you. I use it with a Logitech G25 steering wheel on a playseat and the experience is awesome. At first, the slow cars (as in most previous GT games) are boring to drive, with painful acceleration and dreadful handling (not unlike the reality!). However, give it chance and some great drives appear just a few hours into the career. RWD muscle cars are my personal favorite on this game, as they offer great fun and unpredictability! Admittedly, the career does reach the point where races take several hours, when I actually gave up with it. Unlike Need for Speed Shift 1 & 2, which are more easily completed, but have many less cars/tracks.

Luckily, many other game modes and a massive selection of cars exist. Tuning is ace too. Haven't got bored yet!!

Could do with better visual enhancement (graphics, vinyls, bodykits) facilities though..
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on 6 October 2011
GT5 is pretty much what GT fans expect... Having played/owned every one of these titles in the collection, I think I could be considered a fan. GT1 and GT2 when released were revolutionary games imho, perhaps the best games available of that time. Since then new dimensions have been added, notably b-spec mode and network play, whilst the fun factor has remained constant.

There are also vast improvements in gameplay and graphics through the versions, new features become available as you play, however a let down for me is the navigation through the games menus, which have gone a few steps backwards. In the past this was very fast and intuitive, load times were very short, but its bulked up a bit since then and slowed considerably. Some options I enjoyed have also been removed, GT2 was a lot more challenging than any release since, the newer games seem far easier to me.

All in all still a great game, not industry changing though like one or two of its predecessors.
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on 18 March 2013
I am not that of a fan of racing games, but i wanted to try this acclaimed title, and they are right !! The game is awesome, the control is hard, but its a simulator after all, not your average racing game ( for example Need for Speed ). I love the control, because its different from all those racers, you feel the car at every angle, they are lots of camera view, including my favorite from inside of the vehicle. The Graphic is awesome, the sound is unimaginable. If you consider buying a good racing game, buy this one you will not be dissapointed. It takes time, but when you feel at ease with the control type you will feel what a true racing game HAS TO BE !!
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on 16 November 2013
If you love cars and real simulators. This is the best you can have in any platform until the next Gran Turismo in the series becomes available.
Great graphics, great physics, nothing like those other games with super unreal speeds where curves are just a direction change.
Here you really have to know how to drive your car, considering its weight, traction, brake efficiency, etc.

If you prefer to use it like any other racing title, you can always turn on the "Skid Recovery Force" and your kids can enjoy it too.

As a bonus, you can also race online with your friends with no additional costs, either for a afternoon kart race, a heavy tuned Ferrari 458. You can go for short races or long races with fuel and tire management. The options are endless.
I gave it 5 Stars because 6 is not available.
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on 29 October 2016
Superb racing car game for the PS3. The graphics are awesome, the dynamics great and the challenge races are very competitive. You will not get bored any time soon with this game. Simply the best racing game made for the PS3. Pair it with a good racing wheel and you raise your game even further with great feedback from your car reactions. High recommendation.
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on 18 February 2014
This game is indeed very beautiful. Graphics are excellent, but it's just that... it's a piece of art, a car catalog that allows you to indulge your passion of looking at beautiful cars in HD.
But as for the driving, it's just outdated and unrealistic. Multiplayer is just awful in anything else but time attack mode. The collision physics are horrible.
I wouldn't recommend this if you want a realistic driving simulator... even though it claims to be one. I also wouldn't recommend it as being a fun driving game. So it get's really hard to place this game.
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