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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 8 March 2013
Okay, firstly, there are probably going to be a lot of die hard traditional MGS fans looking or playing this game and thinking, "This isn't MGS, its nothing like MGS, its rubbish!"

And yes, if you compare the game play to the traditional direction of the MGS series, it is NOTHING like it.

BUT, and its a big but... putting aside any MGS preconceptions, this is a fantastic action game, and there can be no argument about that. True, its on the short side, but only in the same way as other platinum games, Vanquish & Bayonetta... i.e. you'll have great fun with it along the way.

Also, a few people are commenting that there is no skill involved in the game play, I have to say, I disagree with that. True, you could probably get through the bulk of the game by mindlessly 'bashing' buttons, but you'd miss all the subtle combat techniques that are in there, the countering, the kill moves, triggering the slow-mo and cutting the enemy to ribbons, quite literally! Fantastic stuff.

People who put a lot of time into traditional MGS titles don't hate this because it isn't MGS, they hate it because its not the same style of game. MGS is a more tactical 3rd person action adventure, this, this is full on action... and that's it, it makes no excuses, it never says that it is going to be anything other than that. So, maybe, more 'hard core' MGS fans shouldn't buy this game and maybe just stick to their preferred genre. But, if your a fan of Platinum, or great action games... you will not regret buying this game.

Also, I will say this... a game isn't a bad game because it doesn't last for 60+ hours. Some people don't have masses of free time available to them to dedicate to playing games anyway. Shorter games are just as valid, if a game is good, a game is good, it doesn't matter if it lasts 1 hour or 100 hours.... the main thing, is that it is enjoyable along the way. And personally, I think this is, very enjoyable.

Great stuff, keep up the good work Platinum games!
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on 22 February 2013
Revengeance is amazing.

As a long time fan of Metal Gear Solid, I met the announcement of Metal Gear Rising with excitement, followed by skepticism. The consequent lack of information for a year after announcement, rumours circulating about the projects abandonment, etc, did further to add to this skepticism.

Upon hearing Platinum Games had taken over development, I resigned myself to the idea that MGR would be a B-Movie spin off with Devil May Cry slasher-esque combat, I figured I'd just try to enjoy it for what it was, even if I couldn't consider it a true Metal Gear game.

I was wrong. Not only is this a true Metal Gear game, it carves, slices, and gouges out a vibrant new franchise, doing the series honour, thoroughly earning its title as Metal Gear.

The gameplay is stunning, animations are absolutely supreme, slicing enemies up in slow motion has never been this satisfying with to-the-pixel accuracy, choose where your sword lands in real time for precision cutting, with bonuses for removing the more valuable parts from your enemy cyborgs (owch!). Plenty of room to customise and upgrade Raiden by scoring points for efficient/stylish play. The combat is less button mashy than other similar games of the genre, and more reactive (think Arkham Asylum), with its excellent (although poorly explained) parry system.

The writing is actually surprisingly good as well, after playing the demo I had assumed that all the side characters were going to be goofy stereotypes written for Western audiences, but the Kojima nuance is present much to my happiness. Although not very much in the cutscenes, the characters develop really well through optional codec conversations, which I think were cut from the main game as to not affect the pacing overall (which by the way is blisteringly fast), but they're very Kojima, designed to flesh out the world, and provide explanations for the technology and political climate.

I HIGHLY recommend this game to ANY fan of Metal Gear, I am not a huge fan of slash-em-up type games, but this blew me away, the story, visuals, animations and writing are all top notch. I would only mark it down for length, which is unfortunately no more than 5 hours, and I was left hungering for more. Despite this, those 5 hours are completely without filler, and culminate in an intensely memorable experience, and I expect the rather difficult achievements will serve to extend its longevity for those with the interest to do so.

5/5 - Excellent game, hoping for a sequel!
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on 6 March 2013
I was skeptical of this game ever since the trailer was shown at E3, but after completing it my doubts have diminished.
Konami was willing to take a risk with this game unlike many big publishers that too often release many of the same genre titles again and again each year, but never any original experiences. This fast paced title is a welcome change.

There are a lot of hidden tasks throughout the game such as finding the VR missions, men hiding in boxes, protecting the civilians and collecting limb data, harder than you think.
I could write about every little detail put into this game, but it needs to be experienced. Your gameplay reward experience will depend on how you play the game, it's got great replay value.
There are a lot of small throwbacks to the MGS series and a couple of characters, but nothing big, this game is perfect for players who aren't familiar with the franchise.

Lightning fast action, never a dull moment.
Innovative mechanics.
Stunning visuals, attention to detail.
Don't need to be familiar with the MGS story.
Great replay value for a single player game.
Fantastic soundtrack!

Stealth-wise, may be too unfamiliar for Metal Gear Solid fans.
Steep difficulty curve for other difficulties.
Story mode could have lasted longer (still great)
Cut-scene near the end is too perverted and out-of-place for a worldwide audience.

Buy this game if you want to try something new. If you're going to complain that this isn't a Metal Gear Solid game, or even give it a chance, then your setting yourself up for disappointment...
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on 22 February 2013
Metal Gear Rising turned out to be everything I wanted and more. As a fan of the Metal Gear series I had my doubts as to whether anyone but Kojima Productions could really handle an entry in the series but after seeing the first beta gameplay videos.. let's just say I'm glad they handed it over to Platinum Games. They've done more than justice to the franchise, they've allowed people to play Raiden exactly as they wanted, exactly how they saw him fight in MGS4's cutscenes. An extremely agile cyborg ninja that is more than capable of fighting large groups of enemies (once you figure out the parry and dodge techniques) and he controls exquisitely, you feel like a super hero when playing.

The story is spot on, too. It's a good thing that they moved it from in between the second and fourth games to after the fourth because it's given them so much more creative freedom, not to mention how they can get away with all the visceral gore because everyone you kill is either a robot or an evil cyborg and not "really" human. The nuances are all there, the in-jokes, the subtleties, even the same patterns of story progression. If you're as much of a fan of Metal Gear as I am, you'll notice these within the first hour of gameplay.

So it's all there. It's Metal Gear, but taken in a new and refreshing direction. The stealth isn't all gone mind you, that's taken over by the brilliantly adorable Dwarf Gekko units. Kojima should be proud, Platinum Games have done fantastically well and I hope it sells enough to fund a sequel.
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on 14 March 2013
I am very new to the Metal Gear franchise and have this is the first Metal Gear game I have played. MAN WAS I IMPRESSED! I was a big fan of 'Ninja Gaiden 2' and thought nothing else could give me that style of play and I was seriously bummed when 'Ninja Gaiden 3' turned out to be a shocker. This game is fantastic and even better than 'Ninja Gaiden 2' in my opinion! Ninja Gaiden 2's main theme was the difficulty, there was even an achievement for dying a set number of times! Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is different as it can be difficult at times, mainly pertaining to the bosses. I feel MGRR is better as there is a lack of 'artificial difficulty', Ninja Gaidens bosses seemed like a dice roll, you had to get lucky to beat some of them, a lot of the tacks were unblockable, some bosses did lame grapple moves that were impossible to avoid or they flat out started juggling you in the air with a long combo. This meant that a lot of the time you could only win when the boss on the 67th try decided not to grapple you, or you managed to win cheaply by spamming an aerial dive while dodging attacks. In MGRR the bosses are hard and have their combos as hard attacks but you don't win through luck but skill, attacks are either blockable or dodgable and it really feels like a good fight when you go to and fro blocking each others attacks and parrying each other.

The graphics are fantastic, the gore is effective and I like it. The physics are unrivalled, I like the realism that comes with slashing things and them falling into pieces that exactly resemble the shape you cut into them, blade mode is very fun! The story is very cool and compelling and I actually liked watching the cut scenes for once. I thoroughly recommend this game if you liked Ninja Gaiden 2 purely due to the similarities, they are both fantastic but in my opinion this one is better, but the campaign does feel a bit short ( relatively so 7 hours or so). I reckon this is because I liked it so much I had to play it through in practically one sitting.

There is a great RPG element to the game as you can unlock new weapons and upgrades and suit upgrades, this is good as it give you an incentive to go back and redo some missions to earn more BP to buy upgrades with as at first you probably won't get very good combat scores. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who likes Ninja Gaiden and possibly God of War and Devil May Cry, generally any fan of hack and slash adventure games. I wouldn't buy it if you are a steadfast shooter fan as you don't really get to use guns, the whole game mostly focuses on swordplay, with practically all enemies and bosses using mostly melee attacks and utilising swords.

If you are new to the genre and want a good introduction this is the game for you! If you were hoping for split-screen or on-line multi-player I regret to inform you there is none. I advise anyone who is already interested in the game to go ahead and buy it!
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on 1 March 2013
a great game.gameplay is solid with very few minor issues.camera can be an issue sometime but you can work your way around it.codec calls that disrupt your movement also annoyed me.other than these everything else was flawless.the game shines through its combat which is very smooth running on 60fps.combos,skills,extra weapons gives lots to experiment with. you really have to be on alert to block attacks or you will die, especially on the harder modes.You cannot button mash through this game especially in revengeance mode where one or two hits can mean death.music is astounding and syncs with the gameplay so well in boss fights,the music amps up as the battles progresses getting you pumped up as the fight ends,wished more developers use music like this. after the main campaign there are plenty of extra unlockables,costumes,vr missions,harder difficulties,and unlocking concept arts.took me 7-8 hrs to beat without listening to the codec calls which will probably add a couple extra more hours as majority of the dialouge in the game is there. H&S fans will love this game and the challenge it brings and metal gear fans should give this a try.
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on 8 March 2013
Firstly , if you're looking for a Metal Gear Solid game, this isn't it. Platinum games do it again with their amazing brand of over the top action and 3rd person combat. Play as Raiden, the cyborg ninja, slice enemies and objects into 100's of pieces, a easy to learn, hard to master combat system, and one of the best end boss fights i've seen in a long time. This is NOT a stealth tactics game, this is a pure action thriller. Definitely worth buying if only for the fact you can slice anything into bits!!
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on 16 October 2014
I'm a massive fan of MGS and Kojima in general so I didn't hesitate to download the demo for the upcoming Metal Gear game 'Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance'.

At first I was very surprised by the game's lack of stealth elements (though there are some) and the focus on the Devil May Cry hack'n'slash genre though I really liked the change for a Metal Gear spin off series. However, my main concerns were in the demo's hard difficulty which at first put me off buying the game.

But I am so glad that after a while I decided to purchase the game and have an amazing time playing it! Not only do you quickly adapt to the difficulty when playing the game from its beginning to the end (not like the demo), you also become engrossed in the great Kojima storytelling, characters that aren't two dimensional, boss fights with tense over-the-top enemies that you would battle in games like Bayonetta and Dark Souls, great extra content for playability and of course Jetstream Sam - one of the coolest antagonists in any videogame.

If you're a fan of Metal Gear, a fan of hack'n'slash games, a fan of games with some difficulty to them or you just love hacking to pieces anything and everything that stands in your path then I strongly recommend this game but even if you're not a fan of those things this game still has great artwork at times, amazing dialogue and very interesting themes (such as ethics, war crimes, nihilism, identity and justice to name a few).

All in all it is definitely not the best Metal Gear game but it is still an outstanding game even with in comparison to other Metal Gear games included, it's unconventional, obscure and unexpected for it's series yet this game is its own little master piece.
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on 23 January 2015
A fair amount of different reviews have been already given to this game, however few make it justice.
When I first heard/saw the game, I wasn't sure what to expect, so I didn't get as hyped as some MGS-fans. That being said, I don't consider myself as an all-time MGS-fan, as I've mostly played the older titles (PS1 / PS2).
MGR - Revengeance is a breath of fresh air to the MGS-series - in my opinion. Detaching itself from the all-to well-known genre of stealth/espionage, Revegeance is on par with titles such as Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, with some God of War-aspects thrown in it. And much like the a fore-mentioned titles, there is a lot of slashing, hacking and shooting with quick-time events concluding in great display of a skill/kill.
Much can be said about Revengeance, but it's still pretty solid. Offering a variety of combos and attacks, whereas severing and dismembering of enemies is highly, you'll quickly find your pace of the game.
The graphics are decent (30-fps on console vs 60+ on PC), the controls are fluent (joypad/controller is highly recommended) and the gameplay is awesome.
I'd definitely recommend it for lovers of action/hack'n'slash/RPG/DmC/GoW-series
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on 24 September 2016
First game of this type I've ever played and it was good fun. Hacking and slashing your way through countless baddies is an enjoyable experience. The ability to cut stuff with your sword any which way is a cool mechanic. Would defiantly recommend to anyone. Its not the longest game ever but I think its just the right length so you dont get bored
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