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on 23 June 2017
Brought a lot of new mechanics to the table such as sprint which as appeared in later games. Great story and different to see someone other than the chief. Firefight was also a great new introduction. I can also play this on my Xbox One as it is Backwards Compatible.
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on 25 January 2011
I've played all Halo FPS games and have enjoyed all but ODST in one way or another, but i kept saying that the Campaign mode on whichever title i had just purchased wouldnt match up to Halo Combat Evolved's (aka. Halo 1) and its Multiplayer would either be around the same level or better than Halo 2's.

Well for Reach i think that even though technically it is a prequal to Halo 1 as what happens on reach takes place months before Halo 1, this in fact Halo 4 in all but its name.

Campaign mode - Yes i still feel that it does not best Halo 1's campaign mode and i doubt they will be able to top it, but this games campaign mode is far more superior to Halo 2 / 3 / Odst, and it is written quite well to fit into the halo storyline.
I only had 1 complaint against hundreds of praises for Halo Reach's campaign mode, the complaint is that Brutes seem to be a somewhat pointless enemy now, even though they become the main and one of the most powerful enemies in the Future (past titles), as it only takes 2 shots to the head, which beleive me isnt dificult with a pistol / DMR (BR) / Needle Rifle which are all common weapons...
but otherwise Bungie have made all other races far supperior to previous titles and in doing so made them more interesting / entertaining to fight. Grunts (which are my fav enemies as they are so out of control) now seem to be more tactical and lethal with their massive differences in weapon use (from the Plasma Pistol all the way to Fuel Rod Cannons and Plasma Launchers) as well as suicidal with their grenade Martyring.
Jackals finnaly have purpose other than Sniping like in previous titles, behind their shields some like to hold Plasma Rifles and Needlers, and other excellently made use of the Needle Rifle or the new Covenant Sniper rifle... They also have a Cousin species called the Skirmishers which look relatively the same but are so fast and atheletic its interesting to try and catch the little things, and skirmishers are just as deadly as Jackals.
Drones are minimal in this title which is a shame for such hard to hit flying bugs, but when they do pop out of nowhere they prove to be quite formiddable.
Elites are far better and its great to see the REAL main enemy make a return as an enemy instead of an ally, theres nothing i like more on a halo game as to fight the elites and grunts.
Brutes as stated before seem quite useless unless they are armoured to the bone with shields on, which then again are still an easy kill.
Hunters dont seem to have changed much in anything but tactics, as now they try to cover any exposed part of them which is shot and are far more effective when wacking you flying for taunting their inability to hit you with their massive guns.
---Campaing mode i give an 8/10, not because it was lacking in fun or anything but becuase it still isnt as good as Halo1's---

Multiplayer has suprised me as it seems far more interesting than Halo 2 / 3 / ODST, its Firefight mode is awesome and the many modes offered are all great and appealing to any type of First Person Shooter / Halo fan. Its forge mode is even better than what previous titles offered and the forge mode level offers a gigantic canvas to build either and very big level or block certain areas off and make a smaller but equally brilliant level, the Bungie team use this forge level to create great levels from previous titles like Coagualation / Ascention and others (cant remember their names) but also a new level using a fairly large island in the centre of the forge level.

---Multiplayer Mode i give a 9/10, it maybe could be better and its map packs could be cheaper, but has proven itself above all previous Halo titles---

This is a great game for any FPS / Halo fan and is worth every penny you spend on the disk (just maybe not the map packs.
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on 30 January 2017
Halo: Reach (Xbox 360)

The game was played on the Xbox One and was running very well however there was a few times during high activity moments when the game would get some really bad stuttering issues (Although this is expected as the Xbox One is emulating an Xbox 360 game)

As a long time fan of the Halo franchise this game is certainly one of the better halo games and in my opinion a must buy regardless of if you intend to play the game on the Xbox 360 or the newer Xbox One.
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on 4 March 2013
This review is based on the campaign only, and Halo Reach doesn't disapoint. There are some pros and there are some cons in the game.

- Very good graphics
- Storyline is good
- Lighting of the game is good
- Customising your spartan by using the points you get from playing campaign is cool
- The variety of different vechiles is useful

- The AI is sometimes really stupid
- Can't get dualed weapons now
- Sometimes when you are at a checkpoint, the game will load from there even if you revert to last saved game and if you turn off the console it sometimes goes back to the begining which sucks

Overall the game is really fun and in legenadary your skills are tested as you have to think how to kill the elites etc rather than go in guns blazing like you might do in easy.
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on 27 March 2014
Great game for the Xbox 360, my son really loves it.
I orginally ordered this game in November 2013 from Funfair Games through Amazon as a Christmas present for my son. A couple of weeks after Christmas Day when he got the chance to play it we couldn't get it to work. I applied for a refund and sent the game back as instructed by Funfair Games. A few weeks went by and still no refund. I contacted the seller and they claim they havent received it. I contacted the Post Office and they are investigating it and have sent a letter to Funfair Games but have not had any response from them. Until Funfair Games respond to the Post Office they can't investigate any further and I still haven't got my refund so really not happy. Funfair Games haven't been very helpful and I wish I never bought from them. My wife also bought the same game by mistake also from Funfair Games. She sent it back for a refund but didn't get it after a few weeks. It wasn't until she contacted them that they sent her a refund. She got the impression that she wouldn't have got it until she questioned them about it. In my opinion they are a dodgy company, not to be trusted!!
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on 30 November 2017
A great send off to Bungie's franchise. Shame that it doesn't run in 1080p on Xbox One.
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on 3 July 2012
This is a good, solid FPS/action with a great single player storyline and a fantastic array of multiplayer options (with a lively multiplayer community).

The weapons are well balanced and feel powerful. The entire style of the game is set to EPIC. The music, the world-saving story, the character you play, everything is turned up to 11 to provide an exciting, engaging game. The game is highly polished and great fun with friends.

There are also a couple of vehicle levels in the single player campaign where you get to glide around in a space fighter or help EVAC people in a helicopter.

I haven't played the previous HALOs but that didn't hinder me at all as the controls are easy to pick up and this story is a prequel to the others.

The only downside I can think of is that once or twice I lost a team member. He didn't get killed, I'd just gotten turned around in a firefight and he'd already moved on down the path before I could regroup with him and it took me a minute to figure out where he'd gone. A dot on the compass for each team member would have been nice. There's a marker over their head in your HUD but if they're too far away you don't see it. But this is an extremely MINOR issue. Everything else about this game is spot on.

Lots of fun. A definite must to ready yourself for HALO 4.
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on 4 September 2012
Firstly - I've not played any of the Halo games before - but I intend too now.
Completed this game in co-op campaign mode with a friend. Although the campaign was fairly short it was pretty fun. The only real downside was the fact the cars don't handle well... think they needed to get some advice from a driving game creator to sort that one out. As driving is only a minor part of the game it didn't really annoy me.

We tried out some of the other multiplayer modes but as we didn't have internet connection at the time they got a bit samey and boring. I'm sure playing against other players is much more fun.
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on 13 October 2010
Well for those who dont know, Halo Reach is a prequel to Halo 1(or Halo Combat Evolved).The Campaign takes you across ten missions in which you, the player (aka Noble six, a fully customisable Spartan) are able to fly jet powered helicopters,hijack ghosts,pull off some great headshots, use jet packs and drive the new and improved Scorpian Tank.Among the new additions to Halo Reach are the armour abilties, which ars basically powers such as the armour lock, which makes you invunerable for a short time, but you cant move (note that you can only have one armour abilty at a time).Overall the Campaign is great with many twists and turns and some classic Spartan moments.Now the Multiplayer is just so much fun.Its unbelievable with some great game modes such as Invasion and Team Swat,in which you have no shields. And last but not least the graphics are amazing with so much gritty detail that it will blow you away.To summerize, a great game with a fantastic Campaign and Multiplayer,and superb graphics. 5 out of 5.
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on 2 February 2016
Some nice new tweaks, twists and improvements on Halo 3 (which is my favourite game in terms of campaign). The online matchmaking is better, both in terms of graphics and game play. The team swat variant is nicely improved with the new DMR semi automatic rifle and magnum pistol.
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