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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£29.99 - £85.65
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on 4 February 2010
As a relatively new gamer I was introduced to Left 4 Dead by my boyfriend and absolutely loved it!! As a fan of the zombie genre generally I was kind of biased before i started, however it was a fast paced shoot em up with lots of zombies, I almost wet myself I enjoyed it that much. Left 4 Dead 2 is more of the same, it has five campaigns, without much story or many cutscenes (which I really like, it means there are less interruptions to the killing!!) in different areas (the carnival being my personal favourite) which take roughly an hour to complete. I have played this on my own and co op offline play (the bf still hasn't splashed out on getting it online!)and both ways its brilliant. the graphics are good, even when not on a hdtv. all in all if you want a good, fun, gory zombie shoot em up this is the way to go!!
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on 11 January 2010
Being a huge fan of zombies and a huge fan of the original Left 4 Dead, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this baby. The amount of different types of game can be staggering (single player, offline CO-OP, campaign, scavenge and survival) but there's enough in there so that if you don't like all of it, you'll still find enough to do to keep the interest.

The characters in the original L4D were all well and good, and I've heard some people moan about how they didn't like the way these new characters; Nick, Rochelle, Ellis and Coach, didn't seem to get on. This isn't exactly true - the more you play the game, the more new dialogue you're presented with showing the characters' relationships to one another. Nick has issues with Ellis, who occasionally takes a shot back at Nick, but Ellis gets on great with Coach, who treats Rochelle like a little sister, who is almost flirtatious with Nick. They're really interesting, funny characters with much better voice acting than the first, and I personally can't get enough of them.

The campaigns in the game are linked by a lightweight story of the four trying to get from A to B to be rescued. Do not hold any misconceptions about L4D2 - there's not meant to be a backstory. The goings on and character build up are cleverly presented to you in the world around you; all you have to do is simply look. Read the graffiti. Listen to the characters, it's all there. It's a zombie apocalypse, what more do you need?

Gameplay is fun though if you don't have a Gold LIVE account (for XBox users) don't even bother buying it because you'll need one to access 80% of the game, including the new downloadable campaign called "The Passing", which is due out in Spring of this year (and is meant to cross the new and old survivors which should be interesting).

I think the only problem I've had is the people online that I've come across. There are some real idiots on the versus/scavenge games who take things far, far too seriously. In this case, I would find friends to play with, or go on a forum where you can meet decent people before you add them.

Even if you haven't played the first, it's a fun, intense, gory, silly game that will make you laugh, jump, freak out and have a great time. Especially if you find a frying pan.
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on 20 November 2009
Almost exactly one year after the exceptional Left 4 Dead was released, here we are with a full blown sequel. Having played the game all evening yesterday, I can safely say that it is a worthy purchase and adds to the co op gameplay championed in the original.

Left 4 Dead 2 traces a journey from Savannah to New Orleans and introduces 4 new characters into the mix - Coach, Rochelle, Ellis and Nick. They play exactly the same way as the original 4 characters and the controls are the same as well. However, like the original, Valve have managed to create 4 characters that you will warm to the more you play. The humour and continuous dialogue throughout the action injects character into what is essentially a simple premise; Get to the extraction point and shoot all the infected.

This time round there are 5 campaigns to complete and they all have a very different look and feel to the 4 campaigns in Left 4 Dead. The big addition to the campaign mode is the inclusion of guantlet moments, crescendos where you have to move from A to B to stop an alarm or a trigger of some kind to stop the infected horde from hunting you down. You have to move quickly, but moving as a team is more important than running off on your own. These moments add a new dimension to the game and will be tough to get through against a good team on versus. Also, the finales have been reimagined so that you're not just holed up in a cupboard meleeing and shooting in relative comfort. The melee weapons are an excellent addition and once you start using them you will find it hard to go back to Left 4 Dead. Decapitating an infected with a guitar or frying pan will not get old and the occasional use of a chainsaw is what we should expect in a zombie game.

On top of the original special infected from the previous game, we have 3 more that have been designed specifically to break teams up. The Spitter, unsurpisingly, spits a corrosive substance onto the floor that slowly spreads. The usual effect is for the team to disperse into different directions allowing for other special infected to pick off anyone caught on their own. The Charger is a large brutish special infected who will charge straight into the survivors before grabbing one and pummelling them into the ground. Finally, we have the Jockey who will literally jump onto your head and force you away from the survivors. These new additions are superb, but the big change is the way in which they interact with each other. It genuinely feels like they're working as team so it feels like you're up against a human team in versus. For example, a Spitter will spit causing the team to break only for a Jockey to suddenly appear and guide a survivor straight into the green acid. You have to keep your wits about you and always be aware of where your team mates are as you will need them, especially on the higher difficulty settings. It seems that Valve's promise to force teams to crawl over the finishing line rather than blitz through each campaign with ease has been realised.

It is worth noting that you can play any campaign in single player with 3 AI controlled characters. They're ok, but they will occasionally just stand there when you're being molested by a Smoker which can get annoying. Also, you can play 2 player splitscreen and via system link.

On top of this, versus mode has returned and the above inclusions and changes make this mode even more frantic than ever. There is no greater feeling in a game that working with your team mates to orchestrate complete and utter chaos in the opposition with carefully crafted special infected traps. The new special infected compliment the old although they still die far too easily for my liking. Scavenger mode is an interesting addition to the multiplayer aspect that I have yet to try, but it involves retrieving cannisters within a time limit against a team of special infected. Also, Survivor mode is in the game as well.

Overall, it is difficult to find any fault in this game. If you did not like the original, there is nothing here that will change your mind. It is still the greatest co op game in this generation and for those who adored the first, you will find enough variation and additions here to keep you happy. For me, I think it is a superb game that is unique in this generation of consoles as it is a game that rewards genuine co operative play. New special infected, guantlet moments, variations to the finales, uncommon infected, interesting mini games (optional in certain levels), 4 new characters to warm to, more weapons and an exceptionally imaginative achievement list all add up to create one of the games of the year. Valve don't do bad games so get online, hook up with 3 mates and go and shoot zombies in the face - you'll enjoy every minute.
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on 13 July 2010
I brought this game about half a year ago and i bought it just on word of mouth since i never really played this sort of game genre of zombie apocalypse style shooter. Now i am so glad i purchased this and i can't believe i missed out on left 4 dead 1 so i bought that too. I play this game nearly all the time and i bought this after i purchased the overhyped modern warfare 2 which wasn't as good as this game. Doing the single player campaign was a must for me, i didnt want to do it online because i wanted to get into this game for myself and its great to see a variety of common infected to surround you and then get ambushed by the special infected at numerous points in the level which happen randomly and at different points everytime you play.
The characters are a real bunch of... well lets say characters i guess :) Ellis, nick, rochelle and coach all have intresting and funny dialogue/speech as you play through the game, added a nice touch to the creepy and dark surroundings.

If you have access to online gameplay then you should try it, there are a number of different online multiplayer modes including versus, realism versus, surrival, scavenge and a weekly special game mode that value bring out. For example, take online versus where you play alongside 3 other players to survive but theres another team and they play as the special infected. Thats right, you can play as the infected and each have their own cool moves you can use against the survivors. All are playable apart from the witch but thats ok considering the witch doesn't need to attack unless disturbed. It is a fun experience playing online on this game.

Value realised an expansion chapter to this game, much like crash course in the first one. This one is called the passing and it involves meeting the original survivors from left 4 dead 1 so its worth purchasing i feel.
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on 9 August 2016
Not as good as the PC version, playing with a controller feels incredibly weird and this is coming from somoene who plays games on both PC and console a lot but I feel like this game feels a lot more jerky when trying to aim. It's a lot harder to get the pin-point accuracy that I used to take for granted with the keyboard and mouse.

Still, it's worth it to get Left 4 Dead 2 in your living room to play with your friends, splitscreen. :)
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on 22 December 2009
This game does exactly what it says on the tin, I bought it for my older brother's birthday (he is now 33) and we spent some quality time bringing the gift of pain to the zombie horde.
The game is cleverly designed to keep you constantly under pressure and repeatedly delivers nasty surprises whilst also forcing players to work as a team.
If you like making the undead 'ave it' then this is the game for you!!!
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on 13 December 2009
I will start by saying that I adore the original Left 4 Dead, it was a refreshing take on the survival horror genre, and has already spawned its imitators in regards to co-op play. When I first heard that a sequel was in the offing, less than a year after the first release, I was disgusted, Valve, so long a company that is 'user friendly' who normally build up their games over time and aren't really seen as money grabbers, seemed to have changed course, I was definately not going to buy this game!

However the demo came along and changed all this. Here was a game that stood proudly and seperately from the original, with enough new ideas and features to make me see this as a new game in its own right. The characters were funny, the damage models were much improved, and the melee weapons are a fantastic addition to anybody with a slightly twisted sense of humour...

The game modes from the original are still in there, Campaign, Versus and Survival but it is the addition of the scavenger mode that has really grabbed my attention, it is L4D's first real competitive mode as far as I am concerned, where every fuel can gathered gives you a sense of achievement as the survivors and stopping a survivor from refuelling as the timer counts down gives you a real buzz when you play as an infected, I must admit that it is this mode that has taken up most of my play time.

An additonal bonus to anyone willing to brave the zombie apocalypse for a second time is the addition of avatar unlocks on XBox live, it may seem like a small time thing, but being able to display on your xbox avatar rare items that can only be achieved by doing something special in the game really adds value to the play experience.

On a final note I must add, that anybody buying the game as a single player experience is probably not going to think the same way, L4D2 is a multi player game at heart and should be enjoyed as such, playing offline only will cost you 75% of what the game has to offer, so please be aware of this when reading any reviews.
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on 4 October 2015
you can have fun sometimes if your not getting kicked by players it should not be in the game what if your new?

Also friendly fire is on noo good on this game as most noobs shoot you for no reason

So yeah I could make the game more better than this myself ........
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on 7 October 2015
Great game, I originally bought this on release for my mum who's a zombie slaughtering gamer now in her 70's but it wouldn't load in her machine so we swapped consoles so she could play it and it meant I couldn't, that's me just got around to righting this injustice
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on 21 March 2016
My favourite all-time game. I think a lot of games being produced now are the death of co-op gameplay, as they don't provide any opportunity for a good split-screen experience. But this game feels like it was designed solely for the co-op experience. Campaign is really fun (if a little repetitive after a while) and there are so many game modes to explore (Mine is survival). Very happy.
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