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on 14 June 2015
I was happy when this game arrived on the exact date it suggested to arrive on so I was extremely satisfied with the quick delivery. I got into the game fairly quickly and it's very good if you actually enjoy styling outfits and putting outfits together as that is pretty much what you are doing. However, this game does go by real time and on a Sunday your orders don't came straight to the store meaning you have to wait until is actually Monday in real time before getting your stocks. This is good as you can't complete the game straight away but also a downside as you have to wait to play the game unless you. Hangs your date settings for your whole ds. Either way I was happy with this purchase and do really enjoy the game.
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on 6 May 2017
Not tried the game yet! It's a pressie for my daughter's birthday. Came on time for which I'm really happy about.
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on 2 December 2009
This is an addictive and fun game and I've been playing it for hours on end. Yes the competitions are easy to win but I held off entering them for a long time, content to be satisfying my customers needs! I've passed 1000 customers and still finding it fun. The music is catchy and the profiles of the customers are quite imaginative. Sometimes it feels a bit repetative but all you do is change the interior of the shop and different customers start coming to your boutique.
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on 14 February 2010
To be honest, when i first seen the game advertised, i thought of it as nothing special. I got this game yesterday and have played it for hours on end, right up until my hand was hurting so much from the strain!

The only thing that i don't like about the game, is when it's a Sunday and you aren't able to have clothes delivered to your store until Monday.
I guess i could probably get round it by changing the settings on my ds, which im really thinking about trying as i'm running VERY LOW on clothes!

But overall, it's a really fun game. I think it's suitable for people of all age ranges.
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on 28 November 2009
I *love* this game! ...but played it for 9 hrs solidly when I first got it without even realising where the time went!

Starts off a bit slow whilst teaching you the basics of buying new stock and satisfying customer demands etc... then you get your own boutique and the fun starts.

Great fun creating new display models and if you create an outfit from one designer that is popular with your customers, you often sell the complete outfit at once making more money.

Choose the interior of your shop according to the designers you want to sell most of. If you sell enough from one designer, you are offered the chance to create your own design. Sounds better than it is because you only choose the colours for an existing design but the customers get very excited when you sell them one of your own design.

The limit to the overall number of items you can stock can be limiting but you can increase it by going to Dominic's mansion and fulfilling the criteria stated - i.e. buy a certain number of items from the Exhibition hall.

Competitions are fun but I found them easily won and there are only a few levels of this.

Overall it is a bit of a shame it is completed so quickly but you can continue to play. Just make sure you don't have any pressing engagements, (like work) to get in the way!
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on 23 August 2010
This is a great game to buy got it last year for my birthday and im still playing :) So much to do and its very fun changing hairstyles and dressing her up !! This is a great game for girls any age and is very easy to work.When your playing you can go to contest and enter your styles you can also go out and visit the beautican and hairdresser you can also go to places when your customers ask you to and you can buy new stock at the exhibition hall.Time flys when you play on it,I recomend it greatly this is a great BUY!!!
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on 22 May 2017
Bought this game a few years ago, was really excited to try it. No left handed option for a book style game meant I was unable to proceed. Having played the latest two on the 3ds, I say, if it's anything like those; great.
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on 16 January 2010
Ok, Style Boutique. A game recommended to me by a friend who said i'd completely love it, and be so addicted to it. I was sceptical, but i ordered it having seen the reviews too.

I'm so glad i got it, and my friend was right, totally addictive. Although, i've had it just over a week and it's completed already, well the main aim to win the international fasion contest is completed anyway. So some people might find it a short game. But, it's a seasonal game too, new fashion's each season, new clients when you change decor. The game is probably never completely over as you can continue running your store, styling yourself, stocking up, holding sales to get rid of stock, advertising etc.

The customers are unique, and you will meet hundreds of them. All women, all skinny. Which is a tad annoying. The only one in this game who isnt skinny is the mad Rococco, who runs the fasion contests and absolutely loves herself! and she's about 2ft tall. But completely hilarious :D Some customers will really annoy you though. Especially when you've sold out of the stuff you advertised on the mailouts or in the magazines. Or they ask you to style them but dont like what you give them, er hello! i am a fashion goddess!!! lol!

The game can be completley satisfying, especially when you dress up a mannequin, and someone wants to buy the whole outfit that you put together. The clothes in the game are truly gorgeous too. I wish i had most of them in real life! I cant wait to see the clothes for other seasons too. The fasion contests arent so easy either, i lost 2 of them. But made it in the end! Waiting for those results is nerve wracking!

The Stores you buy your stock from are fab too. You'll have favourites and not so favourites. I dont like Marble Lily, it's a bit freakish to dress up as a doll! But a lot of customers love it so you do what you have to to earn the money! I love Sonata, Mad Jack and Raven Candle, the last too are more Gothic and Punky, and have some fab clothes, like big platform shoes. The likes of what the Spice Girls used to wear! Marble Lily has them in pink too, one good thing about the store. There's one store that i havent seen yet, Grace mentions it to you but it's quite rare for it to be open so i cant wait to see what they have when they finally make it to the Exhibition Hall.

Anyway, i love the game, and it's very clear a lot of thought has gone into it. I even quite like the music, although i know others that dont.
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on 7 January 2010
This game is truly addictive! my daughter wrote a review and now I am too! She had hers for christmas and I played it so much that i bought my own!!! Now my middle daughter has purchased her own copy!! AAGGGHH! This game makes you look at your own style and wardrobe contents in A WHOLE NEW WAY! Can`t wait for an interior design version.....I`d never get anything done again! TOP GAME! VAST and never boring..We all love love love it!
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on 17 August 2010
I got this game for my birthday half a year ago and I still play on it everyday. I find that it is not boring as you can change the style of your shop, satisfy many different customers, compete in fashion contests and buy many stock items which have very original designs.

There are 16 different brands which vary from babydoll to Celeb chic and much more. Each customer prefers one of those brands. Depending on which style your shop is, different customers will attract to your interior. One brand called Masquerade you can only get on contests, on your birthday or very rarely in the exhibition hall. My favourite brands are AZ-USA(which is street style) and Karamono(which is chinese and japanese designs).

The contests are fairly easy. There are six levels;beginner,bronze,silver,gold,platinum and the international. On each one you win an item from masquerade but you need to achieve a certain shop rank to enter them.

When you start off the game, you will work at a boutique called Primavera. Grace is your boss, she will give you much advise and help you through the game. Renee is a fellow employee who ends up working for you and Dominic is grace's boss and later yours.

Through the game, you can end up changing your outfit, changing your hairstyle, and putting on make-up. In the shop, you can dress mannequins, make mailouts and even feature in a magazine call the Nuances.

Hope this review helped and enjoy the game.
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