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on 11 February 2010
Ever since I watched those old 80's Jacques Cousteau documentaries, the idea of one day snorkeling myself never left my mind. So far I never had the opportunity to dive but I often catch myself daydreaming about underwater excursions. Until I can add a check-mark beside that item on my before-I-turn-forty-list this game offers an excellent substitute.

Dive & Relax. Leave the world behind you and become on with the underwater realm.
The locales are beautifully designed, the fish, whales, dolphins and the rest of the marine life move in a very realistic fashion. The missions are pretty simple and most have an educational parameter but it is mostly about exploring at your own pace. Well, you do have to mind the oxygen level...
The underwater sounds are very well made and placed whereas the background music is a soothing companion. All in all ENDLESS OCEAN: BLUE WORLD is an excellently designed and produced diving-simulation game.

This is a game that will bring you home early, it will put a smile in your face and it will relax you like no other game.
I cannot emphasize this enough: this game is DIGITAL MASSAGE. It soothes your nerves, relaxes your body and puts you in a very easygoing mindset.

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on 7 February 2010
My dad got this game for me a few days ago(i'm on his account) already i am loving it and can hardly leave it.
I would recommend it to anyone.At the start you make yourself as a diver and go off into different oceans to do different tasks. You get to help sick sea animals and interact with them too! Then you can find out about them as there is a piece of information about almost every different fish you find along you travels. Then after a long day diving you finaly get to relax on your very own island where you will find a very special friend,a house to rest in and some other things to check up on.

The graphics in this game are fantastic and so realistic. Its acctually very relaxing to just swim around and play with different fish.(as long as your carful not to run out of oxygen!) There are lots of exciting places to explore some scary and some beautiful. Another thing i immediatly noticed was the lovley music played throughout the game. Not only the graphics are realistic in this game but the sound effects are very clever too!

I,m 13 years old and am compleatly loving this game. i cant wait to play more.
Hope this helped. thanx for reading. Saoirse xx
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on 5 August 2010
We're lucky to have the majority of popular consoles in our house (Xbox Playstation etc.) and have found the Wii to be the best for children's fun and family games. However, there are only so many zombies that you can slaughter on Xbox and Playstation before one's palette becomes jaded, therefore I looked at this game as a means of putting the children back on track with something about animals - in this instance sea creatures.

Of course I was wasting my time as far as they were concerned. They looked at it once and, just like showing anybody under 30 a black and white movie, they immediately turned their noses up at it. But that is their loss, because this software is the next best thing to sitting in front of your own (we don't have a really big screen TV but this game deserves one) deep sea aquarium and having the opportunity to noodle about in it and look at everything in 360 degree rotation. You get to look at and swim with every kind of fish, shark, rays, whales - you name it, everything is included here. As the story unfolds you actually get to include many of the fish that you identify in your own public aquarium.
It really is a very relaxing software (it's hard to call it a game) to play around with and in typical Nintendo fashion nobody dies. However, you will eventually become bored with it because it is actually a bit of a `non game. There is no real `action' or thrills to be had, although I do get a kick out of finding deep sea treasure and salvaging items and so forth. The graphics are great but so much detail has gone into the diving portions of the software (as it rightfully should) that there has been no room left for speech dialogue and as such everything is simply printed up on screen for you to read your way silently through. Hence children will soon be bored by it.

I played it for hours as a way of cleansing my jaded gaming palette before launching into Red Dead Redemption on Xbox. I'm almost finished with RDR and am really looking forward to getting back to my deep sea quest once more as the lure of the deep beckons and I feel the need to simply sit back with a cold beer and something cool to smoke while lazily noodling around beneath the oceans of the world.

Here a couple of important closing thoughts. If Enya and other Celtic type of chill out music isn't your idea of a good time you can actually turn the music off (by turning the volume control to zero) in the audio options section. You'll be glad I told you about that. It's far more enjoyable to dive the oceans of the Nintendo sea world with just the sound of your air regulator bubbling around you as it totally adds to the chill out vibes.

Finally, I bought this on Amazon because it's as rare as hen's teeth to find in a mainstream game shop, and when I have seen it second hand it's been more expensive than Amazon because of its retail rarity. Buy it now and be prepared to make it your `go to' software for when you fancy kicking back and doing nothing for a while. You'll be glad you did as it's a very worthwhile addition to any gamers software collection.
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on 11 August 2010
For those of you who have played the first one, I can tell you that this is a great improvement. They've kept the best bits but made the game a bit more linear, which is actually a good thing.

This game gives a great sense of value for money as the game is so large, lots to do and unlock. (I'm about 40 hours in and there seems as though there's quite a bit more to do.)

The great thing about this game is that the tasks can be tackled in pretty much any order you want and eventually you'll unlock more and more. Including quite a few varied locations. Careful thought has been put into how to keep track of them all so you always know what has / hasn't been done. There is still need for some considerable problem solving on your part though.

Unlike the first there is some threat involved in this game. Dangerous animals can attack and I managed to get trapped once and I ran out of air! Running out of air when your not in a locked location results in you returning to the surface.

One word of caution, the game is pretty slow-paced. Lots of cut-scenes, though they do appear less as you get through the game. That might put some people off. Something else which has actually begun to bother me is the repetition of a lot of dialogue and scenes which cannot be skipped through as quickly as I would like. This does hamper gameplay a bit, though maybe us westerners are a bit too impatient?

Other than that, everything is great; the music, graphics, controls etc. Recommended.
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on 6 March 2012
Maybe it's just me, but I actually get a bit of an adrenaline rush when I see a shark coming at me with its mouth open, before it whips round and lashes me with its tail...

First of all, I really love this game. I borrowed it from my cousin almost a year ago, and because there's so much to do on the game, I just can't seem to finish it to give it back to him! I thought there would just be the main plot, of the 'Song of the Dragons' - which was very good and really made me think of how to solve the mysteries. Then, once the Cavern of the Gods had collapsed, basically finishing the main plot (for now), I needed to raise 1,000,000 points to excavate it again. This can be gradually achieved by fulfilling the other side-missions in the game.

For example, you can accept salvage requests and go and find treasures in the sea, then get paid for them. If you love salvaging, like I do, you can also go and find other items for yourself in virtually every place on the map (you'll see a pattern emerging if you continually go back to the same places - for example, I go to the temple in the Cortica River a lot because I can always find about 10 salvage items there alone without any risk of being bitten by piranhas or crocodiles, stung by electric eels or chased by sharks). If you give them to Nancy later, she'll appraise them and give you money (points) for them. Some of the items can be worth 10,000 points or more. You'll know when you salvage a valuable item, because as you pick it up, a lightning flash will go horizontally across the screen. Make sure you salvage those items and give them to Nancy for mega-points!

You can accept photo requests - a magazine or a person asks for a photo of a particular fish or sea animal, you take the photo, develop the best one and send it to them, then get rated and paid (I'm pretty rubbish at this one, I've only got a C-rating at best).

You can go and cover all the maps (so that all the squares on the maps aren't grey anymore) and you get paid for your 'good cartography work'.

You can train dolphins and eventually put on shows with them, for which you get paid.

When you're chosen to be the curate of the Japan Aquarium, you can change the displays with the animals you've met on your travels in the oceans, to suit what the customers are wanting to see at the time. The next time you go back to the aquarium and speak to the Professor, you get paid for your help with the Aquarium (more or less depending on how long it's been since you were last there and how good your work was last time round).

So far, I still haven't reached the 1,000,000 points, but I'm getting closer. I can't wait to find out what happens when I finally get to excavate the Cavern of the Gods.

My advice is to buy this game if you love sea animals and/or a bit of a challenge and/or don't mind being chased by sharks. It's not just a game that has a short plot and then is left on the shelf, it's something you can keep going back to again and again. And once you've finished the game, you'll probably have forgotten what the main plot was all about, so you can go back and start again.

Thank you for reading my review of 'Endless Ocean 2 - Adventures of the Deep'.
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on 2 April 2017
My son doesn't like to play it. Have the first as well. The graphics in this are better. What the game REALLY lacks badly is the possibility to have the written words about the fish said out loud since my son cannot read yet. Don't know any 3 year olds who can?
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on 20 February 2010
The principle of 'Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep' remains the same as its predecessor; you take the role of a diver who must explore, excavate and discover various seas and oceans and their contents. The story follows your quest for the mysterious 'Song of the Dragons' with fellow divers Jean-Eric and Oceane. Although most features of the game remain the same as 'Endless Ocean', there are many major changes:

1) The most noticeable difference is the massively increased range of play. Unlike the first game, in which you could only explore one large area, you can now explore seven medium-sized areas, all in different locations including the North and South Poles, the Amazon River, the Red Sea and Aegean Sea.
2) The method of salvaging and collecting objects has now been hugely improved. At first, you can only pick up coins scattered around the sea bed, but as you progress through the game, you gain the ability to scan the sea floor for various objects. These objects are then appraised and you recieve money depending on the value of the objects. This money can then be used to buy new equipment and tools.
3) Your main base is at Nineball Island, a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. You can then customise this island using the money you have collected by placing totem poles, sunbeds and other decorations onto the shore.
4) Apart from the main story line, you can now carry out other mini tasks. These tasks include photo and guide challenges (like the last game), as well as salvaging objects for paying clients and finding various fish and animals.
5) You now have the ability to not only walk around Nineball Island, but to get up out of the water during dives and to walk around small islands.
6) Unlike the last game where you had to find a creature three times to view its full information, you now can view all the creature's information when you first find it. However, you can view a special trivia page about the creature if you put it under certain conditions (e.g. blowing a whistle near a dolphin, or giving a fish to a penguin etc.).
7) The game also includes much more characters, all with various abilities. One character might give you the ability to salvage more objects when you dive with them while another character may give you the ability to track various animals' movements.
8) Like the last game, you have the ability to own and visit an aquarium. However, you can now place much more fish in this aquarium, and you can also add land animals and small fish into different parts of the aquarium. Also, this aquarium can open to the public. The better the aquarium, the more people will visit.
9) A new tool introduced in the game is the 'Pulsar', a tool that sends out electric waves which heal and calm down fish and animals.
10) Another clever concept with the game is the new danger involved when swimming near dangerous animals. You may get attacked by sharks, pirhanas or electric eels if your not careful, however, you can defend yourself using the 'Pulsar'.

All in all, 'Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep' is much better and more advanced then its predecessor, with improved graphics and many new areas and fish to discover. Like the last game, you will only enjoy it if you like animals and the natural world. If you like these killing and shooting games, you will find this game boring, uneventful and dull. However, if you do fit the required description, you should think highly of this game and find it entertaining and relaxing.
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on 13 February 2010
'Dive into a mysterious underwater world! Embark on an epic journey through the waters of the world to solve the mystery of the 'Song Of Dragons', said to be the key to a magnificent treasure. Dive in Pacific reefs, a South American river, the intense cold of the Arctic, the darkness of the ocean depths and more!'

After purchasing the original 'Endless Ocean' for the Wii, a year ago, I was hooked instantly! I had no idea there was going to be a sequel to the first until the day before 'Endless Ocean 2' was released. As soon as I found out I purchased this fantastic game in a heartbeat. The first one was great, but this is superb. There are far more things to do in this game, that will keep you playing for hours. You start as an amateur diver, who is then hired by the local diving company. The game has a great storyline, which you further unlock as you progress in the game. Also, as you progress, you unlock new diving areas throughout the world, unlocking more and more side quests. The thing I like most about this one, is the fact you can salvage items & treasure from the sea floor using your multi-sensor. You then appraise your finds when you get back to your home base, 'Nineball Island'. You receive a certain amount of points, more for rare finds, which you then can buy new upgrades for diving equipment and so on.

There are far more sea life and shore life than the previous game, and you can view the creatures you have come across in your Marine Encyclopaedia. There are dangerous creatures in this game too, which will attack if you get close enough. Use your new pulsar to calm them. You can also use this new pulsar to heal the marine life. This game also has a lot of achievements that you unlock throughout the game, as well as certificates and titles, for completing various tasks or getting a certain amount of 'whatever'.

This game carries on the photo and diving requests, with the added salvage requests now, too. Which gains you points and 'fame'. You can also train dolphins and whales just like the first game, and use them as your diving partner. You can also take your fellow diving co-workers who give you 'certain' added bonuses when diving.

You also eventually get an Aquarium, with which you stock the creatures you come across. The difference with this one, however, is that not only do you have a main tank for the larger sea life, but also a terrarium and smaller tanks to house the shore life and small sea life. You also get a daily income, and the Aquariums popularity increases overtime. As well as this, you receive your very own 'Private Reef'. This allows you to create your very own little ecosystem, attracting different species according to which coral/plants, you have placed there. Once your 'Private Reef' has attracted 200 animals, you gain points, and can release them into the surrounding coral reef. You can repeat this process over and over, attracting different species of fish and other fauna every time! Pretty cool I thought.

This game is definitely a must for everyone, and I only hope that the developers make an 'Endless Ocean 3'!! Haha
I hope this was helpful, you wont be disappointed!
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on 5 February 2010
I pre-ordered this game via amazon as the I really enjoyed the first one, I recived it today and couldnt wait to get started from the great introduction and title sequence it looked amazing.
Once into the game I found it easier to control and think anyone with basic knowledge of a wii remaote could use it.
from what i have seen so far this game has a good main story running through it and if like me you love exploration and finding new things you will love it.
I have always loved the ocean but as im not a confident swimmer its a a great way to see a virtual ocean teeming with life.
The game is graphiclly superb and to keep things interesting their is loads to do. I wont spoil it for you but the more you play the more you will discover.
This game isnt just for the people who like relaxing under the sea as even some avid action gamers would love the new feature of dangerous situations that you find yourself in with only a pulsar to protect you
you have been warned.

overall if blood and guts is your thing this isnt for you but if like me you enjoy exploration and watching an undersea paradise come alive before your eyes then this is a great purchase

thanks for reading this review and if i have inspired you to purchase this click the link in at the bottom

Steve uk

Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep (Wii)
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on 25 May 2011
We bought this game with our 7 year old daughter(loves animals & nature) in mind. She adores it, and so do we. The storyline is great for guiding you through hours of what is more of an experience than a game. It's intelligently constructed, high quality and totally absorbing. Not a conventional game, but really great value I think. I read the excellent reviews before buying, but didn't really expect it to be really be as good as it is.
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