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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£32.59+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 25 October 2009
If you played the previous game then you already know what to expect from this one. Take a team of four characters into an isometrically scrolling fighting game, unlocking new playable characters as you progress through the game.

The game attempts to recreate the Civil War storyline that ran across all Marvel's titles a while ago. This means that previous team associations no longer apply; all bets are off. You don't feel so obliged to have the Fantastic Four, or The Avengers or The X-Men as your team. If you were lucky enough to pre-order through Amazon then you should have received a code to unlock The Juggernaut as a bonus character. He's extremely powerful and a definite advantage to the player.

Another big advantage this time round is that pressing the right-hand stick in activates a pointer towards your next target. This saves an awful lot of pointless wandering and prevents you from missing objectives.

Only one problem with the game: the in-game camera seems to have been fixed further back than in the first game. Although you have a wider view of the playing area, battles can get a little confusing. It's easy to lose track of your team.

It's a worthwhile purchase if you're a Marvel fan or a fan of the original game, just don't expect any drastic changes.
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on 25 September 2009
For many people the big releases are Halo and COD modern warfare 2, not for me, this is what I have been waiting for. For the uninitiated it is a top down viewed action heavy rpg with a wealth of characters to play with a team of four on screen at once.
Sort of a progression on from Baldurs gate dark alliance and the like. X-men legends introduced the four character part, which has carried into the marvel ultimate alliance games. In one player mode you can control any one of the four at the flick of a button and the rest follow your lead, other players can jump in and out of the action, which while fun can get a little muddled.
The gameplay is pretty simple, like most truly great games it is easy to pick up and bash away at. It will not appeal to everyone but for those sick of first person blasters and jap rpgs this is a welcome breath of fresh air. The visuals are sharper than in previous games, although it is clearly still no gears of war beater.
The soundtrack is pretty good but half the time you will be so engrossed in the action you won't really notice it. The voice acting is varied and the script for that matter. The likes of wolverine spiderman and deadpool come of really well where as captain america sounds like a bad radio dj and others just sound like gruff stereotypes, oh and Mr fantastic sounds like a pompus whiny git. still a minor gripe.

The plot covers the secret war and civil war stories from the marvel comics over the last few years. The civil war takes centre stage here, basically the heroes get divided after they are told to register and become government employee's giving up thier secret identities and such like. Basically its an excuse to pit hero versus hero for big action fun.

Overall, five stars if like me you are a fan of these games and possibily three of four for non fans.
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on 4 January 2011
Before I begin I should mention that I am a big comic book geek and enjoyed the civil war story arc that this game uses as it's plot.

There were a few things that I enjoyed about this game. The first is the attention to detail. Gambit, one of the playable characters, has a very distinct Cajun accent and when you engage in a conversation with other characters, the script is modified to reflect this. This can be very enjoyable with characters like Spiderman and the Hulk. Also, in combat, characters have their unique skills encourporated too. For instance, Iceman will use his freeze beam to slide on his ice ramp, Green goblin will fly around on his glider and Daredevil will use his characteristic jump (a sort of somersault pirouette).

The story itself is enjoyable however never truly pulls you in. A lot of the plot is focused on moral and personal choices and while certain characters, most noteably Captain America and Iron Man, have personal investment, you never feel like you've actually got a stake in the dilemma at hand.

I was hoping for more in certain places too. On the Xbox360, there are 20 characters if you play the game through and some of them are rather bland (Daredevil, Gambit, Human Torch, Iceman, Invisible Woman and Storm for instance. All these characters have no personal involvement in the game. They just seem to be there to give different elemental types and bolster the ranks). There are also 3 characters that you have to collect items for to unlock. This gives a total of 23 characters built into the game. There is (or was) the option to download 5 more characters although I unfortunately missed these as the DLC has been removed from the marketplace. I'm not looking for hundreds of characters but more selection would have been nice. Also, each character (except 1) has an additional costume. Some are cool, some are retro, some are a bit lame. I would have liked to see an additional costume for the less important characters but two or three costumes for the more integral characters.

In terms of gameplay, its rather simple and easy to pick-up-and-play. Playing on the lower level difficulties is too easy (I didn't lose a single character once) and you don't unlock any achievements so I advise you to immediately play on the highest difficulty level possible.

A major aspect of the game is the introduction of fusions where two characters meld their powers into a super attack. Considering that (not including the DLC characters) there are only 24 combinations, I was rather hoping these could have been more animated and a bit flashier.

Overall, this game is good for about a week. You can play both sides of the story (both pro and anti registration), unlock all characters and get a good block of achievements. Good fun, zero replay value. (But now that I think about it, I haven't gone online with it yet).
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on 29 March 2013
This is a great buy, this is great if you like marvel and if ya after a co-op beat em up with faint hints of choice making and role playing (and I mean very hint) ill list of the key points of this product.

+wide range of marvel heros to use - all come with their own moves and can interactive differently depending on the situation
+great for Marvel geeks or new fans from the films, obviously its based on the comic cival war which splits the heros in two (ironman government upholders against freedom fighting captain america
+great beat em up
+decent 2 player co-op offline and online
+with two story lines you can get about 15-20 hours of gameplay and you can always retry with different character

-no one is online for this so if ya want to play co-op invite your friends over or have them pick up a copy for themselves
-graphics are pretty good but not amazing
-speacil moves and techniques are limited

its worth a try and if your a big marvel/beat em up, or even if your getting into the marvel films this is worth a buy
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on 14 July 2010
Set during Marvel's Civil War, this game manages to capture the feeling of being a wanted fugitive or a reluctant law enforcer, choosing a team of four superheroes from a large library, including Deadpool, Gambit and Spiderman. However, things wouldn't be interesting if it just followed the comic storyline and so the game eventually raises the player above the conflict between the pro and anti-registration sides to combat a mutual threat.

There are some interesting combos, particularly when you combine specific team members' powers and the controls are thought out for easy access, the rendering and texturing on the game characters is very nice, and some of the level designs are beautiful. However, this game does have its faults, mainly the camera, which sometimes leaves your characters so far away that you can't actually see what you're doing and makes you miss out on some of the scenery. If they had tweaked the camera and put in a wider variety of characters, this would have gotten five stars easily.

Only get this if you love RPGs or the Civil War saga
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on 25 September 2009
Got the game this morning and it is amazing, was let down initial when i didnt receive the code for Juggernaught. So i phoned amazon and they informed me that everyone who pre-ordered the game would get an email tomorrow with the code.
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on 29 November 2009
Nice fun romp, improves considerably over the first one by limiting the number of powers and making it easier to choose which ones to use. Zillions of collectables and new interesting powers make it good fun. Video footage to explain the plot is ok, two player same screen co-op is very enjoyable with only the occasional loopy display angle.

There seem to be a few bugs (mobs / chars getting stuck etc) but nothing game breaking yet.
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VINE VOICEon 15 October 2009
I was amazed to see that the average for this game is 4 stars! In my opinion this is way too high. Like the other reviewers i had been waiting for this game for quite a while and was really looking forward to it, mainly because i had played the original Ultimate Alliance on PS2 and not really got into it, and then played the original on the 360 and got into it and played it to death!!
However, this is not what i expected and what we deserved from a sequel. If anything it is a step backwards. The in-game graphics are the same as the first game - functional. That is okay, i can live with that. The cut scenes are a lot worse than the original though - and noticeably so too. They border on being of the standard of a last generation console.
The voice overs are surprisingly poor too. Spider-man is all wrong and i cringed every time he came out with a so-called quip. Only Wolverine and Daredevil come close to how i would imagine them. Compare this to the voice talent of Batman: Arkham Asylum, and this is very, very poor indeed.
Also on the negative side is the number of alternative costumes. Last time there were three extra for each character, and yet this time, we get one per hero.
Gameplay itself is average at best. It is very much 'by the numbers' and hasn't moved on from the original game i.e. button mashing will get you through quite easily, and there is no real incentive to learn all the alternate moves.
Another appaling thing about the game is the old 'invisible wall' syndrome. This game has no real open world feel to it at the best of times, but to come across so many invisible walls in the game borders on being criminal.
There are some nasty bugs and glitches in the game too. One particular boss managed to trap itself in a corner, with me stuck underneath it!
The thing i really disliked, and that put me off from the very start was the first level. It is so dark that you can hardly see what you are doing, and very nearly put me off carrying on playing this game.
The storyline is taken from the 'Civil War' series in the Marvel comics, but even this is quite weak - even though you do get to choose which side you are on; Pro-Registration of superheroes or Anti-Registration.
You still have all the virtual mission simulators that appeared in the first game too which are an interesting sideline to the main story.
About the only real development for this game is the fusion attack feature which means charging up a meter by punching bad guys, and then unless an attack with two of your characters. These are quite cool and interesting to watch too.
It is very hard to pick out the good points in this game, especially when you compare it to the original. The original felt longer and more thought out, whereas this feels like the developers bolted everything on to the original game engine and released it! The original came out three years ago, and this has done nothing to improve on it. A sequel that doesn't expand on the original game is not a good thing in anyone's eyes.
For those of you keen on getting all the achievements for the Xbox 360, they are pretty standard achievements to get but will take at least a couple of playthroughs to get them all - so get a friend to play with you co-operatively and you will get a lot more, a lot quicker.
All in all i was very disappointed with this game. It is average at best, and that is being generous. I had been waiting all through the summer for this, and was gutted that i hadn't waited until the price had dropped to a reasonable amount.This is not a game that should be on the shelves at full price. The only reason i am still playing it is to get all the achievements, and unlock all the extras - and that is because i want to try and get my money's worth.
If you had the original game and enjoyed it, you will probably like this game too - though it won't set your world on fire. The people who will like it will be those people who played the original, are fans of old style beat'em ups with a tiny bit of RPG elements thrown in, fans of the Marvel Universe, or younger children. It is cartoon violence, and doesn't have any swearing in it, so this would be the perfect game for them. The difficulty (even on the hardest levels) is fairly easy too.
My advice is to get this when the price drops, and spend you hard earned cash on some of the other great games out there at the moment.
I really wanted to love this game, but i am afraid it is so disappointing that in fairness i can't give it a higher rating than three stars(and that is being unbelievably generous).
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on 24 November 2009
I have the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the PS2 so I was impressed with the graphics on the X-box 360 version Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

The gameplay is as great as the original (if not better). Still trying to get used to the controls on the X-box 360 but this promises to be a hit.
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on 26 December 2010
Totally awesome game.

It picks up the Civil War by Marvel and shows some aspects that weren't mentioned in the comics.
The Character-Roster is good, but I miss some Heroes from the prequel.

The game looks great, the enemys fly thanks to the havoc engine and you can spend tons of time while completing this one.

The fighting system is made pretty good - even my girlfriend enjoyed it. And for the more advanced gamers are still some combos to pull off.

Every character has its own ways to have a conversation. Hulk goes a little rough, while Gambit has his accent (written down) or "The Merc with the mouth" breaks the 4th wall. Totally fun the experiment some dialogs.

If you liked Civil War - go ahead and buy this one.
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