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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2009
This is the follow up to Lego Indiana Jones : The Original Adventures and although the developers have tried to change/update some of the ideas in their previous Lego games (Star Wars - both trilogies, the original Indiana Jones and Lego Batman) they don't necessarily improve on what has gone before.
Firstly, the hub areas have changed dramatically. They are vast areas that have the main storyline levels within them, but also mini levels within them which can only be unlocked by purchasing extra characters that have the means to open these levels up i.e. if you need a shovel character, you are going to have to buy this character from another area/ level. This sounds okay so far, but unlike the other Lego games, the free play function has been removed, so you have to physically locate the character you need to use. On the new, sprawling hub set up this is a real pain after a while, especially when you need two specialist characters to complete a level. You end up having to remember where each character originates, go and collect them and then go and find the other. After a while, this grates quite a bit, and i can see some of the younger gamers finding this too difficult, or just too awkward to do.
If this sounds annoying, then there is worse to come. The actual levels are really short. The main storyline levels for each hubs are all quite short, and the bonus levels are basically contained within a single room and are even shorter! The Crystal Skull film has three hubs, the Raiders of the Lost Ark has another, Temple of Doom has one too, and so does the Last Crusade. And a final hub contains the level creator. But comparing this to the other games that have followed it, this game is really short, and if you were playing the main storylines of each hub you would be looking at a really short playing time. Even if you want to complete everything and get all the Xbox 360 achievements, then it won't take you long at all.
Other irritants include the removal of the mini-kits within the levels, to be replaced by hunting for 10 each of three different coloured bricks (red, blue and green) which unlocks the extras to give you invincibility, stud multipliers etc....
There are now golden chests that have to be collected within the mini-levels within the hubs. Once these ten chests have been collected, they unlock a Lego City (like in the previous games) but again these City levels are really bland and not at all challenging, unlike their previous incarnations.
There seem to be more glitches and bugs in this game too. Invisible walls are pretty common, and the worst one i came across was unlocking a treasure chest in a mini level - i had to go online to find out why this unlocked treasure chest wasn't being accessed in the area where i was trying to access the Lego City for that hub. And there was no real reason for it!! That was really annoying.
Finally, the level creator.... it is okay as far as it goes, but i didn't spend much time in it, and because the main game was so short, i didn't really feel obliged to spend any more effort on it. I just wanted to finish the stories, and achievements and move on to my next game!
Oh, and the driving levels are just too long and too similar to each other. Every time i had to play a level to get all the extras i could feel my life draining away - Indiana Jones should be more about puzzles than driving!
It doesn't sound too great does it? But it does have a few saving graces. The humour is still there, the puzzles are still there (though some are so simple it is almost insulting!), the characters are all there to be earnt (there are some nice hidden ones too) and of course the music is still great! And the issue of the hub levels is something i got into more as the game went on, and as i got my head around what the developers were trying to do. I think the idea is a good one, but needs a bit more thought and development.
But the biggest fault is the length of the levels, and i wouldn't buy this game at full price - it feels like a bolt on to the original game, rather than a game in it's own right.
There is the next Lego game out in 2010 based on the Harry Potter books, and i hope that game will improve on this one in a more substantial way. Normally, i would immediately go out and buy a Lego game, but this time i will be less confident of what i am getting and that is such a shame as i really loved all the previous games: particularly the Batman game. Comparing that game with this one, definitely shows a slip in quality.
It isn't a dreadful game by any means, but is not a patch on the other entries in the series, and unlike the other games, i was glad to finish this and move on to another game.
Who would i recommend this to? Well, anyone who loved the other games, will like this, and obviously it is good for a younger audience (the endless traipsing through the hubs to find a character may put them off ) but if you are a newcomer - don't buy this! Start with the Batman or Star Wars Lego games.
I was disappointed with this game, and it is merely average compared to the other games. I would try and rent this before buying if you haven't played a Lego game before.
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on 30 June 2010
This game has a new layout to previous Lego games. Rather that the small hub with the all levels contained within in it, this game gives you six "hub worlds" One each for the first three films and three for Crystal Skull. These hub worlds are where you collect your extras or red bricks. For those who have played Lego Harry Potter, these hubs are similar to the Hogwarts hub in that game. I for one rather like this new layout.

The story levels for the first three films are new levels, not copies or re-hashes of the levels from the first Lego Indiana Jones, so it is a seperate game.

Also, for those of you who care, it is also a fairly easy 1000G on Xbox 360, with about 675G coming from just playing the game towards 100% (excluding 100% achievement)
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on 23 November 2009
As a family we have always loved the lego games and this one certainly has not dissapointed so far. It has kept the with the original basic idea that we all love with the Lego games but has added some new ideas. I absolutly love the split screen mode in multi-player, which has stopped my two aged 10 and 6 arguing, as one always had to wait for the other!!
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on 20 January 2010
What were they thinking? This game is so bad, it is beyond belief. Even my son, who is easily pleased, considers this game to be utter rubbish. The storyline is almost non-existent and disjointed, the usual puzzles are banal and at times ridiculous. The gameplay was constructed by someone with too much alcohol in his/her system. This game makes no sense. It consists of unrelated levels which move forward and backward in the time-sequence of the movies. It looks like a compilation of levels that were not included in the previous title. No thought of any kind went into developing this game.A waste of your money.
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on 31 July 2010
Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (Xbox 360)
Unfortunately this is Traveller's Tales poorest offering in their Lego series, compared to Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter, this one just does not match up.

The large hub areas, with quite frankly very little to do but just walk to levels, and find parts of special bricks for the extras, does get really boring, really quickly. I also find the beating up the bad guys so you can buy them a real pain in the bum as well. Also the race mini challenges can be very frustrating, as the control of some of the vehicles is downright impossible (the zepplin and the alien spacecraft are classic examples of this.)

The levels themselves are quite poor, not very large, one level not even moving outside the confines of the screen.

On the up side you do get to play with some of the vehicles in the Indiana Jones universe, and you can now even fly the infamous Nazi "Flying Wing" which was seen in "Raiders of the Lost Ark", something that never happened in the film. The cutscenes are as slick and funny as ever, but the plots of the cutscenes bear no real resemblence to the real movies, alright, even less resemblence to the movies than is normal in the Lego games. I for one would love to see where the Kali statue was in the movies.

All in all, a very average to less than average game. Worth buying just to complete your Lego game collection but would not be recommended as a game to start your collection.
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on 11 August 2016
This is like watching all the old films again, but instead of just watching it, you are actually in it.
As you play along you start to remember the films and the little Sean Connery dad is just the cutest thing ever. Even the snakes and Indy shivering with fright are a must see, great game that all the family could enjoy
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on 10 December 2009
Although the last LEGO Indiana Jones game covered all four of the Raiders films in what felt like considerable detail, this one goes large on the Crystal Skull before dipping back into all three of its forebears for all new plastic heroes. Cute wordless plot expositions featuring LEGO-manre-imaginings of classic scenes return, along with the need to smash almost everyhting you can see into its component bricks. But the games structure has changed considerably, now featuring large and fully interactive hub areas from which its levels are accessed. It's a system that dosen't entirely work, with new playable characters and levels often taking way too much aimless wandering to uncover; you'll also find some of its vehicular challenges tedious in the extreme. Add this to the sheer size of LEGO Indiana Jones 2 is an epic that will take serious commitment to complete, especially for its intended rather junior audience.
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on 30 March 2015
Good game and plays well. Revisits the original game, same story but shorter levels and less details however this does not spoil the fun. The only drawback for me at least was the Creator section. Gave up on that! Nonetheless, it is a good game for kids of all ages, so have fun with it.
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on 30 July 2015
Great entertainment for the kids. Kept the amused for ages and they loved the problem solving puzzles. Must admit, I still don't understand how the "Creator" section works. Maybe I need the kids to teach me!
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on 21 January 2010
This is by far the worst Lego game. I have played them all before and this one is nothing like the others. The end level boss is normally ram a car/truck/tank 3 time and then another 2 appear, repeat ramming, another 3 appear, repeat ramming, another 4 appear etc. It is the same stuff over and over again. It has no reference to the films either. Save your money and but lego indiana jones 1 this version looks like it was a rush job for christmas. Really dissapointing.
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