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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (PS3)
Price:£16.79+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 9 December 2014
love lego games they are a big favourite in our house, my 9 yr old and 3 yr old love to play this easy to control and get the grasp off if you have ever played lego games it is a must to add to the collection. lots of free roam play that my 3 yr old loves and the driving levels are a hit,
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on 5 September 2014
Received my rainbow loom today but the secret code doesn't work..it's definitely genuine as the loom and mini loom have the rainbow loom print on them...sent email to rainbow loom.. Hopefully it be able to use my code
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on 11 September 2016
lego always have the same defect. repetitiveness and backtracking boring. but this second chapter is much better than the first . Shipping ok , although sometimes I had faster shipping from uk
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on 11 August 2013
I love most Lego games but I was dissapointed no where as good as the first one , game play was pretty ok but just the way they had set things up and the driving levels where awkward
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on 4 February 2014
If you loved the first Lego Indiana Jones, you will be sorely disappointed by this one. I would say that all the Lego games are good, with the exception of this one.
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on 22 November 2014
Says suitable for 7 years old my boys 5 and very good at these games and hubby had to complete a level as couldn't figure out how to do it
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on 12 July 2010
LEGO Indiana Jones : The adventure continues is the 2009 sequel to the relatively sucessful first title. The game plays out all four of the Indi movies including Kingdom of the cyrstal skull which didn't appear in the first game, as well as a host of new levels. The game is mostly an action and adventure game, although it throws in a good amount of platforming, puzzle solving and vehicle sections.

The game keeps the same style which was what made the Star wars LEGO games so fun, playing through settings and situations from the films in LEGO design whilst collecting and solving puzzles. The game has completely new levels although 3 of the films are repeated in the game, this means you are getting a different experience and it's not just recycled which is good.
Their are also unlockable bonus levels and the new level creator, their is also "Drop in - Drop out" multiplayer for two players.

The style in which LEGO games usually plays out is always a little repetitive and tiring, generally consisting of smashing everything to get studs which allow you to unlock characters with only slight differences.
Indi 2 has tried to step away from that slightly , for a start the combat is a little more intresting with a lot of new moves thrown in such as kicks, punches and throwing. The different animations make the game feel more exciting and stops the boredom usually asocciated with an enemy being in the way.
Indie himself as had a little work and now his whip can be used much more effectively, holding down the attack button brings up an aiming arrpw , allowing you to lasso objects or use it to swing. This feels very intuitive after a while and makes it feel as though the creators are giving good attention to detail.

The game also throws in some great vehicle sections to mix it up a little, but the sections aren't always easy. A lot like LEGO cars, the one's in the game are difficult to keep straight whilst others are difficult to turn. Especially when some of the chases are pretty speedy its annoying to have to book the turning in advance and wait for the car to get back to you.
It's a great idea to give the game more excitement and show their is more to it than platforming, but I feel they could have done with a bit more tweaking in this department.

Multiplayer has been re-worked , so when 2 players are far apart from each other the screen now splits down the middle, this lets the players explore the level in their own way and not restrict their movement like previous titles.
The "Drop in - Drop out" multiplayer is seamless and the AI soon kicks in, this is a great idea as it means you can keep playing even if your freind stops. However the AI isn't that great and will often find things like walls and steps to be mind-blowingly difficult, whilst this doesn't happen all the time it can be annoying when it pops up, as you have to keep coming back to try and get the AI to reattempt its climb up the step.
Another bonus is the inclusion of Online CO-OP meaning you can play with your mate even when their not on the same console, the inclusion of this alongside offline CO-OP gives the game a very sociable feel and is one the family can play together.

Each movie also now has it's own area to find the levels once you have completed them, this is a nice idea but like many things in this game it hasn't been completely thought through, the Hub world is pretty big with many buildings, you cant just simply skip to the next level you have to go the movies building and find, this can be frustrating and I would imagine more so to a young person playing the game.
A gripe I have with the game though is that the first 3 films seem more rushed than Kingdom of the crystal skull, this is probably because they didnt want to take the old levels of the game over into this one, but I would rather they brought the new level out as DLC rather than pack the fourth film in with 3 rather rushed levels. As well as the fact it misses it out some rather fun parts it could have used, the golden Idol scene is nowere in the game and that was a little dissapointing.
Some of the bosses are quite random as well, at the end of each section you have to defeat one and for the most part they dont appear in the film, one was a an electric ghost and I was left wondering wether someone had recorded over Indie with ghostbusters whilst they were making the game.

The level creator is quite indepth and feels just like a proper LEGO set on your ps3, building the levels is a little frustrating but worth it in the end as your creation comes to life , It doesn't rival Little big planet although it is slightly simpler and maybe more child freindly.
Unfortunatley the levels cant be uploaded to an online server, this is somewhat of a shame as I would of liked to have tried other players levels.

The graphics in the game are quite good and it's fun to see the recreation of scenes in LEGO, this is definatley the best graphics of the LEGO games so far.
All the characters are very recognisable and look really cute in the style, as are the level designs. Notably in the warehouse section of Kingdom of the crystal skull, the depth of the warehouse is very good and the wooden crates are all very well crafted.
The environments are also very good, water moves around and looks really cool, as does fire as it flickers and has a range of colours.

Sound in the game is done nicely featuring the iconic Indi film soundtrack, the characters all make humorous noises as they dont talk as such and the world just sounds very cool, especially the noise of Indi's whip.

The humour of the game is very slapstick and simple, considering the characters can't talk the facial expression's and body langauge is top notch and will definatley have you giggling away.

The controls are easy to pick up and start playing as you would expect for a game aimed at kids and dads. Some area's of the control system can be difficult but this is more down to the games physics than the control system.

you will only want to buy this if you havn't played the first one, gameplay is around 15 hours to get everything in the game.

The game feels a little bit like a cash cow if I'm honest, it didn't improve highly on the first title and could have probably just been releases as new downloadable content.
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on 12 March 2010
I bought this for my kids (under and over ten years old) and they've had hours and hours and hours of game play with a good variety of difficulty so that they've found it not too easy or too hard. The split-screen camera is vastly improved enabling more than one player at a time to go off and do their own thing on screen without dragging the other player along with them or having to stick in close proximity.

The 'Warehouse' view (overview) lets you see overall progress on all the different levels, displayed as crates. There are six main gaming levels of game play: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'; 'Temple of Doom'; 'The Last Crusade'; 'Crystal Skull' parts 1, 2, and 3. Click onto an unlocked crate (level) and you get another view that shows your progress for that particular episode, telling you how far you've got, how many chapters still need to be discovered and completed, what characters and vehicles you've earned, how many coloured (cheat) bricks you've found and how many bonus treasure chests you've earned.

As you enter each of these game levels you are taken to an exquisitely designed world (think 3D animated map with superb graphics) which you explore to find the various chapters and bonuses related to that episode. Just exploring these mini-worlds is interesting enough, especially as you can use unlocked characters and vehicles in it as your game progresses. Some of the vehicles have races to run in order to win further characters or bonuses. There are even aircraft to fly around over your world. I won't spoil you with the details but the last 'Crystal Skull' level has an aircraft that is out of this world ;)

Although this is the best game by far Lego hasn't neglected some of the main attractions of their games such as the innocent, child-friendly game play, humour, exploration and puzzle solving, creativity and imagination.

As if this wasn't enough this game also has extra game play bonus levels and a section that lets you create your own levels, characters and worlds. You can let your imagination run riot creating your own versions for Indiana or others to face any obstacle, trap or enemy you choose - you design and build it just how you want. There's no reason ever to tire of playing with this game.

(You may have noticed by now that much of what I've described is from first-hand experience. OK! I admit it! I've played this too. But that's a dad's privilege, isn't it).
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on 4 October 2014
Hopefully this as good as the other Lego games, I love the other Lego games so does my great nephews so I expect this one to be the same
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on 30 December 2014
Great fun. Especialy playing with two players. Working as a team and solving the puzzles. This a family friendly game.
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