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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Special Edition|Change
Price:£0.01 - £400.00

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 August 2016
Fantastic! As a Beatles fan, I was blown away by this videogame. You get to sing and play guitar and drums - performing alongside the virtual Beatles. This is a large item (akin in size to a suitcase) - as it houses lots of kit. In addition to the game disc itself, this limited edition product consists of a Höfner Bass controller (a large scale replica of the bass guitar used by McCartney), a Ringo-inspired and Ludwig-branded drum kit (with sticks), and a microphone with stand. I supplemented this with the replica of Lennon's guitar - The Beatles: Rockband - John Lennon Rickenbacker Guitar (Xbox 360) - and I'm aware that there's a replica of Harrison's as well (The Beatles: Rockband - George Harrison Gretch Duo Jet Guitar (Xbox 360)). The starter pack allows up to 3 people to play at once (one singing, one on guitar, and one on drums) ... but it's best to play as 3 guitarists and a drummer (each with a microphone)!

The quality of the kit is excellent. But, of course, it's the game itself that matters most. And this is a brilliant Rock Band videogame. The songs are beautifully recreated, with fantastic imagery. You immediately get access to 45 songs - but every Beatles track is available for download. You'll need quite a bit of space to play this game. While it's best if you're a fan of the group, the technical skills and challenges will draw-in gamers who don't know the Beatles.

I've spend many hours plying this, and it's one of my favourite Xbox 360 games. I hope they bring an updated version out for the Xbox One!
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on 9 September 2009
Must admit i was a little apprehensive about paying £150 for a game, but being a huge fan of beatlemania i caved into the pressure and splashed out on this limited edition pack. You get with it the ludwig drums, the hofner bass replica and a mic and stand for it so you can sing and play at the same time if you want the challenge!

Whilst it's a lot of money for a game, it works out as great value for this pack. Especially considering that amazon is selling the guitars for £85 pounds a piece!

The mic and stand are sturdy and functional enough but the drum and bass controllers are exceptional and I can't believe that they come in such a great value for money package with the game. The drums are based on the rock band 2 drum kit (as opposed to the inferior RB1 drums that come with the value pack of Beatles rock band). The main difference is that the kick drum pedal is made of steel rather than plastic. This is worth the price difference between the value and special edition packs alone, as the plastic pedal on the RB1 drums break very quickly and soon become costly and tiresome to keep replacing. Also add in the fact that the pads are a bit sturdier and that you get an authentic beatles kick drum insignia that clips on to the kit, and this thing is almost worth £150 on its own! Plus a pair of drum sticks are included.

The Hofner bass replica looks the part for sure, but i found the extremely long neck made it feel a bit awkward after playing the guitar parts for a while. Having said that, it is meant to be a bass and if you play the bass parts it doesn't feel like much of a problem. Though it doesn't work on the beatles version of rock band, there is an effects switch on the controller as well as a whammy bar so you can access all the features of RB 1 and 2 if you use this guitar with them.

I don't think a lot needs to be said for the game itself as there are probably some good in depth reviews for the solus version of the game. Needless to say nearly all the fab fours' classics feature and there are a lot of training modes to break you in if you find things a bit tricky. Things that jump out are the amount of unlockables being pleasing to any beatles fan. The difficulty really hits the spot no matter which mode you choose and that the story mode is great fun. I also liked that the save files don't have the band pre-set when you load them again so you can do half the career mode with guitar and drums and then swap to vocals and bass next time you play (unlike where your band was set in rock band 1 and couldn't be changed unless you started a new game). Some people have been worried about the length of the game as most Beatles tracks in the early days were less than 3 minutes each. I don't think this is an issue as i haven't finished going through all the songs yet, and i've been going at story mode solid for almost the whole day now. Then when you've finished you'll no doubt want to do it with the other instruments and the new vocal harmonies feature.

Overall i can't recommend this enough if you're a fab four fan. I always liked rock band as a concept but thought the songs were lacking. This essentially gives the best of both worlds, as its a great game with some of the best songs ever written. It's nice that with this pack you can get playing straight away out of the box as everything is included from mic stands and drum sticks, to guitar straps and batteries. (you need batteries as the controllers are wireless, which is also a nice feature). Make sure you pay the extra money for this over the value pack variant of Beatles rock band. The extras are well worth it!
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on 15 December 2009
Well I'm going to keep this short if I can but I have downloaded Abbey Road and if you download the whole album (you dont download or pay for the songs you already have from the album) you get the Abbey Road Medley, which is basically the B-side of Abbey Road itself. The medley is 16 minutes long and is by far and away the best track (s) to play on the Beatles Rockband.

Love the Hoffner Bass....I notice that some people have mentioned trouble with the longer guitar stem but I dont have any problems at all and Im 5ft 4". My 11 year old nephew loves the Hoffner because the small frets seem nearer to the main guitar than the original rockband version. Its a beautiful guitar.

Sgt Peppers is an amazing download. I thought Rubber Soul was going to be next. I hope theyve shelved it in favour of Revolver or Help. Norwegian Wood would be the only good track apart from Drive My Car on Rubber Soul, but we already get drive my car as part of the songlist for free. When Im 64 is brilliant and .....finally.....I get to play A Day In The Life, both on Peppers.

I would love to download a 16 track White Album, with tracks like Blackbird. There are also some forgettable ones on the double album including Revolution 9.

The graphics are incredible, and dont play this game unless you have a home theatre system because it doesnt do it justice.

Whatever you do, please download the albums, especially Abbey....its the most incredible medley to play.
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on 28 September 2009
Well, I coughed up the asked amount to get this pack and I can only say this:
It's beautiful. The game is a real pleasure to play - I'm finally passing songs on hard guitar. Yay. The dreamscapes are just wonderful to watch and you just can't help but singing along when you're playing so the inclusion of a mic and stand here is great. The drums are fun and hard to play, even on easy. The Höfner is about the nicest looking plastic guitar I've seen. It is however a bit big, so your mileage may wary on this one.
45 songs in the game. Good or bad? Well, it's more than you get from the main band in either of Guitar Hero's band specific efforts but they are quite short and some might think that the lack of variation between bands may be a problem. I don't. If I want to play something else, I go over to the xbox and change disc. With the promise of DLC in the near future I'd say you get more than what you need if you're willing to buy the DLC. Just a few more of the really well known songs would have been nice.
And if you're a Beatles fan, there is no reason not to buy this game. If you're not, the do try the game, you may have missed some of the best music of the last century.
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Surprisingly, it's been 24 years since The Beatles figured in a computer game. Other than McCartney's `Give my Regards to Broad Street', (`Band on the Run' appeared as the last song on `Guitar Heroes World Tour') and the Gary Marsh text adventure `Beatle Quest', both on Spectrum and Commodore, anything Beatles related has been missing from the software market (no doubt due to the legal minefield that is copyright). Now, however, with the keeper of the Holy Grail of music licensing finally relenting, we can be our favourite of the Fab Four. There's no point in explaining what this game is about, as anyone reading this will know, so let's look at what you get for your money.

Forty-five songs, with an additional 31 downloadable throughout the remainder of the year make up the game (there's actually 44 listed but one is a two song amalgamation from the `Love' CD). Amongst other things, when completing certain parts, prizes of unseen photos can be `won' as can the elusive `Christmas Album'. For the ears of the completists who must have everything, there's previously unissued studio chatter and snatches of instrumental music to be heard at various junctures. (I can imagine some buying this just for that.) One of the best options available is that of singing three part harmonies. Unsurprisingly, this has not been available on other `Rock Band' titles, but as The Beatles were fortunate enough to possess two of the all-time great singers and the vocal dexterity of the group was an important factor, it had to be included. This could be great fun on a Beatles Karaoke night.

One problem I can see is that many of the songs are less than three minutes in length, which may mean that some could complete the game sooner than anticipated. In addition, whilst the visuals are excellent, you will be concentrating too much on following the notes to watch - though you could always let it play on its own. However, the music is what The Beatles were about, and although there is no crossover between other `Rock Band' packages, this will introduce the group to many who are unaware of what the fuss was about. Conversely, as you won't be able to use any of the extra songs on other software, those who may want to try out being George cannot. Another failing in this and the others in the series is the absence of a piano. I mean, the keyboard is pretty funky in `Get Back' Maybe Harmonix, EA and anyone else involved could consider bringing one out as an add on instrument for future releases.

One change from the usual formula that keeps intact the aura that still surrounds the group is that you aren't booed if you go wrong, or cheered if you do well. That could never be included in anything Beatles related, so you'll merely get a song failed message and a chance to try again. In the studio sequences you'll hear one of them make a comment as to your playing (and how many hours of tape did someone listen to just to get these?). Don't expect everything from the canon to be made available; `Revolution 9' might prove a tad difficult to play and both `Good Night' and `Eleanor Rigby' make the instruments redundant, though the backward guitar parts of `Tomorrow Never Knows' could be an interesting exercise.
Undoubtedly destined to be the biggest seller in the franchise, my only gripe, and no doubt that of everyone who buys this, is the eye watering cost; with the other two guitars, it's £340 for the whole package. Though I'll still get the complete set, I'm still allowed to register my dissatisfaction. Yes, I know there's a stand-alone version that can be used with the Xbox controller and other `Rock Band' instruments, but that somewhat defeats the object of playing along with The Beatles.
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on 10 September 2009
Buy it now, thank me later

**Generic Rock (TM) theme**

Alright, I'd better put in some effort (thats what she said). Ask yourself two questions.

1. Do I like Rock Band/Guitar Hero/ any game that is sure to liven up a party?

2. Am I a fan of The Beatles.

Unlike all the other band dedicated games out there, this one does'nt feature any support acts to bulk out the minescule setlist. So basically if you don't really care for the Beatles, you are a soulless monster.

No wait, I meant if you don't care for the Beatles, you may be better off buying Guitar Hero 5. 82 artists on there, so theres a good chance there will be a few you like, but with this, you will either love it or hate it.

Like many other succsessful manly men who have girlfriends and stuff, I am an avid fan of this 1960s group, so deciding whether to buy it took me about 0.68 seconds (for an android, that is an eternity), and I love every minute of it, but as there are only 45 songs on disc, there are some glaring omissions, such as Revolution 9 or Hey Jude.

Actually, they haven't gotten around to making the plastic pretend piano yet, so Hey Jude didn't stand much of a chance of making an appearance, and well as for Revolution 9 ... while it would have een fun saying nothing but 'Number 9 .... Number 9' into the mic for ten minutes, Harmonix have probably gambled that wouldn't be their core audience's cup of rosie lea.

The DLC starting with the 'All You Need Is Love' single, to be followed by an album a month looks overpriced (this is Apple Corp and MTV setting the prices, so we should be lucky we don't need to remortgage our parent's homes to get them) should go some way to solving this, but I personally would love to see either 200's 1 album of the newly remastered Past Masters appear on download.

This is partially because it would bring together the many non album singles that are some of the band's most popular mainstays, thus attracting a wider casual audience, but they also contain hidden gems such as the german versions of 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' (Komm, gib mir deine Hand) and 'She Loves You' (Sie Lieb Dich), attracting the hardcore fanbase and those who want to dig a little deeper.

Basically, if like most people you like a good Guitar Hero or Rock Band session and you don't have some sort of gruge against The Fab Four, get this. Not only will it provide hours of fun, but its seemingly the best way to pass the time until Call of Duty 6!
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on 3 January 2010
At last a game for my teenagers that has a good sound track. Hours of fun over Christmas for all the family. We are all nearly word perfect. Its addictive!
The controllers are robust, the skill levels allow for progression and the feed back is constructive.
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on 19 January 2011
Funny how many people can tell you just when The Beatles came into their lives. For me it was when John Lennon was killed. Suddenly the music was everywhere and you.......well, you explore.

The problem today is trying to introduce the songs to a new generation. But this is exactly what this has done. My 14 year old daughter now has Beatles songs on her iPod. My boys seem to play them on the computer whenever they are on, and that is before I even get to the game itself.

The game starts with a terrific 'video' introduction. Then you have selections to Quick Play and Story mode as just two of many options. A good selection of songs to start, and lots of DLC on XBox Live.

'Fraid I have to confess I am a bit rubbish on anything other than vocals, but I almost cried at my eight year old with a big ole guitar hanging off his shoulder that was almost as big as him.

To be truthful I always think of these games as Pappa Rappa evolved, but that does not take away the fun, especially if you get 2 or more of you together.

The instruments are good quality, the microphone and stand (which also works for Lips although you can't do the shakey bits with it) is shockingly good and once you get over feeling a little bit of a plonker standing in front of it, it is great fun.

Good for the family, and I would imagine good fun for friends.

For newbies to these games, the Microphone plugs into a USB port and is recognised straight away, the Guitar and Drums have XBox-type contols built in - me and my eight year old have decided one day to try to play Fifa with the Guitar and Drums.........

One word to the wise, I got this off Amazon for under £100 brand new, so keep it in your wishlist and keep checking the price!
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on 31 March 2010
Wow. Just wow. To get the boring stuff out the way first: the drums are great, the guitar is a gorgeous piece of kit and the microphone is...well it's a microphone isn't it? But as you've gathered from the title of this review, Beatles: Rock Band is a simply astonishing game, not just because it's barrels of fun, but because, perhaps for the first time, a rhythm-action game has been made that you feel hasn't just been put togther for a few good reviews and decent sales. This game is a love letter, pure and simple. Harmonix are quite clearly huge Beatles fans (and who can blame them?)and the way they have gone about assembling B:RB is evident as soon as you start the Story mode. One brilliant touch is the unearthing of recording sessions and the banter between the band before each song starts. The fact that this is previously never-before heard material is quite something, considering this is "only" a video game.

Starting from their early performances at The Cavern Club right the way through to their last gig together on the roof of Apple, you really get a sense of how the Fab Four evolved musically and creatively. Most career modes in these band-specific type of games just throw random songs at you in any particular order (I'm looking at you Guitar Hero: Aerosmith & Metallica!) but with B:RB all it does is make you love one of your favourite bands even more. Obviously if you have most of their music anyway you'll be well aware of this evolution but what elevates this game above most is one very important factor. It's a GAME and allows to play along. You're playing along to The Beatles for crying out loud!

Another testament to Harmonix's love of this band is that they haven't artificially increased the difficulty with ridiculous charts of the songs on the disc (of which there are only 45, but they're all brilliant). They've just made it as it should be, if that makes any sense. It just feels right. The songs that have been chosen have clearly been thought long and hard over, and whilst there will always be glaring omissions (Yesterday, Strawberry Fields Forever, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Penny Lane and others) there are some forgotten classics included (Hey Bulldog instantly springs to mind, along with Day Tripper). However, once you've finished the Story mode it's time to get your friends round, a few bevvies and let the fun begin! For the first time in Rock Band, it allows up to six players, due to the rather awesome way it lets you and two friends harmonise on the microphone. This is where the game takes off. When you have the whole setup and a room full of people, there is simply no better game on the market.

At the time of writing Harmonix have been supporting the game with extra DLC. Abbey Road, Rubber Soul and Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band are all available as whole album downloads. Of particular note is Abbey Road. If you download the whole album you also get the Abbey Road Medley, basically the second half of the album (everything after Here Comes The Sun) as one epic track, as it is on the album. These tracks are also split into their smaller and more digestable chunks if you need to practice the drum solo on The End without having to play through twelve minutes of other stuff beforehand. Hopefully this support will continue to the point where every studio album is playable. That's the dream anyway. Fingers crossed...

Is there anything wrong with this game? You could argue it's too easy even on Expert if you're proficient at either Rock Band or Guitar Hero and the previously mentioned track list. But what a track list! This utter delight is worth every penny and in my humble opinion, was robbed at the recent BAFTA Awards. No other game released last year is as much fun, whether you're singing on your own when your housemates have gone out for the day and you're "not feeling well", or with friends, where in the fun stakes, it is without compare. It's also important to bare in mind how culturally significant this game is too and here's why: The Rock Band Store is the only place where The Beatles' music is available for download legally. Before this, buying their CD's/vinyls was the only viable option. This stuff isn't on iTunes or any other music site (legal ones anyway). If that rather strange fact doesn't give video games a bit more cultural credibility, I don't know what will.

Buy this game. It's Fab.
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on 1 January 2010
This game bundle is just an unbelievable good value for the money.

For the price, you get:

- The Rock Band 2 (themed) drums. Good quality, good pedal.
- The Hofner Bass, which is not the most comfortable for guitar playing, but is very, very good quality.
- A high quality mic, plus a high quality mic stand. I wish this was wireless, but oh well.
- The game.

Really, you can't beat the value of this pack. I got an extra Rickenbacker Guitar for a good price and it was half as much of this WHOLE pack. And yes, these instruments work with Rock Band 2, the madcatz cymbals, etc.

Regarding the Rock Band: The Beatles game itself, I would say it's quite good, but the songlist is not really as good as it should be. Beatles fans will find themselves buying a lot of extra downloadable content to get "the whole package". I myself don't worry about it too much, since I got this one as a way to get the Rock Band 2 instrument pack, which hasn't been made available in Europe. Now if I could get an extra RB pedal...
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