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2.5 out of 5 stars
2.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 April 2017
Didnt work..just threw in bin
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on 28 February 2017
review image
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on 20 November 2009
Uwe Boll, famed producer of such poor video game to movie transfers as Far Cry and Bloodrayne, actually makes a movie that works quite well.
Seed is a horror/splatter/gore/'torture porn' movie that delivers what it sets out to do... Make you feel uncomfortable and shocked. Like many others of it's genre (Hostel, Saw, Wolf creek) it gives plenty of horrific scenes shown in detail of mindless,cruel sadism. Unlike many others though it does not try to titillate with nudity or model actresses, instead being a little more serious and focusing on the shocking and sick scenes which it hands out freely and quite well.

Seed is a serial killer who delights in the agonising torturous death of his victims. Taunting the police with videos of them he is caught and sentenced to death. State law requires that any man failing to die after three attempts will be set free. On failing for the second time they decide to bury him alive. But he escapes and enacts his revenge on them and anyone else.

The bad points of the movie all can be either overlooked or don't distract to much from the movies. Things you could call plot holes I suppose could happen, while CGI effects and camera work is probably better than other B movies (though not as good as Saw, hostel etc). The acting is actually quite good and makes watching this film easier to watch than other B movies. One large criticism is that a lot of the scenes were dark meaning it wasn't as clear as it perhaps could of been.
The DVD was passed uncut by the BBFC.

Summary: If you don't like this sort of thing you'll hate this movie, but if you're looking for a movie that will shock, scare, and smoother you with horror this movie has it by the bucketful.

Warning!: This film also contains real footage of animal abuse though this was given by PETA who receive a percentage of the profits.
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on 26 December 2012
I saw this on the horror channel a while ago.After seeing who directed it i very nearly switched it off but i gave it a go and to my surprise really enjoyed it.Ok some of the things going on in the film arnt nice (baby decaying and the animal cruelty)but its a dark film.Its a horror film for gods sake no happy endings here.Give it a go.uwe bolls best film to date.
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on 20 May 2009
Initially, I was shocked and disgusted that scenes of real animal cruelty should be tagged onto the start of something as escapist and absurd as a routine hooror gorefest. That was about three hours ago. I then watched the rest film in a state of semi-shock at what I'd just witnessed.


The "hammer torture" scene I found to be genuinely compelling as it is something I'd never seen before, and watching it on my 19" PC monitor it seemed (barring the odd skipped frame) pretty authentic. That apart, there was nothing remarkable about this film.

And now, back to those opening five minutes. One particular image stayed in my mind and I couldn't shake it. Indeed, when the film was starting I wasn't sure what I was watching until it was blindingly obvious. I am an animal lover, and I was drawn to the PETA website from whose films the early minutes of Seed are taken, and on there I witnessed a longer version of the animal cruelty scenes... and I cried my eyes out. If this film does nothing else, let it at least open people's eyes to the vile cruelty of those who exploit animals for skins nobody needs. Jennifer Lopez and other stars have recently taken to swanning around in real fur, and as far as I'm concerned they are bigger monsters than a guy with a sack on his head. Maybe - just maybe - that was Uwe Boll's point? We may abhor animal cruelty, but covering our eyes and pretending it doesn't happen won't make it go away!
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on 27 April 2015
Seed is a really great horror movie and also sick and twisted. The stand out scene is when seed kills a lady by smashing her head in with a hammer it is a long agonising scene that lasts for around 5 minutes and is hard to watch. The movie on the whole is worth watching.
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on 4 March 2014
Max Seed, a mass murderer, is scheduled for execution at the hands of Warden Wright.

After three attempts to electrocute, complete with boiling blood that steeps from his eyes, he's still alive.

The executioner, Wright & the doctor collectively agree, that the breathing Seed be pronounced dead.

He is bound and buried alive.

After biting & clawing his way to the surface, the enraged madman, is now bent on vengeance.....

So one of the reviewers on here stated that this breaks the boundaries on gore and physical violence. It truly does not. It's one of the most offencive pieces of poison that I have ever witnessed.

I'm not a Boll hater, some of his movies are quite enjoyable in a guilty way, but since all the hate has emerged for this man, he has tried to be controversial as this is the only way he can get recognition now is to rile his critics.

The actual story is quite good, it had potential, but then for no reason at all, we see animal torture, and eventually, an extended baby death sequence, which just offends in so many ways.

When the gore stops, the movie seems to stop too, we just have extended scenes of Pare looking a little concerned and wondering when the next death will happen.

This could have been some standard supernatural slasher, but Boll goes for the 'look at this' and fails on every single level.

And then there is the putrid, vile ending, with no remorse, and not a drop of consideration for the viewer.

Leave the film alone, don't be suckered into thinking that this could be anything other than poison to the senses.

Awful in every sense of the word.
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on 15 January 2009
I've just watched this film and have to admit, it wasn't to my liking. I actually closed my eyes for one part and I'm pretty hardened to hack & slash films!

The story was simple, the characters are inconsequential and the gore is a little over the top for me. I personally prefer thrillers and suspense films.

The opening scenes are actual footage of animal torture from the animal charity P.E.T.A. I found them horrendous to watch, but to be fair to the director (who is an avid supporter of P.E.T.A and is donating 50% of the films takings to the charity) the controversial scenes are an eye opener for thousands of people who may not realise that this brutality actually happens in some parts of the world. I certainly didn't think anyone was capable of such things and maybe by shocking a global audience into action something can be done about it.

That said, watch it at the risk of losing some sleep.
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on 1 March 2014
I am a horror fan, but I will confess that the opening scene of this movie was very disturbing, knowing what I was seeing being done to the animals was real, made it all the more disturbing and upsetting. I actually wondered what I had let myself in for.

However once passed that we are left with a dark and mostly gripping movie.

While there are scenes of graphic violence, I fealt it was really quite tame compared to some other movies I have seen, but that did not stop me from enjoying it.

The story is not original, we have seen it before. Serial killer on the loose, cop tracks down killer but does not kill him, killer sentenced to death but they fail. Then they make another stupid mistake, which results in the killer returning to business as usual before exacting his revenge.

But if I am honest I think it really is hard for film makers to be original, pretty much all angles have been covered for all genre of film, so we have to accept it. The only time it would really be a problem is if it is done wrong, I felt this film actually did it right. It has the atmosphere, good actors, good sets, convincing violence and visual effects. The story is done pretty well, and the film does try to explain some aspects in short flashes, but it does fail to explain why the killer does what he does.

Overall though this film is worth watching, if you are dead set against cruelty to animals then skip past the first few minutes, and settle down to an enjoyable horror movie.
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on 30 November 2008
The other reviewer pretty much described the movie - it's a HORROR movie!! I'm bored sick (no pun intended) of watching nicey, nicey serial killers' doing 'nasty' things to American teens over and over again, usually due to something that the kids did to them somewhere along the line, whom they end up killing at the end...yawn!

This one finally breaks the chain - a serial killer you can have NO empathy with; a truly disgusting opening segment (read the warning before viewing!); vile acts of murder (nice touch with the old lady tied up and (literally) knocked about but some poor CGI lets it down); and a suitably down beat ending (reminds me a little bit of 'The Mist' - also well worth checking out but for totally different reasons - but without the beam of hope in that movie). if you like gore, lashings of blood, a vile central character (knocks Freddie et al into a cocked hat) and NO 'happy, happy' ending - this is one for you!

Bad points? Very weak back story - all explained in one short scene; Seed utters not a word in the whole movie; very poor CGI in some parts; dull police characters (you also don't feel much sympathy with the lead detective at the end...well, I didn't anyway!!).

Oh yeah, you WILL need a bucket too - if you're weak stomached like that...
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