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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£3.01+ £2.03 shipping
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on 10 March 2010
Let me start by saying that I've been waiting for this game for a long, long time.

I got the game of Amazon right when it came out. Installation went without a problem - and that is about the only truly positive feeling about the game.
When I run it for the first time the sound was broken. Only some sounds would play ie gunshots but there was no music or dialogue. Bad start. Quick trip onto the web and I found out I'm not alone here - game cannot properely deal with sound on PC and needs certain speaker and sound quality set in Windows or it won't work properely so I had to switch off my Dolby Digital (which works in every single other game including Diablo 2).

Okay, sound sorted, let's play. First impression here - console port. A bit wooden control over the character and limiter interaction but otherwise ok. Graphics not up to current standard in my opinion and maps a bit smallish.
I played a while and unfortunatelly I didn't get any of the original AvP feel. When playing a marine aliens seem armoured (you can expend half a clip from Pulse Rifle hitting one without killing it) - that's not how it was in the game or the movie. Also, you can get into melee with a few xenomorphs and survive - you can even survive facehugger attack... I mean, seriously, would bashing an alien with a rifle help you reckon?

There's no feeling of danger lurking in every corner, no feeling of fear when you see aliens going at you knowing that you have to kill'em before they get to you... no you just let them in and besh'em with the rifle. There's no feeling of immersion in the universe or the story.

Checkpoint system seems a bit broken as well. I'm not a fan of checkpoints and prefer to do my own saves but if you put a checkpoint system into the game it would be nice if it worked. On a few occasions I'd go through a few point where is says checkpoint, then die and find out that I'm at the beginning of the level.

All in all, if you're a fan of AvP 1 & 2 think twice before buying this, maybe try a demo first. Now that I bought it I know I'd be better of playing one of the previous games again rather than this.
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on 3 March 2010
Many of these console ports as they seem to be, are just poor compared to pc specific game.

This game is no different, It may be an 18 but the console type prompts to click and things like the predator jumping just feel very limited, because it is!!!. You have to stand in just the right place to make a super jump. it would have been much better if you would just anywhere, if you didn't make it, well that's life.

- It does feel very limited and confined in what a character can do.

- Graphics are nothing special.

- Heavily scripted, some stages involve a constant spawning of aliens until you get out or complete and objective. I for one hate spawning.

On the plus side the Marine's motion sensor is great and does add to the atmosphere. Aliens jump all over the wall and like to hang from ceilings.
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on 23 February 2010
The atmosphere this game can potentially create is great. The graphics are very pretty, the sound is superb.

The gameplay, can be really good, with aliens jumping up and down walls, the atmosphere of the flares is great. The guns sound and feel like decent weapons.

All of the above would make it seem like this is an enjoyable first person shooter.

However it falls flat on its face due to being a console port.

The game relies on immersion and atmosphere but I totally lost those due to the frustration and annoyance with the engine interaction. E.g. unavoidable long 'in-game-cut-scenes' that you cant avoid or control in. I was getting so frustrated at one just now it made me turn off and write this review. If I see an alien spawning, I dont sit there and wait 4 seconds doing nothing but watching it in middle of crosshairs for it to get out of its egg only to let the thing run off and hide to get a sneak attack. Utterly annoying.
Another console port feature that is really frustrating and annoying, check points with no option to save except saving at checkpoints. ugh! This is a PC game, we've had harddisks and ability to save at random points since forever, the checkpoints are a totally lame attempt to make out there is more to this bare-bones content game than there is.

This game is short as anything very short, but its turning out 'long' as a frustrating side effect of the checkpoints needing to redo large quanties of content over and over if you die near the end of a check point. ugh. Check points are awful and no one wants them, least of all a pc shooter.

IF this game didnt have checkpoints, it didnt have the "static unable to do anything while a mini-ingame cut scene plays" moments id give to 3-4 stars instead. I wish this game had proper 3d interaction as most made for pc games have. Such as crysis, stalker, battlefieldseries, valves games. I would of given 5* to such a game and praised it to high heaven. Instead we have what feels like a very static consoled game, very linear, an uber marine can not hop over a low barrier fence, pfft. I am glad I only played £17 for this cheap on amazon else id be far more annoyed and give this a rage-1* review instead.

Unlike some other reviews, I had no problems running this game. I have an i7, 6gb ram, ati 4850 graphics card, it all ran fine and smooth as a babies arse. I cant falter what is under the hood, only the consoleitis interface/interaction problems that are a result of the port.
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VINE VOICEon 30 August 2013
This game looks pretty good. The graphics are superb when turned up to max. However, I have had to lower the resolution on my mid range PC.

It's not a bad game. Playing as a marine is OK, except you get mobbed by aliens at times and it's a matter of luck if you survive while frantically trying to spot them. It's more fun as a predator, going invisible. Probably the best fun is as an Alien, crawling along the walls and ceiling.

Somehow, it didn't grab me. I haven't finished it but may go back to it again. However, I'm not complaining. It was great value at purchase price of 1p!
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on 26 May 2010
I have been waiting for another Aliens vs Predator game for almost 10 years and I gotta say AvP 2010 was a huge disappointment for me. For a start the single player story had copied some elements from the dreadful AvP films, instead of carrying on from the previous AvP game.

The Alien campaign was extremely short for my liking, the mechanics used for the Alien however were pretty good. I liked how the Alien could move about, and use focus attacks. But they also removed some elements such as the Aliens lifecycle from AvP2, and the ability to head bite victims whilst standing.

The Marine campaign was ok and probably the longer of all three. But there are alot of weapons missing from the previous games, you only get a Pistol, Smartgun, Flamethrower, Shotgun and Pulse Rifle. There is no Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers or Minigun. Even though I wasn't really concerned about that, but the scare aspect of playing as the Marine didn't exist for me.

Playing the previous two AvPs, the Marine levels filled you with tension and fear. Also I thought that it was too easy even on the Harder difficulties. Showing the player where to go in my opinion makes the game pointless to play. I like to find my way around levels instead of been shown where to go. Also there were many weapons missing from the Predators arsenal such as the EMP Pistol, Net gun and the Speargun.

Predator had some decent mechanics such as the focus jump system which I did find quite pleasurable. Stalking prey from tree tops and waiting for the right moment to strike. However again the campaign was too short, and the levels were all the same. Each character would play the same levels but at different perspectives which I found EXTREMELY repetitive. The Trophy kills for the Predator were quite impressive and is enjoyable finishing your victims off.

All in all though it is an AvP game to an extent and can be fun to play, however due to the fact that most AvP fans were waiting almost 10 years for this game, it is suffice to say that this game doesn't exceed its predecessors expectations and as a result is a sad disappointment.

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on 7 September 2013
I am a big fan of the AVP franchise but this one's a bit of a let down.
Graphics are much better then any previous games in the AVP series but thats about it.
Gameplay and story both fall short for me. It just kind of feels like they rushed it to make a few quid out of the name.
No real intensity just lot's of boring alien sequences to provide you with canon fodder.

This ones going in the bin.
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on 11 July 2013
Don't let the bad reviews put you off this a good game far superior to the horse crap colonial marines especially if your looking for a recent offering into the aliens universe then this is your best bet, the graphics have held up well considering the games age, However there is one slight winkle and that is the story is a little on the weak side but doesn't distract from the good gameplay.
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on 26 August 2016
AvP has an unusual structure, offering three single player campaigns plus several multiplayer modes. You have the chance to play as marine, alien, and predator and although the story line in each campaign is independent of the others they do exist within the same story arc. I really enjoyed all three campaigns, although the predator gameplay and mechanics were the least satisfying. The marine campaign is the most challenging, as you often feel underpowered against the aliens, but it’s not frustrating and this vulnerability certainly adds to the already considerable tension. Playing as an alien can be disorientating at times and the movement system takes some getting used to but it’s worth it for the fun to be had stalking the marines and scientists. Playing as a predator, although still enjoyable, was not quite as much fun, and I found the gameplay and combat systems in this campaign less convincing than in the others. The atmosphere throughout is impressive and the graphics are good (although some animations are a little muddy in colour). The voice acting is also good, which helps to add to the compelling atmosphere. It isn’t a long game (I took my time, but still completed the three campaigns in about 15 hours) and the multiplayer seems pretty much dead (I did manage a few games, but only with friends) but if you can get it on sale, as I did, it’s well worth a few quid. Despite its flaws this game successfully recreates the atmosphere and edginess of the movies and should not disappoint fans of the two franchises.
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on 27 February 2013
ok the predator gameplay is the most fun being the iconic hunter from the movie is so awesome but its lacking is story in my opionion and i got stuck on one level for over A HOUR! because there is no waypoint the ailen gameplay is so annyoing that it brings the game down i gave up after a hour because i got lost and didnt know how to continue it does not show you and the marine gameplay is to hard to aim you have a crappy pistol most of the time hardly get to use the decent guns and when you do you run out of ammo after killing 2 or 3 ailens graphics are pretty nice and overall i ok game but the predator side is the best
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Firstly, I would like to say that I am a big fan of the 'AvP' series and eagerly awaited the release of this instalment. The game is divided into three, playing as the Alien, Marine and of course, Predator.
Rebellion, the team responsible for the last PC outing, have done a fantastic job of staying canon; with the sounds, locales and weapons all intact and recognisable. This instalment does not disappoint, it is one of the most atmospheric games I have ever played, topping some of the greats (Dead Space, Bioshock etc), there is nothing quite like the heightened fear you feel listening to the blinking sounds of a damaged light fixture and the shadows it casts as something moves in the gloom. I could sing the praises of the atmosphere and level design and graphic capability (if a little resource-hungry) all day, however I would like to alert people to the potential things that will make you dislike this game and hopefully save you some cash!
The Predator is extremely well animated, the 'Focus Jump' mechanic makes moving around the level very easy and after a little while you can become extremely proficient at getting into prime spots undetected, the weapons are good, however some of the favourites from the last game are missing, most noticeably the spear gun. The disc, whilst present in a form, is a mere shadow of it's former self. The auto-return feature is a bit ridiculous as previously you had to expend power to magnetically recall it and this made the user think about the end placement a little more, rather than throwing it regardless like a game of Frisbee. The Combi-Stick however is a welcome addition, which is extremely effective, again, the auto-return is ridiculously quick but the net result is that it replaces the need for the spear-gun.
The Alien is very much unchanged - Run up walls, over the ceiling, drop down, bite peoples head's off, repeating as necessary. The claws and the tail make up the light and heavy attacks respectively. It's main strength is speed and stealth making it an interesting character to play, however it gets very tedious as there is only so many objectives you can be given and lot of them are just repeated ad infinitum.
Finally, the Marine is....just awful. I want to enjoy the marine as it is the closest thing to making this a legitamate FPS, however there are some fundamentally flawed mechanics. Primarily the thing that infuriates me the most is the run function. I figured a colonial marine would be quite fit, however the protagonist in this case runs about as far as an asthmatic, chain-smoking desk-worker with a club foot before stopping dead, gasping for breath. In an environment where your primary enemy is a very fast running creature this is just insanity, as a result the Marine 'feels' very heavy. The weapons are no saving grace, the ammo is far too sporadic meaning panic induced spraying is out the window (bearing in mind you can't run either!) and anything with a bit of power to it either spews ammo at an unfeasible rate (we're looking at you flamethrower) or means that you will be showered in molecular acid and die instantly if you land a hit(shotgun).
All in all, this is an excellent game, but it's not the saviour of the oft-sneered at AvP universe. The game will often take your breath away in awe as the hairs stand up on your neck but many-a-time you will be left very very frustrated that you have been killed and have to do it all again from the checkpoint (Oh yes, it's a checkpoint based save system)
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