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VINE VOICEon 6 November 2009
After my old Tom Tom One V2 died a horrible death, I replaced it with the Naviman F45 - and I have to say so far... I am impressed.

The Sat Nav is slimline, with a large widescreen. Despite being slim, it feels robust, and the display is crisp and bright. You can choose from 3d or 2d map displays, and the 3D map display is more detailed than the old tom tom I used to have. There are audiable warnings when approaching speed cameras, and in certain areas, this sat nav pops up the speed limit for the road you're travelling on, (particularily in 30mph zones.)

The sat nav also senses when its being used at night, and automatically switches to a night version, and the spoken voice is loud and clear, with the male voice seemingly clearer than the female one.

The sat nav is wonderfully flexible, and you can opt to enter a post code to find your way round, or punch in a town or city, and ask it to take you to the centre of that town. I have tried this option in Looe, Paignton and Torquay whilst on holiday - and it worked like a charm every single time. It also can record your route, and you've the usual flexability with routes as to whether you want the fastest or shortest way round. There are enhanced motorway exit options as well, so you know in plenty of time where you need to take your exit.

Some of the menu options are a bit fiddly, but with a bit of time, you soon will get the best out of this wonderful little sat nav. In my opinion, knocks the socks off the Tom Tom - which was glithy, prone to crashes and freezes and left me high and dry on my holiday. For people like me, who can't find their way out of a paper bag - it's a godsend. In my opinion, for £80 you won't find better.
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on 17 November 2009
Right, this s what you should know,


1)The sat nav works fast and does the job, No fancy stuff like altering the route to traffic or anything like that, no blue tooth either.

2)You have more than one colour theme for the map to find the most comfortable for you.

3)BIG screen. big touch screen buttons, not a problem to navigate.

4)In my opinion the best buy for that price range.

5) you can turn on and off the places of intrest that pop up on the map as you drive along. I only turn on petrol stations, traffic cameras and cash machines.


1) Once you charge it the battery life is very short.
2) doesn't come with a usb cable only car charger.
3) no free subscription to map updates.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 January 2010
After my last nightmare with travelling to visit a friend at her new home, my husband persuaded me that I HAD to get a Sat Nav. The journey is a mere 30 miles and it took me nearly two hours. Unfortunately I am one of those people that convinces themselves that "Oh yeah that looks like the right direction/road/turn off". I subsequently end up getting more and more lost. My car now resembles the display rack for A-Z's in a garage. I end up getting so frustrated that I end up purchasing a local map pf every town I have ever got lost in. Therefore to save myself another hundred quid in the next year of my travels I took the plunge and decided the hubby was right.

My friends and family are ahead of the game when it comes to Sat Nav's and between them they have nearly every brand of Sat Nav going. The downside to this is the conflicting reviews and opinions of which ones are good and which ones aren't. I decided that I would do my own bit of research on various review websites and check prices and then make a decision based on that. I decided that all I wanted was a reasonably priced and reasonably basic Sat Nav. As long as it gets me from A-B I would be quite happy. Looking around the market I sadly realised that if you wanted to you could spend a small fortune on one and this prompted me to look at cheaper and maybe unheard of brands of Sat Nav. I cam across the Navman on Amazon and was pretty impressed with the 4.5 out of 5 star rating from reviewers. After reading the info it seemed like this was the one for me, cheap AND basic.

When I received the Sat Nav it was quite a small box and inside all you had was the Navman itself, a charger for your car, the suction mount for your windscreen and the paperwork. The guide book was pretty small but seemed to cover most areas but I decided (in my impatience) that I could figure it out for myself without reading the guide. Thankfully I was right. The unit itself is 13.7 cm (W) x 1.9 cm (D) x 8 cm (H) and is really light weighing in at only 0.15kg. The screen display is 4.3" wide and is surprisingly clear (resolution 480 x 272). It has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a life of around 3 hours and comes pre-loaded with Great Britain and Ireland Maps.

The unit is used by touch screen and the layout of the menus is very easy. You can decide to plot your route with places of interest, postcode, towns or roads. Also the places of interest you can personalise so that if you want to see all ATM's but not Golf Clubs you can choose to tick or un-tick the relevant boxes. The first journey I used it on involved Motorway driving and I was pleasantly surprised that not only does it give you clear spoken instructions as well as a 3D moving Map but it also specifies which exit to take and then reminds you a second time. Not only that but it also has safety camera warnings already pre-loaded on the machine. There is a choice of female or male voices to choose from but I ended up opting for the male voice because it seemed to be a little bit clearer than the female one. The maps are very clear and you can choose from 2D or 3D and the screen display also has the ability to change from day settings on your screen to night setting. This is done automatically unless you manually change this option.

All in all I cannot complain about one aspect of this Sat Nav and think it is incredible value for money. There are no complicated instructions, no need to do anything with software, everything comes pre-loaded, and most importantly it does the job. I am sure that there are many Sat Nav's that have far superior technology than this one but if all you want is a basic Sat Nav then this is the one for you.
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on 31 March 2010
I was reluctant to buy a satnav but was bullied into it by my grown up children who have them. Im not really confident with new technology and thought I may not be able to use it and it would just sit unused in the box.... I was so wrong. Its easy to set up and very easy to use with the clear onscreen instructions to follow, even I found them easy. I'd recommend this model (Navman F45)which has a good size clear screen with easy to follow directions. I think the price is excellent for what you're getting. I would fully recommend it.
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on 20 May 2010
This is my second navman, the issue having been forced when Navman stopped producing updates and downloads for my old one. As a UK GPS, it is very easy to use and very pleasant to use and gets a satellite fix much quicker than it's predecessors. But WHY have they stopped making the map downloads? There is not even a slot for SD cards anymore. So instead of buying a card with the maps for another country (Europe, USA) one now has to buy A WHOLE NEW SYSTEM! That strikes me as wasteful and a bit of a rip-off really.
And Navman support is really poor. The company have just been taken over by Mio, and if you go to their website and try to find support, you cannot even find this model in their support query drop-down menu. So if you have problems, you can either try their chargeable phone line (with very restricted hours of operation) or try their e-mail and hope that someone reads it correctly and realises which model you have problems with.
I used to love Navman, I think I'll be switching to something else and selling my newest Navman on E-bay
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on 16 March 2010
A great SatNav for the price, but after receiving it I noted on the box that it was compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Most items that are Vista compatible are also compatible with Windows 7. However, if you check the website this one is not, although they say that there is one in the pipeline. It means that I shall have to find a Vista (or XP computer) to do any future backups. Probably by the time I need to I shall replace it with a Win 7 compatible model. Apart from that it is a very good piece of kit and works perfectly. It certainly does all that the average motorist needs at a very reasonable price.
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on 20 January 2010
I've used the navman a few times now. It was fairly easy to set up and I didn't need to spend days reading a manual. I set it for the shortest route at first which was a bit weird when it tried to get me down a side road as I was about to go onto the motorway. The on-off switch is a bit weedy and can't be operated in gloves. I like the large screen and the choice of colour schemes etc. I would have preferred more than three voices to choose from, one of which is a smarmy woman, another an officious bloke. The third one is OK and we call her Ethel. Overall it's a good Christmas pressie and it's good to hit the HOME button wherever you are.
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on 4 March 2010
Until about 18 months ago I never thought about getting a satnav but after a lot of people kept saying how wonderful they were I thought I would give it a try. When you ask people what they think is the best buy there is always as many diferent answers as there are people. So had a look round in the end a shop recomended a garmin I was not happy very clear screen but it did send you on very roundabout routs.I then tried a Navigon very good reviews and I did find it beter. I have now purchased a Navman f45 I did read the reviews before purchase and it seems they were mostly right in being positive.I have only had it a few weeks but so far I am very pleased with it.
You can also set waypoints if you want to change any part of the routing.
It seems all the satnav's will get you to where you want to go, but if you always follow it on a long journey
it can sometimes be a mystery tour.I have found the Navman f45 to be the best satnav I have owned but would always take a map as back up.
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on 5 October 2009
excellent, very easy to use, (needs to be for me) just had the one for england and wont travel without it. cheaper version but ave used the more expensive ones and find them much harder and route instructions not so clear
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on 4 November 2009
Upon returning from living in Saudi Arabia for 10 years and as ladis are not allowed to drive, i was not very confident driving again.I also had know idea of the area where i lived.Navman has been my lifesaver, it has enabled me to locate companies by inserting only their postcode. Also indicates speed cameras, I have found it invaluable.I fully recommend the purchase of this equipment.
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