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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 March 2017
Colin Baker collection of Doctor Who dvds is now complete. He isn't the boys favourite doctor (they prefer David Tennant and Matt Smith) but this story is still good fun to watch and completes the collection.
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on 18 May 2017
Not one of the best Dr Who stories.
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on 22 May 2017
Can't wait to see my autistic sons face next year when we give him this and lots of other things thank you xxx
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on 21 January 2015
Very much appreciated
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on 21 November 2016
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It has to be said that for fans of Doctor Who, this one's all about searching for the positives, and there are some honestly! Colin Baker's first serial as the Timelord was actually part of Peter Davison's final season, rather than a new one for him. Strangely, I couldn't have imagined Davison's Doctor in this story; the garish colours, poorly realised monsters and weak script immediately put Baker's position in jeopardy; was this pantomime really our favourite Sci-fi TV show?

The positives are Baker's aggressive and unbalanced portrayal of The Doctor after his recent regeneration; unfortunately this went a bit too far but was an exciting and unpredictable way for a new incarnation of the Timelord to behave, and the scenes where he tries to throttle his companion Peri (many viewers would not have complained if he had) are well-directed, and thanks to the incidental music, tense and worrying. Kevin McNally as ace pilot Hugo Lang also lends much needed gravitas and style to the proceedings, whilst Maurice Denham as Azmael, Master of Jaconda, is typically classy.

The rest is a bit of a mess really, with the slug-like Mestor looking about as threatening as, well a garden slug, his Jacondan slaves looking like pantomime characters, and the twins Romulus and Remus, who are frankly pretty wet.

Many fans (including Russell T Davies interestingly) see this story as the point where their show went down the tubes completely, and it is notable that this is the final Colin Baker DVD to be released on DVD. Whilst there are some good moments, they are few and far between and the serial ultimately looks cheap, tacky, and shoddily made.
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on 5 October 2015
fab thanks
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on 20 October 2008
After getting a copy of this and The Caves Of Androzani I persuaded my best mate to sit down and watch the two back-to-back to go through the classic best-and-worst back-to-back Doctor Who experience. Having watched the excellent Caves Of Androzani many times and rated it as highly as it's reputation suggests I was interested to see if The Twin Dilemma lived up to it's fan ranking of worst ever serial. It was much worse than I expected. My mate was glued to Caves, but was clearly having difficulty staying awake during Twin Dilemma. He spent most of his time reading the Caves Of Androzani sleeve notes or trying to get comfortable on the sofa. I had a headache and nasty pain behind my eyes. Firstly the good bits: By far the best thing about the whole serial is Mestor, the big sluggy alien thing, because he is FUNNY - to clarify, we were laughing AT him, not WITH him. Nicola Bryant as Peri is always watchable because she is cute, and Kevin McNally and Maurice Denham put in passable performances, although both look distinctly embarrassed by the fact that they were caught up in this whole dreadful business. I am also loving the tin-foil computer thing - I can imagine them all grilling their sausages on it after filming whilst in tears mourning the end of Doctor Who as we knew it. Now, the bad bits: Colin Baker, those twins, dreadful continuity issues, rubbish story, endless repetition, over-long scenes with zero content - pointless time-wasting to try to fill 100 minutes - there's one bit where Azmael takes a few attempts to try to contact someone with no notable plot reason - I'm surprised the ref didn't blow up for time-wasting. A number of red cards should have flown about with this one. Early baths all round. Don't watch it because it's the worst ever and you're curious - that way madness lies. The only reason you should watch this is if you want to make yourself ill. I'm sure The Doctor will sign you off for a week.
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on 27 September 2014
Even some of the weakest Doctor Who stories I can normally site through in their entirety; but The Twin Dilemma I just couldn't finish. It's truly that bad. The production on the first serial for the Sixth Doctor is poor even for the 1980s and besides the performances from Colin Baker as The Doctor and Nicola Bryant as companion Peri, the performances are incredibly wooden particularly from the actors playing the twins.

There are several strong contenders for worst Doctor Who serial/episode ever, but I don't know if it can get worse than this.
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Peter davison's doctor went out on a high in the story the caves of androzani. A story that ticked all the boxes in regards to what doctor who fandom wants from one. What followed was the twin dilemma. And sometimes lighting doesn't strike twice in a row.

It was a bold move to end the season with a complete story rather than make the viewer wait a year to see him again.

It was a bold move to make the new doctor brash and initially unlikeable, especially whilst he goes through the usual post regeneration trauma.

It was a bold move to give him a totally outlandish costume.

But such experimenation can't compete with the money having run out, a script that didnt work and had to be heavily re-written, and some rather poor acting from some of the guest stars.

Not to mention the lack of money leading to some very poor choices set design and costume wise.

So the new doctor goes through four episodes trying to find his feet, nearly killing his companion, and trying to save the universe at the same time.

I can often watch old doctor whos and admire how the production team managed to get something that could air out of weak scripts and no money. But that sometimes doesnt offer much compensation to the viewer looking for entertainment.

It's not all bad. Maurice denham offers a typically distinguished performance as another time lord. And by the end the sixth doctor will have grown on you. But the entertainment it offers on the way could be so much more.

Anyway, if you're a fan, you'll already know if you're going to buy this or not. If you're a casual buyer, what else can the disc offer you?

the following extras wise:

a commentary from colin baker, nicola bryant [companion peri] and kevin mcnally [one of the guest cast].

The star man. a short interview with the designer of the title sequence, showing how it was amanded for this new doctor. he does have a few interesting titbits to say and for a real curiosity this offers the glimpse of a version of the sequence that was never used, which has the doctor winking.

look 100 years younger: this runs eleven minutes and has colin baker and a comedienne/fashion designer called amy lame watching clips of old doctors and commenting on their costumes. they do manage to come up with some interesting comments. but the whole thing is worth it for the end when thanks to the miracles of cgi you get to see the sixth doctor in a costume much closer to what colin baker wanted.

Stripped for action: latest in a series of documentaries looking at the life of the doctor in comic strip form, this runs seventeen minutes and focuses on these elements that made the run highly regarded by those in the know: the clever writing of steve parkhouse. The superb art of john ridgway. and frobisher, the doctors comic strip companion. a shapeshifting alien trapped in the form of a penguin. If you've never read the strip, then this might just make you want to know more. as all good documentaries should.

Breakfast time has ten minutes worth of an interview with colin baker and nicola bryant on the bbc show of the time. it jumps about a bit as they came back to them several times over the course of the morning, and colin baker changes out of his costume in the meantime. but this has some delights. watch him masterfully correct selina scott as to it being the doctor rather than doctor who, and watch nicola bryant wonder whether she should do peri's accent and then decide not to.

Colin baker is an equally affable interviewee in a nine minbute clip from blue peter of the time, and watching him managing to keep the blue peter cat under control is a very interesting distraction. you'll also marvel at the way he manages to profess an ethusiasm for his cotume that he didn't really feel.

like all the others in the range it has:

continuity trailers from bbc one of the time

a photo gallery of stills from the story and the production

production informaiton subtitles

radio times billings as a pdf file

a trailer for the next release in the range

english language and subtitles and english audio captioning.

for an easter egg watch the disc on a computer and move the pointer over the first special features screen till a hidden doctor who logo lights up. click on this for four minutes of footage of the location filming. with absolutely no soundtrack.

so whilst there's not a lot extras wise the quality of some of them just about this release as a whole to a 3/5. Are they enough to make you want to buy it, though?

That's up to you
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