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Casualty 1900s [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 2 January 2010
If, like me, you missed out on some of these fantastic authentic historical-educational-medical-romantic romps but really enjoyed the odd episode you tuned into, then this dvd is a real must! Be reasurred, ALL 10 episodes have the same quality of production standards as that little gem of an epiosde you caught on the hop. What's really nice is having a complete series in a shelf-freindly pack. It's the bbc showing off it's greatest asset - historical costume drama second to none. Nice to have some authentic historical interest running through the series. TV should have been the greatest educational tool ever - this series sits on the shelf with pride and is perfect for those stay-in evenings! There are no extras, which might disappoint some fans of certain actors, but there are subtitles and the picture quality of this box set is very high grade. Highly recommended.
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on 29 August 2015
For a friend and she loves it.
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on 30 August 2009
"ER" or "Casulaty" in a historical setting, where the stories are based on hospital records; personal memoirs or newspaper clippings. You follow the staff at the the Royal London Hospital around the clock and during various events. The nurses are supposed to live like nuns - remain unmarried; live within the hospital walls and be on constant call. They have to dress in corsets; large aprons; starched collars and caps. The doctors at the London are men only, although women doctors were allowed at the time, but not at the London. No romancing between nurses and doctors is allowed. If an attraction should occur, the nurse has to leave the hospital. The population is from London's East End; the poorest of the poor; many immigrants from all parts of the world. The main problem is not disease itself, but poverty and lack of knowledge - very much a similar situation to a developing country of today, but this is London only 100 years ago. There are no antibiotics; x-rays are just started to be used as a diagnostic tool. The different stories are brought to life by excellent actors portraying, not only the personal aspects of life, but also professional dilemmas, which someone working in a hospital setting today can easily relate to. As always with BBC the set production is fantastic! I couldn't stop - I just watched all the episodes in one go and recommend everybody else to do the same!
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on 20 July 2009
Casualty 1900s is a brilliant series that takes place in the London hospital in the early 20th century, when medical science was still developing. The storylines are based on real events recorded in diaries, notebooks and police reports. This is a period drama with a difference, as it focuses on the lives of the poor, immigrants, doctors, nurses and police. There is plenty of action, drama, suspense, humour and brilliant acting that make it addictive viewing. You can't help but care about the characters involved, the nurses and doctors who literally dedicate their lives to helping others. Although I love programmes like Cranford and Lark Rise, Casualty 1900s is unique because it focuses on city life, and is an original drama, and you learn a lot about this fascinating time in history just by watching each episode. This DVD is brilliant because it combines the latest series, Casualty 1909 with the earlier series, Casualty 1907 and the one-off special Casualty 1906. Definately recommended.
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on 7 December 2010
Casualty 1900s [DVD]
My, I didn't want this series to end. It was rather like dropping down into history & viewing a particular time then flying away again. There was no beginning nor any ending. The fact that all of these incidents are true makes seeing this series even better. Comparing medicine then to today is fascinating. So very well done with a stellar cast to boot makes this series a must have for anyone interested in medicine of any sort.
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on 19 April 2013
Well, this is one of the better series that I've watched on tv. Am really sorry it was only one season. The series is set in the London Hospital at the beginning of the century. It is based on the records that have been kept from those days. Nurses reports. medical reports and Administrative reports. The public medical system is seen from every perspective. You will need a strong stomach but it will make you appreciate our present day medicine! The acting is wonderful from everyone. You feel you really know them.

As I said I would love another series!
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on 22 November 2012
This was a disappointing purchase.
I knew it was imported but the description never said about it being German.
I needed English subtitles which the DVD did not have the option of having English Subtitles.
Very disappointing.
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on 2 January 2014
This series combines several intermittent sets of programmes recreating from original documents, records and diaries, life in the London Hospital in 1906-10.

I recently got my brother to give me this for xmas, as I have for the last year been acting as voluntary archivist for my local 250 year old hospital. I have handled hundreds of images, documents, and spoken to many elderly nurses, and in virtually every respect this dramatic recreation of the London Hospital in the early 1900s is perfect.

It is also a drama of personalities, ranging from the brilliant but flawed cocaine-addicted Dr Dean to the workaday laconic receiving-room Dr Culpin, from all-seeing and all-considering Matron Eva Luckes to would-be doctor Nurse Ethel Bennett, from members of the committee ever seeking to fundraise, and down to the very poor people always finding their way into the receiving room. Issues with the state of medicine at the time are mixed with personal stories, such as that of Nurse Goodley caring for political agitator Saul Landau, or Dr Henry Head seeking specific answers to questions of the nervous system by having himself operated on and noting the effects. A number of the stories are moving and are not just brilliantly acted but very well set and staged - everything is in front of the camera, and it is very convincing.

I cannot speak for the out-of-hospital issues - for example the gang troubles - that act as catalysts to the hospital drama, but in terms of sets and set dressing, costumes, ward-life and bedside manner, inter-relationships of doctors, nurses, matron, sisters, etc., and the training of the probationers, this recreation is like looking through a prism at the past life. I regularly deal with images of wards, of nursing, of social occasions among the staff of that very period, and as well sometimes of theatres, maternity and patients being treated. It is often difficult to understand what is happening in a snapshot, but a drama like this - so very well done as it is - has given me an extra insight.

I cannot recommend it more highly - it is like time travel!
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on 23 April 2017
Had to stay in all day as had my wisdom teeth out
What a brilliant box set to recoup with
Really enjoyed this , just as good as the Knick
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on 21 March 2010
I am a fan of most good Victorian era dramas set in England and this one doesn't disappoint. The casting, writing, and acting are all very good, but of course the BBC does historical drama like no one else. There is no attempt to gloss over the grittiness and difficulty of life during this period in the East End of London and it is rather educational without the educational feel. There is just something about the fact that it is based on actual events that makes it especially intriguing. I only wish there were twice as many episodes, but it is a good value as is and one I will watch repeatedly.
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