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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Platinum Edition|Change
Price:£10.25+ £2.26 shipping

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on 1 January 2010
I remember playing this the first time as a demo on playstation network, I thought it was great!
Having bought the full game over a year ago, and still playing now, I feel I must write a review.

Basically, its just great fun! I appreciate and have played all of the CoD series, including the new one, but I think it says a lot that I have got bored of MW2 already, and have continued playing this again.

The ability to destroy buildings, use tanks, helicopters, armoured cars, boats etc all add to the fun, and it is completely balanced because there are ways and means of bringing down a tank on your own.

The maps are a lot bigger than on CoD, so if you prefer more of a battlefield type feel, then this will be for you (as the name suggests!).

To conclude, if you like a bit of fun without the hardcore seriousness of CoD then I really do recommend this title. And at this new low price, you just can't go wrong. Sure, the graphics may not be as sharp as the new titles, but the playability more than makes up for it!

Bring on Battlefield Bad Company 2 I say :)
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on 16 May 2015
I'd read a lot of positive comments about the Battlefield: Bad Company games so thought I would check them out for myself & boy, was I glad I did. The banter between our 4 heroes is awesome & each of the characters is immensely likeable, which makes the single player game even more enjoyable to play. Graphically the game is starting to look its age a bit now (although still looks pretty decent even in 2015), however, the gunplay is first rate and the weapons feel solid & accurate, with plenty of buildings & scenery to destroy and various vehicles to be commandeered whenever you want to. The sequel is even better fun than this, but if you're still yet to play the original then you should get yourself a copy of this asap - your PS3 deserves this game!
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on 21 July 2010
After I finished this game, I sat back and though this would make a great movie. There ain't many movies based on games that are any good but this could be one.

You are a member of a four man squad of drop outs sent out on a seemingly suicide mission. You have an alteriour motive to snaffle a cache of gold and the two story threads inter-twine as you play out the game. Good story, entertaining characters and great dialogue result in an entertaining shooter.

This game has the best destructable environments i've seen. I shot every red barrel, tank and box for the sheer fun of it. Interestingly, instead of recoverable health, you get a syringe that you administer when you want to top up health. Believe me, it comes in handy. Weapons are 'collectors items' but you need to search about to keep ammo topped up. You can also drive vehicles.

The graphics are good, not great and the score does a decent job of creating a bit of tension at times without getting on your nerves. The controls are cumbersome but you do get used to the quirks and the game auto saves frequently at logical points.

Spread over eight large levels with multiple objectives, BBC is a highly entertaining game. It is easy to see why the sequel is popular. The multiplayer is also good fun.

This game is well worth your cash and No 2 is on my most wanted list.
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on 26 February 2010
The first impression of the game is the cinematic feel to it even at the main menu with relaxing music and background scenes from game locales. The characters of the game are very fun and extremely human, you get the sense of being in an army that just thinks of you as a bullet in a gun. The story is not that original or compelling, but great action and dialogue covers for that plenty. A great deal of weapons are available to find throughout the stages and are not too difficult to find. But I'd have to say the game's main awesome and original feature, is your ability to blow stuff up. And I don't mean explosive barrels and tanks, I mean anything. For example if your enemy is covering behind a flimsy wooden wall then a grenade or explosive charge on that wall would simply tear the wall down and possibly eliminate your enemy. Finally you can drive APCs, buggys with machine-guns and tanks. Oh and an awesome Sikorsky helicopter... I recommend it if you like quality shooters. oh and the controls are very nice.
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on 28 December 2009
When I first saw the Battlefield games on my brother's PC, I was drooling. Stunning graphics & gameplay, excellent on-line facilities.
And so finally it hit the PS3 and that's when I realised that it's really meant for the on-line aspect of it's appeal, the single player story mode is a bit feable...playable but not outstanding.

The missions are very short so it feels like there's a cut-scene every 5 minutes. The enemy A.I. isn't great either, which is probably why you only really feel challenged on the on-line multiplayer mode.
The arenas the missions are set in are also quite small, and you're not allowed to wander off out of these. They are well rendered though, with very little or no pop-up, nothing too discernable anyway.

The selection of weapons is very good, but you're limited to carrying only 1 at a time...i don't mind realism but i miss not being able to carry a proper arsenal around ;)

So basically, Battlefied: Bad Co. is mainly geared for on-line gameplay, as the standard mode isn't inspiring at all.
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on 28 July 2014
Didn't work on my PC to much hassle to return
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on 23 November 2015
Great game as the shooting and combat range of this game is fantastic. All weapons and missions are fun as well as the characters and story to this game.
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on 4 June 2015
Glad I bought this again, classic sand box action, never get tired of playing even though I get my butt kicked online :)
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on 5 October 2012
u have to use a map to know where u r going u have a team of 3 with u . that r dump and dont even help. if u r lost.
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on 17 February 2010
I was given this game at Christmas having played the demo. I started the single player mode which is very good and a great place to practice the moves, controls and strategy of the game. However, it was not long before I went and tried the multiplayer and now I am totally hooked.

It gets very intense at times and with full surround sound via an optical cable from the PS3 to the sound system, you are totally immersed in the battle. I bought a copy for my son who lives 170 miles away and now him and I team up. We are waiting to get headsets so that we can really communicate.

I really like the various things you can do and be; from a sniper with the ability to unlock a bomb aimer to a support person with a great light machine gun. You can drive or be a passenger in tanks, fly gunships, drive other vehicles or just run around looking for the enemy.

The scenarios are good and my favorite is the Conquest mode. All in all a really great game which is totally addictive.Battlefield: Bad Company - Platinum (PS3)
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