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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 January 2010
I am a fan of Logitech V270 Bluetooth mouse which served me a good 3 years and now needed a replacement (due to unavoidable mechanical wear of switch contacts with the electronics still perfect). I tried to get hold of V270 for months now and to no avail. Of course, it has been replaced by 2 or 3 generations of product upgrades. Why change the product that is perfect? Logitech V270 WAS perfect! As I had no choice, I tried the latest upgrade of V270 by the model name V470. Quite inferior mainly being too small and therefore uncomfortable in the palm and it was back the same day to Amazon Marketplace who kindly refunded including postage. Next I tried Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 which was almost the same size as the V470, and not only uncomfortable but the mouse pointer lag and jitter was quite annoying (you can risk clicking the wrong command).

Logitech M555b? Quite a performer and back to the same comfort zone I enjoyed with V270. It is responsive and didn't notice the lag or jitter I observed with Microsoft Bluetooth mouse.

Any down sides? The software for M555b has a lot to be desired. With V270 I didn't need to install any software since it happily works with drivers built into Windows (the OS I use). M555b has additional features (Application switcher button and left and right click on the scroll wheel). If you want to take advantage of these features (you really want to!) you cannot do without Logitech SetPoint software. The mouse still works without Logitech software but the additional features I have just mentioned will not work without Logitech software.

The trouble with Logitech software is that it is not a lean driver software; it is a hefty software intended for both Logitech keyboard and mouse and loads at least two programs into memory every time Windows starts (if you've to know these, the programs are Kernel and Hardware Abstraction Layer KHALMNPR.EXE and Setpoint.exe). I have read several complaints on the Internet regarding these programs being taking an unfair share of memory and processing time.

If you use Windows explorer, documents, and browser a lot (which almost all of us do) you'll really appreciate the scroll wheel sideway clicks which you can easily program for BACK and FORWARD actions (by default programmed as Horizontal Scroll). This really adds work productivity.

Do I still miss Logitech V270? The immediate answer is YES, but the added feature of BACK and FORWARD actions on M555b might encourage me to reconsider my answer.
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on 9 May 2012
After about 18 months of very light use it now intermittently stops working for a day or two & then comes back to life. Check WikiProduct review as this seems to be a common problem so cannot recommend purchase.
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on 16 February 2013
I'm using this mouse with a macbook pro and it works great. I bought it to replace the Apple Magic Mouse which I could not get on with for serious prolonged use.

The mouse connected easily by bluetooth to the macbook pro and works equally well in osx as it does in Windows 7 which is running in Parallels Desktop on the macbook.

The mouse is a good size for my small hand and I'd recommend it.

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on 5 August 2013
Once the clicking sensation disappeared from the wheel (it now runs faster and smoothly) this mouse has worked faultlessly. Recommended, especially for work where finesse in word documents and spreadsheets is required. Frees up a USB point from the macbook
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on 25 May 2011
This is an excellent mouse, great for laptop users who needs their USB ports and a mouse at the same time.

I am a student using a Macbook Pro who bootcamps into Windows 7, who used to use a Logitech G5 gaming mouse.
Setting the mouse up is very simple in OS X Snow Leopard, you do not need software but I installed it anyway after I installed the mouse using OS X' built in bluetooth utility. Took 20 seconds to set up. Very simple.

Under Windows 7, took me 5 minutes to set up because it wouldn't connect to the mouse. I did find a solution though, and that is to enable bluetooth keyboard and mouse drivers, you click a tick box somewhere inside properties of the bluetooth device. Can't remember where but once you've clicked that, Windows 7 x64 pairs with the mouse just fine (to find out how just google it, I can't remember where top of my head)

Using it, it's excellent. I do not know why, but the reaction time / delay of the mouse is extremely minimal, exactly like that of a Logitech G5 gaming mouse. It's excellent, no lag at all. In OS X there is the slightest delay (very very very small delay, only people like me will notice it), but that was the same for my wired G5. Windows, the delay is completely gone, and just feels like as good as a gaming mouse. Seriously.

I have large hands, it took me a short while to get used to this mouse after using the ergonomic G5 for years and years, but it's totally fine. I tend to 'claw' my mice, and has a bit of weight due to batteries (takes 2 AAs) which I like (I filled up my G5 to the max with weights cos I like the weight of mice). Once used to using it, it will be completely fine, but it will never be as comfortable as my G5 cos its much smaller and its not ergonomic. I have no troubles though.

There are 5 programmable buttons: left right click, left right scroll, application switcher. I left them as default as it's just how I like it. The scroll wheel you depress which enables hyperscrolling, which I adore but some of you might hate. All the logitech mice I had in the past had a very stiff middle mouse button click, so I never used it. Because I got used to that, this feature is just awesome.

Texture is glossy, so does get easily dirty, and looks aren't thaaaaat appealing, but nor is it repulsive, just looks business like.

I've used this mouse for 3 weeks, battery currently at 75%/49 days remaining, using the bundled alkaline batteries. I'm pretty sure once these batteries die, and replace them with my own rechargable Sanyo Eneloops, battery life will be almost double that because Sanyo Eneloops hold charges for much longer. Highly recommend them, and can buy them in a pack of 4 inc charger for less than £15.

About time it takes to reconnect after u turn off/standby, takes like no more than 5 seconds to reconnect, not at all annoying, wireless networks takes much longer to reconnect to. If you don't use the mouse for like 5 minutes, it turns itself momentarily off, and takes like 1 second for it to turn itself back on, which is excellent as it saves battery life when you forget to switch mouse off manually - this feature is not at all annoying for me.

Don't know what else to comment on, but highly recommended. If you're thinking about buying a bluetooth wireless mouse, this is an excellent choice, and I'm glad I made this choice out of the Microsoft equivalent and the older Logitech.
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on 21 September 2015
When webcams became the must have accessory for your windows 95 computer we have always trusted the brand Logitech to be a quality brand at affordable prices.. I can certainly say that Logitech has clearly carried this on fast forward in to 2015. I've owned this mouse for sometime now and its still doing strong as expected. It has traveled to a few countries, taken a beating and the batteries just seem to keep going!
I have not installed the Logitech application software to use the program switch button, i just paired it up to my Windows 8 Machine and it automatically downloaded the drivers and within 2 minutes it was ready to use.

A handy On/Off button placed underneath the mouth to hold battery power whilst you are not using it. The scroll on this mouse is very smooth, it does not have the 'click/notch' feedback as you do with some mouses.
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on 24 August 2009
I purchased this mouse to replace my trusty Logitech V270, which has served me brilliantly over the last 4 years.
Having recently switched from a PC laptop to Mac, I was looking for a mouse of the same size and style as the V270, but without the fuss or fiddle of a USB dongle.

As with the V270, I find the M555b to be both practical and convenient, with excellent battery life.
It's comfortable too (even with large hands like mine!).

The mouse works well with Mac OSX (Leopard) Spaces etc... but you will need to install the Logitech software to make this work.

Whilst it is expensive, I use my laptop all day long, so the saving on batteries more than compensates for the price premium.
Overall an excellent product, and a worthy replacement for the V270.
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on 3 July 2013
I'm a huge fan of Logitech, I think that (overall) their stuff is great value and well-made. Sadly, they've dropped the ball with this mouse. I work from home and after spending 4 days using this mouse I have 2 main issues:

1) Patchy and intermittent tracking
This may be more of a failing of the bluetooth technology, rather than this specific model of mouse, but it's a fatal flaw either way. For example if I move the mouse cursor from the far right of my monitor to the far left it will stop tracking and suddenly 'catch up' after half a second or so. Though this happens only sporadically (maybe once every minute or so), it is infuriating and I have lost count of how many times I've clicked on an incorrect link or icon during the 4 days I've owned this mouse. I've tried using it on a black mouse mat, white A4 paper and on the wood of my desk and the issue persists on all surfaces. This is obviously a deal breaker and is the reason I've returned the mouse. If you are about to buy a bluetooth mouse for the first time, be aware that you are not going to get the level of 1:1 control that you have previously taken for granted with a wired mouse.

2) There is no middle mouse button click
Despite an abundance of customisation options, it is not possible to use the middle mouse button as a 'click'. Pressing the middle button down toggles the scroll wheel between 'click mode' and 'freewheeling mode'. I spent a good 30 minutes fully exploring the customisation options to try and map a middle mouse button for 'click' and, strangely, it's simply not possible. I frequently use the middle button to open new tabs when using internet browsers, so this is another black mark. (It is possible to map the click to a left or right middle mouse button tilt, but I've spent 20 years pressing the middle mouse button and I didn't fancy relearning this particular piece of muscle memory!)

I've returned this item and bought a Logitech G500.
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on 22 December 2011
Excellent movement and feel. I would have given it 5 if a quick start guide had given me 2 bluetooth tips (and saved me plenty of time!) for those not too familiar with bluetooth devices:
1) Make sure that the computer's bluetooth settings allows devices to find the computer (for reconnection), i.e. the computer is discoverable

2) Don't do something silly like trying to use it on another computer (it's so good to use and portable that's tempting). If you do, you'll have to go through the initial connection rigmarole each time you switch. Pretty obvious when you think about it.
In order to be able to quickly reconnect to the computer, the mouse appears to remember the computer's id - hence the above.
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on 27 April 2013
I really like this mouse. It is small, light and shaped so you can grab it. The high quality free-wheeling scroll wheel gives it the edge over similar small wireless mice. The fact that it uses Bluetooth to make its wireless connection makes it an appealing alternative to Logitech's other wireless mice, which use proprietary wireless dongles instead. If your computer has Bluetooth built in, then you can free-up a USB port, because there's no dongle to plug in. If, however, you don't have Bluetooth built in, then you need to be aware that the mouse does not include a Bluetooth dongle, so you will need to get one. For convenience sake and to avoid technical issues, it might be better to go for a mouse that has its own wireless dongle and works straight out of the box.
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