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on 6 February 2012
Death note is one of those series which is just simply amazing. This is one of those animes which anybody (even if you've never watched anime before) can enjoy. Mainly because of the Physcological battles between main character but also for the action, suspense-filled moments. This anime is a clear all time favourite with majority of people and i think anybody would tell you this.
The story revolves around the genius high schooler called Light Yagami. At first glance, he seems to be your great, perferct hero; has perfect grades, heck he can speak english greatly too!! He has a perfect family too (his fathers a police officer). But one day, he founds a 'notebook' on the floor, which was dropped by a shinigami, his (and also the shinigami's) "boring" life is gets quite interesting.
The English sub and dub are both excellent (Yes, the english dub was great for this anime, especially Light's and L's english voice, loved them both).
There are 37 episodes, divided into 9 volumes all of whom have 4 episode in each disc/volume(except the last which contains five episode). There is also a cool illustration booklet which i found extremely useful, for example, when a character was introduced, i would look at their character design and 'familiarize' them with myself.
all in all, this is a must get anime for ANY anime fan. Many people think that Near and Melo (you'll know them when you see them ;D) are not as good as their mentor, but i don't believe that. They were just as good and i think Melo was really Badass. Even though Near does come of as a spoilt little kid, he is one clever little dude and i think they both (together) surpassed their 'mentor'
Anyways, i hope that you love this series because the author of this series have done a miraculous job with it, and they deserve a lot of credit for this series.
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on 26 August 2016
I love this series and I enjoy having the box-set with access to behind-the-scenes clips and extras. There is also a little booklet with artwork. Also, there are English and Japanese voice-overs and English subtitles available.
What is a little inconvenient on the producers side is that there are 9 disks with their own case but each disk holds about 4 episodes. It would be more convenient to have 7-10 episode per disk to avoid constant disk swapping if you intend to marathon-watch the box-set.
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on 22 December 2012
I give the anime 5/5, this is probably one of the only anime (a part from code geass) that really messed with my head, it has so many twists, and if you like me watching episode after episode the excitement becomes so built up that you have to switch over to something else (i ended up watching ouren high school, in between to calm my self down, as literally my heart was racing)i guess that's why anime is released over a certain interval, watching something like this all in one go, is just too much to take in, as the writer did a really good job throughout the series, making people guess whats going to happen next. I find it quite funny as by the end up the anime, i could guess what was going to happen (maybe a lucky guess), but its somewhat typical where karma comes when you least expect it. (I don't want to spoil this brilliant series so my wording might not be perfect).

But i do recommend everyone to watch this anime (WITHOUT SPOILING IT FOR YOUR SELF'S) because seriously if you do you will regret it, and you wont appreciate the anime, as much as i did)

I usually buy most of my things from amazon, but there was a Christmas sale on Play.com, where this box set was for 14.99, which was a too good of a deal to miss.

More about the product it self, there's a box as pictured (obviously), and there's 9 slim DVD cases, each disk has 4 episodes apart from vol 9, which has 5 episodes. There is also commentary on the first disk, not sure about the rest, as i don't really care about anything but the anime it self. I would make sure your careful when taking out the DVDs as the cases can seem fragile, i realized few of them had a 1 cm splint, i'm not sure if it was already there, but i'm being extra careful with them now... :/
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on 1 November 2015
Ordered this 2days ago and I got it already so happy just as advertised works grate grate buy thanks A+++++++
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on 22 October 2009
An astounding and deep series and one of the highlights of modern entertainment Death Note tells the story of Light Yagami, a young, intellegent, decent and talented school teen who by chance finds a death note, a supernatural notebook that can kill all whose names are written in it providing you know what they look like, at first Light thinks the notebook to be an elaborate joke but after curiousity gets the better of him and he tries it he finds its powers to be real, initially disgusted at having killed a human being he very quickly decides to use the notebook to eliminate criminals and begins thinking of himself as the god of a new world order, a world free of crime... but while he see's his actions as just and right the authorities and super detective L see whoever is killing all these criminals by supernatural means as a murderer and intend to capture him. Soon a battle ensues between Light and L, a battle where the first person identified by the other loses and where the future of the justice system will be decided, I could go further but that would ruin it for those who've yet to see Death Note so I'll leave the synopsis at that.

With great characters you can really grow to like/hate, amazing psychological warfare and plenty of in depth interesting debates on the meaning of justice this series is fascinating start to finish although not quite as much in the Yotsuba and Mello/Near sections which though good weren't quite as good as the series started. The series is a lot more serious and dark than most anime I've seen and is set in the real world besides the death notebooks and the shinigami (gods of death) they belong to.

This set is a nine disc set with all 37 episodes and some bonus interviews with the English voice cast, the episodes can be watched dubbed really well into English or in Japanese with properly translated English subtitles so whatever you're preferred viewing method you'll be happy.

I found this to be an amazing anime and well worth getting and would highly recommend it, I'm not usually a big anime fan as my preferred genre is horror and I usually favour stuff from the late 60's to mid 80's (although I keep an open mind and look into a large variety of things) but I think Death Note is a show with the capacity not just to appeal to anime fans but to anyone looking for something different and interesting.
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on 14 July 2009
Death Note is an excellent example of how well anime writers can adapt a small idea and create something original and imaginative. The story is based around the idea of Shinigami, Death God(s), who in this series use humans' deaths as a means to prolong their own lives. They are depicted in different ways in other anime.

The main character is Yagami Light- an intelligent and ambitious teenager who stumbles upon a "Death Note" in the middle of his schools courtyard. Inside the book are written instructions on how the book works, which he tests on some thugs that are assualting a woman in the street. When Light realises that he has the power of a "God" in his possession he decides to start killing off all the criminals who have committed the worst crimes.

Light believes that fate has given him his calling, to be the Leader of a new order where people will live obedient and peaceful lives, free of crime and war. The city begins to stir, through both fear and admiration, that there is someone who is willing to step up to the responsibility of getting rid of scum that the law protects. He is subsequently given the name "Kira" (to sound like killer). However, the police department see his actions as nothing but cold blooded murder and a huge task force is set up to hunt and catch him.

I will stop there as I only want to give you a general idea of how the series begins, if I go into any more it will spoil the experience when you watch it. The series is an extremely clever game of "cat and mouse" as Light strives to continue living his normal life but also adopting his alter ego as Kira, doing his utmost to avoid police detection.

What's also interesting is the realistic, yet alarming, change that a person goes through in order to simply survive. Human nature's ability to adapt simply for self-preservation is shown in shocking and (at times)breath taking form. Death Note will take your mind through several twists and turns as you struggle to figure out how things will work out. Ultimately, you pose the question: how much power can one handle?

The series is relatively short, there are only 37 episodes spanning the nine discs. It won't take you long to watch them all but it is thoroughly enjoyable and gripping, and you will be surprised how your views change towards each character as the fast-paced action reaches a climax.
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on 27 November 2016
Death note is a cult hit which has been adapted into live action movies, games and books.

In my opinion this is one of the best anime's of all time, up there with Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop etc.

The Premise:

The story is about an intelligent young man named Light Yagami who happens upon a book that has the capability of killing anyone whose name is written within. Light goes through the development of a standard school boy, to "the god of the new word" under the guise of "Kira" a name given to him by the public. The police cotton on to this and employ the help of a super detective known only as "L", a intricate game of cat and mouse ensues.

The Box set:

This box contains all of the 37 episodes across 9 DVD's, the last DVD however, has 5. You have the selection of 4 different language settings; English, Japanese, English with Japanese subtitles and Japanese with English Subtitles. The cover art for each volume depicting each "main character" is awesome, and will look great in any anime collection.

Final verdict:

I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good story, with good character development, thick plot lines and epic music!
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on 28 July 2012
This is an excellent anime to watch if you like something that is thought provoking! Death Note is about a notebook which can kill people, and has certain rules to it. Once the main character gets a hold of the Death Note, they begin to deliver their sense of 'justice'. Eventually the police catch on, and the hunt begins! The main characters must always be one step ahead of one another in this thrilling anime! Though, I have to admit that by about episode 29, the anime goes a little bit downhill, but, picks up again, but, not to the same level in my opinion. The soundtrack is very good as well, but I have to admit it does become very repetitive as themes for characters and situations are reused over and over again throughout.

I highly recommend all fans of anime to watch this! Even if you are new to anime, the drawings are very well done. I have been able to sit with my mother and watch this! (Though she does not like the drawings very much, as she prefers Disney).

Other than that, there isn't much I can say without spoiling the plot! So watch it and find out! I promise you will be on the edge of your seat with most of the episodes ending on cliff hangers! I was a little reluctant at first when I first heard about the plot, but when I actually started watching it, I couldn't stop!
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on 23 March 2010
This is a long series (37 episodes) and the first episode didn't really fill me with enthusiasm. However, as an anime fan I continued to watch it, and was surprised at how quickly it hooked me after that.
The plot is clever, gripping and generally well structured, while unexpected twists make it seldom predictable. It does fall away from these initial high standards during some of the latter episodes, but the quality of the series as a whole is little diminished, The dialogue is intelligent and both it, and the occasional narrative information, display a subtle, often dry and sometimes flippant sense of humour. I should say here that I almost always watch anime in Japanese with English subtitles - I don't know what the dubbed version is like. The characters are intriguing, plausible and often react to events in unexpected ways which are, nevertheless, consistent with their character.
The animation and character drawing is certainly competent, although for general scenes fairly basic and unremarkable - one of the reasons I didn't get into it straight away. However this only serves to highlight the high quality when they pull out all the stops, which they do quite regularly, both for lengthy scenes, and for short, intriguing actions or camera angles. The artwork has a similar approach, and varies from the unremarkable to the superb.
The soundtrack is good, and although the opening song is not to my taste (but there's no accounting for taste) the rest of the music is well-chosen.
This is good quality entertainment - as good if not better than most television drama.
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on 9 June 2013
I've seen a lot of anime, and there is some amazing stuff out there !
But this one, this one is simply the best I've ever seen !
I am eagerly waiting for a better anime to come out in the future,
but I have a hunch we'll have to be very, very patient...
O, so you don't agree ? Please leave a comment, I'm dying to know which one is even better !
(not joking)
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