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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 June 2008
Any young persons wanting to listen to maybe the best rock/blues singer
england have ever produced,along with paul rogders of course,can listen to this 3 cd package and just sit back and listen to a man who has been one of the best for 30 years.Fool for your loving which you should never get tired of listening to ,then blind man what a track ,don't braek my heart again is another vocal performance of the highest order ,then my little gem out of quite a few is,too many tears ,this cd or any whitesnake
cd is more than worth a listen ,and the new material from on good to be bad is also very good ,DC is a man with a big voice and knows how to deliver it so young people get any whitesnake material and just listen to a man that can sing the socks off anyone alive or dead ,
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on 7 May 2016
Birthday present for the wife that will be played to death in the car! We both love Whitesnake (saw them live again last year) so it was an easy choice to buy. The multi CD's cover the life of the band up to 2005(ish) so there is a good selection of the old tracks and the almost new. if you want a greatest hits collection it's for you.
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on 14 April 2009
After the absolutely wonderful sounding silver anniversary set and early years albums comes this 3 cd collection of mostly the same songs from the aforementioned albums plus some newer stuff too,only this time this is just awful,not in musical content but the newly remastered tracks are downright rubbish and completely ruin what should have been a great set!
So what's the problem?
Well the bulk of whitesnake's back catalogue had already been remastered a few years back and these for the most part were really good rich sounding mixes with plenty of dynamics and bold sounds,so why on earth have they remastered them again,because this time it's impossible to listen to.
From the moment you hear the first disc it's evident that something isn't quite right.
For one it's too loud,which doesn't surprise me because an alarming number of both new and greatest albums these days suffer from it,you only have to hear metallica's death magnetic to know how bad it can be,but while this isn't THAT loud the dynamics of the music on this collection have been lost completely.
All 3 cds sound tinny and way way too bright sounding,in fact if you have a decent pair of headphones or even a cheap pair it's so painful to listen too that it hurts,and it isn't much better through good speakers either.
Even best years from the new album has been ruined by this too which really doesn't make any sense at all i mean why remaster something that's only just been released? Crazy!
My advice would be if you are on the lookout for a nice collection of whitesnake songs then go for the silver collection or the early years which sound nice and powerful with great overall sound.
Thats what i did after giving this set away and now i'm very happy indeed.
Just steer clear of this if you value your music and indeed your ears.
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As compilations go this is the business,3 discs of the best of whitesnake with only the odd tracklisting quibble to crop up here and there.

Essentially this is 2004's SILVER COLLECTION and THE EARLY YEARS discs added together with a little rejigging of tracks and a couple of newer ones added.

I would have loved 'Last Note Of Freedom' to have been included,possibly 'Only My Soul and being greedy 'Hole In The sky'(i know it was 1977) as well,no doubt conractual issues,here's to the 40th anniversary Coverdale Career compilation in 2013,hopefully a 4 disc set including all his Purple highlights and the 3 aformentioned songs,i can but dream.

Anyway this set has every track you'll ever need covering all era's,its a mouthwatering set,i like the remaster,i dont have a problem with it,comes with an excellent booklet and a neat little slipcase,for the money its a bargain,you should have hit buy already.
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on 20 July 2015
this 3 cd box set is a great value for money i already have Gary Moore and Deep Purple which have 3 cds I would definitely recommend this box set if you are wanting all the best songs as a starting point if you are a fan of Whitesnake, which i have been since their early days i would strongly recommend this triple album
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on 14 October 2015
An excellent catalogue of the band's long and distinguished career, with both early and later songs in good measure. Just one nag. It would've benefited from studio versions of "Ain't no love in the heart of the city" and "Sailing Ships". Then I'd have put five stars.
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on 19 August 2013
Ever since i heard Ready and Willing and saw Whitesake at the Cornwall Coliseum, there were two long lasting effects, the first was everlasting Tinnitus (sad but trus) and the second being a fan of Mr Coverdale and his changing band of merry minstrals. It's had to believe that they have been around for so long and this album is a fine look back at each of their years, the songs on here are not jsut the well known commercial ones, but more of the high quality tracks that true fans will know and love. I was a little worried that some had been remastered, but don't worry, nothing has been damaged and all the songs sound great and as good as they ever were.
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on 15 May 2013
Dave can definitely sing a song, some of this is a bit weak but on the whole well worth the money. If you want to find out what Whitesnake is all about this is a good place to start good old rock music, could have been better recorded and produced but that's down to the engineer.
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on 23 July 2011
When I was in my teenage years during the 80's Whitesnake were at their peek & having just started work I had money in my pocket to burn. After giving me Mum money towards my up keep I had the rest of my wages to spend on what I wanted - I discovered Rock & Metal Music & was soon buying up every album of every artist I got into. 1 of the first for me was Whitesnake - I loved 'em & although I've never actually seen them live I have always enjoyed their inspiring sound! I originally bought all the albums on cassette tape but as that technology got superceded by CD I have never got round to replacing the tapes which I car booted years ago whilst there was still value in them. Finally after all these years there is a truely definative collection on CD in this fantastic value set! If like me you never got round to replacing your vinyl or tapes with CD then I cannot emphasise enough how great this set is. It has ALL the best tracks from ALL the albums they have ever produced with 'Live' tracks too. Grab this now while its still at this price - you won't regret it!30th Anniversary Collection
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on 18 January 2013
Bought this after listening to disc 1 in a friends car.Not previously a whitesnake devotee but liked it enough to get myself a copy.An assured take on blues/rock pop/ metal of the old school.Coverdales got a great set of lungs and plenty of style.I
guess no one did/does this kind of music quite like whitesnake.
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