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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 May 2013
Good game. Arrived really quick and the disk was like new so a very happy customer indeed! The other half likes playing it too
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on 14 September 2009
Like the new features and avatar use, overall a nice improvement from world tour; however the setlist lets its down a bit. Theres some great songs, but most majority just bore me im afraid- next year if improved again thats great, but they gota do something about these slowly dying setlists.
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on 30 December 2009
I am an absolute mental fan of guitar hero. My loving boyfriend bought this brilliant addition for me this Christmas and here are my views.

Pretty much every improvement that could have been made, was! The character creation is still a brilliant addition, now allowing you to play with you xbox avatar if you wish. You can now also comprise your own band to play through career mode with, whether it's your own creation or you wanna be in a band with the greats such as Kurt Cobain or Matt Bellamy:) I did however miss the character presence option from World tour although this didn't affect the gameplay!

For each venue on the last 1 or 2 songs, you get to select you own song from the setlist provided to play through. This, I thought was brilliant until I found that it seems you are on a timelimit to pick the song, and if you havn't got the one you want from the list by the time it runs out, you then have to play whatever song you had highlighted. This sucked a bit to be honest but again, not enough to put one off.

The song list for the game itself I thought had both good and bad points. The obvious good point being, that they have made a lot more songs availiable in this game. I did find however that GH5 had a distinctly 'new' song feel to it whereas the older ones had more of the classics available. This however is my own personal taste not everyones and although I love seeing all those brilliant new ones available I still love the retroness of the oldies and would have liked to see more variety of well known old tracks.

My last little natter is about the X-box live function. This is always brilliant on guitar hero but I found some of the modes to be slightly confusing when in play and not as user friendly as say GHWT.

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VINE VOICEon 29 November 2009
I am not saying that I dislike this game.. just they haven't done anything amazing to deem the price tag.
The track list is poor, and no I am not going to moan about being able to play as Kurt Kobain and playing an Elton John song.. its a game.. thats what games are all about. Having fun!

GH 5 is good, its "party play" is great fun. just jump in and out of the action.. however there is one slight proble, with the "powersaving" of the instruments, when someone has had enough and sits out.. and the guitar / controller turns itself off.. and others are still playing you get the "Please Reconnect Controller" message displayed on screen which is frustrating.

The ability to all play as the same instruments, yes this is great.. unless you want to do the challenges in career. Although I have all the instruments (x2 Guitars, Drums and Mic) of course everyone who has the guitar wants to play Guitar.. no one wants to play Bass (kinda like a real band really) and because I already had one drum kit break on me.. people are too gentle to play the drums, as they don't want to risk breaking them, as after all it is technically a toy.

Great fun though for people new to the games, however for GH veterans.. you might want to steer clear, this is just another Money grabbing venture, there is only a small handfull of decent songs.. but then thats my opinion.

Apart from the "no fail - party drop in-drop out play" this game doesn't really have a lot to offer compared to the other games.

Note to Red Octane / Activision.. just concentrate on releasing expandable track lists, (like the Rock Band song packs) or even better.. have a proper store (again like Rock Band) so we can download tracks we want! Not just tracks you think we want.

Which reminds me.. the DLC for Guitar Hero in general is pretty poor. If you want to buy this game.. look at the track list first, if you don't like them.. check out World Tour...
oh and you can import World Tour tracks over to GH5, however some of the greatest tracks from GH world tour can't be transfered.. and this has to be downloaded, it isn't ripped from the GH:WT Disc, its like 1.6GBytes in size.

In Brief, GH5 is a good game, if your new to the series.. however GH / RockBand Veterans might feel a bit cheated after a while.
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on 29 September 2009
The great thing about Guitar Hero is that it used to always feature tunes you wanted to air guitar to, even if you weren't playing the game.

The trouble with the game now is bands want to use it to first of all, make money by licensing their songs to the game and secondly, use the game to promote their stuff.

The game needs to have classic rock tracks to keep the interest up but with this set list, it just fails miserably.
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on 17 November 2009
Im 17 year old and love Rhythm games, I have played every Guitar Hero and Rockband game (Recent ones like Rock Band Beatles and Band Hero i have left out)
Guitar Hero 5 had nothing in the way of Rock songs, I enjoyed songs like Muse - Plug in Baby, Rammstein - Du Hast and Vampire Weekend - A Punk but when it comes down to it, 6 songs does not justify a game, Other songs like Stevee wonder and Elton John turned my blood cold,If your expecting hard songs to play like i was, i suggest you go back to GH3 and put on the Devil Went Down To Georgia or Through the Fire and Flames as nothing is challenging about this game.

Sorry but i had to rate it 1 Star
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on 5 November 2009
my first review and absolutly need to share my impressions on this game!

i'm playing gh games since guitar III and got to say i love it so when activision announced gh 5 i was very excited.

first time i played i found the career mode interesting and very different from the other GH. But for the rest i must say i am very disappointed. First graphics are not as good as world tour (but it is not really important for these kind of games) (installed it on HDD and takes 5 + Gb, World tour takes 7 + GB, I miss many notes and i don't know why even if go in the sounds and video settings and finally the track list which is not amazing( i'm not a heavy metal fan)

Overall even the avatar in the game and the fact that four players can play the same instruments make you forget the points mentioned above.
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on 2 March 2010
I have played GH 3, Aerosmith, Metallica, World Tour, Greatest Hits, and now this and I find GH 5 the worst attempt of the series

- There is a very cheesy 'play a song when you load up the game' mechanic which is really annoying and makes the entrance into the game tacky
- The menus of the options look identical to load screens, and the load screens are also all identical with not one fact at all.
- There is no band progression in career mode. It is just a random venue with whatever character(S) you made. You unlock songs by stars, as normal.
- There are new challenges which are instrument spefic which is just silly. The game should recognise what instrument(S) are available to play and assign a random challenge to it. It is just another money-making item with no significance.
- The game feels tacky, impersonal, and has a weak setlist
- The game HUD has now changed...again. It is pretty weak and 'dusty'.

It does do some good things
- It is quick to get playing a song, and there are awesome multiplayer modes to play around with on or offline.
- There is a song for everyone in the 85 piece setlist.
- The animations and graphics are fine. Nothing groundbreaking, but the best in the series by a long shot
- The achievments are an absolute ease to unlock.

GHWorld Tour was a good game for both single and multiplayers, and focused a lot of the gameplay and the personal edge, with Metallica really stressing it. Now its just about money and 'whatever will do will do' and that attitude has made this game awful. Sorry.
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on 22 September 2009
Personally I prefer rock band over guitar hero, but this does go someway to closing the gap. You can play all songs in quickplay immediately, this is good so you do not need to trudge through some awful songs to unlock them, but it does take away from the game as well, making it more likely you may not play some songs you do not know (unless you plough through career mode that is)
Graphics are all smartened up but ultimately it is more of the same, so it rests on the track list, which could be better if I am honest.
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on 4 January 2012
Having played the Guitar Hero series since the first one in 2005. For me the series hit it's peak creatively and musically with Guitar Hero 3.

Saying that Guitar Hero 5 is an okay game their are some good song's and the gameplay has remained mainly the same. Guest musicians such as Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash are also available to be unlocked through the career mode which is a nice touch.

All said and done though their aren't enough memorable song's for GH5 to be a great game but worth getting when it is cheaper.
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