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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is just an evolution of the Triumph 9500/9900, as far as I can see. I've been using a 9900 for the last two years, and swear by it. I haven't needed a descale once, in those two years.

I like the new brush storage. It doesn't look as impressive but is incomparably easier to clean.

There is an extra brushing mode, and a third brush type - massage - is supplied, to supplement floss-action and polish. The description says it has four brush heads in the box, but I only found the three that are pictured.

Actually, it's annoying that there is only one of each type - I bet a lot of people will share this unit with someone else, and Braun should pack two heads of each type.

But that's my only complaint. Ah, no, there is another - why on earth can't they make the batteries user-replaceable? No, don't tell me, I think I know the answer - they want people to buy new brushes every couple of years.

Ignoring that, and I do, I can't recommend this brush too highly. The only decision you have to make is whether to pay extra for the IQ 5000 so that you get the Smartguide. Me? I'd pay the extra - Smartguide is a bit of a gimmick but I find it genuinely useful, telling me how much longer I have to keep brushing and advising when I press too hard, as well as providing a bathroom clock.
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VINE VOICEon 20 September 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using this toothbrush for a few weeks now and I am very impressed. It gives my teeth a really shiny clean feeling, like I have just been to the dentist!
It comes with a stand to charge the toothbrush on, which also holds the brush heads. This is a little flimsy, and I would like it better if it were a little sturdier, but it doesn't fall over and it does the job. The brush only needs charging about every 2 weeks, which is great as I can't be bothered to keep checking the amount of charge! The LCD display shows the amount of charge left very clearly.
There is a normal brush head, a sensitive one, and a deep clean. These just fit onto the brush easily and are easy to clean. The brush has different settings for different cleaning programs, and each makes a different vibration when it is time to clean a different section of your mouth - you are advised to clean it in 4 sections. And it makes a different vibration again when the time is up, to let you know.
My only real problem is, I can't see the lcd display once the brush is in my mouth, and so I have to memorise the sequence of different programs - either that, or set it before putting it in my mouth - which results in toothpaste flying all over the place!
There is a carry case for the brush, made out of tough plastic. It closes securely and has space for 2 brush heads. I used it whilst travelling for a week and it was great for keeping everything clean and safe.
A great toothbrush - a bit pricey but definitely worth it, as I have never had such a clean mouth, and my teeth are already whiter .
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VINE VOICEon 11 September 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was a little bit dubious about this toothbrush but having used it for a week, I'm really rather impressed. It comes nicely presented in a box and includes the main toothbrush, charger, charging dock (with holder for spare brush heads), a blue travel/storage box and three (not four as pictured) different heads to choose from. I chose to use the head for sensitive teeth but was a tiny bit disappointed that there were only two colours (light blue and dark blue) to choose from for the little plastic rings to "mark" your toothbrush. A red or pink option would have been nice. The toothbrush itself is a sturdy affair. It has metal elements and is quite heavy to hold. It has an on/off button and an LCD display showing how much charge has left. I was also disappointed that the toothbrush only came with a bathroom 2 prong charger and no adapter. We don't have a socket in the bathroom and had to find an adapter. There was no mention of this on the box which was really annoying. At the price, Braun could have included an adapter to give consumers the option. It loses a star for this reason. I also agree with another reviewer that the charging base is a bit bizarre. The brush unit merely balances precariously on the docking station and can be easily knocked over. I've done some research and it seems that replacement brush heads are rather expensive and more pricey than disposable toothbrushes so take this into consideration when choosing an electric toothbrush. I like the idea that we can all use it as a family and Braun make children's toothbrush heads that fit this model. Although I think children and the elderly/infirm will have trouble holding this unit as it's heavy and wieldy.

However, on the plus side, the toothbrush is fantastic. Once charged up which doesn't take too long, it's easy to fix the brush head onto the unit. The timer is pre-set to professional mode which means it beeps after 30 seconds four times so that you can concentrate on the four quadrants of your mouth. I was really impressed. It gave a thorough, pleasant clean and made my teeth feel like I'd just been to the dentist. I can imagine this toothbrush would save you money in the long run compared with a paid for deep clean from the dentist. I hope with continued use that my dentist will be really pleased with the results when I next visit him. The brush is incredibly powerful and does feel a little strange in your mouth. The first time I used it, I opened my mouth a little too wide and it sprayed toothpaste EVERYWHERE! I find it's a bit messy and toothpaste dribbles everywhere but it's worth it for the deep clean. This is a very expensive electric toothbrush system and I'm not sure how it will compare to models lower down the range. I don't know how this version has been improved upon and whether the other less expensive models do just as good a job. But either way, it's a mighty toothbrush that does a professional cleaning job on your teeth and hopefully will improve the quality of my teeth and reduce dental bills in the long term.
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on 24 December 2010
I recently bought this toothbrush, and the packaging was incredibly nice. I had one of the first electric toothbrushes, and i recently came back from the dentist and decided to clean up a bit better instead of having to get my teeth cleaned every time. One major flaw I discovered was when I plugged in the charger, there was a very high pitched noise that was always there. putting the toothbrush on the charger just made it more high pitched and louder, and I believe that might be because of the way it charges. I then left it to charge, and then tried using it. It's amazing for cleaning, and I honestly can say that it feels just like it did after getting a cleaning from a dentist. The different brush heads are also nice, because you can always switch them if you need to. The timer's also great, and I usually go way over the timer though so it's nice to know that I have had an initial all-round clean and then be able to focus on problem areas myself. I used this toothbrush for a while, and I had to return it. The high pitched sound was driving me crazy. I don't know if older people can hear it, I'm in my 20s, and I couldn't plug in the toothbrush in my room or my bathroom because the sound annoyed me so much that I couldn't focus on doing anything else. I ended up buying a philips sonicare because I think the circular mechanism of charging might be to blame. the old chargers for older oral b toothbrushes had a stick in the middle like the sonicare, and never emitted that high pitched whine. If a friend has an oral b later on and it doesn't whine, i'll go right back to oral b in a heartbeat because it's just that clean and is that well designed. For now though, I have to prioritize and keep my sanity and go with an electric toothbrush that charges quietly.
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VINE VOICEon 25 August 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you have only ever used manual brushes then you are in for a treat; I've used Braun electric brushes for years and never had to have a scale and polish yet - the dentist always says 'keep on with what you're doing'. A great testament to Braun & electric brushing.

So what about this one? It's the best brush Braun make and in the box you get 3 heads with different functions, a travel case, stand, head storage and charger. The stand neatly fits inside the head storage if you want to keep it all together; the stand is very small if you don't. All the gear feels very solid and well made, as you would expect for top-end stuff.

Here's the good news:
* The charge indicator is great - it's really annoying when you come to brush and the brush dies on you! No more with this one with a large, easy to see indicator
* Compatible heads - if you're moving from another Braun brush they will fit (not the sonic ones)
* Compact heads - the small, powerful head means you can get everywhere, a problem my wife has had in the past (she's a Braun user too!)
* The zone reminder works well - it reminds you to work logically around your mouth rather than randomly; timer is useful too
* Really does leave your teeth feeling as smooth as piano keys!
* 2 year warranty, 3 if you register. This is a safe investment.

So why just 4 stars & not five?
* Not sure the 'floss brush' is real replacement to flossing - though it's a pretty minor part of the pack
* The charger electronics are now part of the plug rather than the stand - it makes the plug element a little ungainly (it's a shaver style plug, adapters cheap and readily available)
* Cost - it is expensive and though it feels very substantial you can probably get a similar end result further down the range

Not sure if the pack has changed but I only received 1 floss head, not 2 as advertised; Amazon, please take note! All-in-all though a top piece of kit and very much recommended if it's in your price range.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This toothbrush is basically the same as any other electric toothbush, but what makes it cost so much more than the basic models?

Well, the first thing that you notice when you pick it up is how solid it is - there is a metal section at the back, and it feels very tough.

The shaft of the brush holds an LCD display that shows which one of three speed settings you are using (fast, slow, and varied), along with an optional 2-minute timer so that you know when to finish brushing.

The box includes 3 brush heads (one for whitening, one for sensitive, and one for in-depth cleaning), a charger and a travel case (the charge lasts a long time, so the charger doesn't need to be taken if you are travelling for just a few days).

The motor is strong, and can withstand being pressed hard against the teeth without slowing at all. This is the main advantage over cheaper models as far as I'm concerned.

However, for the price I would like to see an adaptor included for the two-pin plug; I don't have a shaving socket in my bathroom, and it's very frustrating to buy a shaver adaptor only to find that it doesn't supply the right voltage - a proper two-pin adaptor is required.

I hesitate to say that this model is worth the extra cost, but it is certainly very good at cleaning teeth - you get a lovely smooth clean feeling after only a couple of minutes cleaning!

So I'll take one star off for the high price and the lack of an adaptor. If you can afford this product, it is highly recommended - if not, have a look at one of the cheaper versions; I'm sure it will do just as good a job...

Edit 05/04/10: I've recently got an Omron Sonic Style Electric Toothbrush 458 Black - Rechargeable Toothbrush, which I consider to be far superior to this one
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on 15 October 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
In recent years I've had two different brands of electric toothbrush, both expensive and both which broke within the first 18 months of use! The first was an Ultrasonex toothbrush, which was very good but the head snapped off! (not a replaceable type head, had to send it to be fixed) and the second an Oral B Sonic Complete, which just randomly stopped working one day and wouldn't switch on.

I can't comment on the longevity of this toothbrush yet, but I have found so far that the performance has actually outdone both of the above models. I don't know the price of this model since I received it via the Amazon Vine service to test their product, but it's really decent! It gives my teeth that shiny super-clean feeling. I also like the display which shows the amount of time you've been brushing your teeth...and the fact it buzzes every 30 seconds for you to move on to the next "quadrant" of your mouth for effective brushing. Then after the dentist-recommended 2 minutes it does a longer buzz so you know when to stop brushing.

Another plus for me is that the charger is not that big. I don't find it too obtrusive having it on the bathroom shelf as it's small and is handy to stand the toothbrush in.

Overall I'm really satisfied with it! Let's just hope it lasts the distance....
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on 12 July 2010
Cleans our teeth far better than the old Braun electric toothbrush we had and better than the Sonic which my wife recently bought. We can't tell the difference between the polishing heads and the normal floss action ones. The "deep clean" is just the normal clean but with 45 second intervals instead of 30. I would not pay full price for this, it just isn't worth it for a toothbrush, but at half price this is a good buy.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had 3 Braun electric toothbrushes before this one. Albeit ones right at the other end of the range ( eg. cheap!).


*High power -it really flies!
*Nice travel/storage coffin-shaped plastic case which stands upright.
*Includes a selection of heads including the EXCELLENT flossing-action one.


*Requires more frequent charging than more basic NiCad models.
*Unnecessary LED display on brush handle. Shows charge level and program info.
*Annoying programs which produce juddering signal to tell you to hurry up!
*Programs cannot be turned off -you cannot simply revert to a standard off-on function; programs are compulsory.
*On-off button and Program Select button not distinctive enough to tell apart.
*Handle is bigger and heavier than the other models I've used. I find it slips from my grip so my hand is right up by the brush head.
*The shape of the handle doesn't help with the above.
*Ridiculous amound of unrecyclable packaging.

I find the juddering timer action of the programs really annoying. I wish at least they could be switched off. I really really don't need my brush to tell me when it thinks I should stop brushing. For this reason, I use my old Braun in the morning when my sleepy brain can only handle off-on controls. I then enjoy a more stimulating brush with this model in the evening.

I always know when my brush needs charging, I don't need a display to tell me the obvious.

My advice would be to scour the range for a powerful model without the silly timer function or program display in 13 languages. Then spend the money you've saved on some extra flossing brush heads cos they're ace.
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on 2 November 2010
i've had arthirtis in my hands for years which has made brushing my teeth problamatic at best and painful at worst. not to mention because of that condition i had trouble really cleaning my teeth as well as i should have, meaning i ended up getting filling's and a least 2 teeth removed, even using the strongest mouthwash i could buy. after hearing about braun o-ral b from my dentist i finally gave in and brought one. not even a week after it was delivered and i've noticed a dramatic difference between using the oral-b and using a normal toothbrush. my teeth have never felt so clean, except by them being polished by the dentist, and all i basically have to do is hold it loosely and guide it. my wrist's are certainly less painful and my teeth will hopefully never have to get another filling again. i can't wait for my next dental check up, when before i dreaded it! definitely well worth the money. even better i don't have to worry about it running out of power, i just have to place it back in the charging unit and plug it into the mains. simple! definitely a product i'll be reccomending to family and friends!!
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