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Customer reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
Price:£49.95+ £4.30 shipping

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on 8 January 2015
very happy's....many thank's
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on 21 January 2010
I like to shape my stubble...i never fully shave my whole face, so i was looking for something that would shave the bits i do shave (cheeks and neck), shape the bits i keep (along my jaw) and trim what's left (goatee). I wanted something that would do it quickly and easily, and i thought this product looked good. after reading alot of reviews about it i had mixed thoughts, some were saying it was good and some were saying it was terrible, so i decided to give it the benefit of the doubt!
I'm afraid to say the bad reviews were kinda right! With regards to shaving it does miss the odd hair...it did my cheeks well, but can't get a good shave on my neck! I've still to try it wet so i haven't given up hope!
However, it's great for shaping! the 2 shapers are really easy to use and do a neat job!
The trimming is good too...with easy to use attachments and a range of lengths! One problem is that it's a bit awkward trimming above ur top lip because the attachment is so big!
All in all, its good for keeping ur stubble shaped and tidy (keeps the other half happy!), but if you're looking for an all over close shave and aren't bothered with the trimming or shaping then it's not for you! Stick to the good ole razor!
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on 20 October 2009
I mainly opted for this shaver because it combined the shaver & beard trimmer functions. I have quite a strong beard growth so I experienced the same problems I'd had with other foil shavers - i.e. some missed hairs, especially on my neck. Perhaps a rotary rather than a foil shaver might have been a better choice for me. The trimmer is excellent though. I have found a compromise by using the shaver to keep things in check during the week and shaving with a blade at weekends. This saves me time during the week and, given the price of replacement blades for Gillettes, this razor will pay for itself fairly quickly.
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on 14 December 2010
I have to say, when it comes to personal care items you can read all the reviews you want but in the end it all comes to getting the product and trying it. I have previously owned a Norelco rotary shaver which did a decent job at shaving but didn't have a trimmer (instead it had a small manual pump to add gel to your face) and now its battery is almost dead, so I decided to try a Braun and see for myself which type of shaver worked best for me (that is the only fact you will get from reviews, it doesn't depend on the brand or type, it depends on you, your face, your skin, your beard). The feature that moved me towards the cruzer instead of one of the other, more shave-oriented models from Braun, was that I also need a fair amount of body hair grooming, and I wanted an all in one solution. Having said that I will share my impressions and make a few comparisons to the rotary shaver:

As a styler it works great. The combs and accessories are really well designed and do a great job at cutting and trimming hair from anywhere in your body, without risks of cutting yourself. For that, I have to say I'm happy with it.

As a shaver I should say this: If you are a lazy shaver like me, who doesn't like to shave every day, this machine is probably not for you. It will work fine on really short hair, not more than a day old, but if you let your beard grow more than that you will have a hard time at getting a good shave because then it will miss too many hairs and you'll have to go over the same area several times and take a very long time. If you do shave every day and your beard is not particularly problematic (which I think few men can say), it probably is ok. For longer hair it works better on wet conditions. I feel that the shave is fairly close on my face (even closer that the rotary)and it works much better than the rotary in the mustache area, but when it goes to the chin and neck there I do believe that the 3 head rotary shavers have an advantage (I have never used the ones with several foils which probably also perform better at difficult parts).

If you want to have baby skin every single day, then you should probably stick to blades.
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on 22 May 2017
I could never use this product. My skin was on fire during and after shaving. You have to go over the same areas many times.

It lowered my self-esteem. Can't use this.
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on 25 January 2011
Avery near miss is a close shave. I've had a number of Braun shavers and not really disappointed with any of them, unlike some other makes I wont mention.
Some expensive razors have complicated multiple heads and moisturisers built in and still dont give you a decent shave.
The Cruzer gives a satisfactory shave from its single, narrow, floating head. Occasionally a hair gets missed and once it has been it generally gets missed again and again.
Where the Cruzer scores is that it has a superb trimmer system. Any missed hairs can be trimmed right off using the broad trimmer. Nasal hairs and ear hairs can be trimmed with the semicircular trimmer for a well groomed appearance.
The only problem I've found with it is the fact that the battery seems to have a very sharp cut off. Other razors I've had have got slower and slower as the battery runs down. The cruzer gives only a very subtle warning that it's about to expire and may just stop halfway through a shave. It took me a while to get accustomed to it.
Overall, I'm very content with the price and performance.
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on 18 May 2010
Trimmer works fine, but this is the first time I'm using an electric shaver and it is a big disappointment.
For the rest does what the box says.
For the 40 or so £ i paid i won't say it's bad, but it is a pain if you plan to shave wide areas. So i give it 3 stars.
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on 29 July 2011
The best option for a combined trimmer & shaver in one unit.
Please note though, that this unit - unlike their previous versions - is rechargeable only. It cannot be used whilst plugged in.
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on 8 May 2011
Having decided to grow a beard again, I researched what was available and bought this. It's not bad and very versatile. Naturally, I can't speak of its shaving qualities yet as I am still hirsute, but it has a good foil, maybe a bit small, and should be efficient. However it does do a good job on the beard, as long as you want it no longer than 5 mm (I would have preferred longer, but nothing on the market will do this). It will also adjust down to quite small lengths, giving that stubble look which some like so much. It seems you could also use it for trimming your hair if you want the suede head look. Haven't tried this myself. The trimmers, one large, the other small do well keeping all edges tidy and it is easy to adjust the beard trimming attachment and to fit and remove it. Being waterproof, the shaver is very simple to clean. It can be used in the shower, although I'm not sure what you would be trimming there. I understand that men nowadays trim all sorts of body hair, so I suppose this is a useful facility for the teens and twenties.

I would have liked a proper lock on the shaver for travelling, although the foil guard supplied does cover the start button, so this is OK until it dislodges itself. I would also have liked a lock on the beard length attachment as it has proved too easy to start out with a shorter length than you want because it has been knocked when put away or removed and refitted. I will just have to get used to checking it each time I use it. A travel pouch or case would have been nice too.

Build quality is very good as I have come to expect from Braun. Tough plastic, stainless steel and hard wearing rubbery plastic, which gives a good grip. The shaver also seems to hold charge well and gives me at least a week of shaving from one charge. However, this may depend on the amount of use and I think I might describe mine as light. If you need to get rid of all your body hair, it might not do so well. The charger plugs into a three pin socket (UK) and is quite compact and stable on a table top.

No idea about reliability, but all my Braun shavers have lasted for many, many years and have been replaced for reasons other than failure, so let's hope this lives up to their reputation.

All in all a few niggles, but it does the job and there doesn't seem to be anything else on the market which would do better.

Well, here is an update on account of the thing has just failed after two years light use. By this I mean that the blade trimmer is worn out already. I have used it about three times a month on my beard and not for anything else. I would not regard this as at all satisfactory. Also I found the length adjustment got so loose after about 6 months that I had to superglue the guard thingy on maximum to ensure I could go on using it without shaving away my beard as it just flopped back to the minimum setting on application to the face. On the basis of these facts I really cannot recommend his model and I have reduced the star rating accordingly.
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on 25 April 2011
This product would appear to offer a reputable brand and stylish design, yet the function of the product is to provide a quick shave/style which fundamentally it does not deliver. You will find that the foil shaver cannot deal with thick growth and you will be constantly going over and over areas. Furthermore the trimmer attachment was pretty cool and worked a treat for about a month, then the blades went blunt and now it is honestly quite useless. This product is a waste of money, as it has a very short life span and is undeniably over priced. Take my advice and don't buy this piece of junk
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