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on 21 April 2012
wrong turn is a strong and brilliant modern slasher horror and this sequel actually does it justice by being a great continuation of the franchise, another strong entry to the series, a bigger cast this time with a group of young contestants all taking part in a reality TV show for a cash prize, but what they don't realise is what's waiting for them deep in the west Virginia woods (but we do) plenty of bloody gory carnage to be had here, lots more than the original, lots of great imaginative kills, very bloody this time round all on a very good budget too, the movie also has a better and bloodier open sequence, the cast is great here too Henry Rollins plays a retired marine commander who's running the live show, he's a great actor playing a very macho Rambo like character, Daniella Alonso (hills have eyes 2 remake) Erica Leerhsen (The Texas chainsaw remake) and Crystal Lowe (final destination 3) provides the boobs and very nice they are! There's many more freaks this time too providing much more carnage and action, this is one great horror sequel that's certainly worth picking up if you love the original.

Good picture quality on the UK DVD (Fox)
Lots of good features including a commentary, making of, and more.
Region 2 Pal, 92-mins, 2008.
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on 24 June 2010
Curiously watchable. The sort of film you could almost write a review on without actually seeing it as you instinctively know it's not going to push any boundaries in film making or horror and will invariably be heavily influenced by and derivative of much more original and superior films of its type.
Having said that what 'Wrong Turn 2' does it mostly does well. Quite gore laden, the characters weren't as irritating as they first appeared and in any case didn't hang around long enough to outstay their welcome. There was a back story about a survivalist reality tv show of which the cast of this film were participants or crew, providing an adequate excuse as to how they came to be in the heavily forested backwoods of West Virginia. The special effects team went to town on the prosthetics of the murderous inbred hillbillies, rendering them looking faintly ridiculous; but what they lacked in good dentistry and good looks they made up for with exceptional strength and being impervious to being struck by vehicles.
Some of the deaths were really quite good. I wavered quite a lot on WT2's merits whilst watching it but it is the type of film to sit back and let it wash over you, admiring the neat axe work, mincing machines and vat loads of blood on display. I watched one of the extras showing the planning of some of the slayings and it came across, as it did while watching the film, how much fun everyone seemed to be having. I look forward to seeing the commentary at some point with Henry Rollins who put in a good turn.
Not disimilar to and certainly no less brainless than 'Frontiers' a French horror that on average scores higher than this. If you liked the first Wrong Turn and more or less can guess what to expect with this you may like it; if you didn't like the first or have intelligence as a prerequisite for your horrors, best look elsewhere.
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on 26 September 2012
I was pleasantly surprised (if pleasant is the right word!) as I thought the film would be a lot worse due to the bad reviews. In fact I enjoyed it more than the first one. At the end of the day it is a horror film with plenty of action and gore and is not meant to be taken seriously. It even has some humour - for example the family saying their prayers before they eat somebody! As another reviewer said, if you are not expecting Hamlet then you should enjoy the film if you are a horror fan. Just make sure you keep away from wooded areas in the future!!
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on 19 September 2015
I enjoy the series, I still think 1-3 in the series, are still some of the best out of the franchise, and are defiantly worth purchasing at a bargain price.
Or box set.
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on 18 September 2017
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on 25 February 2013
the film is very bloodthirsty in nearly all of the scenes.it is alot more gruesome than the first film.it also tells you alot more about how the mutants became that way.overall i would recommend it to everyone who enjoyed the first film and also to people who enjoy watching horror films.
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on 7 November 2014
Not a patch on the first, and best, movie. Although intended to be a homage to the classic 80s horrors, too much time is spent on what the 'family' looks like and their living environment and their relationships. Unfortunately I lost interest and switched off, not literally, and just couldn't enjoy it, couldn't even bring myself to try and I like B-Movies. Gutted I paid for it!
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on 10 February 2016
typical wrong turn movie
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on 24 December 2014
great cult film , following the story on from Wrong Turn.
Well worth viewing.
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on 4 March 2016
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