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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 25 September 2010
I'd waited for this game after reading previews and reviews in Official Nintendo Magazine and I must say that I have not been disappointed.

I love the Wii Motion Plus and it's truly at its best when used as a sword. It doubles here as a sword, a gun and the character's viewpoint. Sometimes I've foud the "camera" flying all over the place but, as others have pointed out, it's relatively easy (certainly on the "Easy" mode) and I seem to take down the baddies with due efficiency, but it's not so easy that you feel you've been short changed.

For, ahem, "oldies" like me - well, I'm not that old: ZX81 and Commodore 64 generation - it has just the right balance of difficulty. It's almost a pick-up-and-play title; I only skim-read the instructions which are relatively scant anyway. All the greatest games, in my opinion, are those which you can start playing straight away without too much of a learning curve.

Like many Motion Plus titles, Red Steel 2 is a "stand up" game as you'll find yourself getting quite active. There is lots of swinging involved and some great sword moves to "buy" along the way. Talking of "buying": shoot or swipe everything you see in the street (hinted at by a small arrow appearing at the top as you get closer); these items contain money and ammunition for your gun. Money is gained by achieving missions anyway, but a little more always helps. It cost me about $6000 to "buy" a very cool sword stab move.

To put my review title into context, I played this for an hour or so directly prior to my usual daily Wii Fit session and actually found it quite a pleasant way to warm up! It's not so strenuous that you end up sweating buckets, but it'll loosen you up nicely.

The graphics and animation are superb. A very nice modern "comic book" style with smooth motion. As for criticisms about the "short" duration, well there's nothing wrong with that - especially if you're from a gaming generation where 30 minutes of play time is epic!

If you like fairly straightforward FPS games with a bit of a difference but are not particularly "good" at them like all the youngsters, I'd highly recommend this game.
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on 14 August 2015
I finally got around to buying this when I got the Wii Motion Plus add on recently.
First impressions were good, it looks really nice and the controls are pretty well done, using the motion controls is good fun.
I was surprised how linear the game is- There really isnt much freedom, the game could have been on rails between objectives and it wouldnt have made a difference. The objectives were a bit repetetive, usually boiled down to defeating various pretty generic enemies or finding some hidden objects.
You unlock lots of new sword techniques as you progress, I probably should have learned more of them to vary my game a bit, but in the heat of battle it didnt feel like the time to be experimenting with the motion equivalent of trying to pull of a Mortal Kombat button press fatality of a technique you havent used since the training segment. But maybe I just have a bad memory- it is recorded on the pause screen if you want to refresh yourself.
Rather than coming across enemies in a natural way, they are in pre determined areas and you get locked into battle like in a JRPG, defeat the enemies and you can collect the money and move on.
I like that at least this is divided into short segments, so once youve cleared an area everything resets and you get your health back and the game saves frequently. Ordinarlily I'd prefer a more traditional find health or survival style thing, but I think I would have found the game tedious if the action had slowed down further for that.
I enjoyed the game early on, but I think that it never really gets any better. There are some fun techniques that get introduced, but the gameplay itself is not quite what I wanted somehow. I think I was expecting something more like GoldenEye with swords, maybe a bit of stealth. I cant blame the game for its genre, it just doesnt feel like a very full game to me. I suppose it is more like an arcade game.
It also feels like you spend way too much time smashing scenery for money.
Overall, I liked the game, it was enjoyable. It does what it does well. However, I never found it particularly gripping and there were no real high points for me, it is like a great idea that never got realised into a great game.
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on 5 July 2010
Red Steel 2 is the best Wii game to use MotionPlus since the most excellent Wii Sports Resort (Game Only). I really enjoyed the first Red Steel game but felt the sword fighting could have been a bit better. This is where Red Steel 2 really comes into it's own because for me the sword fighting is pretty much spot on now. Red Steel 2 is set in a strange Mad Max meets the Wild West with swords type world and, you the Hero are very much like the man with no name from the Dollars trilogy which starred Clint Eastwood. The graphics have a great style to them and the music creates great atmosphere. The story is about a gang called the Jackals who have taken over a town called Caldera. A sadistic psychopath called Payne is the leader of the Jackals and it's your job with some help from your friends to bring law and order back to the town. The voice acting is good and I enjoyed getting to know all the different characters within the game. I found the game starts off a bit slow but, it keeps on improving as you work your way through the levels. Red Steel 2 as a solo 1st person shoot em' up is one of the best on the Wii and it will keep your trigger finger happy until the release of Goldeneye 007 (Wii).
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This is the one of the most original FirstPerson shooter console games I ever experienced. RED STEEL 2 is a SteamPunk-Western/Anime and it has been perfectly designed to take advantage of the technological capabilities of the Wii!

The controls are a breeze to pick up. You move with the nunchuck and you turn by pointing the Wii-Remote. You fire your gun with the B-button whereas you unsheathe your katana with the A-button and swing the Wii-Remote like a real sword. And the last point is what makes this game so much fun. You slash, stub or hack by simply doing the same movements with your right arm holding the Wii-Remote.
This is not a workout game but after about an hour of having fun slashing and stubbing you will feel your upper arms to burn.
As you progress, there are improvements for your weapons and powers to purchase as well as special moves to learn by the cheeky weaponsmith/sensei.

High-end graphics have never been the Wii's strong suit. That is why the cel-shaded (comic book) graphical style (similar to XIII and Borderlands) fits the gameplay well. Backgrounds, enemies and fighting moves (especially finishing moves) look really cool and crisp and greatly help the player immerse in the Anime atmosphere.

The game requires the MotionPlus! extension of the Wii-Remote (and it is not included). There is a different edition of the game that includes this extension but this is not the one mind you.

They are coming again - keep those katanas ready!

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on 16 August 2015
I brought this game for a song and it's a great game for the wii which gives hours of fun. Sometimes, momentarily the movement of your wii controller doesn't match the movement of you sword, but it only lasts about a second or two before resyncing. I would recommend this game to other buyers.
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on 7 September 2010
I have had this game for a few weeks and I must say it is a blast. The controls are really great and when I play this game I can't sit down. I have to bee standing to be able to swing my hands with enough power. If you have a Wii and would like a really, really good game then you should buy this game. It is a must for all Wii owners who are serious about games.
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on 8 September 2011
I love the game, the different ninja moves,the game really makes full use of the wii motion accessory. I can definately see why they need it for the game.
I like the different upgrades and the challenging fights with many different ninjas. Although it is easy, as you can block everything even bullets with parry, some bosses are fairly challenging. If you are thinking of buying the game, make sure you know that it is nothing like a western game such as 'Red dead redemption'. It is its own game, killing ninjas does excercise your wrists and after over 4hours of playing the game it did make my arm tired. Although there may be some evident weaknesses of the game, I would definately recommend it to people who like moving the arms around with the wii remote and people who like action games. I myself have goldenye 007 wii, but one I got to lvl 40, it got boring. This game adds another dimension to wii action games genre completely. with being able to stun the player, block the player from hitting you, stabbing, slashing and doing air jumps for a downwards stab in the neck is a lot of fun!
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on 29 March 2010
After playing, and just about enjoying, Red Steel, sort of, I was looking forward to seeing if Ubisoft could finally bring together their sword and gunplay idea and make it work in a cohesive and enjoyable manner. So I had a bit of spare change and with nothing else kicking around the game shelves that I fancied or didn`t already have, not to mention the fact that I already had a motion plus, I though `why not,' and grabbed a copy of the long awaited Red Steel 2. So here goes my point by point review:

- Controls work much better than the first game and for most part feel as tight as my bosses wallet.
- The West Meets East, mad max, stylings are intriguing and the graphics are clear and sharp, although extremely sparse feeling when compared to something similar like Borderlands - fair enough this is Wii and we all know about the graphics capabilities...but more on that later, these are supposed to be the good points after all.
- Swordplay soon opens up to be varied and interest and gives you plenty of scope for decent battle scenarios.
- The music is fittingly spaghetti western with small touches of that japanesque feel for extremely good measure.
- The cell shading works surprisingly well at defining the play area and enemies clearly.
- Aiming is precise and guns feel chunky and powerful, oh yes.
- The game is a decent length and flows quite well even without much of a story or a proper map.
- Missions are varied enough to keep you occupied till the ultimate conclusion.
- Character design is very cool indeed.
- Quicktime events are decent.

- The controls though tight are not always as responsive as you'd like. Often you'll be swinging around wildly trying to pull of the move you're attempting, and even with the slightly off-puttingly cumbersome motion plus block attached you'll be wishing for a simple button combo in no time as you try to relax after work.
- The levels though nice and clearly rendered are ludicrously sparse looking leading to a soulless feel, and yes I know this isn't my PS3 or 360 but the wii is always trying to prove it can achieve all, if not more, than other consoles with it's intuitive controls and simple graphics but lets face it this is far from the most immersive game world you'll ever inhabit, and it will leave a lot of gamers feeling detached from the overall experience.
- Story? Character development? Anyone?.......nope...okay then.
- The sound effects and music may be very nice but the voice acting is substandard and ultimately cheesy
- The lack of an overall map means that you get lead around like a child by the hand through the medium of little area maps with big green arrows. It's disappointing and only helps detach you all the more from a game world that should feel alive and fit for exploration.
- The lack of blood really takes away from any truly visceral feeling and reward you should get from flapping around your wiimote, plus it makes the finishers seem pointless and nigh on redundant. When you blast an enemies down to their knees then slash them with your awesome sword you would expect, quite reasonably, to see heads fly but instead you lamely knock them aside as they emit what looks like dust or milk or something - pathetic - oh and what's that I hear? Ah, it's that old friend immersion circling the bowl in desperation yet again.
- it just doesn't do anything especially new or interesting.
- With all the time they've had to work on this it adds little new to the original apart from amped up controls and a different setting- plus and it's by no means the best looking game on the system - for that you need a copy of the new Silent Hill or Mario Galaxy.

Red steel 2 is at it's core a solid shooter with a decent little bit of swordplay tacked on for good measure, but after all the criticism and time they've had since the first game it should have been much, much more than that. However if you take a good hard look at the overall package it is a game that seems to try it's hardest to alienate it's audience and leave them feeling cold and uninspired. Any notion of the visceral or depth is quickly counteracted by empty feeling levels and dry violence. Ultimately it's worth a rental if you're curious but if you just want to relax and enjoy a decent game rather than feeling slightly uninspired and end up flapping around what could have ultimately been a few button presses then get something else.
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on 16 January 2011
Spontaneous Buy.

Don't like games that are to hard so this was great for me with easy med and hard difficulty settings.
controls are simple and the wii motion plus is really responsive and accurate.
you can set swing mode to "relaxed" so you don't end up with arm ache.
tutorials are brief and informative.
autosave works.]
game engine only let me down once when it got confused and i got stuck between 2 doors, other than that its been flawless.
loading time reasonable.
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on 15 June 2010
The great thing about the hardcore wii games not selling very well is that within 6 weeks from release the price plummets. £15 for Red Steel 2 is a bargain. Super smooth gameplay and crackin' special moves. Well worth a punt.
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