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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 2 February 2003
Justin Timberlake's debut album was, for me, a very big surprise and if you're looking for something akin to N-Sync then you may be a bit disappointed. This is an R'n'B/Hip Hop album showcasing a grown-up Timberlake. Clearly, he's worked with some serious talent on this album but enough of a personality shines through to suggest Timberlake may have a big future ahead of him. For me, the opening track, Senorita, is the best and it certainly makes you sit and take notice of this album. The vocals on this track are superb.
The singles, Like I Love You and Cry Me A River will be familiar to many who come to this album and they are a good reflections of the content but, by no means, are they the only strong songs. Rock Your Body will fuel the comparisons to Michael Jackson which may be hard for Justin to shake but, I think, it's superb.
Another big surprise on this album is that Justin co-wrote so much of it. He's turned out to be a talented song writer even if, as many say, there is a little too much focus on the break up of relationships (Britney, anyone?). A musical shock - but a great one.
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on 10 November 2002
Ok i cant really sum up how good this album is so ill take you through a nice little track by track review!
Senorita-A Neptunes produced track and a great opener,a great beat,and also a great use of the old get the boys to sing one line and the girls another towards the end of the track,which really grows on you. 9/10
Like I Love You-Again another Neptunes track.And that guitar is already becoming a classic.One of the best on the album. 9/10
(Oh No)What You Got-A very laied back track from Timbaland.Its like someone is whistling in the background.Great vocals again and the chorus been very catchy after a while. 9/10
Lets Take It From Here-The first ballad of the album.Very fresh and fancy free this song seems to be.Its really nice to listen to.Simple lyrics and generally easy to listen to. 8/10
Cry Me A River-One of the best on the album.Timbaland strikes again.Starts of with like a priest singing and then the beat drops into a uptempo ballad.The vocals are really good on this one.And i love how it end with a whole choir singing.The next single.Great.Love it!! 10/10
Rock Your Body-My fave. on the album.It just makes u wanna dance.The beat is fantastic.I dunno why but it comes together so nicely,his vocals and the beat just click.Also a guest appearance by Vanessa Marthiquez(sp?lol),she adds some great vocals to this.Should be a future single.10/10
Nothin' Else-This one is a grower.A very dark beat and vocals,I didnt like it as much but do like it now.The chorus is kinda catchy but in a weird way.A good song.8/10
Last Night-Another great beat.Where do they get them from,lol.And i think its aimed at a certain Miss Spears,lol.This song really shows of his vocals as he goes quite high on it,and kinda sounds like Michael Jackson.Great song.9/10
Still On My Brain-I think this is my least fave of the album.I just find it boring.It sounds like the Nsync song -Something Like You.It doesnt standout and could just disappear into the background of the album.But it is a good ballad and nice vocals,but in this album,it just doesnt standout.7/10
(And She Said)Take Me Now-One of my faves on the album.A very uptempo beat with the lovely Ms Janet Jackson.There vocals blend so well on this song.Cant help but loving it.It does improve when the chorus kicks in.But it lasts around 5 minutes.9/10
Right For Me-A track with Bubba Sparxxx.A really dirty and low beat,with a low vocals of him and bubba.A great track,a kinda hip-hop country song.lol.Anyways great song.9/10
Lets Take A Ride-Another ballad.well not a ballad as such.Its a kinda in your car sunday afternoon drivin down the motorway kinda music.Its nice,but not one of my faves.8/10
Never Again-Probably one of the best ballads ive ever hear.Written by himself and Brian McKnight.And set out to be a classic song.It shows of Justins vocals brillantly and its so simple! One of my faves.10/10
Worthy of-The secret track for the UK.Its not a standout track,but its a good track to finish the album of.Uptempo with good lyrics.8/10
Overall,such a good album,a mix of hip-hop and fresh ballads.Its an essential part of anyones cd collection.The beginning of a superstar...........
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on 3 February 2003
My view on this album is simply one word! AMAZING! I dont think that Justin could of possibly released a better debut album even if he tried. Every single song either leaves you singing for the rest of the day, make you want to jump up and dance! This album may be all bout his up and down love life but if thats the reason he comes out with songs like the ones on it then who are we to critsize, especially when the true cricumstances are not clear. Justin has certainly 'Justified' himself to me as being a serious and truly talented solo artist and I wish him the best of luck with all of his future adventures and will be behind him all the way!!!
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on 5 October 2003
I'd heard such great reviews of this album from friends and read about how good it was on amazon but on listening I was disappointed. The first 3 singles realeased from the album are the standout tracks for me,and on first hearing Senorita I thought 'they'll never release that' but I was wrong. My favourite song is 'Rock you're body'. So incredibly catchy u can't help but sing along.
Although this CD is not unpleasant to listen to it is certainly one of my least favourite CDs I have ever bought.
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on 13 May 2003
As soon as you hear the opening Neptunes produced track 'Senorita' you know that this album is going to be something special. Throughout the whole album you can tell that Justin has put 110% effort into each of the songs. The standout tracks on this album are Justins debut solo song 'Like I Love You', the almost urban ballad 'Cry Me A River' and 'Take Me Now' which with Timbalands trademark hard beats and Justins smooth voice is superb. All in all this album is a must for your collection. If you think it will be a 'by the book' pop album you're wrong. It has a truly urban feel but wont leave young fans dissappointed either. Justified has proved that Justin can stand alone and not in the shadow of his band N*Sync which other artists have found difficult.Justin has the potential to become one of the best vocal artists of our generation and somehow I feel he hasn't showed us all of what he can offer and I truly cannot wait for his next album.
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on 6 November 2002
Anyone who thinks Justin Timberlake can't sing..Just listen to this album it really showcases his amazing voice!! Justin is a very taleted singer and has a beautifull voice and he definitely proves he can sing on this album!!
This album doesn't only cover one genre of music, personally I am into RnB, HipHop & soul and 'Justified' covers all these genres and more!!
All the tracks on Justified are excellent there isn't one song which isn't worth listening to. My personall favourites are: Seorita, Cry me a river, Last Night, (Oh no) What you got, Worthy of & Rock your body but I luv all the tracks it's really hard to pick my favourites!!
Alltogether this album is 1 in a million! It is very individual and I'm sure you won't find any other album which sounds quite like it!! It is a masterpice. I would recommend it to anyone, you won't be dissapointed!!
One word to sum up this album is:- Incredible!!
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on 26 October 2002
....Having heard and really liked the Like I Luv U single, I thought the album would be awful pop poop! I wasn't ready to be shocked!
I didn't consider that the Neptunes would produce so much of this album and every track they are involved in is a hit, from the opener Seniorita with its Prince influence through to the penultimate track Let's Take a Ride, the 5 or 6 Neptunes tracks are awsome. Rock Your Body and Last Night are great songs, and thankfully Justin has the voice to support these heavy r'n'b/ funk masterpieces. Is Last Night an ode to Britney?
There are a couple of quality ballads splattered throughout the album which are all pretty good and, again, very well sung. It has to be said that Justin sounds very much like old Michael Jackson in a lot of places, but it's almost pleasing to hear that old Michael style again since Michael stopped being Michael some time ago.
The other tracks on the album are produced by Timberland, with mixed success. One of the Timberland tracks, Take Me Now, has Janet Jackson singing the chorus and sighing about the place. About half way through it breaks right down and it seems as if Pharell from Neptunes gets involved as the track improves and sounds in keeping with the rest of the album. The track following this, Right For Me, is fantastic, old school Prince and Justin has to be congratulated for daring to do it and for doing it so well. The other 2 or 3 Timberland tracks are dull after about half a minute and unfortunately don't improve, making this a 4 star rather than a 5 star. One of the tracks is track 3 on the CD, almost killing the album before its had a real chance to breathe.
Overall, very impressive. A current star but a future superstar if Justin continues to use cutting edge producers, takes some risks (given the McDonalds pop culture) and continues to sing like he does, even if it is a bit high sometimes! Face it - he CAN sing!
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on 8 November 2002
In all honesty I bought this album on the strength of the Like I Love You single alone, expecting that I would return it once I had heard the rest of the songs. How wrong I was. There are no signs of the throw away pop associated with *NSync, instead Timberlake has produced the album which he said himself "is the album that everyone wanted Michael Jackson to make at this stage in his career". Top of the range funk, hip-hop, pop and pure soul are all evident with excellent production from the Neptunes and Timberland (Missy Elliot's producer). Some might say its an MJ rip-off, but is that such a bad thing? With Timberlake writing all the songs himself you can't deny this guy's talent. Buy this album and you will not be dissappointed!
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on 15 July 2003
Justin's first attempt at a solo career has been beyond successful. Grabbing the attention on both sides of the atlantic, and probably worldwide, each song is masterfully written and produced, to make listening to it a great experience. One of my favourite artists, it is undoubtedly one of my favourite albums. Senorita, a funky r n' b feel bouncing boogie, is genius, while his two most well known at the moment, - rock your body, and like I love you are crooners that will surely stay in your head for ages. I recommend any music loving gal or guy to purchase this wickedly cool sizzler of an album. If you don't, you'll regret it! :)
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on 20 March 2003
As an avid Backstreet Boys fan I'd decided as soon as Justin was going solo that I would not buy any of his music, but on hearing 'Like I Love You' I have since bought his album and fell in alove with him and his music so much that I've now payed £50 to see him in concert out of my own pocket. There is a huge variety of songs and I can gurantee that there is at least one track for everyone on that album. With me, all of them are a hit and I recommend 'Justified' to anybody. He's certainly shed the boyband image to provide us all with something a little deeper, and he certainly won this Backstreet Girl's respect.
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