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on 6 September 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Jeremy Irons played his part very well as mentor to the young Eragon (Ed Speleers) and Robert Carlyle added a dash of menace and wickedness as the bad wizard. The story line is reminiscent of many fantasy books influenced by The Lord of the Rings and other writings by JRR Tolkien but it is non the worse for it yet not quite as successful but enjoyable all the same. Lovely locations and effective CGI special effects help the film to move at an enjoyable pace. If you enjoy dragon stories, wizards, elves and heroes give this film a try. It won't hurt and you may just become a fan.
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on 27 August 2014
Wonderful film - it's strange, frightening and beautiful, from the moment when he finds the dragon egg, and has the problems of keeping his young dragon safe from discovery until she is old enough to care for herself, then the relationship between them, as she grows, and he realizes that she has her own personality - very human, even though she is a huge winged creature, and he learns the responsibilities of having magic powers which can go seriously wrong if he uses one word out of place.
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on 18 August 2017
Good film Eragon you know the bluray of Eragon hasn't got any special features but this has got audio commentary as well as featurettes or documentarys so if you've got a bluray player and like the film of a mind reading talking dragon from Christopher Paolinis book buy this also!
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on 10 April 2010
Eragon is a film adaption of a book, and as such will obviously deviate from the source. Imagine the film Stardust but combined with Lord of the Rings, and you get Eragon.
Firstly, the acting is a tad off being good, but it isn't terrible. Some good scenes, then corny, one liners that should never be in a film with high hopes.
As mentioned by others the special effects are convincing and make it an interesting film to watch, especially the dragons themselves.
However, you would be better off reading the book, which is more magical and inticing. The film seems hollow once you've read the book, which fills the gaping holes in the film, and give a better pace to the story. Plus, the books have sequels; the film does not.
The film is quick paced (in a bad way), unorganic in some parts and there's little originality that the film conveys to the audience.
Worth it for the price, but no guarantee you'll want to see it again.
Personally, the price as well as the need to see it once is the main reason i bought it.
Overall 7/10
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on 20 August 2012
Most will be aware of the storyline of this DVD, it having been on TV a few times. While it may not be a blockbuster, it is a good film. It gives the viewer a good dose of fantasy in this world of myth and magic. Eragon is a well made film that is enthralling and entertaining.
I've not read the book so this was like learning the story first-hand, with nothing to compare it too. I found it a very enjoyable film that's easy to watch more than once.
Arrived from Amazon (DiskGiant) within days of ordering. Top marks.
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on 26 December 2015
My children, aged 8 and 11 have both read the book and enjoyed the film. As you would expect, there were differences between the book and the film (it's quite a substantial book) but it was a good family film to watch together and I would recommend.
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on 10 October 2014
This is a terrible movie. Poor script and direction, can't be redeemed by names like Jeremy Irons, nor by the -admittedly very good- digital dragon.
Bought it for boys who like knights and dragons, but it's too violent and scary. Would NOT recommend it for young audiences. As for adults, well, there are better ways to waste one's time or money....
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on 6 January 2010
None of the these films are great. But also, I didn't think any were too dire that I regretted watching it. I'd say Jumper was the least bad.

Given that at the price this is currently, these three films are effectively not much more than two quid each... Massive bargain for the undemanding film viewer. They do not all share the same sub genre in the Fantasy/Scf-Fi arenas, so if you've not heard of any of these it's worth reading the synopses in the product descriptions before buying
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on 19 May 2018
great product delivered quickly at a very competitive price
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on 25 April 2018
i have had this a while now love the film
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