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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 15 December 2012
I'm an angry man as I write this review. Angry because I was FORCED to overlook this absolute peach of a remake upon it's original release. Angry because even when I could afford a Gamecube/Wii alongside my trusty Playstation 2 I was in the gaming wilderness of my late teens/early 20's, and I forgot about it. Only through watching little vids on a new thing called Youtube did I see what I was missing, which is the BEST survival horror game I've ever played.

I spent pretty much every waking hour of my early teens playing Playstation, and more specifically Resident Evil games. What struck me most about them was the isolation, fear and unforgiving nature of the death/save system. I remember being so scared of the hunters from the original that I was afraid to enter new rooms. "Balls, I havn't saved in a while maybe I shou".... dead, decapitated by an unfairly agile frogman. It was just a harrowing, sinking feeling when you ran out of Ink Ribbons (item needed for saving) and/or bullets, unceremoniously halting progress and psychologically thrusting you into your characters body.

This feature is but a fading memory within the confines of todays gaming culture, not least of all from the Resident Evil franchise a la RE:4,5 and 6. Patronizing hand-holding is rife, slow-burning tense gameplay and badly placed fixed camera angles are replaced with an over the shoulder vantage point and linear visceral shootouts (albeit, done to a tee in 4) While it's almost common knowledge that the series needed to evolve in order to survive, it hasn't built upon the brilliant original conception of 4. Whether it be pitting you in the sun drenched outdoors of Africa (why?) or lumbering you with idiotic, unwanted AI partners (WHY!) the series has strayed a million miles away from the claustrophobic creepy mansion.

This game brings you right back there and unashamedly slaps you in the face with horrible tank controls, more enemies than ammo, and fiendishly difficult puzzles. Seriously, some of them were real noodle scratchers. If you've played the original it won't take long for you to realise that this remake is indeed something very special. The graphics are simply stunning (they more than hold their own amongst todays big boys) and the cheesy b movie quality of the dialogue has mercifully been given an overhaul. The rooms manage to be identical yet completely different simultaneously and pretty much everything else has been tweaked in some way, and always for the better (except clunky controls, clunky menus and clunky camera angles :D)

Initially the bad controls can be very off-putting, but you must keep in mind this is a ten year old game. It'll certainly take you a while to reacclimatise yourself to a time when not every games controls were nuanced and perfectly balanced. Get over the hump though and you'll discover a game that's been lovingly restored and story-wise, has been greatly elaborated on in regards to the original. A bizarre new side storyline really had me intrigued and gave me extra drive and incentive to persevere, as on more than one occasion I got legitimately stumped and had to integrate a small dose of grey matter (you know, that thing between your ears) to proceed.

Throughout the game I kept getting these neat little surprises, like zombies bursting through windows or uncovering a new area (not progression-wise, as in they added it in the remake) It needs to be said that this game wants you dead, yesterday, and enemies can kill you in little more than two hits. It's not really HARD, but you need to watch yourself, watch your ammo/healing consumption and most of all...watch your heart rate. I won't be forgetting the time I actually RAN OUT OF AMMO halfway through the game, an arse-moistening moment if ever there was one.

Oh yeah I almost forgot one of the best new features, and one which further gives credibility to the notion that this is a survival horror game to the bitter end. Crimson Heads! In every previous and subsequent Resident Evil game once you killed a zombie they were dead and for the most part they couldn't follow you anywhere, not so here. You'll quickly notice that even after you down a zombie and leave and re-enter a room, their bodies don't disappear. Now at first I thought it was just a design decision to make things more realistic, but no! They leap up off the ground as if someone injected a trolley load of speed up their arse and come back at you swinging digs like a chav at 4 in the morning. These are the aforementioned Crimson Heads, a welcome edition and a trump card if ever I saw one. Unbelievably scary and only through burning bodies can you avoid this occurrence, just one more thing to make the game that little bit better. Even scarier was when a zombie came crashing through the door after me, desperate for a nibble on my neck.

As far as presentation/graphics are concerned, I already mentioned earlier that they're indeed very pretty, but to get the most out of them you'll definitely need a hd upscaler as the wii doesn't support high def gaming. The actual screen is in letter-box format, which is annoying at first but you'll forget about it just as quick as it registers. There was very little if anything in this game that I didn't like. Maybe the "hard" feature upon completion of the game actually made you want to play it. The fatal flaw being connected storage chests are no longer...connected. This borders on insanity, crucially you'll be trekking all over the f***ing place to retrieve earlier items you simply had to drop at that time. This is a fairly big mansion lads, lunacy!

At the end of the day though it's still a 5 star game and reminds me just how much fear a game can instill in you. The combat is clunky, the cameras are clunky, the menus are clunky, ahhh who gives a toss?! Despite those flaws I can't remember being as immersed in a game as much since Dark Souls. Capcom really poured care and attention into making an already classic horror game better and more terrifying. They give fans of the original new twists and turns to the tale, I loved reading the mansion architects journal! Only your wits and skill will get you out of this hell-hole alive...do you have what it takes?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 August 2010
There have been a number of gruesome murders in the forests on the outskirts of Raccoon City. The city's normal police department appears to be incapable of finding the culprits (whether they are animal or human) so the STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) have been drafted in to help. Bravo team was sent in to do the initial sweep but their helicopter malfunctioned and they had to make an emergency crash landing. With nothing being heard from Bravo team since their last Mayday call Alpha team (lead by Captain Albert Wesker and including Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Barry Burton) have been sent out to rescue their colleagues. Unfortunately for Alpha team things do not go to plan and they find themselves fighting for survival in the abandoned Spencer Mansion.

As a new convert to resident evil I decided I needed to play all the games - firstly for the fun and secondly for the back story. I am a fan of the live-action films, but after playing Resident Evil 4 I noticed some references - Chairman Wesker, T Virus, Umbrella Corporation, etc - but I didn't understand them fully and I needed to know more. So I decided to start at the beginning and bought the Resident Evil games that were available for the Wii - Resident Evil Archives: Zero,Resident Evil,Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles to go with my Resident Evil 4. There is also a version for the DS - Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

I was about to start with Resident Evil Zero but then a friend told me that REZ was in fact a prequel and I should start with Resident Evil instead, so I took this advice but Zero on hold and pop this disc in.

When the game starts it gives you several options: firstly, it asks you to choose between "hiking" and "mountain climbing". The "hiking" option is the normal difficulty level, and the mountain climbing is the professional harder level.

Once you have chosen the level you wish to play out you get a choice of Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. I initially chose Chris Redfield - since he was offered as the first option I had assumed that it would be easier character to play with; once again my assumption was wrong. Apparently I should have chosen Jill Valentine.

Jill has more spaces for carrying objects though she does take a higher rate of damage than Chris when she is attacked. She also comes with a set of lock picks meaning that she does not have to search around for several of the keys.

Chris has too fewer carry squares than Jill, but loses health at a slower rate. With Chris you have to run around searching for keys in order to open doors, desks and cupboards.

The first thing I noticed was that the movements are very sensitive to the touch; I have literally had Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine running in circles and slamming into walls.

The second thing was the inability to aim the weapons, something which became increasingly frustrating as I played - I wasted a significant amount of the rare ammunition that the game provides you with. One benefit of this was that I had to learn to dodge and use the knife earlier than I normally would have.

Once you get used to the controls the game play movement seems to get a little easier but I still manage to have them running into the walls every now and again, not a good thing when you're in the middle of a boss fight as it can cause a restart.

This brings me to the third problem. Because you have to carry a typewriter ribbon in one of your save spots, and typewriters are particularly rare, you can find that you have travelled a great distance, and fulfilled a number of tasks before you can save. If you have the misfortune that the character you're playing dies before reaching the typewriter then you may have a long way to go back over. You will have to remember what you've achieved since the previous save point and what you need to do again - this is not always easy. Typewriter ribbons themselves can cause problems, they have a limited usage, and there is a temptation to leave it behind when you find your storage area is full.

The game itself is free movement (not an on the rails game) so you can choose where to go and when. This means that every time you play the game is different even though the underlying story is the same.

One thing that is missing for me is the bonus material. I admit that I have been spoilt by the masses of extras in RE4, and I realise that this is a remake of an older game, but the extras seem a little on the poor side for such a great game.

The main premise of the game is puzzles, working out what you need to carry and what you can leave behind, while trying to stay out of the way of the zombies and destroying the bosses when needed.

I'm extremely glad I played this and I have now played it with both Jill and Chris, and though I have ... sorry, *they* have died a number of times I've enjoyed this game a great deal and have returned to it a number of times. It has give me that background in RE that I would never have been able to get anywhere else, and it's much more fun than reading a summary in a book.
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on 19 July 2009
This is still by far the scariest Resident Evil and still the best one in the series in my opinion. Ok, it's not got the looks of Resident Evil 4 or 5 but it's definitely much more creepier and I'm not joking!

The graphics although very detailed look dated and look virtually identical to the Gamecube version if not a tad sharper. Yes, the backgrounds are static and don't move in 3D like Resi 4 & 5.

Sadly no wide-screen mode has been added and this results in ugly black borders at the sides. While this is annoying, you soon forget about them after 10 minutes of play. Surely this could have been rectified ??

The controls are nothing to get excited about and definitely don't use the Wii's capabilities. You can use the nun chuck, wii-mote on it's own, the classic controller and the Gamecube control too. All these types of controls feel dated, so as i say don't get excited.

Game play is where this game excels. Yes, you do actually have to try and survive by not wasting bullets and herbs and think very carefully about your next move. Even failing to burn a dead zombie may end up in tears.

On the subject of zombies, I much prefer killing them than shooting something that actually looks like a person.. cough ** Resi 5 ** cough.

The sound has been well done and is very spooky in places. If you play this game alone in a dark room you'll definitely feel a tingle run down your spine.

So overall, this game is worth adding to your Wii collection if you like survival horror and do actually want to feel scared. Both Resi 4 and 5 didn't scare me at all and felt like playing a standard shooter.

Resident evil archives makes you cringe every time you enter a new room.

For the money you cannot knock this excellent game and only buy it if you dare!
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VINE VOICEon 25 June 2009
This is a re-release of the classic Gamecube remake of RESIDENT EVIL, this time though it is for the Wii with improved motion sensor controls and aiming. When this was first released originally back in 2002 I played this game to death, being a massive fan of the original on the Playstation in 1996. I've now been playing this for the past 2 days on the Wii and it still looks and sounds as impressive as ever (this games had without a doubt the most stunning visuals on the Gamecube) and the new controls make this even more fun than before.

It still has the mainly-static backgrounds and fixed cameras, which the most recent RESIDENT EVILs (4 and 5) got rid of, but as this is just a re-release you can't really complain that this is a backwards step as this isn't really a prequel or sequel. The controls work really well where you can draw your weapon with t swing of the remote and the aiming is much more accurate than the previous release. The music is very haunting and atmospheric and the voice-acting is still very corny but intentionally so. The storyline is great and if you're new to the series and have only played the more recent additions, then this should hopefully fill a lot of gaps in the complete story and timeline of RESIDENT EVIL as a whole. It is fairly long to complete too with 2 characters who have slightly different storylines and there are also 2 difficulty settings with 10 different endings depending on how well you do throughout the game, so there's plenty of value for money here.

I just hope that Capcom re-release the rest of the series (again) now as this kind of game works really well on the Wii and the low price is great as I don't mind buying it again for the improved controls.
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on 31 October 2013
I love the resident evil games but this one stands out for horror and even made me jump at times as its using the story from the first game that started it all they have done a lot of hard work to make it still amazing. Normal remakes are not as good but this is the only one bad point its because of Nintendo be lazy all they have done is stuck the cude version on the wii disc as the game does not fill the screen about 5 cm all around the screen but that's me being picky. still must have nice game load time slow but worth the wait come on and start remaking the rest of the resident evil games like this still a jumpy horror game and not a lot of stuff makes me jump just the story and game play pulls you in.

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on 11 January 2017
Suffers from port issues. Blury models in some scenarios while moving and frame rate drops in some cut-scenes Gameplay its what you would expect from a classic RE game with multiple control options. Best gameplay experience with the gamecube controller, the wii and nunchuck options are not very intuitive. Lack of a 16:9 video ratio. Great atmosphere, and musical score.
Even-thought the technical problems its a very enjoyable game! (y)
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VINE VOICEon 27 June 2009
I hoped they had done a bit more with this, especially with the controls.

I find using the nunchuck to move around really hard work.

Yes its the same basic game, and thats what it is supposed to be, but I was more than capable of buying the gamecube version and using the gamecube controller would probably be a bit easier as well.

So best left on the old console if you ask me. Now RE5 using the RE4 wii game engine, thats what I really want to see !
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on 2 April 2013
My view
I have played nearly every resident evil , i was playing res 6 when an incident broke my xbox , i changed to wii u, realising i could play wii games. I was shocked to hear about back lash of res 6 , saying it strayed from the suvival horror roots to an action adventure game.Is that a bad thing, it makes no sense for Leon to go against zombies with just a knife and a violent shrug to protect himself.So I decided to replay this on my wii u played this on ps (please look at the old fmv on youtube , I didn't c the funny side as a kid) the graphics are updated of this old gamecube classic. with wii controls

my opinion on res 1 remake vs rest of series
First off this has the best story , the gameplay felt like arriving home, those tank like controls the feel toughness and grit of this game.The B movie overtones that the rest of the series lost is in tact, visuals great , chris doesn't have a super tough guy look as he does and as adult playing this i felt more vunerable.The game is pretty much the same with a twist in the middle to keep guys who have played this b4 on ps1 happy> This is a classic and felt like a remaster up date, i still enjoyed res6 but i felt sumthing was lost from res 2 even on.This is a darkness and intenseness to this unlike the rest.Grab this 4 ur wii or wii u now
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on 27 April 2012
This game rocks,i just completed resi 5 and my view now is resident evil stoped making resident evil games at resident evil 3 although ive not played resi 4 yet.
why this game is so good in comparison.,.......
the camera angles allow for great room detail its scarier because you cant see what coming up, the typewriters are great as it adds tension.
The music is unreal the puzzels are great you must play this game and get lost in it.
on resi 5 you cant go back and explore you follow the whole game and are told where to go ,it automaticly saves and when you kill zombies they leave money or bullets behind like some cheap arcade game ,it tries to hard with over the top action and i hate the fact you cant pause the game to reload while youre being atacked you have to keep running all over the place , plus you have to leave so many items behind as you cant carry them the story line is week.Please capcom go back to the fixed cammera angles loose the cheap arcade shooter style game style and make resident evil how it was meant to be just keep sharpening up graphics and story plots.......ahhhhhhhhhh can you tell i hate the new resi and love the old ones.
i recomend this game highly resident evil 1 is the best game ever made!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 September 2010
Resident Evil: REmake was commission for the short lived Capcom/Nintendo exclusivity deal, giving all future made RE games to Nintendo consoles, a very short lived deal. It was to bring in a new crowd for the then upcoming "Exclusive" RE4.

Playing through the game it is more close to the original than what the synopsis says, more 30% new than 70-80%, that's not a bad thing though as the original was a landmark and excellent game. You can play through the game as either Chris or Jill, each character has their own pros and cons with variations in their respective paths through the game. The game includes the original mansion map with some new areas and some different puzzles. The same old gem, wind crest and octagonal emblem weirdo logic puzzles which don't really suit the environment are still there.

The graphics are amongst the best I've seen and have been compared as life like, this is more apparent in the outdoor sections where the grass, trees and shadows sway and reflect light like you were really there. Although everything apart from the characters are pre rendered they hold up to current gen consoles easily.

The ambient music is excellent adds to the tense atmosphere and changes the mood of every room, the voice acting has been greatly improved and is of a very high class, monster sounds are bone chilling, especially Lisa Trevor's moans.

The game will take about 15-20 hours to play through and is well worth it, it is the foundation of the epic Resident Evil series and personally my favourite of the pre rendered series.
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