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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Word Gets Around
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on 24 April 2017
Fantastic really pleased
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on 26 March 2017
Must have CD
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on 27 September 2017
Great service and as described
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on 19 July 2005
If you're new to the Stereophonics, you may not have heard their debut. They didn't get huge until 'The Bartender and the Thief' came out. If you haven't heard it, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it as its by far their best album.
Its quite a raw and rocky sound, but the phonics have never been able to match the raw energy of this album. The songwriting is open and honest and guitars loud. Anyone who saw Live8 will testify that 'Local Boy in the Photograph' went down a storm and thats the kind of album this is.
If you've ever liked a Stereophonics tune and you don't have this buy it now.
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on 3 April 2017
Brilliant debut album with the emphasis on driving rock anthems ( 'A Thousand Trees', 'More Life In A Tramps Vest', 'Local Boy In The Photograph', 'Last Of The Big Time Drinkers') although there are some superb acoustic pieces such as 'Traffic' and the moving ballad 'Billy Daveys Daughter' which demonstrate the band's ability to change gear and deliver subtlety as well as sheer power. The next 2 Stereophonics LPs hit No.1 in the albums charts but, on reflection, this is the best of their early releases. Highly recommended.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 June 2015
Released in 1997, 'Word Gets Around' is the Sterophonics first ever album, and their first and only nod to Britpop. Although these Welsh rockers didn't become really successful until a year later with the release of their second record and first top ten single 'The Bartender and the Thief', this exciting and highly energetic debut has the most rawness and feeling out of any of their albums, and they have never sounded quite as rocky as they do on here since. It doesn't surprised me at all that so many fans still consider 'Word Gets Around' as the lads' best album.

Whilst they had enough similarities in their style to fellow Britpop bands like Oasis and The Verve in order to appeal to fans of theirs, the down-to-earth quality of these twelve straight-forward rock songs, delivered with no attitude or cynicism, just great feeling and sincerity from singer Kelly Jones, and the sharp-edged sound production, made the Stereophonics immediately stand up tall in their own right.

All of the songs here are based on real people that the guys have known. The beautiful single 'Local Boy in the Photograph', originally a flop before it's 98' re-issue, is based on the true story of local boy named Jamie, who was unfortunately killed by a train, and in my eyes, is the band's all-time biggest classic. The mellow top 20 hit 'Traffic', presented after 'Photograph' on the album, is another favourite of mine.

Perfect music for the Summer, 'Word Gets Around' is an album that you must hear in order to be able to fully appreciate the evolving sound of one of the biggest indie-rock bands on the planet.
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on 8 April 2010
Two brilliant album's in one at a amazing prizing.

Performance and Cocktail's review

A brilliant album and one of the stand out album's of the 90's. A very fast moving, rock album and even thou it's hard to pick there best album I certaily think it's up there (in my humble opion there best). I can't pick a bad song out of this but The Bartender and the Thief is one of the best. This is one of the only album's that I can actually say I think every single song is brilliant. A must buy. It is great, trust me.

Word Gets Around review

An amazing album with brilliant songs like traffic, a thousand tree's, more life in a tramps vest and local boy in the photograph you can't go wrong. Buy it.
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on 12 July 2005
I am a huge phonics fan, and i can safely say this is my favourite of the lot. It is incredibly under-rated, and should be recognised as a fine piece of work. Its rockier, the lyrics are just amazing and it reflects an original theme. Fantastic. Here are the songs and a snippet of each-
A thousand trees- Clever piece of pop rock and was happy 2 learn this was released as a single.
Looks like chaplin- Bit more heavier than thousand trees, short n sweet. Its quite catchy
More life in a tramps vest- Another catchy rock song. Quite simple too
Local boy in the photograph- Amazing, it has a clever story and very powerful. Some sweet riffs as well.
Traffic- Here is the slow song that you get. Again clever, not really that attention grapsing
Not up to you- I would compare this to thousand trees, it follow the same path. A bit more poppy then others.
Check my eyelids for holes- A lot like "more life.." quite amplified and quite funky
Same size feet- My favourite phonics song ever, and i hope you agree. It has the best lyrics i have heard in a long time, if you notice the guitar riffs are just like oasis' 'hindu times'
Last of the big time drinkers- kinda like more life in a tramps vest, follows the same pattern and sadly no originality. Good though.
Goldfish bowl- Another clever song, its simple and not as rocked up as its brothers.
Too many sandiwches- Some weird lyrics going on here! I adore this song, stamp it rock/pop.
Billy davey's daughter- A slow accoustic to close the curtains. Wonderful and the lyrics are very powerful.
I urge you to buy this album, even if you aren't a phonics fan yet into the genre's i have explained. Its nice to have on your shelf
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on 25 August 2005
To really appreciate the Stereophonics, you need to listen to their later albums, fall in love with them and then come back to their roots. It's not that the later albums are bad, just that this album is very, very good, and the band change where they're coming from over time.
If you listen to this first, you'll expect them to always be highly-energetic and insightful rock. But they change, Kelly Jones maturing and writing more about immediate personal experiences (such as the last, very sad tracks of "You Gotta Go There To Come Back", full of regrets). Here, he's writing from a younger perspective, but in tracks like "Billy Daveys Daughter", you can see the sheer poetic and empathic talent of the man.
If you *DO* come to this album from the later ones, stick with it: it will grow on you. If you go forward, don't expect them to write the same material; they don't. That's why the Stereophonics are one of the greatest bands of our time. Take them for what they are: very, very good.
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on 12 January 2005
When i purchased this album it took me about a year before i got round to listening to it. I simply put them down as another band on the post-britpop bandwagon that would simply sound like everybody else. All i can do now is apologise as i realised after finally giving it the time of day that this album is simply, a cut above the rest in terms of what was being released then and now.
Every track is phenominal, kelly jones' voice so distinctive yet brilliant, and the whole album contains a power and aggression that neither of their next 3 albums was able to match. I will always and forever put this album in my top 3 of all time just on the basis that there really is not a bad song on it.
There are so many reviews out there that blow smoke up average bands releasing mediocore albums but please do not even dare to class this as one of them considering i'm probably the most sceptical person on the planet in terms of music.
All i will you leave you with is how the hell this album didn't make the phonics the biggest rock band on the planet will forever remain a mystery to me!
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