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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Performance And Cocktails
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on 14 March 2017
A three because the disc inside is The Streets not The Stereophonics. That said The Streets album is quality
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on 31 December 2013
Of the many indie bands that sprang up in the 90s, the Stereophonics were certainly one of the most consistent. The singles (especially the classic 'Just Looking') make it worth buying on their own and the overall standard is pretty good with Kelly Jones distinctive rasping vocals and guitar work a real treat. Great to see that these Welsh rockers are still going strong 20 years on.
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on 28 April 2017
I love it my neighbours aren't so keen , change the record comes to mind (:
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on 5 July 2017
Having played the CD, during a few tracks the music jumps, sounding like it's scratched, when the CD was brand new.
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on 17 January 2017
Quality band quality album that's all you need to know
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on 5 January 2017
Its been many years since this record was released.

Looking back, I have to say its much better than perhaps it deserved.

And looking back perhaps now...gives a better perspective on the Stereophonic's career.
In Stuart Cables book (now passed on drummer) he says that "the band are slowly but surely dying if their record sales are anything to go by."

Its no question that the Stereophonics have gone down hill since around 2003 onwards.
The first two albums have a basic sound and originality to them in the songwriting that the others don't.

The only record that I would really compare to this would be Keep calm and carry on, but I wouldn't say its quite as good.

This album features the Stereophonics as their best I think Just Looking, Hurry up and wait, Bartender and the thief and Pick a part thats new are the standouts, but the whole record is actually really well done.

Performance and Cocktails is also a lot more guitar riff based than Word Gets Around.
But I have to agree with what drummer Cable said that changing the bands sound to bring in a new audience or success in America was a bad move definitely.

It slowly but surely just eroded the identity of their music, while a 3rd Stereophonics album more in the style of the first two would of meant the band could of succeeded in more record sales and built on what they did before.

So, out of all the Stereophonics records this is the best!
It seems Kelly Jones is trying to get back to the sound of the earlier Stereophonics albums and I can't blame him but I wish he had done that earlier on.

Unfortunately maybe for parts of Keep calm and carry on and Keep the village alive, this band from the first two albums is long gone.

If this album is an example of anything I think its "stick to what your good at and don't worry about much else."

Stuart Cable was a vital part of this group, and without him it just was not the same...so go give his band and newly released song by Killing for Company a listen, and pay a visit to the Stuart Cable tribute page.
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on 11 May 2003
When I first got this it never left my CD player, and also after a while it does lose its impact, this is still a good quality album. There’s the fantastic “Bartender and the Thief” and “Just Looking”, as well as many unreleased tracks which are all just as good. You definitely have to be a fan of Kelly Jones’ unique voice before buying this, but as long as you are you will enjoy this pleasant and though-provoking collection from the ‘Phonics.
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on 4 October 2000
This quite truly is a fantastic cd; if you thought "Word Gets Around" was good then this will blow you away. It starts off with the lively and pacey "Roll up and Shine" which is an example of the group trying a bit too hard to be heavy rockers when Kelly Jones's vocals are far more suited to tracks like " Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today" and "A Minute Longer". The album is filled with fantastic tracks which with exception of just a couple especially the aforementioned "Roll up and Shine" could all have been released as single and all would have made the top twenty at least. Once again the Stereophonics have put their most famous and in my opinion best singles all together just as they did in their fantastic debut album "Word Gets Around" but don't worry as like me on hearing the album for the first time you look at the inlay and look slightly bewildered after track seven "I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio" and realise that you haven't heard of any of them; because you will be amazed at the quality not only of the songs but of Kelly's fantastic voice. The best songs from that point on are the slow and soothing "A Minute Longer" and the quick, loud and funny "T-Shirt Sun Tan" Overall this is one of the best albums of the decade and should have beaten Travis easily to the Best album at the last Brit Awards. The singles to look out for on this cd are "Hurry up and Wait", "Pick a Part That's New", "A Minute Longer" and the increadible "Just Looking" which is tihs albums answer to "Traffic" from "Word Gets Around"I would strongly advise any indie music fan to buy this. Despite the limited variation in music due to there only being three members in the group compared to that of Radiohead the tunes are catchy and the vocals impeccable.
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on 14 September 2014
The disc inside was Aerosmith !!!!! Rubbish
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on 17 January 2011
Back in 1999, Rock was oficially dead. Star of the moment Marilyn Manson even said it, right? Wrong. This was largely because of the lack of any real talent circulating the rock scene, resulting in bands which purely focussed on image. Stereophonics represented everything which the rock scene was NOT.

A normal band from a small town, on their debut they sang about stories from their small town and it became a surprise smash hit because of it's raw honesty, lack of self hype and above all the quality of the music itself. By the time they followed it up two years later, many weren't sure what to expect. They need not have worried.

'Performance & Cocktails' is the LP where Stereophonics morphed from rock newcomers to stars. They took off and never looked back. As "Kerrang!"'s review of this LP read simply, "Watch them fly now!". And they did. The songwriting skills of Jones are out in force on this album and we get to see something which the band have never been able to replicate since; an album which shows both sides of the band and never let's the listener lose interest at all.

What stood out on the debut album among the rockers were the personal acoustic numbers which Jones put together and you'll be pleased to know this is an avenue he travelled down on this LP a lot more. Don't worry, there are still rockers too. The most amazing part is that there is not one weak song on the entire LP. "Roll Up And Shine" opens the album with a jangly edge and Jones' hacksaw rock voice is perfectly suited to this type of sound, the lyrics self assessing the 'dead' rock scene and, to a certain extent, helping it come back to life. The standout tracks feature "Bartender And The Thief" which has a heavy Motorhead inspired guitar riff and contrasts beautifully with the acapello "Just Looking" (a track dealing with the alarming way society had began thinking in the materialistic "I want it all" mindset which continues today). We also hear the stark contrast of tracks like "She Takes Her Clothes Off", a heartfelt tale of a former glamour model past her prime. One of Jones' best skills is to combine dark lyrics with surprisingly upbeat rythms which fool the listener into feelgood mode whilst he delivers cynical swipes at the real world, this is present on the celebrity culture based "I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio" and is a skill he would later go on to perfect with "Have A Nice Day".

When listening to a good songwiter you'll instantly think you have heard the tune before, it becomes instantly familiar and never leaves your head. A prime example here would be the great "A Minute Longer" or the feel-good "I wouldn't believe your radio", which makes it hard to believe that in 50 years of rock music nobody had previously penned this exquisitely simple yet addictive tune. That's the beauty of Kelly Jones' songwriting, and something which would temporarily leave the band after this album.

One trademark of the band has been ending an LP on a haunting note, and here we get the piano driven epic "I Stopped To Fill My Car Up", a short story with a twist that becomes more powerful as the song moves on.

'Performance & Cocktails' is a very accomplished record indeed, one which delivers on all the promise shown on their debut LP released two years prior. However it didn't come without a few critics along the way, as with most things in life. The rock scene is one of the worst for it's "build them up, shoot them down" mentality, i.e. people who only like a band when they are new and instantly dislike them when they are liked by the masses, and this hit the band when 'Performance...' went on to establish itself as a chart topper. However any rock critic worth his salt will agree that this is the LP where Stereophonics took their art to the big stage. The quality of their first 2 records was so high that the band found their next two albums to be a difficult stage in their career before bouncing back in 2005.

'Performance & Cocktails' is, to this day, the best overall Stereophonics album.
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