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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2000
This quite truly is a fantastic cd; if you thought "Word Gets Around" was good then this will blow you away. It starts off with the lively and pacey "Roll up and Shine" which is an example of the group trying a bit too hard to be heavy rockers when Kelly Jones's vocals are far more suited to tracks like " Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today" and "A Minute Longer". The album is filled with fantastic tracks which with exception of just a couple especially the aforementioned "Roll up and Shine" could all have been released as single and all would have made the top twenty at least. Once again the Stereophonics have put their most famous and in my opinion best singles all together just as they did in their fantastic debut album "Word Gets Around" but don't worry as like me on hearing the album for the first time you look at the inlay and look slightly bewildered after track seven "I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio" and realise that you haven't heard of any of them; because you will be amazed at the quality not only of the songs but of Kelly's fantastic voice. The best songs from that point on are the slow and soothing "A Minute Longer" and the quick, loud and funny "T-Shirt Sun Tan" Overall this is one of the best albums of the decade and should have beaten Travis easily to the Best album at the last Brit Awards. The singles to look out for on this cd are "Hurry up and Wait", "Pick a Part That's New", "A Minute Longer" and the increadible "Just Looking" which is tihs albums answer to "Traffic" from "Word Gets Around"I would strongly advise any indie music fan to buy this. Despite the limited variation in music due to there only being three members in the group compared to that of Radiohead the tunes are catchy and the vocals impeccable.
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on 11 January 2002
Stereophonics have yet to disappoint me, and I hope it stays that way. I'm only 14, so more "mature" 'phonics fans may find me a tad patronising! Anyway. "Performance and Cocktails" is that sort of rare album in that the more one listens to it, the MORE one enjoys it and soon finds oneslef picking out particular snippets of songs that are simply great and looking forward to them every time you listen."The Bartender and the Thief" is a classic, and at the minute I am trying to get guitar tabs for it. "Hurry up and Wait" and "Just Looking" are even more seldomly frequented as anything less than geniously written and passionately played,and if you haven't yet been to a gig, these songs with galvinise you as a Stereophonics fan. T-Shirt Suntan and Plastic California are a little less heart-felt but are a healthily cynical speculation on less mundane events and individuals. Finally, "Stopped to fill my car up" is wonderfully worded and is a relaxing song that raises one to a level of complete satisfaction after previously rocking along to "The Bartender and the Thief" earlier on!

That's my review, and I hope I have broadcasted this wonderful album accordingly, if not to everybody, then at least to those of my age group.
Thank you.
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on 12 March 2002
An album to cheer me up from the dullest of days, Performance and Cocktails never fails to please me.
'The Bartender & The Thief' is the most surprising piece of heavy metal i've heard, with ridiculous lyrics about "robbing the graves of bodies dismembered" and a punching guitar, it starts quick and finishes just as you begin to enjoy it - a classic.
The mellower sound of 'Hurry Up And Wait' might be repetitive but the quick paced lyrics make up for this.
'Pick A Part That's New' is my favourite track on the album: it's bright, cheery and has the most amazing guitar riff and is one of those great songs that can be heard again and again without becoming boring.
'Just Looking' is beautiful, 'Half of The Lies' is rocking, 'I Wouldn't Believe...' is a classic sing-along track, 'A Minute Longer' is full of longing and desire with, probably, Kelly's best vocal performance on the album.
As the album draws to a close, the songs don't disappoint and even the slow 'I Stopped To Fill My Car Up' doesn't ruin an amazing album.
If I had to chose my top ten albums today, this would definitely be there.
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on 7 August 2006
My first Stereophonics album when i was about 14. Because of this i will always owe alot to this record but it is hard to pick a favourite because of listening to them all so much. The first track, 'Roll up and Shine' Is made up of a great riff and a very drag style (even by Kelly's standards). What i love about this album is when i am listening to it i feel the guys have enjoyed recording it and every song manages to sound natural and footloose aswell as being worked upon and perfected. 'Just Looking' will live on as a classic and 'I Stopped to Fill My Car Up' is still one of the most interesting and uplifting songs i have ever heard. A crucial part of my stereophonics collection.
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on 31 July 2000
From start to finish this album is nothing but sheer brilliance that could only come from the 'phonics. 'Roll Up And Shine' - words can't describe. The first time I ever really heard of the 'phonics was when 'Just Looking' was released - it was the track that turned me into a fan and it still remains my favourite, the lyrics, the guitars and Kelly's voice all melt together to form a masterpiece that will soothe and move you. 'T-Shirt Sun Tan' is one of my summer anthems, 'She Takes Her Clothes Off' is good to sing along to and 'Plastic California' is a quietly confident rocker which is great to chill to but it soon builds up and you'll be roaring along with Kelly by the end of it! 'I Stopped To Fill My Car Up' is haunting and gives the album the ending it deserves - by the end of it's final notes you will be in awe of the utter brilliance of this album. I can't wait for the next one!
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on 11 May 2003
When I first got this it never left my CD player, and also after a while it does lose its impact, this is still a good quality album. There’s the fantastic “Bartender and the Thief” and “Just Looking”, as well as many unreleased tracks which are all just as good. You definitely have to be a fan of Kelly Jones’ unique voice before buying this, but as long as you are you will enjoy this pleasant and though-provoking collection from the ‘Phonics.
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on 1 January 2001
This album never fails: its always simply brilliant, from the happy, not too heavy not too soft 'Pick A Part That's New' to the pub rocker 'T-Shirt Suntan' to the fast, up-tempo rock of 'Roll Up And Shine', 'Half Of The Lies You Tell Ain't True' and 'The Bartender And The Thief' to the introspective 'A Minute Longer', 'Hurry Up And Wait' and 'Yesterday Tommorow Today' to the build up of 'Just Looking' to the acoustic happy sounds of 'I Wouldn't Believe Your Wireless Radio' and 'She Takes Her Clothes' off to the simple indie rock of 'Plastic California' to the closing chilling 'I Stopped To Fill My Car Up'. That's all of them. I can't find fault in any of them.
The instant hitters are 'Pick A Part That's New', 'T-Shirt Suntan' etc. but in the end it is tracks like the simply beautiful 'Yesterday Tommorow Today' and 'Plastic California' that are best. People say this album trails off at the end but actually tracks 9-13 are undiscovered wonders: not instant hitters like 1-8 but beautiful songs.
Lyrically the album is not particularly mature and deep: indeed Jones does not wish to be philiosopical: leave that to Nicky Wire, Thom Yorke et al. Instead we simply encounter simple subjects. Not that this is a bad thing: its refreshing, I feel like I know what the guy is talking about contrary to some lyrics which are meant to be angst and meaningful but make no sense to me: see JJ72's 'Broken Down' in which the first line is 'Pasta machine broke down by the weed in the field'. And please don't tell me that has deep hidden significance.
'A Minute Longer' is written about moving and I related to it. 'I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio' is about a situation in which Jone dies in a crash 'in a tunnel under sea'- not that Jones could possibly be referring to the Eurostar- and he uses the situation to demonstrate this person's want have everything ('If I had myself a flying giraffe, you'd have one in a box, with a window') and talks about his inheritance ('But you can have it all it you like') before adding ironically 'And you can pay for it the rest of your life'. Yet these two songs are the most profound: the lesser include 'T-Shirt Suntan' which is a kind of teen song because its all about introducing two people, its like Blind Date lyrics meet pub rock music.
Perhaps the only bad thing about this album is it will pathe the way for a new album of 'lyrically depth', wailing in angst, and acoustic guitars and dance elements replacing the rock core of the band: see OK Computer after The Bends, This Is My Truth Tell Be Yours after Everything Must Go, Be Here Now after Definately Maybe etc. Hope I'm wrong!
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on 26 November 2015
Kelly Jones is a talented songwriter and musician. The problem is that, although I really like his songs, I just don't like his voice. Whether the problem is the gravelly sound (like Rod Stewart) or the overly-laboured pronunciation of certain words (like Liam Gallagher), or maybe a combination of both, I'm not entirely sure. I just know that I can only listen to about half of this album before having to play something else. That said, I am determined to persevere, because I used to feel similarly irritated by Bob Dylan's voice, but I eventually got used to it. So maybe there's hope for Kelly too; I really hope so because most of the songs are well worth listening to. So I've rated this 4 stars in the expectation that Kelly's voice will grow on me in time...

One final positive is the album cover - love the style and imagery.
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on 20 June 2016
Great CD from a great band. Needed a replacement copy as my last copy is no longer playable due to over use :). Highly recommend a copy of Performance and Cocktails and if you get the chance go see Stereophonics in concert... I can guarantee they will blow you away without a shadow of a doubt. Now to replace the rest of my over played Stereophonics collection :)
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on 18 July 2016
I bought this on a whim for cheap after discussing British Pop music with a friend. Not my cup of tea. Not the style of music I like (too noisy), but the recording quality was good and if this is your thing, I'd go for it.
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