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on 29 January 2010
I bought this camcorder as a replacement for the mini-DV samsung which is no longer produced and which had suddenly stopped working. Although I've not yet had a great deal of practice with it I'm enjoying the additional features over my previous one. I particularly like being able to grab still jpeg images from the video shot - saves carrying around a still and camcorder. Also very small and light making it easy to carry around - fits into any pocket. The use of an SD card, although more expensive than mini DV tapes, means that finding a particular scene is much quicker and you can buy large capacity 16 or 32gb cards to hold 8 or 16 hours of video. However these cards are still very expensive. The only down side so far I've found is as a result of it being so tiny, this makes it harder to film smoothly. Obviously this will get better with practice as you get used to it. I have also found that the Digital zoom, whilst not quite as good as optical, on this camera the quality is quite acceptable - if you can keep it still and avoid hand shake. Lots of different settings (some of which I've not had chance to try yet) and the picture colour and quality on optical zoom settings is very good - much better than my previous mini-DV. All in all great value for money, but at this price don't expect a Ferrari.
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on 10 September 2010
First of all I would have given this 4 or 5 stars if it wasn't for the memory card problem which can be fairly easily solved. It's one of the few small cameras that has any optical zoom (10x) and good digital zoom (1200x). It seems to do everything it should and is very easy to use.

Now the memory card problem. I ordered this with two 8GB Sandisk SDHC cards. Neither worked and gave a "card error" message. Amazon were very good and replaced both the cards and camera but same problem. I almost gave up and got a refund but as a last resort I rang Samsung. The first support person couldn't help and suggested I try a different make of card but the second person new of this problem and told me to download new firmware from the samsung website. I did this and now it works fine. The only slight problem is that to do this you need a memory card that works to load the firmware. I used a 512MB SD card. Maybe smaller non HC cards work ok but not the larger HC ones.

Anyway it's a bit of hastle but if you get this problem but still want to keep the camera it's worth doing.
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on 15 October 2010
a neat little camcorder + good value. BUT...

works well...that is if you can get it to read the memory card.

i wasted loads of time on this, including phoning Samsung customer services, they asked me to download some software for it, took 30mins + still didn't work, so had to have it repaired by their samsung repair centre. 2 weeks later, i now have a functioning camcorder. ok if you don't mind that hassle.

appalling + shoddy work by Samsung; even their own website upgrade programme didn't work.

get it only if you don't mind wasting a lot of time getting the memory card sorted out first.

it's my first Samsung product bought. mmm not sure that i'll buy another...
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on 9 July 2013
Lovely camcorder it is very easy to use and set up,great quality for the price,small and smart looking. Would definatley recommend it.
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on 30 May 2014
I have had it now for four years. The quality of the video is not great, but it's ok. It had a problem with my (also Amazon purchased) SD card. The card eventually broke and the new one seems to be working. The video recorder is cheap and good enough for family occasions and the like.
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on 24 September 2010
I bought this camera to have my wedding filmed, and wish I hadn't. When I looked at the footage the quality was dreadful. The images had lots of lines all over them and it was so jerky it's barely watchable (although the sound quality is fairly good). I wish I'd known this before but unfortunately the wedding was the first time we'd used it. I'd like to say the quality issues were entirely due to dim indoor conditions in the church but I also filmed some footage on honeymoon in bright outdoor conditions and frankly it was not much better.

It may be that the jerkiness could be improved by a faster memory card, but the camera showed no warnings about memory card speed which I would expect if it struggled to write to memory, and the manual is no use in suggesting what card is required.

I bought a SanDisk 16GB SDHC memory card for this which didn't work in this camcorder, despite working in my still camera and every PC I tried it in. However a 4GB card I borrowed from someone (also SanDisk) worked fine. The camera should be compatible with cards that size. Don't expect and useful information in the manual on website about card compatibility.

Other than quality issues, the camera is nice to use, very small and has good battery life.

I have other Samsung products I am delighted with, but this camera, although cheap, is only worth the money if you want something small and portable and aren't bothered about picture quality too much
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on 22 September 2010
Cheap and cheerful - does what it says on the tin. At least it was cheap through the 70% special deal I got. Not sure I'd go for this at current price and definitely not at full price.

For the purpose I wanted it for - taking 5 min videos where all that mattered was keeping the subject in the frame, it's perfect. Very compact, so easy to keep around. Easy to use - didn't really need any kind of manual. Have only transferred files via putting the SD card into computer, which is painless.

What wasn't painless was that the camera was supplied without the most recent firmware upgrade. Which meant that it wouldn't recognise the 8GB SDHC card that I bought at the same time - as recommmended. Manual was confusing on the issue and, only after I'd sent the card back as incompatible, did I discover that the upgrade was needed - via Jessops site.

Card supplier refunded in full, even though it wasn't their fault, so no problem, but that was an irritation and could have easily been resolved by a note in the Amazon description that the upgrade was required.
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on 23 September 2010
I have yet to properly explore this camcorder since I've had problems getting it working and wished to share the fix with others...

When you first get the item, it will not recognise an SDHC card, but returns a card error warning, making the camcorder useless.
After purchasing a second card to check, then requesting a replacement item, I found the replacement also returning this error.

Eventually I discovered that you can upload new firmware onto the camcorder to make it compatible with SDHC... however you need to download this onto your PC first from the Samsung website, and transfer it using an old style SD card which is the only card format the camcorder will recognise out of the box.

This is obviously far from ideal, but at least there is a fix for all frustrated customers!
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on 1 September 2010
Surprised by the quality of this tiny little camera .
Used own brand SDHC cards and they worked fine .
Read quite a few reviews before purchasing . Can only suggest that the negative reviewers hadn't followed all the instructions or used the correct rating of memory card .
I usually visit the manufacturer's website to download and read the instruction manual for the product before purchasing . Must have missed the fact that the editing software provided requires a much more sophisticated PC than mine . Anyway , the video clips can be read straight from the SDHC card and played on Quicktime Player , or converted using one of many free programmes and then edited in Windows Movie Maker .
Only gripe is that Amazon substantially reduced the price of this item very soon after I bought it . This happens far too often and they no longer refund the difference .
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on 16 September 2010
I bought this on the back of a recommendation of Samsung products, and the fact it was on sale with Amazon. At the same time I bought a compatable memory card to use with it. When I first turned it on it showed the dreaded "Card Error" message. If you type this camcorder plus "Card Error" into google you will be treated to a multitude of forums with people having the same problem, and none of them have a solution on. I contacted Samsung directly and after a long wait, they offered a solution that... didn't do anything other than waste a few hours.

I have to say I don't usually review items, because I generally find things up to a good standard bought through Amazon. However I'm extremely disappointed in my product, but even more so that an apparent widespread problem with a product from a very big company isn't being adequately dealt with.

It is interested at the time of writing this review, Amazon have suspended their sale of this item while they investigate complaints the item isn't as described...a working camcorder mine was not so I'd have to agree there!! Returned for a refund, and I'd advise others to beware.
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