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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 15 April 2017
optimus prime stood on it

Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered
And there's nowhere to turn
You wonder how you keep going
Think of all the things that really mattered
And the chances you've earned
The fire in your heart is growing
You can fly, if you try leaving the past behind
Heaven only knows what you might find
Dare - dare to believe you can survive
You hold the future in your hand
Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive
It's time to take a stand
And you can win, if you dare
Everybody's trying to break your spirit
Keeping you down
Seems like it's been forever
But there's another voice if you'll just hear it
Saying it's the last round
Looks like it's now or never
Out of the darkness you stumble into the light
Fighting for the things you know are right
Dare - dare to believe you can survive
The power is there at your command
Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive
It's time to take a stand
And you can win, if you dare
Dare - dare to believe you can survive
You hold the future in your hand
Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive
The power is there at your command
Dare - dare to keep all your love alive
Dare to be all you can be
Dare - 'cause there is a place where dreams survive
And it's calling you on to victory
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on 20 April 2017
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on 19 November 2003
Well, it's been a long, hard, bitter year since Maverick Entertainment released their boxset of season one of the Transformers, and since then, the rights have changed hands to Metrodome. Blessedly, they have refrained from releasing individual volumes, and gone straight for releasing a box set containing twenty-four episodes from the 49-episode-strong season of the show.
While the second season of Transformers is certainly the most memorable in the minds of most fans, introducing a wealth of new characters, with lots of diverse stories, in terms of actual inter-episode continuity, cohesion and general storytelling, season two is the weakest Transformers season, strung out too long, with too many new toys to sell. It introduces many new concepts and explores Transformer history, but it would be season three that would take it and run with it.
Metrodome is connected with Kid Rhino, the company that is releasing Transformers on DVD in the US. Hence, while Maverick used their own animation, and purchased Rhino's 5.1 audio, Metrodome has access to Rhino's sharp, colourful remastered animation, and both their 5.1 and 2.0 audio tracks. And unlike the Rhino S1 set, these episodes do NOT have any added animation errors, so there's no problem there. You'll remember from the s1 boxset, however, that Rhino's 5.1 audio has added several original sounds to the show, blaring out loudly at you and generally feeling out of place. Well, while we had to put up with it on Maverick's set, on this set, you can turn on the 2.0 audio option, which doesn't have these sounds - except for on "Changing Gears," "City of Steel," "Attack of the Autobots" and "Traitor," where a technical error resulted in their application. Thankfully, these episodes are light on them.
Now, as with my S1 set review, it's time to take an extensive look at the extras. And they're not going to set the world on fire any time soon.
First is the "mistake reel," highlighting for fun a sampling of the numerous animation errors that litter Transformers. Lifted right off of Rhino's set, it is a bit hit and miss, with more explanatory text, arrows or highlighting often ebing required to point out what the mistakes actually ARE.
The packaging and menu proclaims the scripts for episodes 16 and 17 are on the disc - which would be "Autobot Spike" and "Changing Gears" (these are actually 17 and 18, but a numbering error made by Rhino throws the episode numbering system off by one for the entire set). However, the only script here is "Autobot Spike," and it's poorly done. Some lines are clipped because of poor page-to-page formatting, in place of it's last page is... it's first page. Again.
The footage from TF convention, Auto Assembly, is disappointing. It's some silent video footage with the TF theme played on top it. They couldn't have interviewed someone...? Re-watching it after you find out what's on it, it doesn't seem as bad - but it could have been so much *more.*
Character profiles are fine - except they're only for season one characters, none of the new TF's introduced in season two! Nice Lee Sullivan art, but like the menus, basic presentation and weak visual composition (each profile gets only one screen, and it's all very cramped looking) spoil them.
"Titan Comic Strip" is a scrolling show of the prologue to famous UK comic story, "Target 2006." A bit needless, but one of the better-presented extras, although the resolution could be better. There's that phrase again... "could be better."
The Fan Art gallery seems more impressive in this set than it did on Maverick's, perhaps because it's surrounded by lacklustre extras.
The Promotional Toy Image gallery contains scrolling images of the various toy catalogues from season two's toys onward in a slideshow. Would have been great, except there's no way to individually select each catalogue, or zoom in of your own choosing. Suffers from the problem the comic strip has.
The set also comes with four Lee Sullivan postcards, and they're well nifty - they're of Prowl, Jazz, Grimlock and a group shot of the Dinobots.
The quiz in and of itself is fine with good questions, but basic graphics and composition and some typos mar it. If you complete the quiz, you unlock another extra - and not a little bit of footage like on Maverick's. In a moment of exceptional coolness, you unlock another whole episode, "The Golden Lagoon," which is the next chronological episode after the final one on this set, It's got 5.1 and 2.0 too, and the 5.1 has extra nosies, while the 2.0 doesn't. And on the Rhino set that featured this episode, EVERY episode had the extra noises on the 2.0 tracks. So, that bodes well for the next set.
Many of the problems seem like little ones taken on their own - but when added together, along with some typos on the packaging, and the very weak visuals of the main menus, the set has a tendency to exude an irritating air of unprofessionalism, that I was hoping would be shaken off after Maverick. But Maverick's extras, unprofessional or not, stand stories above Metrodome's - but of course, with Maverick's box set, they REALLY had to sell it with all those kickin' extras, as they'd already released the episodes on separate discs, so they had to give you a good reason to get the set. With Metrodome, the sheer volume of episodes for such a great price (it's great value even without the discount online sites are giving) is truly all that's needed to sell the set, so the iffy extras can be forgiven. You're lookin' at about nine hours on non-stop Transformers, lads! Roll on part two!
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on 30 October 2003
It's good to see The Transformers back on DVD. After a six month wait since the last release by Maverick, all you Transformers fans out there can have your fill of Autobot versus Decepticon action.
Since a new publisher has been given the rights to publish the episodes, I'm hoping they'll make a better job of it than Maverick. Not that they did a bad job... It's just that it could've been a whole lot better.
Anyway, this set features the first half of Season 2. Season 2 is the biggest series out of the four, as at the time the toys were at their best. And, Hasbro were preparing for the movie.
As far as picture and sound quality goes, you won't be dissapointed at all. They've re-mastered the episodes completely and they look great. (Not bad considering the master tapes have been left to rot in a basement somewhere since 1985.) The jumping or distortion that Maverick had on their copies is gone, thankfully, so we can watch the episodes without distraction.
The special features are pretty good. Artwork, episode scripts, and even a Season 2 quiz with a bonus if you get all the answers correct! Nice one. I'm hoping that this publisher dosen't just include random footage they have like Maverick did. Their Season 1 set was more like 'The Maverick Set' because it had excerpts from Seasons 3 and 4, and even the Japanese 'Takara' series. WHY???!!!
Overall, this is gonna rock, 'cos Season 2 introduced some of the best robots. For example Blitzwing, Astrotrain, and The Aerialbots to name but a few.
Well worth your cash if you're a Transformers fan. If you're not but you're looking for some great action animation, then you can't go far wrong. Trust me!!!
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on 4 December 2009
The original Transformers series from the eighties in itself is very great and entertaining.
The DVD release is very good, brilliant picture, crisp sound. The menues are well animated, with the original theme playing in the background.
For this a price a must-go for all Transformers fans.
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on 17 November 2003
A good deal of us who bought the first series thought we were getting a lot for our proverbial dollar, but after buying this I can say we're getting even more. While this is not the full season it does include 24 episodes, none of which feel short like other shows (ie Simpsons) tend to. Each episode is presented in rich, well defined color, and features excellent sound. Additionally there is a 'Play All' option so that you can sit down and watch an entire disc without having to reach for the remote. All in all this is a great series to buy and own, more so if you already own the first series. If you're a TF fan who has been waiting for the DVD releases this is what you were waiting for, and it's certainly worth it. Highly, highly recommended.
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on 24 August 2006
This is a decent boxset , compared to the season 1 transformers remastered box-set , because the digital editors seem to have been less sloppy this time around.

For those who don't know the current versions of tranformers episodes on dvds have been digitally remastered ... with enhanced sharper image quality and enhanced sound effects.

There's good and bad in this digital remastery , the good is improved picture visabilty / colours have a bold makeover (Although the new colours seem to have a photoshop-ish look to them.) when compared to previous TV broadcast and home vhs/dvd releases.

The bad news is that this processes has caused more errors to appear than the original versions because of sloppy editing. ( You can compare with previous releases , and see there are indeed more mistakes in these new , so called " digitally remastered " box sets )

Luckily this time round , the editing wasn't as bad as in the previous box-set ..... so these episodes can be enjoyed much more .

As with the last boxset , this version of the transformers episodes , the editors have inserted " out of place sound effects " which at times are so loud , they can drown out the original audio content ..... which is a shame .....

Anyhow all in all , this is one of the better box-sets in this collection ....

Overall artistic quality of the transformers show itself , was always abit questionable .... you get episodes with really good art and episodes with really bad art ..... so it becomes obvious different studios handled different episodes .....

In this box-set are some great episodes , my personell favourites are " Insecticon Syndrome " and " Traitor " .....

But then you got some real duds like : " autobot run " and " city of steel " where the art is just horrible compared to other episodes .....

You also got some multi-parters which are really fun too .....

Anyway, Transformers fans will be pleased with this box-set I reckon , especially considering the box-set that came before it was horrible in comparison.

Kids of today might like to check out the robot-shows of yester-year for a laugh ( Some may grow to love it ) and adults who loved it may like to see their heroes once again and nitpick details here and there you never saw as a kid ...... oh yeah ... and new details/mistakes that weren't there before thanks to the digital remastering .....
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on 28 July 2012
Created by Hasbro initially to promote the toy line
it would be simple to tell you the original Transformers was a 80s phenomenon witch it was resulting in Optimus Prime being the No1 Xmas toy of 1984 but cause of it it spawned series after series right to the present day but this is the original classic that people in there 30s love just the iconic theme tune had u if not that the transformation sound witch has being kept through out all the shows generational guises including the modern Prime series and Michael Bay Movies witch were predated by the 1986 cult movie animation

Millions of years ago on the planet Cybertron life existed but not life as we know it today robotic life sentient beings cohabited the city's
war broke out between the piece loving Autobots and Evil Decepticons devastating all in its path and draining the planets once rich sources the now few reaming Autobots depart the planet on the Arc in search of fresh Enegon but Decpricon leader Megatron gets wind and pursues them in his ship The Nemesis the Cons board the Autobot ship but Optimus crashes it into a volcano on a nearby planet (Earth)
However when the dormant volcano erupts some 4 million years later in 1984 the war starts all over again this time with Earths safety at stake
the Autobots make quick friends with Spike & Sparkplug Witwicky who feature prominently from Season 1

Season 2 Part1 This is were we slowly start exploring the Technology & history of Cybertron Carly is intoduced and becomes a love interest for Spike along with a host of new bots

aside The Battlles between Prime & Megatron Starscreem's power plays Soundwaves's cool deadpan mechanical voice and his cassette Minicons Bumblebee Brawn Ironhide Prowl Jazz & the Dinobots Insecticons and the The Constructicons from season1
Among others we meet Omega Supreme Blitzwing Blaster Perseptor & Astrotrain
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on 14 September 2009
this is worth it for any transformers fan it is crammed with stuff it blew me away dont waste your money on the japanese 15 disc if your going to buy transformers g1 this is the set youve been waiting for
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on 30 November 2010
Excellent re-release of this classic show.

The episodes themselves are cleaned up a bit. It's old stuff this, and it shows.

This season does indeed come in two separate volumes. You'll need the 2.2 release too if you're going for a complete collection.

This volume comes in your standard multidisk keepcase. The artwork is well designed, not a cheap rip from old vhs' or anything. The disks themselves are rather nicely done too.

Good buy, good price.
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