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on 12 January 2011
What a minefield, I'm giving 4 stars until I have tried the 3D but....
3D vision ready display, you would be forgiven for thinking if you have a 3D tv, that you can get visuals in 3D from, was exactly that, it is not.
There are very specific monitors and only monitors that this kit works with, it does not work with all 3D 120mhz LCD monitors or 99% of all 3D tv's.
If you use a 3D tv all you need is some software from Nvidia, called 3D play, the correct graphics card/s (my 8800gtx's aren't up to it) and you use the glasses that come with your tv, but, you still need the emitter for that software to work, basically so you still have to buy this kit.
Again you can check you tv is compatible as I did, it is on their website with an update, but the key is '3D play' you may well be thinking 3D play means if your tv is in the list, you can play in 3D with this kit, you cannot, you can with that software called '3D play' though, they are 2 separate products, items, easy to confuse the 2.
If you use a 3D monitor then you do need the kit, glasses etc from Nvidia.
If you want to both as I do, pick and choose between the tv or the monitor, then you need both.
This particular item does not include a dual link dvi-hdmi lead, you may get one with your monitor anyway, another seller on here for £10 more does inc the dual link cable, try finding that out from descriptions!
Neither offer the vesa cable for dlp tv's, a place where there is WORLD in the name does the same kit, with the dvi cable, and a vesa cable for the same price as the one on here that does include the dvi cable, not this item though, the other one.
You only need that vesa cable for projection tv's or projectors, nothing else.
You can ask nvidia all this as I have over several days, but they are using foreign centres manned by people who don't even work with nvidia, after a few outburst I got upgraded to support level 2, where I was told all I had been told before by their own people was incorrect, eg they said to get the 3D to work on my plasma 3D tv I need the vesa lead, go buy this quadro vesa kit for [...], that was absolute rubbish advice, wrong graphics card for a start and wrong tv too!
Go to nvidia.com and thoroughly check the requirements, if you get stuck, best bet is ignore customer services and go to the nvidia forum [...] you'll get more sense there.
As it stands I now know to play 3D on my monitor, I can't, I need to buy another one, to play 3D on my particular tv I need a new pair of graphics cards, now you won't find that out very easily, rest assured!
Don't give me negative comments for reviewing what I haven't actually been able to see yet, I will do that when I am sorted, this is just to hopefully save a lot of people going through what I have.
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on 4 April 2013
these glasses really do make a fantastic 3D view for games and films. Very easy to set up. Allows to adjust the depth of 3D effects. But a bit too pricy for one pair.
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on 27 October 2010
I was sooooooooo looking forward to these!

I got this from Amazon and a 120mhz Samsung SM2233RZ from another retailer.

Took a while to set up, but when it was done, the Nvidia demo screen shots launched to prove the 3D vision was working!

Right away I noticed an issue. I could see faint outlines where there was high amounts of contrast between items on the screen.

I did some digging to see how to resolve this, and guess what? There is no way to get rid of it unless you spend a lot more money on a better screen!

Look for for the terms "Crosstalk" and "Ghosting" It's REALLY common!

Screen manufacturers say all you need is a 120mhz screen. THIS IS NOT ALL YOU SHOULD CONSIDER!!!

A higher refresh rate means more frames are being drawn to the screen per second. As such, you need a monitor that also has a low Response Time (The time it takes a pixel to physically change state). For a 120Hz LCD, anything above 2ms is too slow for this tech. Most 3d monitors still use 5ms, which simply isn't fast enough.

Unless you spend half a ton on an Alienware 3D screen (or whatever is out when you read this) your going to get ghosting.

So it's not perfect.... yet....

It's a shame as this tech is way over due, and we still have a way to go!

The screen is going back to the other seller.

I have just been told about the Benq XL2410T, will keep the glasses and try this screen out. let you know.

EDIT: Amended my star rating as I have tried these out on a BenQ and they are wonderful! the ghosting is VERY mild and you forget about it totally when playing. 4* now.
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on 24 February 2010
I bought these with a healthy air of scepticism, my 3d experiences to date being somewhat limited and funny coloured. I had upgraded my monitor to a Samsung SyncMaster 2233 and thought it a waste not to use the 3d Vision Ready ability. By crikey I'm pleased I did - the combined effect of the monitor, these glasses and a BFG 265GTX video card is absolutely unbeliveable. 3D graphics really do take on another dimension - adding visual depth both infront of and behind the plane of the monitor screen. Playing UT3 I find I'm playing at a higher level as it feels far more,well, realistic - dodging behind things is so much more intuitive, and lobbing those grenade thingies over bridges just seems so right on target.

The software reckons UT3 is 'excellent' compatibility, but even 'fair' compatible games like X3TC are awesome - space goes on forever . . . .

I tried the demo on my family, switching on the 3d effect as the nvidia logo was coming forward - 100% flinched away from the screen. Bleedin' Marvellous.

They do flicker a bit, particularly when playing with tungsten lighting for me - and I would really advise people with epilepsy to avoid the product, which is a shame because the effect is absolutely stunning.
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on 22 November 2010
At first I didnt think this kit was very good. I only discovered the advanced settings a couple of days ago and when im in a game and i turn the converence up it is absolutley outstanding!

Converting 2d dvds to 3d however on power dvd 10 isnt that great because it doesnt let nvidia take control and is very limited on depth/convergence. Still better than 2d though.

The glasses i find are quite uncomfortable to wear. Alot of people i have shown feel the same too. I am getting eye strain from playing with the depth/convergence up slightly after about 30mins on games(Not DVDS). My Dad got eye strain after 5mins when i showed him fallout:new vegas lol and felt sick. Im hoping I get used to it though otherwise i cant play for too long even on low settings.

Overall though absolutely amazing technology!

Hmm, i wonder if you can get different glasses.
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on 4 September 2010
Well I was doubtful at first to buy or not. But I had already spent 1800 on a desktop that was 3d capable. So i thought another small is not that big investment. I was right. Only downpoint is not the product itself but the lack of content. There is only one 3d bluray movie as of now. Can download some 3d videos but thts abt it. But 3d gaming seems pretty awesome. Specially Batman Arkham Asylum. Cheers
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on 31 October 2010
The European version of 3D Vision doesn't include the VESA Stereo cable in the package. Without this cable you can't use it with a projector or a DLP screen. Ordering the cable from the US is 50 bucks + shipping. There are schemas on the net on how to do it yourself, but it turns out to be quite complicated if you don't already have a mini DIN 3 connector.
Moreover I bought the Optoma HD67 projector which is certified to work with 3D Vision, but it turned out that it doesn't work if the firmware is older than August 2010. I've read in the forums that other users have similar problems with other projectors. There are hacks to install a fake driver, but even that doesn't work on all versions of Windows.
On top of all that, the support from nVidia will blame Optoma first thing and tell you to send your projector to Optoma to have the firmware updated, without even asking you what 3D Vision driver are you using.
In conclusion, 3D Vision is still an immature product and it's badly managed, if I could go back I'd wait to see what ATI is preparing.
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on 2 December 2010
Really difficult to get them to work. Even more difficult to get them to stay working. Drivers are astonishingly poor.

Support from game developers: none really.

When they're working, they are an interesting novelty - but you soon find that you actually prefer playing games without them.

Two words: "white" and "elephant".
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on 19 December 2009
I foolishly purchased these glasses without doing much research on them. I wish i had. Here's what i learned.

These glasses are not the best option for 3d gaming. As the glasses give headaches and only work with a VERY limited selection of monitors. Don't think that your monitor might work anyway - It Won't! unless it is specifically compatible then you'd basically have to go buy another monitor.

So if you're doing that, you may aswell get a 3d monitor. Save yourself the headache, they look better, and you'd save money aswell.

I'm sending my glasses back, they were by far the worst purchase of the year.

I'll be buying a 3d monitor instead.
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