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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2008
This album is a classic metal album not one bad track on it every tracks rocks even Joey Demaio's bass solo (Black Arrows). From Blood Of My Enemies to Bridge Of Death you can listen to this album fully all the time and still not get bored Of it. There is no best track this album is just god damn awesome Metal, every metalhead should have this in their collection, no matter what you think about Manowar this album is a metal classic. If you only buy one Manowar album let it be this one. This is true metal want a ballad go some place else all you find here is awesome solos (bass solo included), awesome riffs, great vocals and lyrics, great drumming and great bass. That's what you'd want from a metal album. I cannot fault this album only 34 minutes long no filler track just awesome true metal if you dont have this album BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!!! HAIL MANOWAR AND TRUE METAL!!!!!!!!
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on 23 November 2000
Back in my Metal days (the early to mid 80s), this '84 production was one of the LPs I played the most. I must admit I don't listen to the genre that much anymore, but now and again I find this CD spinning in the player. There isn't a weak track on it, and in my opinion it's Manowar's best effort. It's actually quite melodic, but good melodies have always been very important to them. "Kill With Power", "Each Dawn I Die" and "Blood Of My Enemy" are great warrior rockers. I have this crazy dream of Manowar performing at the Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra !. It sounds crazy at first, but many of these songs, like "Bridge Of Death" and the title track, just cry out to be messed with and would certainly qualify to be arranged into an orchestral setting. -And Manowar playing right along !. Deep Purple did it, so why not these guys ?. A "best of"-gig at the Hall; I think it's a jolly good idea. They've touched on the classical music genre several times and worked with choirs before, so this ought to be the next logical step. If you're into Metal, even oldfashioned hard rock, you need this lovely CD in your collection. Period.
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on 4 September 2007
1984 was quite the year for metal with a large abundance of classics, `Don't Break The Oath', `Powerslave', `Ride The Lightning', `Haunting The Chapel', `Psalm 9' `Morbid Tales' and two classic albums from Manowar, `Hail To England' and `Sign Of The Hammer'. `Hail To England' is undoubtedly Manowar's finest album with the right balance of cheesiness and heaviness with excellent songs that don't have to mention metal and steel ala `Louder Than Hell' every ten seconds. So for any fan of traditional heavy metal this is essential listening.

As already mentioned this album doesn't have Eric Adams screaming about how metal Manowar is every ten seconds and instead we actually get some very good lyrics from Joey Demaio ranging from familiar `Conan the Barbarian' type themes to a glorification of a Faustian pact in `Bridge of Death'. So although these themes might seem dated these days (well less so than Thrash bands singing about the Rainforest and the Ozone) they are done very well and `Hail To England' has perhaps the best lyrics of any Manowar album.

I have already stated that this is Manowar's finest album, the reason for this simply is that it has the best songs and a clear sense of direction, by simply refining the heaviness of `Into Glory Ride' and cutting down song lengths whilst writing better ones (which always helps). Anyway, all the actual songs on this album are great and rank amongst the bands best. So that's six great songs and one bass solo, which, as far as bass solos go is ok because it at least has some comedy value with the "May each note I now play be an arrow in the heart of those who play false metal" then some atonal bass shredding. The highlights of this album are the masterful mid paced gallop of `Blood Of My Enemies' which is a truly arse kicking song that thankfully still remains in the bands live set. `Bridge of Death' is an absolute epic, beginning with Joey Demaio actually using his silly 8 or 12 or 63 string bass to good use showing that they do have some worth when he plays melodically and Eric Adams singing very softly, showing great versatility and dynamics on his part. This intro has an almost medieval feel about it and then things get very metal, in a slow way after a blood curdling scream. `Bridge of Death' can't even be ruined by the cheesy "Cut off my head, release my evil!" in fact that makes it even better! Anyway this is easily my favourite Manowar song and a excellent way to end the album.

As others have noted this production is pretty bad and thankfully would not be present on `Sign Of The Hammer'. But bearing in mind Manowar weren't a huge band at this time it could have been a lot worse. Although the guitar is muddy, Ross `The Boss' does a excellent job and in my mind is the best guitarist Manowar have ever had. His playing is on top form here and he is a lot more classic rock orientated than David Shankle or Karl Logan. Eric Adams is as always fantastic and delivers a stunning vocal performance. Joey Demaio when not undertaking pointless exercises in speed proves himself as a unique bassist and a fine songwriter.

Echoing the sentiments of others I too feel that this is the direction Manowar should have stuck with instead of going commercial with `Fighting The World' as `Hail To England' is such a strong album. Although now it's title seems a bit odd considering the band hasn't played here in aeons, perhaps it will be reissued as `Hail To Mainland Europe'.
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VINE VOICEon 18 July 2002
In a time where men were men and girls were, well girls, Manowar delivered one of the most brutal metal albums of all time.
Hail To England is Manowars' nod to the origins of real metal, Black Sabbath, but if truth be known this album is probably harder and faster than anything the Sabs ever released.
The opening power chords of 'Blood of my Enemies', set the tone for a devastating set of tracks to follow, sounding like a pounding panzer division rumbling across Europe looking for trouble.
'Kill With Power' keeps up the pace, but the masterpiece is 'Hail to England' itself. You can almost imagine screaming hoards of barbarians chanting this track on a battlefield before tearing across open land brandishing swords, axes and maces. Very uplifting! It is a devastating track, bursting with testosterone!
For many, Manowar were a comical band, but in my view they lead a spearhead which changed metal forever.
Loud had a new meaning.
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on 19 August 2008
After reading this comment's title you'll probably be thinking: "but I do want to listen to Manowar as loud as possible!". Sure, we all do. The expression "loudness war", however, refers to a trend in the music industry to master CD's with the volume too loud, often beyond the limits allowed by the technical specifications of the CD format. This process will almost always cause unwanted distortion and even "clipping" on various parts of the audio. In other words, parts of the audio are often irreparably damaged in the mastering process because they don't "fit" within the CD format's dynamic range limits.

I did a full audio analysis of this remastered "silver edition" of the album, and on the first track alone, "Blood Of My Enemies", there are at least 254 clipped (that is, cut off, LOST) samples on the left channel and 312 on the right channel. Please note that this is something completely different to listening to a correctly mastered CD as loud as you want - the sound will be intact in that case, and the loudness limit will be defined only by your audio equipment and your taste. On the other hand, an album that has been victimized by the "loudness war" will be missing parts of the sound even when played at a low volume.

It's a real shame that a band that's known for their perfeccionism when it comes to their music, and specially Joey DeMayo, allowed this absolutely classic album to be released this way. If you don't have "Hail To England" on CD, make sure you get the original release, which was mastered correctly.

For more information on the "loudness war", just Google the expression between quotes.
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on 14 July 2005
Manowar at their best in my opinion. I bought this album many, many years ago on vinyl and have always wished for a CD release. Here it is and this album is well worth getting. Best track is Bridge Of Death - quite an epic but not as long as some of their efforts. Eric Adams has an excellent voice well matched to the strength of the music. Lyrics feature 'blood of our fathers', 'strength of steel' type stuff, as you might expect but it suits what you're listening to. Power metal at its best.
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on 18 March 2004
Another great ManOwaR album
Blood Of My Enemies, a great opener for the album driving and powerful easily one of ManOwaR's best songs,
Hail to England is worth buying for the title song alone such a great tribute to England and her ManOwaR fan base along with Army of the Immortals a tribute to ManOwaR's fans world wide.
In my opinion the weakest song on the album is Black Arrows though it does have a nice message to those of false metal,
The quality is great and its a got brilliant album cover what more could you ask for??
If you only get one ManOwaR album make it this one
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on 10 March 2013
Do not decide to buy this or not because of my review. I have had some grief with Manowar CD's because the higher frequencies tend to distort (believe me, it's not my setup). Warriors of the World is way better in every aspect. I recognize this album for it's unique sound and special "aura" which is hard to find in Metal (if at all). As an album (listening from start to finish, not doing anything else while listening) it just doesn't really work for me.
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on 25 September 2012
There was something in the waters of the fjords in the late 70s and early 80s because Manowar were not alone in creating and producing genuinely sublime, inventive melodies, breaks and time changes that elsewhere in the sphere of heavy rock analysis, oft formed the bases of innumerable (and worthy) odes to Black Sabbath.

The polyester suited masses missed stellar ability, unique talent and musical dexterity so profound, however, that one simply retreats (and retreated) into an exasperated bubble of cathartic, musical exile; three decades cranking up their works with (amongst an unfailing appreciation of such general, musically explosive splendour,) a specific vocal rapture so intense that only the greatest works of Diamond, Dio, Dirkschneider, Gillan, Halford, Hughes, Lee, Meine, Mogg, Osbourne, Scott and one or two inmates from HMP NWOBHM could hope to equal for the listener's amazement quotient, character, originality and all round, neutron raveling divinity.

This recording replaces a lost copy I had and the original mix works wonderfully through ye old system; from the charging pummel on 'Kill With Power,' through the heady choral section of the title track to the sheer vocal mania at hand on 'Bridge Of Death.'

It takes me back to a time when Mercyful Fate were thrilling contemporary connoisseurs with masterclasses like 'Melissa' and the subject matter (perhaps always a tad tongue in cheek) was little more than a small fiefdom for a limited selection of groundbreaking purveyors in the ways of Norsethrall.

This is Metal with immense heart, crafted by artisans who, had they been Latin supercar coachbuilders, would more likely have penned the fairly obscure Iso Grifo than perhaps a more classical, immediately identifiable Pininfarina silhouette.

I once swore fealty to the band, after a concert and they bade me "spread the word, Brother" to which charge dispensation has been quietly fulfilled these past years, although as an Englishman, it pains me to see their UK footprint fade so badly; then again, this is something 'we' have been used to as true believers with most of the classic rock forefathers outside of 'the big three' criminally ignored for many, many years.

Manowar really are something else but with the first four lps including this third outpouring, 'Hail To England,' it was a zenith for both band and Metal itself: I'm no spring chicken but can promise you that if ever you feel an emasculating compulsion to pull on a turtle neck sweater and declare 'Coldplay' "great rock music," well, here be yon antidote.

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on 21 June 2013
A classic of its time 1 or 2 weak songs but the rest are very good. If you like music written and played my musicians with talent and enthusiasm you will enjoy this.
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